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[Variety] Shinhwa Broadcast



  • kitkatkitkat SOCALPosts: 1,227Member


    I haven't laugh this hard for SO LONG!! I hope someone will sub it, I'm sure it'll even MORE FUNNY~ :lol:
    Pink Lipstick's Ha Jae Bum
  • samshikusamshiku mrs.lee SingaporePosts: 1,921Member
    I think i feel exactly the same way as the two posters before me feel...haven't laughed so hard in such a long time as well(except maybe running man)

    i can't WAIT for the next episode already!
  • shisuisenshisuisen in front of my laptopPosts: 1,011SoGonger


    I am eternally thankful for the download link. I have missed Shinhwa far too long. :D
    They're as playful as ever, to think they're already 30 years old yet still act this way. XP
    Just within 10 minutes of the show, without having any full understanding of what they're saying, I was laughing non-stop~
    These days, the only variety show that made me laugh so much is Running Man, now there's another one in my list. XD

    CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EP!!! Seems like it's slightly risque~ ;P
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  • ad_faad_fa Posts: 2,030Member


    miss their show so much....
    waiting to download and watch this show
    thanks for the torrent link

  • samshikusamshiku mrs.lee SingaporePosts: 1,921Member
    CHINESE SUBS are out!! but i dunno how to download it :((((((( omg anyone has the link??
  • rainy75rainy75 Bool Saeist aka Damo012Posts: 1,049Friend of Soompi


    samshiku wrote on 18 March 2012 - 09:47 PM:

    CHINESE SUBS are out!! but i dunno how to download it :((((((( omg anyone has the link??

    do u have the page?

  • tiffyisashinhwafreak!tiffyisashinhwafreak! in the arms of Jin&Hankyung&Junsu. foreverPosts: 607Member
    YAYY :)
    it was so funny!

    watched it too, without subs.
    can't wait for subs...i've been like a mad women searching for hardsubs. haha.

    anyhow :)
    yayy, the Men are Back :)
    "Once a Fan...Always a Fan" ; 98.03.24 to 12.03.24
    SHINHWA, The Return <3
  • incarnadineincarnadine where the wind takes me...Posts: 5,174Member


    This show is like crack to me. Gawd I missed these 6 dorks so, so much. I didn't understand much of the first episode but that didn't stop me from laughing until I almost peed in my pants :D

    Like most of us here, thank you for the download link and looking forward to the subs!!!

    If I have time later today, I will try to list down my favourite moments (with spoiler tags, of course) :)
    Wookie & Jinnie
    2005 - present

  • skylskyskylsky Posts: 4New Member
    Thank you for link torrent ^°^
  • appl4appl4 Posts: 1,504Member


    ANYBODY know about the rating?? i hope it will get higher n higher cause they really work so hard for this show!!!
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  • kitkatkitkat SOCALPosts: 1,227Member


    edited March 2012
    I wanna know the ratings, too! ^_^

    Shinhwa Broadcast E01
    450p: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
    720p: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

    All MediaFire. No RAR Password.

    I'll try uploading every episodes when I can. Anything for Shinhwa! :w00t:
    Pink Lipstick's Ha Jae Bum
  • IhjjIhjj Posts: 2,459Member


    Man I wanna watch it so bad, but I wanna wait for subs too! :crazy: Can't make up my mind! Gotta work and study! AiYA!
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  • samshikusamshiku mrs.lee SingaporePosts: 1,921Member
    hey girls!

    the ratings are currently standing at 0.336% :(
    신화창조 @shinhwa_info
    [신화방송] 첫회 시청률☞전국기준 0.336%(AGB닐슨미디어리서치)

    it's not very good huh...which is such a WASTE cos the episode was SOO good
  • kitkatkitkat SOCALPosts: 1,227Member


    NO WAY! It's really funny episode so how can it be!? :tongue2:
    Pink Lipstick's Ha Jae Bum
  • tiffyisashinhwafreak&amp;#33;tiffyisashinhwafreak&#33; in the arms of Jin&amp;Hankyung&amp;Junsu. foreverPosts: 607Member
    Too be honest, this variety show is on cable,
    not on MBC, SBS or KBS. It should be understood before hand that
    cable shows always have lower ratings. The usual three are public broadcaster,
    while JTCB is not. Many people do live outside of the city, where cable is not offered.

    In cable shows to even have 1% in ratings is greattt!
    Though, the show had .336% its not bad for the start.
    And I'm not sure if its even counting viewership online so yeah.

    Don't be discourage, Shinhwa Broadcast will pull in the ratings eventually :)
    "Once a Fan...Always a Fan" ; 98.03.24 to 12.03.24
    SHINHWA, The Return <3
  • deetadeeta Posts: 2,588Member


    I still can't believe Junjin voluntarily picked the Invisible Man, I mean COME ON!!! HAAHAHAH. On the other hand, Andy looks so darn good in that suit, fitted perfectly for him.

    Rating wise, I have no other comparison with cable variety. Either way, here's hoping it would pick up next week.
  • appl4appl4 Posts: 1,504Member


    I Lov how andy is slowly becoming a boss character haha.. n everybody is treating n respecting like one
    sometimes i even forgotten he's the youngest for me junjin seem like the youngest
    he's always so energetic and hyper ~~
    i hope the rating would goes up bit by bit this will giv courage to our beloved shinhwa~~
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  • sharsharpheesharsharphee Posts: 126Member


    I uploaded the raw 720P version of episode 1 on Mediafire. Here's the d/l link if any of you want it - The Chinese subbed version will also be uploaded in the same folder but it will take some time so check back if you wanna get Chinese subs for the show!:D
  • Jen.Jen. Posts: 1,351Member


    ^Thank you! I will edit the first post : )

    Well, I do hope the ratings will slowly go up. Variety show usually needs time to get people attracted.
  • luvcrabbieshinhwaluvcrabbieshinhwa Posts: 36Member


    I watched without subs...yet I laughed till my jaw hurts LOL..

    Shinhwa hasnt lost their variety skills :wub: :wub:

    "It's not Shinhwa if it isn't SIX" -KimDongWan
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