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  1. 210615 Shinhwa’s Eric aguTV Update: Since it’s been hot and raining nonstop lately, I’ve been doing nothing at home but watching YouTube videos mindlessly when I accidentally came across this meaningful individual. I’m writing this as I want to share it with my subscribers. There are many good videos on there that motivate and stimulate even a lazy sloth like me. As soon as I found the channel, I binge-watched everything from the beginning to the end. It’s truly a channel that I would rather keep to myself and even now I’m actually thinking “Should I not tell them?” and I was to s
  2. The photos he took for the walker looks really good. Nice position, especially the one looking out the window. 210602 Shinhwa’s Eric’s Instagram Update: I received a new gift from iRunner, whom I got to know since “Law of the Jungle.” I like the nice shape and its small size. But I don’t want to exercise right now. Thank you very much. I will use it well~ #iRunner #Hufit #SpaceWalker #Fighting Source: muneric Translation: EricMun.tumblr This video w
  3. 210526 Shinhwa’s Eric’s Autograph Spotted at Bongmilga Restaurant #Shinhwa #Eric We do not ask for specific wording when we receive autograph.^^ I can’t imagine anything worse than writing that something is delicious when it isn’t. “It was so delicious.” Bongmilga feels great all day just from that short phrase.^^ #Shinhwa #Eric #AndyHyung also comes often #CelebritiesFamousRestaurant #ChoizaRoadFamousRestaurant #SeoulPyongyangColdNoodleRestaurant t/n: Bongmilga is a famous Pyong
  4. His niece and nephew have grown so fast... this was them visiting Eric's film site for Another Miss Oh back in 2016 during their summer holidays too. 210518 Shinhwa’s Eric and Hyemi with His Niece and Nephew Katie & Daniel Eric’s niece and nephew from LA are spending their summer holidays again in Korea. They met up with uncle Eric and aunty Hyemi for lunch on the 18th and again on the 21st for Katie’s birthday. Wishing them a happy and safe holidays! Samchon trolling in the corner LOL
  5. Eric doesn’t talk much but he is very observant & intellectual. His LONG & detailed comments shows he’s genuinely impressed, not to comment just for clout He’s binge watching just like us! “My wife and I clapped while watching” - that tiny mention of Hyemi makes me smile Watching & enjoying a show together as a couple, happiness comes in small things like that.. 210515 Shinhwa’s Eric Leaving Comments on ‘Steel Troops’ Contestant, Kim Min Soo’s Video aguTVEric: I got into ‘Steel Troops’
  6. 210505 Shinhwa’s Eric Instagram Update: 거대한 낑깡 주현미 선배님의 엄청난 라이브 직찍영상을 멤버들과 공유하고 싶었던 박충재 어린이 Giant kumquat Kid Park Choong Jae who wanted to share Joo Hyun Mi sunbaenim’s incredible live performance video with his members Text on the very top of the group chat said: “I love you” Source: muneric Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  7. 10504 Shinhwa’s Eric Instagram Update: Receiving Polaroid t-shirt as gift and went to the beach~ 폴라로이드 티를 선물받고 바다구경 고고씽~ Source: muneric Translation: EricMun.tumblr Bonus: Yesterday, The Muns’ Sogeum was hanging out with Pudong (Eric’s stylist’s dog). Gomdori was probably there too as she had 3 dog emojis. Being Eric’s stylist for more than 10 years, the stylist is like a close friend/family. You gotta treat people well for them to be with you that long. It’s good knowing The Muns spending quality together ev
  8. I agree. This drama is moderate. It's interesting and not problematic. I was expecting more from this writer because of her writing for movies of this genre (politic, crime, spy..) I think the whole spy thing has good premise but it sorta got lost a bit with some details that didn't get revisited. I dislike she used the same old accident trope to make her feel sorry to leave Derek. It's so overused. Regardless Jihoon got back with Ahreum or not, I don't think Derek could be with her after any more after everything that happened. He can't live in Korea without having a whole new alias..
  9. 210331 Shinhwa’s Eric AguTV Video Update: [ENG SUB] (4k) Panasonic Lumix S5 Practical Use Review feat Kim Dong Wan, Andy Lee Video Description: Hello, today is the Panasonic Lumix S5 practical use video. As a Panasonic fan who uses two Panasonic Micro Four Third cameras, thank you for sending me the camera and allowing me to get my first paid advertisement~ Also, thank you to the members who made a special appearance. Next time I’ll go out and take pictures. Have a nice day~ #Panasonic #S5 #lumix #Lumixs5
  10. Wow thanks for sharing this. You really know things well. I heard the Naengmyeon from Pyongyang is a little plain. I wonder if Naengmyeon from Dongmu Bapsang is catered to the the taste buds from the south or it stays true to the original version from Okryu-gwan in Pyongyang. It's the first time we know Eric's father grew up in North Korea. 210401 Shinhwa’s Eric AguTV - YouTube Banner and Channel Icon Photo Update He updated it on April Fool... hahaha Source: AguTV + ring000man + slmw790728 + EricMun.tumblr
  11. 210329 Shinhwa’s Eric Instagram Update: I went to Dongmu Bapsang, a restaurant owned by CEO Yoon Jong Chul, whom I was impressed in ‘The Grand Battle of Korean Food.’ He is from Okryu-gwan in Pyongyang and I visited with my father because I missed the taste of naengmyeon (cold noodle) I had at Okryu-gwan with the members during a previous performance in Pyongyang. Thank you CEO Yoon Jong Chul for greeting my father, who is from the same hometown, and taking photo with us. I’ll visit you again when the weather gets hot~ t/n: Okyru-gwan is one of Pyongyang’s most iconic e
  12. 210324 Shinhwa Company’s Update: SHINHWA 23rd Anniversary As time passes by year by year Like the rings of a tree that become more solid We become stronger than last year Happy 23rd anniversary to Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo Source: Shinhwa Company Translation: EricMun.tumblr 210324 Shinhwa’s Eric Instagram Update: I was expecting a mess like when we invaded Hyesung’s house, but it turned into a calm broadcast. I was surprised by the incredible setting a
  13. It's the same here. It's not rigid but it's not rare that the couple (or whoever was in charge of opening the gift money) will make sure to write down the name of the gift giver and how much was given so they can at least give back the same amount. There is science behind the 'art of remember' I was surprised too but these 2 were known to fight before over a burp XD I guess it's unfortunate but it was unavoidable to solve internally when one could not be contacted and the hates on DC was out of hand because something what was said. Of course the peak was arou
  14. 210314 Shinhwa’s Eric and Dongwan’s Instagram Updates Just a quick note as what might transpire this. There have been posts from fans pressuring about the lack of Shinhwa activities and Eric got the flak usual. One post in particular on the day before (Saturday night) that tagged all the members that probably why this happened, why he feels he’s been treated unfairly, as well as explaining why he had to go on SNS. The clash between Eric and Dongwan is nothing new. It is mostly personality differences and ways of doing things. We are posting this because everyone
  15. Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, giving money at wedding is often what people in Asia than giving gifts wedding registry.. Most westerners think it's tacky giving money because you give no thought and too 'practical' lol. Being Asian myself, I prefer moneeyyy ahhaha it's so much easier and more useful, especially those who already live together and have everything. I wonder what is the average amount to give for Korean wedding if you go as a single guest. In my city, Ottawa, we often give $50 as minimum, $80 (lucky number) or $100. Family members, closed friends and acquaintance often giv
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