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  1. I can't make up my mind. Are PMY and KJW that good at acting? Because I swear their scenes are sooooo sweet and wonderful! We could give more credit to the writer for creating this fantastic couple but the kudos must be given to PMY & KWJ for bringing their characters to life with so much chemistry. I have watched everything PMY has acted in and quite a few KWJ projects. This is such a departure for KWJ. The way RG looks at DM with LOVE....I melt every time. These two characters/actors are bluring the line between fantasy and real life. On a side note...I love how KWJ kisses PMY without cupping her face with both hands as often seen in the other kdramas. He's so cool....hand in his pocket or hands on the side, or hands around her waist, or hands caressing her back. It looks so natural to him...great example is the scene of them cooking and kissing. Of course they were busy cooking but still the way he bends down to meet her lips is absolutely swoon worthy. I have never seen KWJ be this soft and loving. His characters are usually brooding or tortured. This is a breath of fresh air for him that showcases how versatile an actor he is not to mention in the BTS how much fun they are having together. I'm trying not to ship them since they are actors after all BUT...a girl can dream, can't she? Just 4 more episodes..:(
  2. So happy this forum was created. Trying to wait for the next episodes has been torture so finding the love here makes the wait bearable. I'm a hardcore PMY fan and have always loved KJW. Its about time he landed a romantic lead character because he's known for the dangerous brooding type. Now to why I love their chemistry. As many of you have already mentioned....Its in the EYES! The way He looks at her....sighhhhh I'm in heaven every single time. The BTS clips show an obvious rapport but also a sincere connection be it friendship or respect or maybe something more? Its only human as fans to fantasize about a romantic possibility when on screen your favorites exude so much chemistry. Can I say KJW epitomizes the word COOL! With his model swagger and confidence...paired with PMY being her adorable self. What a dynamite combination. I was sold on this pairing ever since I heard that they were picked for this Kdrama. They haven't disappointed and I'm enjoying every minute.
  3. I've been watching WWWSK every time I get depressed and you know what? I feel like I'm watching them in Realtime. Before you say I'm really totally delusional listen why I said that. Once the LYJ/KMS relationship got going who was the one who wanted to make it public? LYJ but then who was the one who was the stronger, more level headed one? KMS. KMS is always the one to reign LYJ in because he's the more impulsive one. She defers to him in business affairs but when it comes to their love affair she calls the shots. That's the same vibe I'm getting from PSJ & PMY. Didn't PMY say No comment and this is not the time when asked about a possible future relationship? The word NO was never said. PSJ on the other hand used the word possible, only time will tell. They both know the ramifications of this "scandal". I do believe them when they say they are not dating...but that denial is limited to the past & present. It DOES NOT include their FUTURE. IDK what the scandal mongers say about their so called evidence. I only rely on what I see myself and my gut feeling about what I've seen so far is they LIKE each other...and I mean really LIKE each other. Working together everyday with that fantastic chemistry can't be all acting....otherwise they need to be given an Academy Award for their portrayals...lol. All I'm saying is I'm also staying firmly on this ship till one of them sinks it.
  4. After the translation came out about PMY's interview I had to take a nap....my brain went numb. I also had the feeling she wasn't going to pull any punches with her answers but reading her thoughts....the disappointment....in the dating rumor that has overshadowed WWWSK and her co-workers.....stressed out enough to make her take a drink...made me feel so sad. What was probably a budding interest in each other because of working together daily is now put on the back burner because of the delirium those crazy articles caused. After seeing how close they both are to the cast and crew its a shame if PSJ can not join them on that reward vacation because of scheduling conflicts. If ever there was a time to show up...this is the time. They have made their position very clear. They were not dating 3 years ago nor are they currently in a relationship. Put all those naysayers to shame...keep your chin up and as PSJ said he didn't do anything wrong. PSJ...try to go on that trip. You deserve it! PMY is going. You both have NOTHING to hide. Everybody on WWWSK worked their tails off and it showed....what a great group of people. You can see the love in that last BTS with everybody hugging...keeping the BEST hug for last....
  5. The longer it takes for the translated PMY interview to be released the more afraid I am that nothing of significance is going to be revealed...just the generic stuff about the production. They may decide to cut out any more references to the dating part.... I don't expect her to say any more than what PSJ said but I want to hear it from Her. I don't want some glossed over article with no substance. Its already highly suspicious that Nothing is being written about her interview and that spells coverup to me. With all the negative/positive reactions to PSJ's interview I wouldn't be surprised if her Agency Namoo is being extra cautious before releasing hers. I want them to protect her but from watching her for years I know she's a smart cookie and can handle herself pretty well. She adores her fans and we adore her.....so Please....let us read the interview so we can decide for ourselves!
  6. Yup...THAT HUG! WOW! That's exactly how I hug someone I like and who I feel super close to. You sway to emphasize the special bond feeling and hold tight for that body to body contact because that person means a lot to you.. That hug said volumes about the PSJ & PMY relationship. Patting each other on the back was so sweet too...more from her because I also think like the rest of you that by that time he was tearing up....we saw that when they parted. She knew it immediately without speaking...we'll never know if he said something to her but she knew what to do to comfort him. I just love this couple! I really believe their mutual admiration society developed so beautifully during filming will translate into a great future for them. I've watched PMY for so long hoping she would find the right guy and I hope PSJ is IT! She was absolutely glowing at the interviews and jewelry event....just beautiful. Must be...my hope...because for once she has PSJ there to protect them...to get through this together. No denials about how they feel about each other...no just friends vibe in their interviews. More of a wait and see attitude which is how it should be when they themselves don't know if there's a future for their relationship. They are both mature enough to know that the hype that comes with acting in romantic scenes can make you get carried away so they probably want to step back and give their mutual attraction to each other time to nurture on its own....away from the cameras,,,....away from the emotional rollercoaster of their blockbuster RomCom…...away from their rabid fans....(Us not included...lol). So I'm content to wait. Because they need time. I'm just glad they left the door open for us to dream a little longer.
  7. Great Post! Lets not forget that even the director said they should only film kissing scenes...LOL! Great minds think alike
  8. What a rollercoaster ride last night! I went to sleep happy and got up with the article where PSJ explained and I might add in an annoyed tone debunking the IG comparisons linking him to PMY in the past. I'm firmly back on the Anti 3 year relationship theory. From what I gather from his fans here on Soompi...he's always pretty direct with answering questions relating to most anything and doesn't pull any punches when it comes to dating. I believe they never had a "romantic relationship" before WWWSK. Watching the AAA awards show....they may have found each other attractive...hey, their human right? But as to being in love?....I don't think so. He's admitted that getting into character can sway your emotions but most importantly he didn't shut the door on a potential relationship later on....that said everything to me. They developed a close working relationship, obviously have a lot in common about hardworking ethic, love for traveling and most importantly a love for their breed of dog. Mutual respect and an honest channel of communication is the BEST foundation for a loving and enduring connection not to mention a sizzling chemistry that is hard to deny. I think they have that and that's why PSJ is being cautious about defining a future with her. Now that the production is over they probably feel terrible that the focus is not on WWWSK. I feel so bad for them too. They are both responsible, dedicated actors who are so proud of what was accomplished in this drama. Putting their own personal feelings aside....this is and should be their priority. I'm proud of PSJ for confronting the rumors head on with a firm demeanor while leaving a window open for whatever may happen about them in the future. All the threats from the Neitzens is just crazy....they need to get a life! Getting to know someone who you're attracted to takes time. I believe with enough time PSJ & PMY will be just fine. Destiny brought them together....now its up to them to make it a reality.
  9. I've watched most of the camera work on that AAA show and I found it funny that PSJ was almost exclusively facing PMY's direction and NOT at the stage which I believe was to the left of him....am I wrong?
  10. After rereading what PSJ said in the Soompi article by using this example I think he was trying to say that since he gets caught up in the character he is portraying he naturally while in character develops feelings for his love interest. He didn't shut the door on his real life feelings though since he said "I can't say anything about what is possible..(.me interpreting here).....I think only time will tell if what I felt in character translates for us as something real....only time will tell.
  11. I agree that with PSJ's interview he didn't deny or confirm anything. What he did do was try to make everybody settle down about their rumored relationship and place more emphasis on the production of WWWSK. He threw a bone to us shippers and at the same time placated his fans by giving them more personal info on how he developed his character. Of course I wish we got more than we got but I'm satisfied because that's about all I think he could divulge...without putting his foot in his mouth...lol. I think it was necessary for him to not dodge the question since its the white elephant in the room. I was afraid any questions about the rumor would be forbidden so was glad he handled the question with a diplomatic and truthful answer. What we still don't know is if he's going on that reward vacation.
  12. What I'm loving about PSJ's interview is the fact that he left the door open to something in the future. Its true...no one can predict the future so anything is a possibility. If he had absolutely no romantic interest in her I think he would have found a way to tone down the rhetoric about them.. He could have emphasized how he's friendly with all of his costars but instead he went into an explanation of how while in character he got into character...lol. He's only human...after all! Thanks to all who worked fervently translating the interview...without you I think I wouldn't have been able to sleep tonight.
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