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  1. Thank you, magrace93 for the updates of both PBG and KYJ. May God bless both of them and His protection be upon them. Glad to see YJ's new Laneige CF ..........
  2. Cute doggie, sawol (April)! Bogum-ssi is working so hard in his Asia tours. Next week he'll be in Taipei, Taiwan ........ hope he will take care of his health.
  3. Thanks, Magrace93 for keeping this thread going with all the updates of both BG and YJ though the latter is low profile with little activities. With the debut of his 1st single Jap album, BG is now gracing most of the Jap magazines. Congrats to him! Now waiting to see him in the big screen thru Seobok, the movie!
  4. Many thanks to Magrace93 for all the updates for both BG and YJ. Glad that BG did manage to have a day of outing, sightseeing in some HK places ....... It's such nostalgic memories whenever he sings his only MDBC OST My Person. Believe it has a special meaning to him and to us his fans around with differing meanings and memories too ........ As this drama together with this song further boost his popularity and if I may say, it also gives him the confidence to debut his 1st single album and in Japanese with Bloomin as theme song along with "내 사람" in Japanese version in one of its track ............??? God's Shalom be with PB and YJ and all of you as well
  5. Thanks to those and all who help to updates this thread. Probably IG is the in-thing and more popular amongst the IT savvy folks ..... Probably this thread might become dormant soon .......?? Shalom to all of you
  6. Thank you, magrace93 for updating this thread with both BG and YJ individual activities. It's no surprise that BG is taking the Seobok's role with GY. And YJ looks so refreshingly beautiful with her new hair cut in the recent event with JY. God bless them in their individual projects that they are undertaking ...........
  7. Thanks for the info which seemed to indicate you have some insider info which is reliable. Probably this thread will become dormant ... Still MDBC is a classic saeguk like no other and Leeyeong and Raon interactions are beautiful and heart fluttering ........ even its OSTs are very lingering .........
  8. Now, let me say something ... I did not like Yoo Jung's last project, but I strongly believe in her talent and I have confidence that her next project will be better, so as to leave everyone with a good memory ... Someone wrote that the BoYoo are fanatical ... For me fanatic is who wants to ship her every time with a every different man whom she crosses on its way, even if he's much older and not suitable for her ... I respect YJ as a woman, that's why I do not liked the development of her drama, and as an actress, this is why I wish for her in the future a project that enhances her more. Being BoYoo it does not mean wanting at all costs that she and BG form a family, for me it means to give an intrinsic value to what I considere one of the most beautiful couples seen in a k-drama ... It is natural they, both, need to feel free to take the decisions about their life ... And speaking of private life, I appreciate how Bogummy always emphasizes in one way or another that being a public figure does not mean giving up having a private life ... - allow me to quote yr thots boju - I shared the same sentiment. Kissing scenes are the norm in dramas n movies. It's romantic and audience, viewers, fans love it and I am no exception. That said, it can be beautiful and heart fluttering without being "too excessively expressed" .... both the leads had portrayed their characters well and they are talented artistes in their own stance. Somehow this pairing still seems awkward visually. Juz my own view. Others may disagree, it's understandable as every one holds different views.
  9. As from past experiences, surely it will be, confirmation is juz a protocol - PBG will work with GY in Seo Bok movie!
  10. Even veteran actors/actresses may not always have chosen the right project, so to speak. If the script is such and the PD(s) had directed the characters to act in that manner, being a professional artiste he/she has to do so. That said, I too find the kissing scenes being "excessive" even though both the leads had portrayed their characters excellently. Kissing scenes are romantic no doubt, and just my own view that it can be beautiful and heart fluttering without being too excessive. That said, every one is different and thus holds different views ..........
  11. I am not IT savvy n hardly hv resources of info updates of YJ. Really thank you to those who help to share her info now n then. Yes, share same sentiment as labski - what happened? It appears many have left this thread? Wishing all who are celebrating LNY and of course Yoojung-ssi and all Koreans a Blessed Lunar New Year filled with joy, love and happiness and most of all be in good health always ....
  12. Hi, anyone know of any website to watch CWPFN? As the usual daebakdrama.com doesn't seem to continue/update the episodes of CWPFN, it simply stops at episode 13 .......... Thank you ......
  13. Thanks for sharing the good news. Congrats to MDBC webtoon being ranked 1st in Naver's web novels! And kudos to its script writer, PD(s) and crew and certainly the whole cast of the artistes who contributed to its great success! Amongst the saeguk (historical dramas) that I have watched (which is quite limited) and even now one acted by YJG currently airing, MDBC's story and plot is quite unique in that it incorporates prince-enunch romance amidst the standard palace's king/queen factions fights and struggles for power ........
  14. In most melo and romance dramas, It's usually that great hardship and huge obstacles that precede the good ending, so in Boyfriend, the last episode will see both JH and SH coming together again ....... it's sad in the separating scene, and both the protagonists have portrayed their roles very well and professionally. Not sure why CWPFN episode 14 still not up today and Boyfriend ep is very up to date, probably it is more and well supported by fans, hence the latter's subbed is up so quickly ........
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