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  2. You really hate the guy so much calm down chingu, I am just pointing out some ideas In drama, especially the theatre, we always have to see the motives of the character, he is a villain, but there is the concept of psycho-analysis. For example, we have a tragic hero, say Othello, he has a weekness in his character, he is Jealous, he kills his wife. He did something totally horrible, but still, I study the motives, analyze them, and see why he did that. This is my point here. Don't worry, I am not taking NJ's side, I know he is evil, I just want him to repent. And again, I believe he is not normal, and unstable, he is mad and illogical..
  3. Caught up to 31, it's getting kind of draggy. I feel like it's lacking once Hua Lian dies. I like the actress that plays Ming He, but she lacks in Jessica's presence. xD Interesting that mascara was not used for her makeup in the drama.
  5. Am I the only one who think that maybe PMY herself gave an idea for dialogue or their action for some scenes (like RG when he kiss her forehead and then her nose and the her lips) except the plotline and similarity stories with wwwsk
  6. W: you had a different childhood from us K: of course i know what pikachu is! how could i not know?? Y: he’s asking if you know what pikachu’s evolution is K (still ranting): i’m only a year older than you!
  7. I love padam padam too. I believe ji min is so beautiful in that drama too. I also hope she can work again with jung woo sung but the chances are slim. Oh well we will never know. Ji min might take a long break after one spring night. It has been 3 dramas back to back. So we should cherish this new drama of hers. I think she will work on movies next which i am also looking forward too
  8. Yes I noticed briseis because she/he has more than 100,000 points so probably she/he is a veteran others have few number of points, which means they participate in threads related to their favourite stars only. - 2
  9. RG/KJW-SDM/PMY is one sexy couple with one of a kind chemistry. They were great in lovey dovey mode but greatest in angsty mode. Many K drama couples only good in portraying sexy and hot chemistry but fell flat with face plant when it came to showing chemistry for sad scenes. Their interaction in this episode is so much lacking in sexy mode (at least in my opinion as a PAC Member) but they made it up in showing how the chemistry can be as strong in comforting in each other during time in needs. Just like a saying, friends in need are friends indeed, lovers in need are lovers indeed.
  10. Hi @Latifah_! This is such great news! Finally MYM listened to his fans. We can really see how fans care about Minho. And I admire the statement of MYM. The action was not solely for Minho, but they actually acknowledged the discomfort the baseless rumors has brought to his fans. They even asked us to help. Props to MYM, Minho, and his Minoz!
  11. Finally! Verified account. Salt team is great! No more "is this his real account" question.. LOL! Still no interviews till today. Haaaaa.. Are we waiting for his manager to coming back from her vacation first or what?? Why his post waikiki2 interviews are nowhere to be found! I'm - Upset!
  12. Hello everyone, I want to know if there is any in kakao talk about this couple in which they can participate.
  13. Actor Lee Min-ho helps children in Jinan through his donation platform "PROMIZ." PROMIZ donated proceeds from the sale of products made up of grain in Jinan County, North Jeolla Province, to a local children's center in Jinan County. View original According to his management agency MYM Entertainment, the donation platform PROMIZ donated proceeds from the sale of products made up of grain in Jinan County, North Jeolla Province, to a local children's center in Jinan County. The gift set project, which was designed to bring back profits generated by the sale of products from the region, has been so successful that all limited sales volume of gift sets that contain the value of "produce sharing with children in Jinan" has been sold out. The proceeds from the sales were used for the "Sowon Letter Writing" event of 337 children at 12 local children's centers in Jinan County, where a total of 55 children were selected to receive Children's Day gifts that can raise hopes and dreams. In response, he donated 1.5 tons of rice and 300 kilograms of kimchi to help children at 12 local children's centers in Jinan County, continuing his sincerity. Since its launch in March 2014, Lee's donation platform "Promiz" has been making and selling design products that consistently pursue the value of Fun+Donation and reinvent the value within a set theme, before donating the entire proceeds. Based on its high profile not only in Korea but also abroad, it is actively carrying out activities to improve awareness of social issues through SNS. Among other things, the project is all the more meaningful for Promiz, who has been working hard to improve awareness for the welfare of children and to help local children's centers in Jinan County. The local children's center is a welfare facility that provides care to children in need due to the dismantling of their families and the loss of function, which is why its importance and role are growing increasingly in small cities, especially those with insufficient infrastructure. Promiz, which has recently launched a project called "CSI Box," which helps children's dreams and minds from low-income families, has continued its unremitting interest in children and social contributions, and has also won three consecutive awards for "good brand targets" in May last year. (translated by Papago) https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=009&aid=0004361255
  14. continuing with the good news! ______________________________________________________________________ Lee Minho's fans minoz and promiz donate for Community Child Centers* in Jinan-gun According to Lee Minho's agency MYM Entertainment, the donation platform PROMIZ donated proceeds from the sale of their rice products in Jinan-gun(North Jeolla Province) to a local children's center in Jinan. The PROMIZ GIFT SET(Sweet rice, Brown rice and Barley cultivated from Jinan where it's famous for good quality grains) has been so successful that all limited sale boxes have been sold out. The proceeds from the sales were used for an event called "Wish Letter Writing" with 337 children participating from 12 local children's centers in Jinan, and a total of 55 children were selected to receive a Children's Day gift that can help raise their hopes and dreams. And in celebration of the 10th anniversary this year since its foundation, the Minoz fanclub donated 1.5 tons of rice and 300 kilograms of kimchi to help children at 12 local children's centers in Jinan. Since its launch in March 2014, Lee Minho's charity platform "Promiz" has steadily pursued the value of Fun+Donation and realized the shared value by making and selling design products that re-light the value within a set theme and donating the entire proceeds. In addition, based on high awareness not only locally but also internationally, the company actively conducts activities to improve awareness of social issues through SNS, leading more people to participate in the field of sharing. https://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=382&aid=0000733724 *Community Child Centers provide education, play, protection and overall care for children by Korean Children’s Welfare Law. For children who need help because of various reasons, Community Child Centers become another home with meal, medical care or cultural activities. This kind of support is an important role for kids, providing equal opportunities. You can find easily Community Child Centers in your neighborhood, and they are shelters, playgrounds and second-home for our kids. Our care and support is needed and will be very helpful for Community Child Centers and for our kids. cr. promiz
  15. Coincidence #3001 Wear blue on the presscon of the drama that you are leading. (insert Blue heart)
  16. I just watched the first episode with subs. Boy I really started tearing up at the end. The scene was so beautiful and tragic. Yeon Seo is really relatable to me at least like when I faced a lot of depression. Feeling like everything/everyone is against you, pitying yourself, saying you want to die...but then when faced with death, you realize you don't really want to die, you want to live. Man it's like, I get that. I really hate that Mr Jo is gonna be dead and her last words to him were "stop acting like my father" because you can see how much Mr Jo cared for her. She's going to be real heartbroken over that. We haven't found out how her parents died yet, have we? I was kind of confused on the relationship between her and the director of the company/aunt/distant cousin/evil lady...do they actually have a familial relationship or not? The same with Ni Na...are her and Yeon Seo related? As for our angel Dan, he has such a kind heart, so I hope he doesn't get too punished for saving YS. I guess his punishment is going to be finding her love. Will he become visible to all the humans during that time period then, I wonder...I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Also I'm very curious when and how he died. It seems like he was appointed protector of animals around his current age. If he died as a child, what's he been up to till now? Maybe children cannot be angels. I hope they explain it. I wonder if we will get to meet the deity aka God in the series at all. Oh yeah, one more thing, the OSTs are going to be amazing! Looking forward to episode 2!
  17. In the spirit of equality that this show has been promoting, I'd like to see PMY go after KJW, or at least bombard him with questions the way Deok-mi did Ryan at the workshop
  18. I think most of the people who's watvhing HPL havent seen wwwsk yet.. thats why they cant see the similarities. its good that these people enjoys the show but for those whove seen wwwsk and still saying that stories are different.... cmon now. Enjoy the shoq but dont deny that fact... And again, I will say this (for other shippers who lurks here)... this PPC forum is not hot and active for a year now not only because of Wwwsk scenes and bts... but also because of the REAL life events and "coincidences" between them that unfolded after... even until today. We respect the opinions, but please know the facts first.
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