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  1. haha I laugh at the president of elementary badminton club. I thought the game might surprise me...He's always relax style.
  2. It makes sense that he exudes sexiness in photoshoot or getting into character as those are both work related. No doubt he can do it when it is call for and as he put it, "each acting gig is his boxing ring". The fighting spirit and the look in his eyes totally change. Although I think someone can be adorkable and sexy at the same time too.
  3. hm..saw the thing in vietnamese news. Said it's the most professional and biggest kpop & celebrity voting website. How come I only hear about them recently. Still happy more Vietnamese people will know about him. They describe him in 7th place not the typical pretty boy light skin korean celeb, but more matured and experienced look.
  4. Yea good question. I think it also has to do with timing and just the person JH is. He is a giver and he actively goes for what he wants and pretty much keeps himself busy by helping someone else or already on whatever project. Maybe they did offer, but he's already committed to something else. I miss JH too, but it hasn't been that long since TMWYS right? Also, maybe he's taking his time because of COVID and watching out for his family. Yes, he did do reality show but that's only a few days vs drama shooting or movie shooting. I rather him take his time and actually pick something more solid then feeling like i'm watching something not quite there again. You know like it has potential, but they just did not go there.
  5. Hihi he's the nation's mc for a reason. I think he has a little soft spot for JH too. He says things like our JH, trying to cheer him up with pancake in FO, etc. I was watching the running man video clip again and at 14:37 YJS came back to JH twice and surprise that JSJ also put his arm's around JH's shoulder. He's like a good brother to them or they might feel bad he was sick that day. Regardless it was sweet.
  6. hm..both trailers still pretty short. I'm hoping more because of person who edit might have a bias or thought that is what's interesting. @azureblue7 Even if he was serious like in Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang I hope we get to see as much of him. Still entertaining or good amount on that show and he had some devious or fun moments too.