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  1. Hi Ruby, please could you advise what happens to Kim Yoo Jung's thread?  - could not locate it in "K" category?  Strange that with the soompi revamp, her thread is totally "lost".  Hope Soompi administrator/moderator can retrieve it.  Thank you.


  2. Dear moderator, when I logged in yesterday, then discovered soompi has changed its platform completely.  Couldn't logged in and tried a number of times, and today tried to click here and there, then managed to log in. Was trying to search for Kim Yoo Jung under actors/actresses category, but could not locate her thread.  Please can help to check if her thread is no longer in soompi forum?  If it is still in existence, please can provide the direct link or some guide how to locate her thread? Thank you for your help.

    1. Lmangla


      some of the threads are having issues @Xuexi_1. staff are aware and we have alerted admin. we hope to have it fixed soon. thanks! 

    2. Xuexi_1


      Thank you for your reply.:fullofhearts:

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