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  2. Money Laundering? You annoyed because he printing money or something else in the drama? hahahaha 556
  3. 190418 Shinhwa’s Eric [Q&A]#4WheeledRestaurant - USA EP.01 Source: Official Eric’s Story Translation: EricMun.tumblr 1 & 2
  4. @nichiwoohee, what's ZYJ's IG handle? @gladys57, haha! Yes! I love all those moments that you mentioned, too. It also slays me when he gets irritated by (what he terms) QY's "scatter-brained"-ness because she doesn't pick up on the hints and clues. I find it especially hilarious (and ironic) considering that so often he's so often obtuse himself. (Albeit it's usually towards the other people around him because he just can't be bothered, and never her.) One of my favorite moments from this week's episodes (apart from the Amazing Ep 24) will be when: Speaking of new eps, so excited it's Monday and we get more new eps at last! (It's pretty much the only reason i'm glad it's Monday... )
  5. Outside YC stabbed CM with the syringe in the neck. Then he got all super evil and started kicking CM and stepping on his fingers. Poor CM!! But CM was a fighter and got up and tried hitting YC with a pipe but he had lost too much strength to properly fight back So now we have seen of SY finding CM dead and the abyss ball transferring to YC... I'll be in and out cuz of work. I'll see what parts I can catch...
  6. Deng Lun drama "My True Friend" official air date is May 19 - June 13, 2019. I'm very happy that two of his dramas started airing. So many dramas were on hold and awaiting their time slots. Our baby is lucky!
  7. Have the stream on while I'm working. I'm catching bits and pieces! CM didn't have it in him to kill Gi Man. Old man at first had no interest in CM. He posed as doctor while CM left the room, and was gonna kill Gi Man with a syringe but the nurse came in. He left the room and somehow got into it with CM in the hallway. CM dropped the abyss ball and YC picked it up. CM remembered only those who had been revived could see the ball. CM called YC by his name....
  8. 190418 [Top Media] RECAP #4WheeledRestaurant EP.01 Shinhwa’s Eric: Yang Pa Ric Is Not Bothered by Onion vs He Put Up With It Hello, This is your content manager. April 18th at 11pm, tvN’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3’ finally aired Our irresistibly handsome Eric’s charm was all over the first episode ♡ Let’s take a look at it again. Shall we? First expedition member shyly shows up #Eric_shyly_shows_up Slow but positioning himself as a delicious Chef! You know Eric, he was well respected for his cooking skills in ‘3 Meals a Day’ Went to Yeon-Bok’s restaurant by accident! And it turns out that he was actually a big fan of Chef Lee Yeon-Bok Everything was destined to be! Stay tuned for Lee Yeon-Bok’s apprentice Eric’s performance Lee Yeon-Bok’s apprentice Eric’s performance, let’s take a look at them now! #YangPa_Ric Onion Pride Yang Pa Ric Did not shed tears while cutting onions Eric was proud of himself! Is this true though? Tracing onion line alone Figures out how to peel an onion, and off he goes! Quickly shows off his onion peeling mastery Not a single sign of tiredness And by Master Lee Yeon-Bok He gets recognized as ‘Yang Pa Ric’ (onion Ric) Don’t worry, you know I’m here Yang Pa Ric He managed to peel countless onions all by himself! First selling spot, Hermosa Beach! #Nervous_Eric Eric wandering looking for something (Nervousness already visible) I’m suddenly scared after seeing a customer Eric is more nervous after stepping into the food truck (But he is even cuter when he is groaning in pain) #Eric_is_good_at_English_too After hearing hello, Eric is looking out again We open at 12pm The girl asks what he is doing here. Eric tells her they sell Korean and Chinese food. He also let her know the opening hours (SO SWEET) #Perfect_kitchen_hands Before opening for sale, kitchen helper cleans up kitchen tools Just before the opening, Eric cleans up kitchen tools (His work ethic comes naturally) 6 stainless steel plates Diligently washes many kitchen tools #Eric_became_an_apprentice Tasting with dignity After boiling noodles, Eric checks with Master Lee Yeon-Bok He gets the OK sign in right away. (This guy even looks good while tasting) #A_proper_attitude_of_an_apprentice LAN cable mentor “Mr. Lee Yeon-Bok” First time meeting his LAN cable mentor “Lee Yeon-Bok” was?! Even while peeling and cutting onions Concentrating and observing closely while chopping onions! Focus Focus! Even when his lessons are not there When he doesn’t have a good angle, he stands on his tiptoes to peer over the shoulders! (Eric’s passion, wow) (I learned directly) You can’t make this even if you look at the international (?) recipe Pretty proud of learning them directly This is close to perfection The master checks the dumplings Eric made This is close to perfection He shows the producers how proud he is of his apprentice (thumbs up)b And day by day, His knife skill is improving fast Oh good good Master Lee Yeon-Bok is satisfied with Eric’s knife dance! I am an apprentice growing with your compliment Apprentice Eric is happy with the compliment (His face expression makes your heart beat) #So_the_result_is? Pouring the sauce with ease as learned Still learning (blush) But in the first episode Eric proves how fast he can learn! In the next episode, he will show his progress even more, would he? Let’s see what he is capable of And!!!!!! Along with the first episode, Eric’s Q&A! Questions from Orange Princesses Let’s take a look at Eric’s answers shall we? Everyone eats a piece while cooking! ㅎㅎ The most difficult question, pour vs. dip Eric is a “pour” person Short and chic replies, but this is so Eric It’s like a giant toy truck. He’s showing off the food truck, Mentioning Shinhwa members! Onion burns Eric’s eyes too. (Thumbs up to his perseverance) Showing proper attitude as an apprentice, Turns out, he cut so many many onions! And for the highlight of this episode, he picked YANG PA RIC (Onion-Ric) ㅎ [#Ric-pisode] ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant US edition’ #Ricpisode_EP1 all Q&A Check out the ‘#Ricpisode_EP1’ from ERIC official (ericofficial__)’s Instagram highlights https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17886124858316756/ Just like that, we got to see different charms of Eric from tvN’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant’ the first episode! What he will show next in the next episode Please look forward to it Source: Top Media Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  9. So DHshii and the gang, next time don't ever try to show middle fingers to your own people if they really don't like your actions. I bet whoever in YG right now who still able to work, maybe their connection is too powerful, no one wants to mess with them. They (men and women) are very good in trapping you into their world. If the Korean University students start doing the movement, they better watch out. YG the center of criminal- I don't say this, but the students. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/university-students-winner-protest-yg-artists/ No way I want to give my 1 cent to them, in millions year.
  10. I watched the press conference of Spring Night and I don't understand korean but personally I still feel that Pretty Noona who buy me food press conference was more heart fluttering and the chemistry between JHI and SYJ was very sweet. No matter how, I think at this moment I am still not ready to watch Spring Night ..
  11. Now I want to watch episode 12 because before very busy workholic.. Tq TVN showed again this episode in tv.. Im ready with chocolate and fried chicken... Yummy..
  12. some was discussing CM's new hairstyle but i thought it already shown on the introduction trailer every time before the show start?
  13. Can still look at this as Daily doses of momentary break from daily activities and duties. Kinda like a de-stress option and a little escape from daily activities, I woule say it can be good to always have a little relaxing moment in the midst of or at the end of our daily routines . I am trying to enjoy the rides (responsibly. I seem to forget this word a lot though hahaha) while it last, before I need to search for a new hobby/interest as my minutes of diversion from my routines. Fighting all
  14. @infinite7muse_3b47 The holding hand in SITR is led by HI, in SN is led by HJM May be its not PR coz it look like a sudden act
  15. Hello all I was silently reading this thread so far & finally decided to join with the fun! And yyayyy!!! Finally, Shin Sung Rok in his 1st lead role in rom-com! I am definitely looking forward to this. I loved his performance in The Last Empress & the 1st trailer of Perfume is looking so cute!! His comic time is excellent! Yeah... I also believe so chingu! Each character has an independent color & I wonder why they are all doubled in vision..??! Do they have 2 different personality or something unique.???! These are the weirdest posters I've ever seen in a KBS drama! They themselves are all enough to grab our attention! I can't wait for the press con & the premiere!!!!! And you seem like a big fan of Shin Sung Rok, dear friend! keep updating about his sweet stuff here! The man himself is all set to launch his next product!! Wave to my dear @triplem chingu! So nice to hear that you are gonna watch this with us darling! Let's have fun!!
  16. @Lawyerh argh ...eps 12 ...meddling Mother , manipulative second lead ...eh this lawyer bong is like printing money is it ??? . I’m so annoyed .. 554
  17. Watch: Jang Ki Yong And Im Soo Jung Get Romantic Under The Cherry Blossoms In New Teasers For “WWW” by S. Nam tvN’s “WWW” has released new videos teasing the lives of the three strong female leads and the romance between Jang Ki Yong and Im Soo Jung! “WWW” is a romance drama about the realistic love lives of three career women who work at Korea’s top search engine companies. The drama will star Im Soo Jung, Lee Da Hee, and Jun Hye Jin as the three women who all work in the same field but lead entirely different lives. Im Soo Jung has taken on the role of Bae Ta Mi, a strategic manager at Korea’s No. 1 portal site Unicorn. The teaser starts off with Bae Ta Mi at court as a witness saying, “We at Unicorn manipulate the real time charts.” The scene then shifts to her waking up on the couch with a hangover as the voice over yells, “Are you crazy?” Afterwards, clips of the three career women, Bae Ta Mi, Cha Hyun (played by Lee Da Hee), and Song Ga Kyung (played by Jun Hye Jin) pass by. One of the scenes involve Song Ga Kyung getting ready to slap Bae Ta Mi with Cha Hyun in the middle stopping her. In another scene, Lee Da Hee, who plays Cha Hyun, the head manager of the No. 2 web portal Baro, shows off her athleticism as she practices jiu-jitsu. Furthermore, another scene of Bae Ta Mi shows her dangerously approaching the edge of a bridge. The teaser closes with romantic shots of Im Soo Jung and Jang Ki Yong. Jang Ki Yong will be taking on the role of the genius composer Park Mo Geon who suddenly appears in Bae Ta Mi’s life. He continuously attempts to make smooth moves towards Bae Ta Mi while she stands frozen in shock for most of the scenes. Finally, the two are shown staring at each other beneath cherry blossom trees. The video concludes with a clip of a search engine with the searches “Enter the search word ‘WWW,'” “tvN Wednesday Thursday drama,” “Im Soo Jung Jang Ki Yong,” “Lee Da Hee Jun Hye Jin,” and “real romance.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1325824wpp/jang-ki-yong-and-im-soo-jung-get-romantic-under-cherry-blossoms-in-new-teasers-for-www
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