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[Drama 2022-2023] The love in your eyes - 내 눈에 콩깍지


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@Ameera Ali Now she has a supportive Husband,Father-in-law,Grandpa. KJ is the vice-president now and took paternal leave. YY was so happy to take a break from the kids haha. She is now a Manager. While Ms Im became the team leader. It came true like i commented on earlier in the drama.


Now i'm thinking about rewatching an older daily drama from 2012 called "I'll Give You The Stars And The Moon" with Seo Ji Hye.

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Honestly, the ending was very neat and really felt like everyone did the best they can! Hats off to them. All in all, a pretty good daily. I’m giving it 8.5/10, could’ve been 9/10 if they didn’t drag out some parts of it too much and gave us a bit more of the family like at least two or three more episodes but still really loved the drama! 

I knew SJ and HM we’re going to get together and that DY and EH was not gonna happen haha. The twins of DS and EJ are named after the next drama, Gold and Jade, nice tie in there lol. Pretty heartwarming ending really!

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I so agree Kyung Joon has the sexiest voice, he is handsome and Mi Ri Nae is happy.  The ending was well written and performed. Going to miss  Kyung Joon, Young Yi, Mi Ri Nae, EJ, DY and the rest are okay


So glad that YY is living with her in laws and KJ gave her the opportunity to go work while he stay at home with the baby. He is enjoying his time as being a father. Everyone in the house are finally playing their part in this family union to the best of their ability. 


SJ and HM are going to be a couple and i find them to be so cute. HM was a good character until they turned her into an obssesed love crazy woman.

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Ahhhh I had such a good time with this drama! I'm going to miss Youngyi (one of my favorite heroines) and Mirinae and Kyungjoon and their family and work shenanigans. Such a lovely ending to a show that's entertained me for half a year <333. Thank you cast and crew!












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I bet YY pinches herself about how her life swung around 180.  Now she lives in her new in-law house with people who pamper her and Mirinae and her hubby is glad to stay home to take care of kids while she goes to work.   Doing any housework should become a faint memory. Haha   She better never forget that she almost lost it because of that pitiable ex-MIL.   Plus I want YY to erase the scene which MIL made a faked apology to her and the ending scene which showed such a changed accommodating MIL.

The writer created those scenes solely to appease the viewers. sorry haha 

MIL at her age will not be able to change.  She will be forever petty and whiny and fretful  because her happiness is all about materialistic stuff.  She pushed DJ to become a doctor and envies endlessly what HM’s mom has, like a domestic helper, jewelry, fancy wardrobe etc..   
It’s a good thing that YY is too busy with work and raising kids to see MIL very often.   

MIL without  a punching bag,YY :sweat_smile:



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Happy to know SJ & HM will be together, KJ still visit HH in prison & called her mother.


YY got a son with KJ and happily staying with her new In Laws.


YJ helping around with his 2 new grandchildren and KJ a full time housewife while he lets


YY to work cause he knows YY has lots of ideas to uphold and bring TS Group to greater



Happy ending & I'm going to miss cute MRN who acted so well as a child her age, KJ who is

soft with sexy voice, humble YY with strong &  determined heart, and the rest of the Kim's 

and Jang's Family.


Bravo to all the casts and crews...  Kamsahamnida :heart:




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1 hour ago, Thong Thin said:

YJ helping around with his 2 new grandchildren and KJ a full time housewife while he lets

 Kyung Joon was Vice President and on Paternity( meaning maternity leave for man) leave. KJ and YY played a game to se who go first after baby arrives 

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2022-2023] The love in your eyes - 내 눈에 콩깍지

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