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[Variety] Shinhwa Broadcast

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Question to those who downloaded 720p, did you guys have little glitch in the beginning?

I don't remember which version I downloaded from SEMI but in the beginning there was little glitch where faces got all mumble/jumble? and then it was okay for the rest.

If you have clean 720p with no glitch, can you please let me know which rip it is?

Thank you so much


By the way, which team is SF?

Thank you

I watched without subs...yet I laughed till my jaw hurts LOL..

Shinhwa hasnt lost their variety skills :wub: :wub:




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^Thank you! I will edit the first post : )

Well, I do hope the ratings will slowly go up. Variety show usually needs time to get people attracted.

Is there something wrong with my links? Post #32 I just don't know why it hasn't been added when I posted first before hers...tell me if I did something wrong since it has been ages from last time I uploaded the files. :sweatingbullets:

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Guest tiffyisashinhwafreak!

hi, Jen

i'm can't entirely read it, but it definitely looks like there was an increase in the rating :D



ohh yeahh!

still patiently waiting for english subs,

and watching the raw. haha.

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Guest dontknock

Just watched ep 2 and laughed so hard even without understanding a word they said :P

Eric and Jinnie have the best "wet" looks for me. ;)

P.S. Crossing my fingers for a higher rating >.< This show is jjang!

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I watched the first episode and I was laughing from the beginning till end. It doesn't even have an eng sub and I don't understand a thing! Hopefully, I'll be able to watch it with subs. Shinhwa never fails to make me laugh so hard every time they were in a variety show like this.

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