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  1. I came across this on twitter: in the photo, the man next to young binnie resembles the current binnie lmo binjin stans are all humorous
  2. no eng subtitle? i hope someone provide soon. still not in my country but it's already 11.01/yejin day in south korea! happy birthday dear yejin with your beloved one
  3. omg!!! artwork feels so real binjin stans are all well-talented one of my fav moments from cloy bts cloyarchive twitter account shares gif of nice moments with good quality
  4. this is my first time watching this video!! they had so many interview on the day of press conf with the same outfits maybe thats why i missed this one.. its to funny that he tries not to laugh. at some point he fails and immediately tries to pull himself together ahahaha laugh a lot!!! today, theswoonnetflix ig account shared a picture of our couple with the caption "Proof that wishes do come true" . I hope they release the uncut version of swoonies videos, lets pray for it
  5. the mv is so cute i love mv's where the lyrics and the scenes are coordinated. :cto:
  6. why do i feel that i am the one in love?? it is soo ridiculous that i can not hold my happiness for four days ahaha i can totally understand the intention of yejin posting message on instagram.. i would want to write it everywhere ahahaha
  7. guys, let me put my feelings into sentences.. its like nothing changed actually but my mom and dad pat on my back saying you are on the right track and receiving approval made me feel much more relaxed. dont now how you control your happinness but i keep refresing my social media accounts
  8. can not hide my happiness!! look at them i need to watch their photos, videos again!! they are more meaningfull now!
  9. jinnie's ig post made me think that binnie may release a revealing letter soon too.. guys, how publicly announced relationship works in s korea? can we see them in public now? for exp in grocery shopping
  10. its out!! i am really happy for them. it was veryyy long travel and finally we have arrived to one destination. its time for second destination: the marriage!!
  11. does your ship captured in grocery shopping? mine is yes!!! just stopped by to remind it i can not proof but i can only say that they are just jinnie and binnie here btw they hold hand under the table these are not even from any scene see you all laterrr!!
  12. dear @ElectricHearts i can not see the pictures you have uploaded --- i miss my babies in the recent days i having this feeling a lot look at those smiles
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