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  1. Yea, it made me miss JH in a drama portraying a complex character which he's so good at. The fact where the audience have to guess whether the character was good or a monster, his relationship with the mom and so on. For this reason, I wouldn't mind seeing him in a melo as he keep promoting himself. After all that's what made me fall for him as an actor in the first place.
  2. Is anyone going to talk about what SSR did to CSJ in this episode? Granted CSJ is not a good person, but what SSR did just doesn't feel justified with suspicion alone.
  3. I think he was going to take it out of her, but didn't when he saw it was blue. Like that's his chance after so many years that she could be the last one. Also, why he didn't take it out at first. He and the marble have a link relationship that's why he knows what happen to Dam even when he's not there. Usually, he's the one that puts the marble into the target. I'm banking on it's the first time the marble went on its own without him intentionally doing it Like Dam ? how can it just come out with her lightly touching him so there is definitely something different about Dam.
  4. Yea, I see what you mean. I do prefer jokes with wit. Yoeda has a point he is nicer with his mom and I think women in general. Like when men come over they have to try to not be wasteful, but the women can do whatever they want pretty much and he has more patience. I often forget about his singing side because I see more of his entertainment side. Also, I think he has a soft spot for kids as well. Maybe it'll be more tone down if it's in a show that is one on one like when he went with kwang soo to do china's running man.
  5. Thanks for your hard work. Yea, I can kind of see how they're all friends. At first, I didn't get Korean Variety either, but I think now I can enjoy it more because for me it comes down to how are the people involve handling it. If they are upset then that's one thing, but if they're able to crack jokes back or just ignore the person then I don't think they see it as such a big deal anyway. They're just doing a job at the end of the day just like someone acting in a drama normally. I think people forget that even variety is scripted in a way.
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