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  1. I thought Soyou literally said she was worry he might be offended at first. Actually, I think him being so earnest, caring, easygoing, and even that touch of innocent is part of the reason why they might act that way around JH. Like you know when someone is too good and you easily feel guilty if you hurt them kind of way. I think most of the cast have more experience in general variety where I feel it can be a lot more extreme where pranks etc go. Like you said, JH is hard to read and he's also older with captain being exception so I think more intimidating in that regard as well.
  2. Hm..I wonder though..see these will be interesting questions that I wish fans ask him during fan meetings. It is always interesting to listen and read everyone's observations and logic. Although, what we might be upset about and what he gets upset about can be different. It's just like how you might not understand his relationship with KJK. Not saying that I'm disagreeing either, but for me, him catching the word definitely might just be his truthful and keeping promises side. Although, I was surprise that everyone was in on this joke, but I blame partly the editing.
  3. Lol, I thought the question can be pretty tricky for both if you take into account his mom and daughter can be pretty high up there along with his wife. Love how Yeo Jin try to make it a bit better for him with 2nd question. I was rather surprise by his answer. If it depends on the deal or he have to see it first how can it be such a definite no. Lol, but I guess maybe it would be easier if they just ask him to be a guest on the show.
  4. Hihi did they say long showers or just love to take showers as in many times a day. I just figure since he sweat so easily and volunteers it make sense and they were teasing. I was about to ask who here watching JH like that wouldn't want to take care of him?
  5. I think it was just them being friendly and to get to know the natives. That's life sometime hit or miss and it didn't help that they were picky eaters so nothing to serve. Yea, I felt bad because he was like first to get sick and it lasted like whole day. He did look good. Although, like Yeo Jin said he can show his weak side. Food poisoning is never fun. I think this is first time ever seeing him skip a meal. Although, he didn't give up as easily with his love for bread still holding it in his hand. I did notice him offering to help out the Com
  6. Hm..this preview kind of weird don't even see soyou moment. Lol, hopefully they use the lie detector and ask JH some interesting questions. I dont mind having some tour of the island as they done most things they could on yacht. As for ep *8, I think yacht editing team might be fan of JH for real. I did feel bad for the comedian guy because even though he cook a whole meal and JH had 5mins13 secs JH had his own spot and lots of closeups. Lol, wish they had gave him the normal blanket the other two use when he was laying down though. He said he felt worse laying down and rathe
  7. Lol oppa got this though as long as it's not anything like pancake or crepes he's ok. Haha yea like when soyou lost his fish. He laugh it off and was ok, but she wasn't. He doesn't like to hear people say sorry because he say cause distance, but then it's funny when he say he'll just kneel. He does look very happy during the dance, but I agree with soyou it was a bit scary.
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