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  1. @partyonWell, yes. I have the same problem. I am unable to use the forum topics. :/
  2. Okay, sorry, but there is another error what I report now... It's strange and there is a possibility that the problem is my internet connection or maybe my mobile phone maybe... Actually many of the forum topics aren't load when I am loged in, so I am unable to read, write and use the forum. When I logging out then I am able to enter into topics and read them. I don't understand this. When I registered here I used Firefox, but I have this problem with Puffin too...
  3. Greetings! I am here to report that everytime when I try to go and check the topic soompi hangout then I get this: "This community is temporarily unavailable Please wait a few minutes and try again."
  4. Join to CHOEAEDOL Celeb and start to voting for Lee Soo Hyuk if you like Him!


    Keep voting! We can do it together!!!



  5. Greetings to every fellow LSH fans! I don't know that there is a habit/practise here that a newly arrived writes a few words about how shs (he) discovered Lee Soo Hyuk or not, but I hope that it isn't a big problem if I will share a few of my thoughts about him and about the impression what he made on me so far... Is it a good idea to compose a post about it? (Sorry to ask a question, but I am insecure... Plus, I am also sorry that my english isn't perfect!)
  6. I am new here... And it's strange because I try to use this forum on mobile phone and if I tap somewhere then nothing is happening...

    What can be the problem?

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    2. mirmz


      @Wynna94 have u tried logging out and then logging back in? that usually works for me.

    3. Wynna94



      I logged in and out of this site almost whole day... I am tired of it already. And it make me sad actually. 

    4. mirmz


      @Wynna94 oh that is sad i'll tag the admin so it can get fixed! @Admin

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