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  3. https://storgram.com/post/BxwsLcZh1dZ .............This is sausages............. they're for principal talent only...!!!!!
  4. this is what I dont get about "shipping".. why rush the couple you are shipping? I mean no offense, but do some really expect them to meet people's expectations about them? This is why they are very private about their dating life. Because they know if they let people give an opinion about their personal lives, people will expect that they have a right to do it. some people will be like " they are celebrities, they should know that they don't have private lives anymore" or "they owe to their fans their fame so fans deserve to know things.." like...wtf?? lol! Im not saying, people here are like those.. I just read some of it on other comments.. Im actually surprised, that there are people like this. Thats why I admire Rain about not talking about his wife or family on interviews or in public. He is just really firm that its nobody's business, no matter what other people say. All you need to know is they are happy, thats it.
  5. I just saw the title song - I’m glad in the montage Woo Hee Jin name gets mentioned as well, even though her character wasn’t promoted at all. She is one of my favourite characters (along the lines of Jennifer in Still17). I was worried we wouldn’t see her much.
  6. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun talked about some of the times that they had been caught off guard by their fans! The two singers appeared as guests on the May 25 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything.” During the segment in which the cast had to guess facts about the guests, Kyuhyun revealed that […] The post Apink’s Jung Eun Ji And Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Tell Hilarious Stories About Being Surprised By Fans appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. Blossoming Taleen May 7 at 17:53 Last comment from Suk❥iPhone client  Lee Jong-suk doll  Lee Jong-suk Ma Ma and I have new clothes to wear it...............pink cattitude....
  8. #RyoHairSG #RyoHair #ParkShinHye#Ryo呂 Cr:https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx3w9NBhOfT/?igshid=1hvxawwur69bl …
  9. Yeah, he's definitely one of my favourite characters too! (along with Jin Mi) I feel like the writers (& DL's portrayal) made his character very human.
  10. @Lmangla I finally watched all 5 EPs and OMG, the word "Shady" does not describe this woman at all. I have no words to describe her . Some thoughts and spoilers. So Jenny is the missing sister ( Her real name is Kyung Ah if I got the name right) of SA who is the former granddaughter in law of the chairman. Shady lady took the girl just because she saw her, unbelievable. Now we got Jenny trying to get out of the lunatic's control and it always ends up with her getting hurt in some kind of freak accident. I'm surprised Jenny never suspected her fake mom being behind this. Good thing ES is getting suspicious of this fake mother. In the preview, did Jenny did the interview? I saw her picture in the newspaper that shady lady was holding and she was screaming in public when she saw it lol. Is that why shady lady got a hit on her in broad daylight? She is nuts. ES is curious about Jenny and it looks like they gonna start interacting next week. I can't wait because I'm sick and tired of seeing that woman's face. And what's with that Man Soon guy who already claiming to be the son in law? This is gonna be a headache. Jenny bio mom got into an accident one year ago which is causing her to get symptoms just like dementia. I wonder if the ex-cop was at the scene when the accident happened. It's weird how she is mistaking him for her former son in law. They also never mentioned how and when his wife died. And speaking of the ex-husband, he reap what he sow lol. Karma indeed is a bi""""ch. Can't believe he was seeing two women at the same time in a span of 3 years. Now the current mistress is playing games with him after she got him divorced and has no intention of marrying the scumbag lol. This is so gonna be funny. And second of all, the nerve of him and his mother blaming SA for the death of her daughter. They are the ones who signed the child up in that school at abroad even though SA kept begging them not to. Good thing she is done with that mom/son duo. SA is moving on with her life after the divorce and the ex-cop and his family are gonna enter her life when they move in her house. I'm surprised she only asked that house as alimony. The chairman, ES and his cousin are very fond of her. Guess they gonna be a family again after Jenny gets married to ES. The chairman will be over the moon lol. As for the female cousin, she is good now. I wonder if she is gonna change sides later or will she stay the same? I hope for the latter.
  11. .off topic...for saturday night....................congratulations for Palme D'or.....! ...bravo, South Korea...........!!!!!!!https://www.theguardian.com/film/live/2019/may/25/cannes-film-festival-2019-palme-dor-winner-announced-live
  12. You have to understand that they both are renowned celebs & they can't jeopardize their whole career because of their possible private life! & when you are person who belongs to the media there are aspects which you need to considered before opening up about your private life publicly cause it will leave a positive/negative impact on yourself as well as your partner. who wants to go through such hassle, being questioned about something which is nobody's business!? other than that since they both come from the same backround i don't think their work schedule will ever create any hindrance between them since they both are very dedicated to their job. & you never know what goes behind close doors. if there is indeed something between them & if it's serious too then i'm sure they will eventually work out & build a sollid future
  13. Cute the comments below are fun too... the rumors of Yuqi claiming that a lipstick she has was given by "zhang Wuji" (perhaps spoken in jest?) has given fans loads to gossip about! I know, sad. We don't have much juicy gossip to go on, so even this little bit counts!
  14. No one's rushing them.. lol! do you mean like they get married? Because yeah, that might not happen anytime soon.
  15. BTS pics (I think it's in preparation of the actual take?) of WJ-MM. ready to film and already holding hands. Just say 'action' hahaha Credits to respective owners please https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4375972838997389#&gid=1&pid=1
  16. Thanks @ktcjdrama @nohamahamoud2002 @sushilicious I'm trying to get out of this, but it's so hard. I'm more worried about my mom, she is attached to him more and saw him truly as his son. Sighhh. Funny thing is no one in our house wanted to pet a dog except my sister. I was even very much scared of dogs before. But when my sister brought this puppy home he was really small, like only a few weeks old and he was hella adorable. But my mom still told her to return him as we didn't have any experience in how to take care of dogs, But somehow he grew up on us, and we started seeing him as one of our family member. We haven't even gone to any vacation as a family these past few years, because of the fear of leaving him in the house all alone. I guess time will heal everything. But at this moment I feel trash and guilty because I think it's my fault, I didn't take care of him properly. And no never in my life I will again pet an animal, I can't go through this mental trauma again. They are just so short-lived and I don't have enough strength to see them go in front of my eyes.
  17. Thank you so much for your good insight and analysis of this drawing. And I think the flowers are actually roses as roses actually do come in different kinds of shapes. And I happened to find out the meaning of roses surrounding the bubbles. Roses are being express as promise, hope and new beginning. Yet contrasted by thorns that symbolize defense, loss and thoughtlessness. So I believe Lee Sol drew roses all over the bubbles is to make a promise to herself that she will protect Yoon Jae and he will always be a hope to her and a new beginning for her as a single mother to move on with her life. Yet, she definitely did felt lost in terms having a child out of wedlock is something that just happened in a spark of moment that she could not even react and I believe during that moment, she must have felt terrified. Bubbles dreams is a symbol of childhood memories, protection, feelings of security and comfort. As much as we knew Lee Sol wants Yoon Jae to have good childhood memories such as letting him being carefree playing with bubbles, knowing bubbles are something that Yoon Jae loves, that's when she started painting bubbles and having Yoon Jae by her side, she felt secured and comfort despite being a single mum. And yes, I do noticed that Yoon Jae was much taller and bigger than Deok Mi and Eun Gi. But let's see how the plot twist gonna be for the last 2 episodes.
  18. I have shipped the PPC since WWWSK! Recently, I have given up shipping.... It just doesn’t seem that it will happen anytime soon even if it does. Of course, if miraculously, they do date! I will be one happy fan. The timing seems difficult... PMY is doing HPL then onto Busted. PSJ has Divine Fury up and coming. If he takes on Itaewon Class then he is off limit for that time period... sighs!
  19. Omg i'm excited to see some of my familiar friends here! Hello Oh yes, about the ring issues... i thought the same too. I observed the circulated picture of Eric and Yongsun wearing the wgm ring and found that Yongsun's ring isn't match but i'm glad that Eric wore it. I remember i kinda have "talked off" with that particular shipper when that person said we are just being delusional. After all these years, i'm still awaiting if they could have possible project and also, i rewatch the wgm epidodes too. Oh... i save a picture of them wearing the similar belt and surprisingly they wore it on the same day and their clothes's color kinda match too! It's a pretty coincidence I keep praying for them to even appear as a guest for any shows... duh i miss them sooooo much
  20. Yoo Yeon Seok’s agency alerted fans about fake social media accounts impersonating the actor. On May 25, King Kong by Starship posted an announcement on its official Instagram account. The agency wrote in its official statement: This is King Kong by Starship. We have recently received reports of fake social media accounts impersonating actor Yoo Yeon […] The post Yoo Yeon Seok’s Agency Warns Against Fake Social Media Accounts appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  21. @cenching , @Lawyerh , @Sejabin & @staygold & @lu09 Kissing & touching her make him laughing like crazy —* — @cenching she Whip his mouth to switch him off * because it’s last week
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