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  1. outline of his neck?! Not sure if Google translation sucks or this naver user was missing the point. Anyway, glad I'm not the only one noticing this when I rewatched the drama. https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=dndidu&logNo=221359318730&proxyReferer=https:%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F More gems from Naver: 2017 KBS award ceremony
  2. Why this look, Daniel!!!? Not your best! You're an idol, for God's sake! Found this English interview of the movie Beast just now:- https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=356923941871011
  3. Enjoy this hilarious interview of the 2013 film 11A.M., which Daniel was teased by the director and fellow actor Jung Jae-young for being bad at action scenes and sports (but with a good body) and for having weak legs despite being in his 20s.
  4. Not sure about the smoking, but he has repeatedly mentioned in past interviews (1) that he can't drink well. His friend and he passed out despite only 4 bottles of beer between 2 men. Not sure if he has to be sober due to his knee injury. He's having beer in this Feb 2018 interview.
  5. Thanks a lot! It looks so professional! Hope he has various types of new opportunities soon and we can see him everywhere. Get back on the radio! Magazine interviews and photoshoots! Star in music videos, films and dramas. Or his old shows are played on new channels such as Netflix, and new shows are multi-national productions such as with HBO etc.
  6. Wow what list is this? Most googled of the year? Yeah hope he is more active, but I'm glad he keeps a low profile instead of chasing after media attention. Good for him and maybe bad for us haha! Long time no see! ARGHHHH! This movie is where I discovered Daniel, as he is such a scene-stealer and crucial character, disrupting everything with his cleverness. I was like how come I only learn of him then? Imagine my surprise when I googled him to discover all his versatile looks!
  7. Forbes announced the 40 most powerful celebrities in Korea https://kbizoom.com/forbes-announced-the-40-most-powerful-celebrities-in-korea Hope Daniel gets on this list some day.
  8. Haha descriptions are from the reporters, not me. They were fun though. I don't understand Korean. But he may be quoting a similar anecdote here. The story of "Swag trauma" is that on the very first day of shooting, in the first scene, the director of Beast kept rejecting his walk and said he needed to walk with more swag, which he didn't understand how to execute. This caused him to doubt everything he knows about acting,thus he kept asking the veteran actors around him how to act, ergo the acceptance speech in 2018 KBS award ceremony when he expressed acting is hard
  9. Fun exercise - themed google photo search “최다니엘 다리” i.e. Choi Daniel legs and media's hilarious photo descriptions:- 2011 “Choi Daniel extended a courteous hand to help Lee Min-Jung on stage during Cyrano Agency event” 2012 School 2013 production presentation 2013 11AM premiere “Long legs shortening pants? ” 2015 Lawless Lawmen event “Strong long legs” 2017 Jugglers press conference “Choi Daniel, Baek Jin-hee, be careful”
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