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  1. I can't make up my mind. Are PMY and KJW that good at acting? Because I swear their scenes are sooooo sweet and wonderful! We could give more credit to the writer for creating this fantastic couple but the kudos must be given to PMY & KWJ for bringing their characters to life with so much chemistry. I have watched everything PMY has acted in and quite a few KWJ projects. This is such a departure for KWJ. The way RG looks at DM with LOVE....I melt every time. These two characters/actors are bluring the line between fantasy and real life. On a side note...I love how KWJ kisses PMY without cupping her face with both hands as often seen in the other kdramas. He's so cool....hand in his pocket or hands on the side, or hands around her waist, or hands caressing her back. It looks so natural to him...great example is the scene of them cooking and kissing. Of course they were busy cooking but still the way he bends down to meet her lips is absolutely swoon worthy. I have never seen KWJ be this soft and loving. His characters are usually brooding or tortured. This is a breath of fresh air for him that showcases how versatile an actor he is not to mention in the BTS how much fun they are having together. I'm trying not to ship them since they are actors after all BUT...a girl can dream, can't she? Just 4 more episodes..:(
  2. So happy this forum was created. Trying to wait for the next episodes has been torture so finding the love here makes the wait bearable. I'm a hardcore PMY fan and have always loved KJW. Its about time he landed a romantic lead character because he's known for the dangerous brooding type. Now to why I love their chemistry. As many of you have already mentioned....Its in the EYES! The way He looks at her....sighhhhh I'm in heaven every single time. The BTS clips show an obvious rapport but also a sincere connection be it friendship or respect or maybe something more? Its only human as fans to fantasize about a romantic possibility when on screen your favorites exude so much chemistry. Can I say KJW epitomizes the word COOL! With his model swagger and confidence...paired with PMY being her adorable self. What a dynamite combination. I was sold on this pairing ever since I heard that they were picked for this Kdrama. They haven't disappointed and I'm enjoying every minute.
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