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  1. @Lmangla Thank God, the decision to stop SBS dailies was old. It was in 2017. There are going to be dailies after Shady mom in law :)

    I am happy. But MBC snd KBS1 dailies will stop according to this link.. After "Home for summer" and "Kungdari".



    So we have only 2 dailies SBS and KBS2 instead of 4. In KBS2 is revenge dramas which I hate


    So only SBS is left for me. But it is good.

    1. Lmangla


      Something is better than nothing! 

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  2. Currently not watching any show!! Need new intriguing show to watch!!!


    Waiting for Secret Boutique!!!

  3. I am sad because mbc and kbs 1 decided to stop shooting new dailies. I was progressing in learning Korean and dailies were very helpful 

    Mini series are difficult for me, they talk quickly and I don't understand the plots. Also the episode is one whole hour, and I am used to short episodes of 30 minutes :(

  4. Hi All, I am new member of this Forum, Hope you're all doing well. share some thoughts :)

    1. Lmangla



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