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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama

cto WEBSITE II TWITTER II FACEBOOK II WEIBO II INSTAGRAM                      Official Social Media                    FACEBOOK:  Lee Minho                 INSTAGRAM:  

thanks to all the chingus who came, posted, hit those buttons and participated to make this birthday bash a success. @yuiy78 @syntyche @kokodus @SophieH @angelangie @gtLmh0622 @Heretorant

 LMH was so handsome at the Weibo Movie Awards @leeminhosny


Minoz have made great strides in pushing LMH's YouTube videos, especially Canada Whistler.  It started around 321k a week or so ago and now it's at 341k:partyblob:.  I've been trying to watch Last Autumn.  There's no talking so you can listen to the music while you work.


8 days until LMH's birthday!

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15 Korean male stars with the most followers on Instagram: Lee Min Ho holds the throne


The latest list updates the followers of the 15 Korean male artists with the most followers today.

Below is the ranking of the 15 male stars of kimchi with the most followers currently. 1st place is Lee Min Ho.


See detailed list below:

1. Lee Min Ho

Holding the "king" in this ranking is handsome actor Lee Min Ho with 24.2 million followers. He is known to the audience through many hit dramas such as Boys over Flowers, The Heirs, The King: Eternal Monarch, Legend of the Blue Sea.








Lee Min-Ho, Chadwick Boseman, Lil Baby, Lionel Messi Nominated For Most Popular Foreign Male Celebrity At NET Honours 2021




Lee Min-Ho, Chadwick Boseman, Lil Baby, Idris Elba, Paul Pogba and Lionel Messi go head-to-head in the category of Most Popular Foreign Male Celebrity at the NET Honours People’s Choice Awards, one of the world’s most prestigious audience data-based awards.


NET Honours focuses on recognising achievers in the entertainment industry through a thorough analysis of online audience search, consumer interest, social media interactions and search trends on ID Africa’s media platforms.


Lee Min-Ho gained worldwide recognition with his role in the Korean TV drama Boys Over Flowers. He has also starred in movies like Bounty Hunters (which grossed $31 million) and Gangnam Blues (which grossed $20 million). In 2020, he starred in the Korean TV series, The King Eternal Monarch, which topped the Netflix watchlist for Nigeria. On his birthday last year, June 22, he trended for several hours as many of his Nigerian fans tweeted celebratory notes.






Lee Min Ho: The Actor's Name has a Spectacular Meaning




The surname Lee is one of those that most popular in the South Korean population and means plum, although if it is used as a name it could have a different connotation such as 'east sea' or others.

While Min Ho means bright and kind or noble, names with the qualities that identify the personality and behavior of the handsome protagonist of 'The King: The Eternal Monarch'.



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Answer some true & false questions and we will reveal what kind of vlog Lee Min Ho should film next


Want to know what kind of vlog Lee Min Ho should film next? Take the quiz now.

Written By Anwaya Mane  Mumbai  Updated: June 15, 2021 




Actor, Singer, Superstar and Hallyu Heartthrob are just a few words to describe the enigma that is Lee Min Ho! Lee Min Ho is one of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry and has amassed a massive fan-following over the years. However, that was not the case always. Lee Min Ho began his career on a humble note with modelling and small acting projects. However, it was the tremendous success of Boys Over Flowers that changed the game for him!

Over the years, Lee Min Ho has worked on some amazing projects from The Heirs to The King Eternal Monarch and films like Gangnam 1970, that cemented his position as a bankable star. However, he wasn't going to stop at just that. On October 30, 2020, Lee Min Ho officially launched his YouTube channel called Leeminhofilm! The talented and charismatic actor wowed the audiences with amazing original content, a collaboration with Lee Seung Gi and a picturesque vlog of Canada where he filmed Pachinko! However, fans want to see and learn more about Lee Min Ho, through his vlog. But, how? Well, it is simple. All you have to do is answer some true versus false questions about Lee Min Ho and we will reveal what kind of vlog Lee Min Ho should film next!


Take the quiz below:

In an interview with GQ Korea, Lee Min Ho revealed that he edits his own vlogs. He also revealed that he wants to grow and expand his vlog more and reach out to as many fans as possible via his vlog! Lee Min Ho's next drama Pachinko, Apple TV+ series' first Korean crime-thriller series will drop sometime this year or early next year. Lee Min Ho will be playing the role of Hansu in the drama and it is revealed to be his most ambitious drama to date.




Did you know that Lee Min Ho starred in Public Enemy Returns?




Since his acting debut, Lee Min Ho has experienced exponential growth in the Korean scene, participating in various projects on both the small and the big screen.


One of these remarkable productions, which previously starred Lee Min Ho, is the 2008 film, The Return of the Public Enemy, in which, although he did not play the main characters, the actor managed to charm us with his impressive abilities. young Jung Ha-yeon.

Here we will tell you more about this wonderful crime, action and detective story!




After five years of aimless wandering from the crime scene, Detective Kang Chol-chung is struggling to cope with his retirement in the face of a significant financial burden. However, his boss asks him to stay until the school murder case is closed.

At first it seems impossible, but Kang finds a clue from his fingerprint, and later learns that three friends of the deceased students are employees of the same company. He begins an investigation into the group and its leader, Lee Won Sul.

Check out the trailer for Return of the Enemy below:


Public Enemy Returns trailer


Without a doubt, Lee Min Ho has proven his ability to adapt perfectly to any genre and environment, so this production cannot be missed, even more so if you are a fan of action films.


Translation from spanish google


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So, who took the pinkvilla quiz on what vlog LMH should film next?  I did and got mukbang video.  I've seen a couple on Facebook.  I don't know that I really want to see LMH eating a large quantity of food.  Take the quiz and let us know what you got.

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The [DIGITAL MEDIA WALL] supported by GlobalMinoz looks huge and great.







Maybe we soompiers can consider to be one of them next year.






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4 hours ago, CarolynH said:

So, who took the pinkvilla quiz on what vlog LMH should film next?  I did and got mukbang video.  I've seen a couple on Facebook.  I don't know that I really want to see LMH eating a large quantity of food.  Take the quiz and let us know what you got.


@CarolynHIn my opinion, the test is not entirely successful. As a result of answering questions about Lee Min Ho, I got a strange phrase:

"Lee Min Ho has flawless skin and we would love to see him drop the skincare routine!"

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Lee Min Ho's new photos are incredibly cute!


Netizens vote for the male gods who own the sexiest Adam's apple!


Tuesday, 15 June 2021


In your opinion, these are the male gods with the sexiest "Adam's apple"?
Recently, the topic has been discussed with great enthusiasm: "Which male god has the most beautiful throat?" This is the answer!


Lee Min Ho


Lee Min Ho's face is very attractive, his face is beautiful like a sculpture, and especially this Idol has a very attractive Adam's apple.




In The King: Eternal Monarch, starring Kim Go Eun, Lee Min Ho stretches his neck, hugs Kim Go Eun, and kisses his co-star. The image of a male god with a moving throat made people stand still.


Translation from Vietnamese google


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Lee Min Ho, this is a guy's beauty ... his outstanding mouth is attractive

Enter 2021.06.16.

Reporter Park Pan-seok




[OSEN = Reporter Park Pan Suk] Actor Lee Min Ho showed off his professional charm on set.

On the 16th, Lee Min Ho posted a photo on his social media.

Lee Min Ho showed off his warm charm in a suit. Lee Min Ho's broad shoulders and long stature revealed his masculine beauty. Lee Min Ho's wonderful charm shines.

Many fans admire Lee Min Ho's inimitable charm.

Lee Min Ho is currently in contact with fans around the world through his personal YouTube channel, "leeminho film" ./pps2014@osen.co.kr




Lee Min Ho just fell in love with his face. The monitoring is also serious. "Creating a beautiful image"









[Sports Chosun.com reporter Kim Soo Hyun] Actor Lee Min Ho stole his eyes with his handsome image.

On the 16th, Lee Min Ho posted several photos on his Instagram without comment.

The photo shows Lee Min Ho's confident posture and observation during the photo shoot.

Even in hot weather, Lee Min Ho showed himself to be a pro by wearing a polar collared T-shirt and a tight suit.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho got to know the audience last year for The King: Eternal Monarch.





Lee Min Ho looking at his photo and looking at the serious expression on the face of the world ... he looks cool.


By correspondent Jo Eun Mi








Lee Min Ho showed off his good looks.

Actor Lee Min Ho posted two photos on his Instagram on the 16th without any special comment.

The published photo shows Lee Min Ho working on filming. Lee Min Ho in a white knit jacket and a jacket in soothing colors won the hearts of fans with his deep face.

In particular, he demonstrated his professionalism in seriously checking the results of shooting on the monitor.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is set to release the American Apple TV Plus drama series Pachinko. Based on the bestselling book of the same name by Korean-American writer Lee Min Jin, Pachinko tells the story of a man who infiltrated the story through an epic of four generations of Korean immigrant families spanning a total of eight episodes with massive scale and deep strokes.




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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];

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