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  1. The one and only... He, left home at 18 to pursue his love of rap, dance & music He, encouraged and consoled his fellow members when their 1st album didn’t do well He, stayed strong for them even though everyone forgot he was 19 too He, transforms to a successful actor with popular dramas under his belt He, was the king of commercial endorsements He, rejected a high paying contract offers to stay with his members He, braved legal battle & endured negotiation hardships with SM management to keep the group name He, suffered a back injury from saving his co-star, Han Ji Min, from a stunt went terribly wrong He, puts his best for every performances & concerts despite his recurring back problem He, leaves the limelight to the other members while quietly watching and smiling from behind He, gives the fullest support to the other members in everything that they do He, is the leader of the longest running boy group in Korea He, is a successful Actor, Rapper & the Leader of SHINHWA He is ERIC MUN JUNG HYUK English name: Eric Mun Full name: Mun Jung-hyuk / Korean: 문정혁, Hanja: 文晸赫 Nickname: Gon, Moohim Profession: Korean actor, model, Leader & Rapper of Korean boy group named Shinhwa Birthday: Friday, 16 February 1979 Constellation: Aquarius Height: 180 cm Weight: 71 kg. Blood Type: B Religion: Christian Family: Parents, 2 older sisters and himself (the youngest & only boy) Education: 1985-1991 Daechi Elementary School (Seoul, Korea) 1991-1993 John Burroughs Middle School, Los Angeles, California 1993-1997 Sunny Hills High School, Fullerton, California Dongguk University, major in Theatre and Cinema (Seoul, Korea) WHAT ERIC LIKES Music Genres: Hip-hop, R&B Artists: Method Man, Puff Daddy Music Instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone Songs: 'Don't Wanna Try' by Fankie J, Friend (chingu), The Name and A Story you Can't Give Colors: Black and white Dressing Style: Casual comfort Sport: Basketball Sportsman: Michael Jordan Actor: Choi Min-sik, Song Kang-ho Food: All foods, especially Korean foods Book: Dragon Ball (Japanese manga) Movie: Brave Heart WHAT ERIC THINKS OF HIMSELF Specialties: Rap, snowboarding, drawing, game, fishing, basketball, driving Hobby: My specialties are my hobbies Habit: All the strange sleeping habits in the world (only when he's really tired) Strong point: He's optimistic Weak point: He's lazy Future hope: To be a manager/chief/boss Motto: Be strong in front of a strong man and weak in front of a weak man Even though in 2002 Eric and his Shinhwa band mates had cameo appearance in the movie Emergency 19 Act, Eric’s career as an actor really started in 2003 when director Park Sung Soo gave him 0.5 second to make a decision whether taking on a supporting roll for MBC’s series Breathless (I Run). Eric responded with a "Yes" and that opened door to the path of acting. In early 2004, he got a big break with the immensely popular drama Phoenix (Bulsae). Later that year, Eric had a series of Banjun dramas (reversed mini-dramas) from the SBS’s Good Sunday Show. He was recognized for his acting skill and also won MBC Best New Actor Award for Phoenix in the same year. Since then, Eric has stared (lead roles) and expanded his acting repertoire with different types of characters in numerous dramas and movies. Strongest Chil Woo was his last drama before enlisted to the Korean army. On Oct.31, 2010 with a welcoming of nearly 500 fans on site, Eric was discharged from his army duty. Prior to his discharge, Eric had several drama offers and Poseidon, a big budgeted marine police drama, was to be his comeback drama. Howevever production was put to a haul after the attack by North Korean on Yeonpyeong-do island (where most of Poseidon filming was). After SBS later pulled Poseidon off their scheduled broadcast date, the original cast (Eric, Kim Kang-woo, U-Know Yunho, Kim Ok-bin, Jeon Hye-bin) had moved on to other projects after a long wait. Eric went on to star in KBS Spy Myung-wol as his 1st drama after coming back from his mandatory military service. Poseidon eventually was picked up by KBS with a new cast and a new script/plot. After discharge from his military service, Eric also worked on negotiation to create Shinhwa own company. The fruit of that labor is Shinhwa Company. Shinhwa Company was born on July 01, 2011 with Eric & Minwoo are co-CEO while all members put in equal share of investment to the company. On March 23 2012, Shinhwa released their 10th album, The Return, followed with concert tours starting with Seoul right on their 14th Anniversary. Shinhwa also has their own variety show, Shinhwa Broadcast, with jTBC with its first broadcast on March 17, 2012. Since the forming of Shinhwa Company, Eric temporary puts his solo activities on hold because he wants to focus on strengthening Shinhwa. At the end of December 2013, Eric's contract with Top Class Entertainment ended. Eric teams up with his long time manager of more than 10 years to set up a new management company, E&J Entertainment. After 3 years since his last drama, Spy Myungwol, 2014 also marks Eric's comeback to drama with Discovery of Romance. This marks 7-year reunion with Jung Yumi, his co-star in Que Sera Sera. Despite the average 7% Neilsen rating, Eric & the team of Discovery of Romance drama received lot of praises for their acting and a good realistic drama. Eric won a triple crown at KBS' 2014 Year End Award (Excellent Actor, Best Couple, and Netizen Award). With this, Eric has won acting awards at all 3 Broadcasting Networks. In April 2015, Discovery of Love went on to win Gold Remi at the 18th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in April 2015. A few months later, the drama had another win at the 36th BANFF'S Rockie Awards (Melodrama category) in June 2015. Eric made a comeback with Shinhwa's 12th studio album "WE" in March 2015. Shinhwa broke their previous record with 10 wins (a triple crown at Mnet's M! Countdown) for this comeback. Shinhwa joined KCON for the first time with their appearance in Los Angeles in July. They also had a concert tour in China from May to July and ends this year activity with an Encore concert in Seoul in August. A big milestone for Shinhwa also happened this year. They finally got back the Shinhwa name and trademark in June, 2015. At Shinhwa's Encore concert in Aug.2015, Kim Dongwan had said "Many things have happened while we were trying to reclaim Shinhwa name. Lawsuits were involved and we had to negotiate a deal, so Eric was the one who struggled the most during the progress". It has been a busy but rewarding year for Shinhwa! In late February 2016, Eric confirmed his casting for tvN's Another Miss Oh (also known as Oh Hae Young Again). This is Eric's first attempt at cable drama. The drama premiere on May 2nd with a better rating than its predecessor Pied Piper. It broke its intended rating (5%) of on its 6th episode and becomes tvN's all time highest rated drama for their Monday - Tuesday time-slot with the rating of 9.9% for its final episode. Oh Hae Young Again team was rewarded a trip to Thailand after the drama ended. In October 2016, Eric & Seo Hyunjin were awarded the Roco-King & Roco-Queen awards at tvN 10th Awards for their roles in Oh Hae Young Again. In October 2016, Eric was casted for tvN's variety show 'Three Meals A Day - Fishing Village 3' (Deukryeong-do) with Lee Seojin, and Yoon Kyung-sang. It was Eric's first variety show as a cast member without Shinhwa. Eric surprised everyone with his great cooking skills that earned him the E-Chef title. The show had great rating of above 10% on average with the highest rating of 11.536% (AGB) 13% (TNmS). At the end of November 2016, Eric and Shinhwa released a mini album 'Unchanging: Orange' as part 1 of their 13th album. They followed up with a comeback in January 2017 with 'Unchanging: Touch' as the 2nd part of their 13th album. On March 24th, Shinhwa released 'Shinhwa 18th', their first self-produced variety show through Naver's paid subscription platform for Vapp+. In February 2017, Eric and actress, model Na Hyemi confirmed their dating of 4 years. Later that year the couple got married on July 1st, 2017 at Youngnak Church in Seoul. The wedding was officiated by Pastor Lee Chul-shin. Shortly after returning from their honeymoon in Maldives, Eric started filming for another season of 3 Meals A Day with Lee Seojin and Yoon Kyung-sang. Together with Shinhwa in 2018, Eric celebrated their 20th Anniversary since debut. Shinhwa celebrate their big milestone with their fans for the whole year with various TV appearances. In August, they released their 14th album, Heart. Following the release of their album, the group wrapped up their 20th Anniversary celebration activities with a monumental concert, Heart, at Olympic Gymnastics Arena on October 6 and October 7. January 2019, Eric signed on with TOP Media for his solo activities and became label-mates with fellow member Andy. He also creates aguTV on Youtube as a hobby to share various contents of his interests and communicate with the fans. His first broadcast activity for 2019 was a cast member for season 3 of tvN's variety show "Will The Locals Eat It?" in America (also known as 4 Wheeled Restaurant). The show premiered on April 18th. The following month, Eric was cast for MBC's new variety show, "The Barber of Seville". The filming took place in Seville, Spain and broadcast every Thursday from July 11th - Sep.12th. After declining the casting offers for KBS's fantasy rom-com drama "Perfume" and the sequel to "Que Sera Sera", Eric accepted the casting offer for lead actor for Channel A's drama, "Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon". The drama is expected to be broadcast in March 2020. gifs set by gomdora 2016 - Another Miss Oh (also known as Oh Hae Young Again) ~ tvN Premiere 2016/05/02, Lead Actor || Soompi Tread 2014 - Discovery of Romance (also known as Discovery of Love) ~ KBS Premiere 2014/08/18, Lead Actor Soompi Thread 2011 - Spy Myung-Wol ~ KBS Premiere 2011/07/04, Lead Actor Soompi Thread 2008 - Strongest Chil Woo ~ KBS Premiere 2008/06/17, Lead Actor Soompi Thread OR Watch Online 2007 - Que Sera Sera ~ MBC Premiere 2007/03/17, Lead Actor Soompi Thread OR Watch Online 2006 - The Invincible Parachute Agent (a.k.a. Korea Secret Agent) ~ SBS Premiere 2006/09/06, Lead Actor Soompi Thread OR Watch Online 2006 - Wolf ~ MBC Premiere 2006/01/16, Lead Actor Soompi Thread OR Watch Online (The drama stopped at 3 episodes due to both leads (Eric Mun & Han Ji Min) had an accident from a stunt went wrong) 2005 - Super Rookie ~ MBC Premiere 2005/03/23, Lead Actor Soompi Thread OR Watch Online 2004 - Firebird (a.k.a. Bulsae / Phoenix) ~ MBC Premiere 2004/04/05, Second Lead Actor Soompi Thread OR Watch Online 2003 - I Run (a.k.a. Breathless) ~ MBC Premiere 2003/11/26, Supporting Actor MOVIES 2005 - June's Diary (a.k.a. Bystanders) ~ Premiere 05/12/01, Lead Actor Soompi Thread OR Watch Online 2005 - A Bittersweet Life ~ Premiere 05/04/01, Guest Star Soompi Thread 2002 - Emergency Act 19 ~ Premiere 02/07/19, Guest Star with Shinhwa members 2004 SBS BANJUN DRAMAS 2004.08.08 - Sweet Room 2004.08.15 - Meet Princess Good-For-Nothing 2004.08.22 - After That Day 2004.08.29 - I Will Love You 2004.09.05 - Love Thief 2004.09.12 - My Beloved Bodyguard 2004.10.19 - Second Love 2004.10.03 - Rival 2004.10.10 - His Double Life 2004.10.17 - Bad Cop First introduced to the public at the end of 1997, Eric & Andy rapped for S.E.S.’s hit song “I’m Your Girl”. By early summer of 1998, Eric made a debut as the leader & main rapper for the popular 6 members boy band Shinhwa. The group consist 3 vocalists (Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan, Lee Min Woo) and 3 rappers (Eric Mun, Park Jun Jin, Andy Lee). Eric also writes rap lyrics and composes for most of Shinhwa’s songs as well some of members’ solo. Beside that, he also features in many songs & music videos for other Korean artists. In 2003, Shinhwa refused to extend the contract with SM Entertainment, which was undoubtedly a big shock in the industry. Eric was the one who negotiated with the management and forking out his own funds to buy back Shinhwa’s name. No one will ever know how much hardship he had to endure during the negotiations. Eric also lowered his fees 3 times so that they can all move to a new management company successfully. Eric & Shinhwa members celebrated their 10th Anniversary in March 2008 which was also their last concert before the members starting to fulfill their mandatory 2-year military service. MUSIC COLLABORATIONS • Andy - Never Give Up (Eric, Dongwan, Minwoo) • Andy - Thinking of You (Eric, Amin.J) • B.A.D (Taiwanese group) - Young Gunz () • BOA - Again 1st Mini album Jumping Into The World (ft. Shinhwa Eric) • BOA - Whatever Vol.01 ID, Peace 3 (Ft. Shinhwa Eric) • Cho PD,실력 - Bada-Bing (Brooklyn Mix Tape Vol.1 - Track #1) • Cho PD, Rhymer - Catch Us If You Can (Brooklyn Minx Tape Vol.1 - Track #2) • DJ Chul-e ( 처리) - Shinning Dog Life (빛좋은 개살구) Cross Over Vol.1 Album - (Eric, Hyesung & Inchang E) • Eric Mun, Lee Minwoo, Accent - City of Mine (Diary of June's OST) • GAIN (Brown Eyed Girls) - Nostalgia (Remake of the original Yozoh's. Eric re-wrote the rap for this collaboration) • Group S - You Crazy (Just One Moment) • Group S - 실루엣 (Figure) (Eric & Minwoo) • H-Eugene - We Rock (feat. Eric, San.E, Baby-J, 후니훈, 마스터챙) • Heo In Chang - Show (1st Single Again) • Heo In Chang - Skit # 모하냐 (1st Single Again) • Honey Dew - Like A Fool () • Hye Ryung - Juke Box • Joosuc - Most Wanted (ft. Shinhwa Eric & Wheesung) • Jumper - Yes! (ft. Shinhwa Eric) • JunJin - 60 Seconds (Real, track 1) • JunJin - Wow Wow Wow (Real, track 2) • JunJin - Words of Love (사랑한다는 그 말) (Vol.01 ToGether 4Ever, track 3) • Kang Mi Yeon - Paparazzi (ft. Shinhwa Eric) • Kim Dong Wan - Honey • Kim Dong Wan - Liar (Shinhwa 2004 Winter Story) • Kim Dong Wan - My Love (ft. Shinhwa Eric) • Lee Hyori - AnyMotion (ft. Shinhwa Eric) • Lee Minwoo - Intro (1st album Un-Touch-Able) • Lee Minwoo - Punch (1st album Un-Touch-Able) • Lee Minwoo - Showdown (3rd album Explore M) • Lee Minwoo - TAXI (M+TEN album - track #3) • Li Xiu-ying (李秀英) - You Want Me Vol.6 The Color of My Life (ft. Shinhwa Eric) • Lyn - I'm Curious (궁금해) (ft. Shinhwa Eric) • Lyn - Sunshine (ft. Shinhwa Eric) • Lyn - Throw Away All Traces of Those Years (Shinwa 2004/2005 Winter Story) • MC Rink - World • Min - Is This The End? (June Diary OST) • SES - After Today (오늘이 지나면) (Eric & Andy) • SES - Be Natural (Eric & Andy) • SES - Complete Reason (Eric & Andy) • SES - Good Bye (Eric & Andy) • SES - I’m Your Girl (Eric & Andy) • SES - If This After this Evening (Eric & Andy) • SES - Kiss (ft. Shinhwa Eric, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung) • SES - Find Soulmate/Looking for Love (애인찾기) (ft. Shinhwa Eric & Kim Dongwan) • SES - For You (너에게) Vol.2 Dream Comes True (Eric) • SES - Reason Why I'm Perfect (완전한 이유) (Ft. Eric; Andy) • SES - Sha La La (샤랄라) Vol.3 Love (Ft. Eric, Junjin, 金烔完) • SES - Silver (샤랄라) Vol.3 Love (Ft. Eric) • SES - Your Fragrance (그대의 향기) (Ft. Eric; Andy) • Shin Hye Sung - Hello & Goodbye (안녕 그리고 안녕) • Shinhwa - Rain on a Sleepless Night (Eric, Hyesung & Minwoo) • Shinhwa - Destiny of Love (Eric, Hyesung & Minwoo) • Shinhwa - Reminiscence (Eric & Minwoo) • SMAP - Tokio • SMTown 2002 Winter Vacation - I Miss You (Shoo, Eric, Andy, Shinvi) • Son Dam Bi - Crazy • Stellar - Rocket Girls • Tei (테이) - Leaving Only The Aroma of Love • Yozoh - Nostalgia • 도현 - Knock Out /M.A.R.S. (June Diary OST) SHINHWA ALBUMS Korean Regular Albums 2017 - 13th Album Unchanging: Touch 2016 - 13th Album Unchanging Part 1: Orange 2015 - 12th Album WE 2013 - 11th Album The Classic 2012 - 10th Album The Return 2008 - 09th Album Volume 9 2006 - 08th Album State of the Art 2004 - 07th Album Brand New 2002 - 06th Album Wedding 2002 - 05th Album Perfect Man 2001 - 04th Album Hey, Come On! 2000 - 03rd Album Only One 1999 - 02nd Album T.O.P. 1998 - 01st Album Resolver Special Albums 2007 - Special album Winter Story 2007 2007 - Special album Winter Story 2006-2007 2006 - Inspiration #1 (Japanese album) 2004 - Special album Winter Story 2004-2005 2003 - Special album Winter Story 2003-2004 2002 - Compilation album My Choice Korean Singles 2006 - Bokura no Kokoro ni wa Taiyo ga Aru (Japanese single) 2005 - Summer Story Tropical 2005 2005 - Hey, Dude 2004 - How Do I Say PERSONAL AWARDS 2017 - tvN10 Acting Award - Roco King Award (Oh Hae Young Again) 2014 - KBS Acting Awards - Excellence Actor (Discovery of Romance) 2014 - KBS Acting Awards - Netizen Award (Discovery of Romance) 2014 - KBS Acting Awards - Best Couple (Discovery of Romance) 2006 - SBS Acting Awards - Nertizen Best Actor Award 2006 - SBS Acting Awards - Best Actor Award (Invincible Parachute Agent/Korea Secret Agent) 2005 - The 41th Baeksang Arts Award - Popularity Award 2005 - The 41th Baeksang Arts Award - New Actors Award 2005 - MBC Acting Awards Grand Prize (Super Rookie) 2004 - Good Model Award from National Advertisement Owners Association 2004 - YeonKi Daesang New Comer Award 2004 - MBC Acting Awards - Popularity Award 2004 - MBC Acting Awards - New Actors Award (Phoenix/Bulsae) 2003 - 18th Golden Disk Main Awards 2003 - Korean Music Awards This Years Singer Award 2002 - 17th Golden Disk Main Awards 2002 - SBS Singers Festival Main Award, Nertizen's Most Favorable Award 2002 - MBC Teen Singers Festival Main Award 2001 - Best Dressers Singers Part 2001 - 16th Golden Disk Main Awards 2000 - Digital Azit Favorable Award Korean Motion Pictures & Album SHINHWA AWARDS 2008 - Sohu Entertainment "Sohu Han Yu's 2007 Best Singer Award" 2008 - Golden Disc Bonsang Award 2007 - Japan's 21st Golden Disk Best Asian Artist Award 2007 - Mnet MKMF Overseas Viewer Award (For the song "Pretty") 2006 - Mnet KM Music Festival Overseas Viewer Award 2006 - MKMF "Best Korean Group Overseas" Award 2006 - Golden Disk Bonsang Award 2006 - Golden Disk Best Korean Gasoo Award 2006 - SBS Gayo Bonsang Award 2006 - Seoul Gayo Daesang Bonsang Award 2006 - SEA Music Popular Group Oversea Award 2006 - Grand Ceremony of Hallyu's Popularity in China “The top 10 most popular singers” 2006 - Shanghai International Arts Festival Appreciation Award 2005 - MTV Asia Favorite Korean Artist Award 2004 - Korean Music Singer of the Yea Award 2004 - KBS Music Bonsang Award 2004 - SBS Gayo Daejun Daesang Award 2004 - SBS Gayo Daejon Bonsang Award 2004 - SBS Gayo Daejon Music Award 2004 - Seoul Gayo Daesang Daesang Award 2004 - Seoul Gayo Daesang Bonsang Award 2004 - Seoul Gayo Daesang Artist Of The Year Award 2004 - 2nd Korea Fashion World Singer Section Award 2004 - Mnet KM Music Video Festival Best Dance Music Video Award 2004 - Golden Disk Bonsang Award 2004 - Netizen Popular Music Award 2004 - South Korean Image Contest Most Photogenic Award 2004 - MBC Top 10 Singers Award 2004 - Mnet KM Music Festival Overseas Viewer Award 2003 - Seoul Gayo Daesang Bonsang Award 2003 - SBS Gayo DaeJeon Bonsang Award 2003 - Golden Disk Bonsang Award 2003 - Korean Music Singer Of the Year Award 2002 - Golden Disk Bonsang Award 2002 - Mnet Music Video Festival Best Male Group Award 2002 - Seoul Music Bonsang Award 2001 - KBS Music Bonsang Award 2001 - SBS Gayo Bonsang Award 2001 - KMTV Gayo Most Popular Award 2001 - Golden Disk Bonsang Award 2001 - Seoul Music Bonsang Award 2001 - Mnet Music Video Festival Male Group Section Award 2000 - SBS Gayo Popularity Award 2000 - KMTV Song Bonsang Award 2000 - KMTV Song Popular Singers Award 1999 - MNet '98 Best Music Video From New Male Group Award FASHION SHOWS 2003.03.25 - 2nd Korea Fashion World in Seoul Andre Kim Fashion Show Watch 2001.07 - No Seung Eun Fashion Show 2000.10.26 - 01 S/S Seoul Collection Lee Shinwoo Fashion Show Watch MUSIC VIDEOS 2007 - Loveholic - Bless You (Que Sera Sera OST) Watch 2006.12.13 - DongHwa Watch 2006 - Throw My Fist Watch 2005 - Hero Watch 2004 - Just Once (Hyeryung Hanbunman) Watch 2004 - Angel Watch 2002 - Deep Sorrow Watch 2001 - Wild Eye Watch 2018 Bibigo - CJ's global Korean food brand CJ Cheil Jedang Jean Michael Basquiat - Premium golf apparel & accessories (CJ E&M) 2017 Lineage 2 Revolution - Online & mobile game by Netmarble Bibigo - CJ's global Korean food brand CJ Cheil Jedang ULOS - Ostuka Korea Men's cosmetics & skincare Jean Michael Basquiat - Premium golf apparel & accessories (CJ E&M) 2016 ULOS - Ostuka Korea Men's cosmetics & skincare Jean Michael Basquiat - Premium golf apparel & accessories (by CJ E&M) 2012 Roygen - Men apparel (Shinhwa) Chicken Mania (Shinnhwa) 2008 Basso Apparel HanBul It's Skin Cosmetics U.G.I.Z Let’s Green Up U.G.I.Z S/S 2007 Basso Apparel S/S Coca Cola Summer Ad Coke Zero HanBul It's Skin Cosmetics U.G.I.Z Apparel - Spring U.G.I.Z Apparel - Fall 2006 Hyundai Motor Vehicle - Avante Lotteria Rice Burger (Shinhwa) Rinnai Heater - New Year Special U.G.I.Z Apparel Fall/Winter 2005 BON Apparel Photoshoot MBC Interview Coca Cola (Shinhwa) Domino’s Pizza (Double Crust Steak) Domino’s Pizza (Grilled Potatos) Ivy Club (Shinhwa) - Attention Please Kyochon Chicken (Shinhwa) Let’s Cokeplay Battle (Shinhwa) Lotte Goo Goo Cone Ice-cream NII Apparel - Spring/Summer NII Apparel - Fall/Winter Rinnai Heater Samsung AnyCall - Beatbox SCH-S310 Samsung AnyCall - Anyclub Samsung AnyCall - Anystyle SPAM Swiss Luxury Rado Watch (Making of the Photoshoot) Vivaldi Park ice-skate rink 2004 BON Apparel - Fall/Winter Buckaroo (Shinhwa) Domino’s Pizza (Triple Cheese) Giordano Apparel - Spring & Summer Ivy Club - Monkey hips are red (with Shinhwa & Moon Geun Young) Lotte Binch Lotte Plus and Minus Beverage M-net Promo Megapass Internet - Railroad Megapass Internet - Champion Samsung AnyCall - AnyMotion Samsung AnyCall - SPH S2300 (2 versions) Vinci biscuit 2003 Giordano Apparel (Fall & Winter) Megapass Internet Loreal Ivy Club (Shinhwa) with Dalmatian dogs 2002 Ivy Club (Shinhwa) 2001 Ivy Club (Shinhwa) Nongshim shrimp cracker (Shinhwa) CGV Theatre (Shinhwa) Leukkapeu (Shinhwa) FRJ (Shinhwa) 2000 Ivy Club (Shinhwa) 1999 Nibs Chips (Shinhwa) From Korea, to Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore..... Eric & Shinhwa have been on numerous magazines & newspapers. To keep it short, the below does not include those magazines that he was on with Shinhwa. I, Eric, promise to love each and every one in Shinhwa Changjo forever. My heart is always with you. Eric Mun - 2000 If it wasn't requested that I answer in 0.5 seconds I probably would have turned the role down. Although discretion is important, I realized sometimes it's essential in life to trust someone and follow them as well. Eric's comment about taking on a supporting roll in the 2003 MBC's Breathless that opened door to his acting career There were 2-3 contracts offers with Eric's price being 4 times larger than our price. We were aware of that too. Each of us was priced differently by management companies. Even though other members also made sacrifices, Eric made the biggest sacrifice. He had to bring down his price to 3 times less than his own price. That's why the fact that the 6 of us are able to stay together now, Eric contributed a lot to it. Kim Dong Wan on OBS - Korea's Idol Group Shinhwa (2008.02.09) Kim Dongwan recently disclosed on a program that "Eric rejected very high solo contract offers to ensure that the group stayed intact." To this Eric replied, "My choice wasn't a sacrifice, it was the best decision I've made in my life. Sport Donga magazine 2008 Thus til today, they still exist as Shinhwa, with its line up unchanged from day one. It is a feat in the Korean music scene for any idol group to be able to stay intact for this long. The core of this group is of course Mun Jung Hyuk. Well-known for giving the limelight to his fellow members, and taking care of them, his contribution to Shinhwa is massive. Regardless of his popularity, he remains the humble Mun Jung Hyuk, uniting the group with his presence. Hue Story Magazine (2007.12) Shinhwa left SM among much controversy. Eric was the one who negotiated with the management, and forking out his own funds to buy Shinhwa out. No one will ever know how much hardship he had to endure during the negotiations. FANS Chinese magazine issue 24 (2008.01) "To many, he is the leader of Shinhwa, gentlemanly, attractive, usually quiet, and sometimes shy. To Shinhwa, there is only one Eric." FANS Chinese magazine issue 24 (2008.01) "When I'm part of Shinhwa, because it's not just about me, I have a responsibility towards the other members, and giving up is not an option. I don't feel insecure because the members are by my side" Eric Mun - 韓国TVドラマ JP magazine (2009.02) "It's impossible for Shinhwa to disband now even if we wanted to. Shinhwa doesn't just belong to us, it also belongs to the fans and people who love us." Eric Mun - 韓国TVドラマ JP magazine (2009.02) “It’s not so easy to see Shinhwa. If there’s anything, you can look for me.” Eric’s famous quote in responding to a reporter’s malicious criticism of Shinhwa’s 7th album – 2004.09 "Sometimes when I look around, I'd find that I'm alone, and there's no one on my side. But when I'm on stage and I see the fans, I know that you are 100% on my side. I feel comforted thinking of that." Eric Mun - Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Concert (Olympic Park Mar.30th, 2008) "As you wake up to a new day everyday, don't waver because of trivial matters and instead look at the big picture" Eric Mun - Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Members' Q&A Notes (Q#10) "We've overcome all sorts of trouble and made a really special friendship. At certain points we hit, beat, fought each other and even with other members helping, but the most important thing was that whatever the conflict, it would never last a day." Eric Mun - 2007 interview Shinhwa is everything. Without Shinhwa there won't be the present me, and I would not meet precious friends and members who love me. Eric Mun - 2007 interview With the Shinhwa members its our hobby to insult each other. It’s the way we express our love for each other. Eric Mun - Shinhwa’s 2004 interview Though I may not be old enough to say this, I can say I’ve experienced the best and worst times of my life as with Shinhwa members.That’s why we can keep our relationship going even though we have Dongwan. ^^ so even without the contract, and even with Dongwan, Shinhwa will always be together till the end. Eric Mun - 2006 I can smile because of you, I exist because all of you. Yes! we make each other complete. Eric Mun As I got older, I started to realize that there aren’t that many people who are with me, on my side, really. In my work, I’ve met many people who are out to hurt, people who gloat over misfortune, and those who try to end careers. I thought, there’s no one on my side at all. But I see all of you here, and you’re all on my side. Eric Mun - 10th Anniversary Concert (Olympic Park Mar.30th, 2008) Don't stay up all night just to write me letters and to spend your effort putting scents on your letters. Just from every word that you write and every story that you share, I can see your love. I can smell the scent of love. I want to read your letters to sleep every night. Even if that's all I can do, I will be able to have sweet dreams. Eric Mun - Shinnhwa messages to fans in the early days We all know there's nothing that can make the fans 100% satisfied. But if there's a time when we can release an album that satisfies everyone 100% That perhaps would be Shinhwa's last album. Eric's note - Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Concert preparation 2008 I'm not the kind of hypocrite who wants to make my fans like me at all costs. Eric Mun - 2008 T magazine It takes time to build a masterpiece. That is why we want to show everyone that when something is old, it doesn't make it shabby. Eric Mun - Shinhwa Press conference (2012.03) I remember a conversation I had with Eric over drinks back when we were filming Bulsae (Phoenix). I said '"It's a good idea to go into acting. Any way, you can only be an idol for a few years, just make acting your lifelong career"... Eric turned serious and replied "No. I'll be with Shinhwa for more than 10 years, for a lifetime. Please wait and see". Bulsae Director San Ray's twitter (2012.03) We (Shinhwa) don’t think of setting ourselves a goal that we have already achieved before. Eric Mun - Cosmo (2012.04) We are not working on activities with the goal of achieving a certain status or position, but more to achieve the objective of keeping Shinhwa going strong. Eric Mun - Cosmo (2012.04) My dream since preschool is to be a household head who’s always happy. Though it may not necessarily refer to a married man. Whether it’s at home or at work, I hope I’ll be a happy head of the family. Eric Mun - Cosmo (2012.04) Success starts with balance and satisfaction with your own life. Eric Mun - People Inside (2013.06) At first, we were Shinhwa to become singers. But now, we are singers to be Shinhwa. Eric Mun - Shinhwa's 15th Anniversary Concert (2013.03.16) Fashion is an outward expression of your inner self according to the flow of society. Eric Mun - Roygen's look book (2013) Credits: Eric Mun Wikipedia: wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Mun Shinhwa Wikipedia: wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinhwa Eric Mun Tumbler: ericmun.tumblr.com/ Eric gall.dcinside Gallery: gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=munjh International Shinhwachangjo: s15.invisionfree.com/ShinHwaChangJo Shinhwa.Biz: shinhwa.biz/forums/index.php Absolutshinhwa: absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com Ubquitious Eric: uberic.com Ubquitious Eric - Daum Cafe: cafe.daum.net/UbiquitousEric Puruse Syndrome: puruse.net fevEric: feveric.com/feveric/ Ericmun-th: ericmun-th.com/ Drama Fever: dramafever.com Crunchyroll: crunchyroll.com Eric Baidu Bar: tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=eric&tp=0 Soompi Drama Threads And the following lovely people at Soompi & Shinhwa.biz that help putting this together: Ginnie, Elai, Valmylove, Trud, Grumpynomore, raven231, sushinhwa, shinhwaDD, hikkie, Ngoh, phiphi, are-da and special thanks to Putri (a.k.a. prncssptri) for all the handsome graphics designs.
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