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  1. check out banker - surprisingly interesting drama! well written and strong actors. really impressive that the PD and writer has managed to take a dry topic and turn it into an interesting tale about economics and how we are all impacted by the role of money

  2. have you voted for your favourite CEO? check out the poll in events

  3. Day 1 - guess the abs

  4. Follow the train! check out events section

  5. January babies -- happy birthday!

  6. guess the kiss! november's event

  7. emoji review challenge

  8. wishing all september babies -- happy birthday!



  9. day 5 of picture card - guess this lady villain!

  10. day 4 of picture card - do you know this leading lady?

  11. day 3 of picture card -- do you this know ajusshi?

  12. day 2 of picture card - do you know this villain?

  13. day 1 of picture card - do you know who this oppa is?

  14. A new event - picture cards! check it out. Sept 17 - 21

  15. The winners of tollgate polls -- villains! side characters!

  16. Wishing those celebrating birthdays in August - check out events

  17. August birthdays and ajumma perm -- check events!

  18. Tollgate polls close on Aug 22 -- vote for villains and side characters!

  19. villain you want to slap - tollgate polls!

  20. Loved secretary kim? Vote in the tollgate polls

  21. Vote for favourite villains, OTP, side characters in tollgate polls in events section.

  22. Have you voted? Check out the tollgate polls in events

  23. Closing the Tollgate on Aug 5 - have you put in your nominations yet?

  24. Put in your nominations for the best and worst dramas! the Tollgate!

  25. extending smash up till this weekend. try you hand at writing a kdrama story chingus! and check out the entries from 2handsintertwined and supergal99. don't forget to hit the button and encourage them. :)

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