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  1. 190425 Shinhwa’s Eric [Q&A] #4WheeledRestaurant - USA EP.02 Source: Official Eric’s Story Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  2. 190425 [Top Media] RECAP #4WheeledRestaurant-USA EP.02 Shinhwa’s Eric: Do You Know The Mandu Maker? Hello, It’s your content manager here! Eric, who was in yesterday’s second episode, earned another nickname Mandu-Ric! Shall we find out how he became Mandu-Ric? At the beautiful Hermosa Beach Bok-food in operation! The undefeated Jjajangmyeon legend continues in America. Boom. How many Jjajangmyeon they sold so far? Wow 48 bowls, unbelievable! Of course, it’s thanks to all those who were willing to give Bok-food and its foreign food a try right? Bok-food business CLOSE How much did Bok-food earn today? Drum-roll, $455! 510,000 KRW! The Bok-food’s staffs in good mood at the Hermosa Beach Pier From Chef Lee Yeon-bok’s words: “We just need mandu ingredients” It becomes obvious what the next menu will be… Korean soul food mandu (dumpling)! Everything is done by hand. A master’s homemade mandu! Selected for the second day’s menu along with Jjagyebok The staffs are back after shopping for mandu ingredients! Onion-Ric is tightly carrying a big bag of onions Now that the shopping is done, Master’s homemade mandu, Shall we make it right now? First, tenderize the meat! Eric X Heo Kyung Hwan meat duo It’s harder than it looks. Chef Lee Yeon-bok to the rescue! After the sensei’s demonstration, the students’ turn to try A slow pace at first, Then Eric gets the rhythm right away! “I’m the Legend” (t/n: play on Shinhwa) 23 minutes in, Eric is still calm. He’s showing a true professionalism! b! So the second day’s menu! The dumplings are named, Bok-mandu! AND.. Ric-mandu…! Now, back to some serious cooking ! Just strength! All about strength! Mixing after mixing of ingredients ! Heo Kyung-hwan getting impatient.. arggghh Even John Park gives it a furry stir! Scared Eric gets his head out of the way! (cute) Only after making dumplings themselves they realize why he skipped mandu… no.. How hard it was. I can feel it ㅠㅠ Shall we wrap the dumplings now? Chef Lee Yeon-bok, teaching how to wrap mandu! Eric’s heart from afar: I want to learn, I want to learn Eric, who’s been observing hard, eventually gets next to Lee Yeon-bok on tiptoes! A Lee Yeon-bok admirer, model student Eric! Eric is serious after a diligent learning! Disciple Eric is full of passion The mandu talent, Mandu-Ric’s first dumplings is a success! Finished dumplings go into the giant steamer Eric’s real reaction after trying the freshly cooked dumpling.jpg The Bok-food employees steamed a total of 360 dumplings over a period of 5 hours and 30 minutes! Claps But the next day, it finally starts raining ㅠ.ㅠ Rainy day = perfect for food truck business to go bad That’s why Eric is worrisome about the weather while drying his hair! Nonetheless, getting ready for the second run! Grand Park is today’s spot! Also, today’s menu _ fried rice and Bok-mandu! Dish washing, soy sauce, shrimp boiling plus all other chores are Mandu-Ric’s jobs! As Yeon-bok sensei starts chopping the onion,. Student-Rick immediately brings out a bowl and puts it next to it. + cleaning up afterwards! Despite the rain, as soon as they open for business a surge of orders comes flooding in. Now they are saying they might be running short of dumplings Unfortunately as they feared, dumpling sells out within 30 minutes from the opening of business Eventually they have to stop taking orders Will Bok-food family overcome this obstacle. How do we get through this? You will not miss next week’s episode right? A special, special event for those who want more! If 600 hearts is reached Will release an unreleased Eric photo the next day, Eric time!(t/n: 2:16pm) Period: ~ 2019.4.27 12pm Please join us for the event and the next week episode! See you next time ^__^ Source: Top Media Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  3. I really like that he's doing the Q&A after the broadcasting of the episode. It gives much extra bits that we don't get to see in the episode as well as things unrelated Though I wish he does this the day after broadcast It's because the show aired at 11PM. By the time it finishes, it passes midnight. It's kinda late to stay up for Q&A for both us & Eric but I appreciate his effort. 190418 Shinhwa’s Eric [Q&A]#4WheeledRestaurant - USA EP.01 Source: Official Eric’s Story Translation: EricMun.tumblr 1 & 2
  4. 190418 [Top Media] RECAP #4WheeledRestaurant EP.01 Shinhwa’s Eric: Yang Pa Ric Is Not Bothered by Onion vs He Put Up With It Hello, This is your content manager. April 18th at 11pm, tvN’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3’ finally aired Our irresistibly handsome Eric’s charm was all over the first episode ♡ Let’s take a look at it again. Shall we? First expedition member shyly shows up #Eric_shyly_shows_up Slow but positioning himself as a delicious Chef! You know Eric, he was well respected for his cooking skills in ‘3 Meals a Day’ Went to Yeon-Bok’s restaurant by accident! And it turns out that he was actually a big fan of Chef Lee Yeon-Bok Everything was destined to be! Stay tuned for Lee Yeon-Bok’s apprentice Eric’s performance Lee Yeon-Bok’s apprentice Eric’s performance, let’s take a look at them now! #YangPa_Ric Onion Pride Yang Pa Ric Did not shed tears while cutting onions Eric was proud of himself! Is this true though? Tracing onion line alone Figures out how to peel an onion, and off he goes! Quickly shows off his onion peeling mastery Not a single sign of tiredness And by Master Lee Yeon-Bok He gets recognized as ‘Yang Pa Ric’ (onion Ric) Don’t worry, you know I’m here Yang Pa Ric He managed to peel countless onions all by himself! First selling spot, Hermosa Beach! #Nervous_Eric Eric wandering looking for something (Nervousness already visible) I’m suddenly scared after seeing a customer Eric is more nervous after stepping into the food truck (But he is even cuter when he is groaning in pain) #Eric_is_good_at_English_too After hearing hello, Eric is looking out again We open at 12pm The girl asks what he is doing here. Eric tells her they sell Korean and Chinese food. He also let her know the opening hours (SO SWEET) #Perfect_kitchen_hands Before opening for sale, kitchen helper cleans up kitchen tools Just before the opening, Eric cleans up kitchen tools (His work ethic comes naturally) 6 stainless steel plates Diligently washes many kitchen tools #Eric_became_an_apprentice Tasting with dignity After boiling noodles, Eric checks with Master Lee Yeon-Bok He gets the OK sign in right away. (This guy even looks good while tasting) #A_proper_attitude_of_an_apprentice LAN cable mentor “Mr. Lee Yeon-Bok” First time meeting his LAN cable mentor “Lee Yeon-Bok” was?! Even while peeling and cutting onions Concentrating and observing closely while chopping onions! Focus Focus! Even when his lessons are not there When he doesn’t have a good angle, he stands on his tiptoes to peer over the shoulders! (Eric’s passion, wow) (I learned directly) You can’t make this even if you look at the international (?) recipe Pretty proud of learning them directly This is close to perfection The master checks the dumplings Eric made This is close to perfection He shows the producers how proud he is of his apprentice (thumbs up)b And day by day, His knife skill is improving fast Oh good good Master Lee Yeon-Bok is satisfied with Eric’s knife dance! I am an apprentice growing with your compliment Apprentice Eric is happy with the compliment (His face expression makes your heart beat) #So_the_result_is? Pouring the sauce with ease as learned Still learning (blush) But in the first episode Eric proves how fast he can learn! In the next episode, he will show his progress even more, would he? Let’s see what he is capable of And!!!!!! Along with the first episode, Eric’s Q&A! Questions from Orange Princesses Let’s take a look at Eric’s answers shall we? Everyone eats a piece while cooking! ㅎㅎ The most difficult question, pour vs. dip Eric is a “pour” person Short and chic replies, but this is so Eric It’s like a giant toy truck. He’s showing off the food truck, Mentioning Shinhwa members! Onion burns Eric’s eyes too. (Thumbs up to his perseverance) Showing proper attitude as an apprentice, Turns out, he cut so many many onions! And for the highlight of this episode, he picked YANG PA RIC (Onion-Ric) ㅎ [#Ric-pisode] ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant US edition’ #Ricpisode_EP1 all Q&A Check out the ‘#Ricpisode_EP1’ from ERIC official (ericofficial__)’s Instagram highlights https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17886124858316756/ Just like that, we got to see different charms of Eric from tvN’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant’ the first episode! What he will show next in the next episode Please look forward to it Source: Top Media Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  5. Shinhwa's Updates! I hope to see Eric's drama casting news come out soon. I heard it should be aired in July... that means casting news should be out this month....
  6. hahaha very handsome indeed 190504 Shinhwa’s Eric Spotted at a Wedding I’m sorry we are too far back. We could not help it. #Please understand #I only see my oppa (her BF / hubby) every day #My eyes purified with seeing the beautiful (face) Source: ___.ssong Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  7. I'm expecting Eric's drama casting news any day now as I heard productions should start in July 190427 Shinhwa Eric’s Official Update: [Eric POST] Do you know Manduric? 600 achievement award immediately! #Selfie at Hermosa Beach Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  8. 190426 Shinhwa Eric’s Official Twitter & IG Updates Not a #LongevityTurtle but #FrogRic on a rainy day #Eric-nim_you_are_an_honorable_man #Eric #Shinhwa #Eric_Moonday Note: These were from the skit he did for February birthday fanmeeting Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  9. A few clips from this week episode Eric's mandu approved by chef Lee HOW CUTE!! His knifing skill!!! He did this in 3 Meals A Day too. Though the pile was not as thick hence the knife sound was even better! Just Eric fluffing his hair and looking handsomely while at it!!
  10. Eric really did well with his dumpling. I remember in an interview with Shinhwa's Moms, she said he was very good with art. When he was young, while his classmates drew objects, he drew them with shades... 190425 Shinhwa Eric’s Official Update: #4WheeledRestaurant - US edition tonight at 11PM #ManduRic in the hell of #1000 dumplings #Bokmandu with all his heart and soul. The second business day in Grand Park. Don’t miss it. Source: Twitter, IG Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  11. LOL-ING at EricGosling hashtag 190424 Shinhwa Eric’s Official Update: City of stars, Are you shining just for me? Bok’s Food, after 1st selling day at Hermosa Beach, the 1st SPOT #EricGosling Tomorrow, Will The Locals Eat It? Don’t miss it! Source: Official Eric Translation: EricMun.tumblr t/n: That first line is from La La Land movie sound track. Eric's selfie was at Hermosa Beach where La La Land was filmed.
  12. 190425 [TEXT PREVIEW] “4 Wheeled Restaurant - U.S.” EP.02 (Shinhwa’s Eric, Minwoo, Lee Yeon Bok, Heo Kyung Hwan, John Park) EP.02 TEASER: Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  13. 190417 [TOP MEDIA] ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 - US Edition’ Press Conference: Shinhwa’s E-Chef Is Here! [Eric] E-Chef is here! ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3 - US edition’ press conference Let’s go in! Hello, this is your content manager! Today is ‘Will The Locals Eat It?’ US edition press conference Eric was at the production presentation vividly I come to deliver it. For the production presentation And before meeting our shining Eric I watched many “Will The Locals Eat It?” teasers. to prepare my heart [Teaser] Hot dog making ♡E-Chef♡ Behold!! Eric shining in the waiting room His sparkling eyes, And handsomeness glittering like a star Selfie before entering! (Feat. Perfect_Angle) Checking his phone. Like a working gentleman (Whatever Eric does is a pictorial) Yeon-Bok’s apprentice Eric & social life level 100 Min-Woo (next to my handsome oppa I read a handsome oppa) Heart-pounding Eric’s jaw line, Couldn’t breathe with the eye contact Everyone was blooming with laughter A friendly atmosphere Showing off best team chemistry ♡ Even when looking at different directions The charm of cute Eric After the press conference, Came individual interview! Upcoming episodes to be released through tvN channel Please stay tuned How do we wait until the day of the show? All the Princesses of Orange wondering, Watch ERIC'am while we wait [ERIC’am] E-Chef’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant US edition’ press conference And it is very important To show certification of Orange Princes’ love♥ Full at the press conference’s site Thank you for the love from Orange Princesses (bows) Thursday night 11p.m. tvN ‘Will The Locals Eat It? America’ Don’t forget to tune in! Bye! [Teaser] Cute kiss + Members who are dying♡ See you soon ㅠㅠ Source: TOP MEDIA Translation: EricMun.tumblr
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