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[Upcoming Drama 2022] Yumi's Cells Season 2 유미의 세포들 - Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Jin Young - premieres June 10th


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On 12/18/2021 at 11:10 AM, nina_mitrokhina said:

Yang Sejong confirmed cast for tvN drama <Yumi Cells Season2>, he will act as Sunrook Shin.

Broadcast on 2022.



it's not confirmed yet for soonrok

i doubt there will be a season 3 or maybe ther will filming this around this summer, because FL has another drama soon

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5 Of The Funniest K-Dramas Ever, According To Fans

How many of these have you seen?




Fans often gush about how romantic K-Dramas are, but K-Dramas definitely deserve more attention for how hilarious they can be!

Here are 5 K-Dramas that kept fans laughing as they watched!



3. Yumi’s Cells


Yumi’s Cells is super funny! This K-Drama is based on a webtoon that tells the story of Yumi (Kim Go Eun), an ordinary office worker. Throughout the series, we see Yumi fall in love and navigate daily life. This K-Drama gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of Yumi’s cells as well, and we get to see how her cells influence her actions. The cells are hilarious, especially Naughty Cell!



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7 Fun, Light, And Feel-Good K-Dramas To Watch


Jan 14, 2022
by bellyfull


There’s something about the winter season that makes you want to reach out for fun and uplifting dramas. Maybe it’s the cold getting to you, or you just want a jolly good time after a long, hard year.

Well there’s also no better way to kick off the new year than by catching up on some feel-good dramas. Here are seven dramas from 2021 that are bound to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling!


6. “Yumi’s Cells”




Speaking of brain cells, “Yumi’s Cells” is a charming romantic comedy that mixes live action with animation. The drama features animated scenes of the cells living in our protagonist, with the cells representing the emotions, feelings, and basically everything that gets a person going.


After a painful breakup, Kim Yumi’s (Kim Go Eun) love cell falls into a deep coma. While her surrounding cells work tirelessly to revive the fallen cell, Yumi spends her days stuck in the grind of everyday life. With a broken heart and no romantic prospects, Yumi’s love cell remains in a comatose state until the appearance of Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun).


The drama is never formulaic; it is refreshing and empathetic. The animated cells and the characters will make you laugh while being super relatable. Plus, Kim Go Eun is stellar in her role. Her nuanced and heartfelt portrayal will draw you into the world of Yumi and get you rooting for her to find the happy ending she deserves!



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JANUARY 16, 2022


Kim Go-eun And Kim Seonho Top The Best Acting Performances Of 2021

The Hallyu Talk Awards has named the best acting performances of 2021 on January 14th.


With 39% of total votes, the Yumi’s Cells star, Kim Go-eun won the title for “Best Actress”. She played as Kim Yumi in the romantic-psychological drama, whose love cells fell into a coma after experiencing a traumatic failed relationship.


Yumi’s Cells took 5th place in the list of NME’s 10 Best Korean Dramas of 2021. Besides the confirmed 2nd season of Yumi’s Cells, Kim Go-eun is also anticipated to perform in another TVN series entitled, Little Women. It will be released this year.



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7 light and entertaining Korean dramas, some of which are romantic


Annisa A

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Jakarta - Korean dramas are known to have long episodes and complex storylines. But don't worry, there are many light Korean dramas that are easy for you to follow.
Starting in 2022, there's nothing wrong with watching a light-themed Korean drama to please your heart. In addition to the light plot, this Korean drama can also entertain viewers.

Watching a watch with a light storyline will be fresh. Without complicated stories and bad characters, this series of performances is very suitable for watching to relax.

Here are 7 Korean dramas with light storylines to watch while on vacation:
6 Yumi Cells




"Yumi's Cells" is a Korean romance drama produced by tvN. The series is adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name.
Interestingly, this Korean drama has a psychological theme and tells the story of Yumi (Kim Go Eun), an office worker. "Yumi's Cells" tells the story of Yumi's daily life and what's on her mind.

There is a character cell in Yumi's mind that governs her emotions and actions. Unfortunately, the cells that regulate love are in a coma because they have experienced trauma.

Later, Yumi will face three male figures, each of which plays an important role in the cell's resurrection.


translate from indonesian google


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Korean Actresses Who Gave Stellar Performances In 2021


Jan 23, 2022
by binahearts


The year 2021 brought us K-drama lovers so much joy, pain, and healing. Through all the massive hits and plethora of K-dramas that aired this past year, it’s really no surprise that so many actresses delivered great performances. It was one of the best years yet as all the talented queens gave it their all in their respective roles. Here are 17 of those actresses.

Disclaimer: Actresses whose K-dramas aired in December 2021 were not included. Also, this list is in no particular order... 


11. Kim Go Eun in “Yumi’s Cells”




Kim Go Eun has established a name for herself as being one of the best in the industry. Having started her career by accident as she followed her friend to an acting audition, she has proven time and time again that she has a natural talent for acting. This past year, viewers had the pleasure of seeing her star as the very realistic and relatable Yumi in “Yumi’s Cells.” Kim Go Eun was able to effectively show the emotions of an ordinary woman who struggles with expressing how she feels and the journey she goes on while finding her one true love.



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‘Yumi’s Cells’ season 2: release date, plot details, special appearances and everything we know so far


A new love story unfolds for heroine Kim Yumi in the second season


Mariel Abanes
10th February 2022




Kim Go-eun, Jingoung. Credit: BH Entertainment


K-drama series Yumi’s Cells is set to return for a second season this year, following the end of Season 1 in October 2021.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name by Lee Dong-gun, the first season chronicles the life of ordinary office worker Kim Yumi, played by Kim Go-eun, with the story told from the perspective of her brain cells, who dictate her thoughts, feelings and actions.

Yumi’s “love cells” fall into a coma after a failed relationship and her brain cells try to wake up her unconscious cells through a relationship with the straightforward game developer Goo Woong, played by Ahn Bo-hyun.

According to the show’s writer Song Jae-jung, the second season of Yumi’s Cells will focus on the relationship of the drama’s heroine and her co-worker Yoo Ba-bi, played by GOT7’s Jinyoung.

Production on the second season of Yumi’s Cells finished in December 2021, with the staff and its cast posting behind-the-scenes images on set. As fans wait in anticipation for its premiere, we gathered what we know so far about the upcoming K-drama.


When will Yumi’s Cells season 2 be released?


In April 2021, director Lee Sang-yeob mentioned that Yumi’s Cells will be a multiple-season drama.

After the first season ended last October, members of the cast confirmed the second season in a goodbye clip. In it, lead actress Kim Go-eun revealed that they were filming season two and asked viewers to “stay with us”. The production continued into the holidays, wrapping up their shooting on December 30.



[ENG SUB] [유미의 세포들] '시즌 1을 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다' 종영 인사!




While filming on Yumi’s Cells season 2 has concluded, details of its release date have yet to be announced.


What’s going to happen in Yumi’s Cells season 2?


After the saddening separation of Kim Yumi and Goo Woong, Yumi’s officemate Yoo Ba-bi will enter the picture. In an interview with Newsen, writer Song Jae-jung detailed that the second season will witness the love story of this new pair, per Soompi.

She also said that the story will exhibit each character’s growth and will be more dynamic than the first season.




Yoo Ba-bi and Kim Yumi. Credit: IMDb


Who are the new faces to watch out for in this new installment?


Apart from the lead cast and their host of lovable cells voiced by prominent names in the Korean entertainment industry, Yumi’s Cells season 2 will also welcome new faces in their lineup.

In November, it was reported that actress Shin Ye-eun will be part of Yumi’s Cells‘ second season, which was later confirmed by her management. She will portray the character Yoo Da-eun, a part-timer at a tteokbokki restaurant that Yoo Ba-bi owns.

Pyo Ji-hoon (aka Block B’s P.O) has also been cast in the second season as Control Z, who later on gets involved with and starts dating Yumi’s co-worker Ruby, played by Lee Yu-bi.




Block B’s P.O, Shin Ye-eun. Credit: P.O & Shin Ye-eun/Instagram
Is there a trailer for Yumi’s Cells season 2?

At the moment, there is no official trailer released for the show.



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The animation for Yumi’s Cells was created by over 150 artists during a span of 10 months.
A 2nd season of #YumisCells will premiere in 2022. The property is also being adapted into a fully animated feature by Sidus Animation Studios and Studio N, with an early 2023 release date



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UPDATE Korean Drama "Yumi's Cells": Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Jinyoung GOT7 Return to Star in Season 2?


Wednesday, March 2, 2022




TRIBUN-BALI.COM - The romantic comedy drama "Yumi's Cells" starring Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun has been confirmed to return with a second season.

The drama "Yumi Cells" is produced based on the popular webtoon of the same name.

The series that airs on tvN follows the story of an ordinary office girl named Kim Yumi, living an extraordinary life.

Uniquely, this drama also features animated scenes about cell activity in Yumi's brain.

Life in the cell is led by the Love cell which is the main cell or the dominant cell of Yumi.

The love cell acts as the leader of the group in Sepho village, the village that describes Yumi's insides.

One day Yumi's heartbreak because of being decided unilaterally makes her heart break and she continues to cry.

This condition also affects the weather in Sepho village, where Yumi's cells live.

During that time of heartbreak, storms and tsunamis arose that swept away Cinta's cell.


Translation from indonesian google


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Is there still no news on Yumi's 3rd and final boyfriend?  The production is either keeping the actor's name strictly under wraps or the end game is Ahn Bo-hyun's Woong.  


I'm rooting for the latter since I loved Woong & Yumi's chemistry.  I can't believe the writer would have made Woong so sweet if they meant him to fade into the sunset.  You could say the incredible, lovely chemistry of our couple was due to the acting of Kim Go-Eun & Ahn Bo-hyun but I like to think they separated them to force them both to mature in the way they approached their relationship.  She's too dependent and he's too independent.  She's too insecure and he's got too much pride.  They need a middle ground of understanding and I'm hoping the writer hasn't given up on them as the end game.


I loved season 1 but with that ending I haven't been able to watch it again.  I usually can put aside an ending when it doesn't go my way but not with this drama.  I was heartbroken and still am.  I might wait until Season 2 ends to decide if I will watch it.  Guess I'll check in on this thread to find out what happens. 

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“Yumi’s Cells 2” Confirms June Premiere With Kim Go Eun’s Cheerful New Poster


Apr 26, 2022
by S. Nam




The second season of “Yumi’s Cells” is coming this summer!


Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “Yumi’s Cells” tells the story of an ordinary office worker named Yumi—from the point of view of the many brain cells in her head controlling her every thought, feeling, and action. Kim Go Eun plays the titular role of Yumi, an ordinary woman who struggles with expressing her feelings. The first season of the drama aired via TVING and tvN in September 2021 and received much love for being the first K-drama to combine live-action with 3D animation.


“Yumi’s Cells 2” announces its return through an adorable pink poster of Yumi and her cells. The poster hints at many changes in Yumi’s life as well as her growth with one obvious visible change being that she no longer sports her trademark bob cut. Joining her are the love cell, which is her primary cell (the cell that represents a person), and the writer cell. The love cell is energetic and lovable as ever, while Yumi’s writer cell will mature alongside Yumi as she chases the dream she had temporarily put down. Yumi smiles brightly between her two cells representing love and dreams, making viewers anticipate the second season even more. The sticky notes read, “Yumi and her cells’ second story,” and “Yumi has returned.”




In the last season, Yumi matured through her relationship and breakup with Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), and she took on a new challenge after gaining the courage to do so from her co-worker Yoo Babi (GOT7‘s Jinyoung). The new season will depict the story of Yumi’s love and dreams.

“Yumi’s Cells 2” will air via TVING in June.



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  • partyon changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2022] Yumi's Cells Season 2 유미의 세포들 - Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Jin Young - premieres June 10th

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