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  1. @fromlepus oh wow so messed up. Obsessive and over the top fangirling, crazy... It's a pity DC is so toxic, thank you for brining their good stuff and share them here. Shinhwa tags is so messy sometimes. I'm happy to be in my Kim Deng bubble, and I can be updated about Shinhwa and the other members through their official accounts and trustable translations. More love and good energy coming for him, because he's a wonderful person. I LOVE YOU KIM DONG WAN XD hehehe
  2. I agree with you once again. Their timing was so sloppy! They should have followed up the success of Sniper promotion but they did nothing in 2016. Talks and promises about releasing new album but so late. And no preparation for Touch promotion. It's luck that they still got a win. I would love if they followed up soon after AOYL, while it's still hot and we're so energetic. If not the new album then maybe the remake? (Didn't they promise us that too, lol. I'd love a remake). Don't wonder why casual fans didn't know they had a comeback. Doing SHinbang after the promotion ended right now won't do much, plus I don't think they're too interested in doing it. Personally I prefer them go to the shows that let them sing. They're singers and promoting as singers so they should go to music related shows.
  3. @fromlepus Hopefully next year you'll be able to go but don't worry too much if you can't. It's difficult being international fans T.T Anything is expensive T.T Ticket itself is already not cheap. Plus we have to buy airfare (around the holidays!!) and accomodations... Plus we have to find time that fits our schedules... Whoa the cast!! The second leads, omg... Han Jisang. Oh Manseok. Lee Kyuhyung. Any pairing with Dongwan will be powerful!I think it's going to be difficult to get a seat. Seo Kyungsoo was Christian in Cyrano. Tickets will be on sale in 5 days, hope the cast schedule will be released soon.
  4. I looked up on the internet and found a website for musical lyrics, fortunately there's one for A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder : http://www.themusicallyrics.com/g/298-a-gentlemans-guide-to-love-and-murder.html There's seems a quite detail plot synopsis for Act I and Act II as well, I'm not sure if you are planning to go watch and don't want to be spoiled, perhaps you want to skip it.
  5. cr. sbs PD Note This was such a gorgeous shot, showing the glory of the blue suits. Love the angle was a bit from the right side One of the scenes I want to see clearly was the one when the female dancers backhugged the members, Oppayam was at the back so he was always blocked.
  6. It sure is addicting! XD and they're so sexy I'm happy that the title song was a bright song
  7. Same. I can't agree more. He's always been so sweet and fans listen well to him because he's always communicate with them eloquently with so much love and care. Fans know he has good heart. If you see fansigning fancams, you'll see how well he treats the fans. Exactly. Did haters forget how Dongwan always tried to update fans when Shinhwa was not promoting, during the hiatus, so they knew Shinhwa would be back for sure! He always promote the other members' solo activities, guesting at their concerts, and remember when he played Jinnie's song during his fansinging? Right? It doesn't matter to me if you're a solo stans or you love all the members equally, as along as you don't hate on other members. There were older SHCJs who I used to look up to but they turned out to be antis and it was super disappointing. What's worst they won't admit they're antis which is ridiculous since everyone can read their posts. Also it's sadden and enraged me when haters who are long time SHCJs talk and sprout nonsense about Dongwan but others swept it under the rug because they've been friends with those persons for a long time. So they preferred them to continue telling lies? Oh well. On happier thought, I met a lady at the gym and she's a Korean who recently moved here. We talked about Kdramas and eventually Kpop haha. She asked which group and which member I like. When I said it was Shinhwa and Dongwan, she recognized them and she said Dongwan is a very nice man and very generous. Very sweet to fans. And he sings very well!! I went home feeling super happy and I hope I'll meet her again haha.
  8. Yes so lucky we still have Soompi here Thanks for keeping it updated, I'll try to come and post more often too. As fans growing older, it's natural for life to get busier, unfortunately... It's nice to hear older fans are still able to come and support him/Shinhwa with their own means. It's comforting to hear they are still there for them and for us. Especially for international fans who aren't able to physically support them in person. Besides buying the albums, concerts, fan meetings, and musicals are definetely are more accomodating ways to support/see them than going to music shows recordings. Plus with musicals, there are more dates to choose from so fans can have more options. It's not cheap though I think Dongwan thinks about the fans too, how they would skip school or took leave from works if they 're promoting in music shows.
  9. Oh lord, so it was about it? The way to wear socks like KDW? I've been wondering what they were talking too, gained so much RTs and all. What did DW say about it? I bet he's amused lol... Isn't he so sweet? Harvesting the chestnutsin a fan support gift box, then bringing them in a fan support bag? Aww from the fans, for the fans... Dongwan looks so handsome in that Happy Together guesting. His dish looked so delish too
  10. @fromlepus You have sharp eyes. Yes I notice Song Han Saem's name popped up sometime on his FB. Didn't Dongwan say he wanted to do Le Passe Muraille again but the producer or director didn't do it anymore? Argh Shownote produced TV dramas too? It's very interesting!! I would love to see him act in another drama Rom com please I know he wants to try other genres but I think he would be fun and lovely in a romcom But I'll take anything. hahaha. I wonder if he's interested in releasing another solo album, it sounds like he's not too fond of doing solo promotion T.T But if he has time, he should do musicals more often than he is doing now The last three musicals including Gentlemen's Guide have been the first Korean versions, I'm quite proud of him participating in them. I know right, he can be a DJ, that would be so fun, we'll get daily dose of him. His house is even farther away now, it's almost impossible haha... Well he can DJ from home with Jessica lol! His house is soooooooo pretty and cozy!! Sometimes I wonder if he thinks about having kids in the future and what he should do to make his house child friendly hahaha Wanjin bickering was too cute. They've now grown up men but they still bicker like kids. Shinhwa has never changed It made me remember when Dongwan said Shinhwa will let members do what they want even though it's weird but Jinnie said it's because they gave up on DW hahaha LOL. Jinnie ate so well and I'm happy to see him laughed and smiled a lot. Oh I don't know about young Dongwan's adventure hahaha. Did they ran away from home? Lol. Young Dongwan has a lot of interesting stories. Is there a way to invite his friends again to chat aout the old days? XD Looks like DW got his travel bug from his mom
  11. Yeah I think Woodong are quite close with the dancers. Maybe Jinnie too. Oh! Now you mentioned his mom, I see what you mean... it does look like his mom from behind. But it's only from the back, not sure... and yeah I think it's Dongwan who's hugging Minwoo's dad. If I remember, saw a glimpse of him in another video... and it looked like his hands
  12. Ah I see. I'll wait for the second round of ticketing, thank you!
  13. Finally I'm backtrackking to last year's posts... Shout out to my fellows SHCJs and Deng stans How is everyone doing? Please stop by whenever you come on Soompi
  14. Same! He does to me in every day basis haha. One moment he's a wise man, in a second he becomes a funny guy. Sometimes so sweet, sometimes so strict. He's cute and boyish, yet manly. Pretty but handsome. hahaha. But always a kind hearted person
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