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[Drama 2020] Hi bye, Mama!, 하이바이, 마마!


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That was so sad. I cried so much. But it was really good and I don't regret watching it.


My husband and I had a bet going: I bet she would live and he bet that she would not. (I lost, obviously.)


The one truth in life is that when we die, that is it. It's not fair to come back to life because it wouldn't be fair too all those other people who died. They all want to live again, too, and be with their loved ones. Yuri is luckier than the others that she got to live for those 49 days more and achieve closure. Everyone was better for it.


But I'm still sad. She was so loved by her friends and family. They will miss her so much. But... that's how life is. You lose loved ones, it's a part of life. The best thing you can do is to let them go in your heart and cherish the happy times you had.


I guess that's my takeaway from this show.




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Somebody knows what part of Seoul was filming the ending of Hi Bye Mama? The road where Cha Yuri go away, the camping are the same places, I think! 


누군가 안녕히 마마의 결말을 촬영 한 서울 부분을 알고 있습니까? 차 유리가 떠나는 길, 캠핑은 같은 곳이라고 생각합니다!


Alguém sabe que parte de Seul estava filmando o final de Hi Bye Mama? A estrada onde Cha Yuri vai embora, o acampamento é o mesmo lugar, eu acho!



Please!!! Somebody help!!!

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Five Life Lessons From Hi Bye, Mama

Here are the five life lessons I've learned from Yu-ri's second chance at life.

  • My life is not entirely mine.

Though there are numerous heart-tugging moments in this drama, the scene where the suffering of the ghosts' families was shown struck me the hardest.  I was going through some serious health issues at the start of the year and thought to myself that it won't be a big deal if I die. But after watching the series, I realized that my life is not just mine. It belongs to my family, to my friends, to everyone who cares about me. And it would be so selfish to end the battle without picking up the sword. It would be unfair to them if I give up without trying. My suffering may have end after I die, but the pain for my loved ones live on.

  • Find meaning in the little moments that make up life.

Whether it was keeping her promise to pick up Gang- hwa when it rains or failing to do Yu-ri's request to put the vacuum cleaner up, the couple went on their lives thinking that there will always be tomorrow for them. But when the next day never arrived, the two realized that those trivial things that we often overlook give meaning to life.


Perhaps, the moments that are not grand nor special and we often take as insignificant are the ones we should treasure.

  • Family is not defined by blood.

Yu-ri's best triend, Go Hyun-jung (Shin Dong-mi) proved countless times in this drama that a family cannot be defined solely by blood relations. Hyun-jung is my favorite character not just because of her humorous antics but because of her undying loyalty to Yu-ri. Hyun-jung defied her mother-in-law's order to skip Yu-ri's funeral since she just gave birth and continued to post heartfelt messages on Yu-ri's SNS page even after the latter passed away.



Read full list here: https://ahjummamshies.wordpress.com/2020/04/22/five-life-lessons-from-hi-bye-mama/

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4 hours ago, Veronica Park said:

Cinco lições de vida de Hi Bye, Mama

Aqui estão as cinco lições de vida que aprendi da segunda chance de vida de Yu-ri.

  • Minha vida não é inteiramente minha.

Embora existam inúmeros momentos emocionantes neste drama, a cena em que o sofrimento das famílias dos fantasmas foi demonstrada me impressionou mais. Eu estava passando por alguns problemas sérios de saúde no início do ano e pensei comigo mesmo que não seria grande coisa se eu morrer. Mas depois de assistir a série, percebi que minha vida não é apenas minha. Pertence à minha família, aos meus amigos, a todos que se importam comigo. E seria muito egoísta terminar a batalha sem pegar a espada. Seria injusto para eles se eu desistisse sem tentar. Meu sofrimento pode terminar depois que eu morro, mas a dor dos meus entes queridos continua viva.

  • Encontre significado nos pequenos momentos que compõem a vida.

Seja cumprindo sua promessa de pegar Gangwa quando chove ou não fazer o pedido de Yu-ri para colocar o aspirador de pó, o casal continuou suas vidas pensando que sempre haverá amanhã para eles. Mas quando o dia seguinte nunca chegou, os dois perceberam que aquelas coisas triviais que geralmente ignoramos dão sentido à vida.


Talvez os momentos que não são grandiosos nem especiais e que muitas vezes consideramos insignificantes sejam os que devemos valorizar.

  • A família não é definida pelo sangue.

O melhor amigo de Yu-ri, Go Hyun-jung ( Shin Dong-mi ) provou inúmeras vezes neste drama que uma família não pode ser definida apenas por relações de sangue. Hyun-jung é meu personagem favorito, não apenas por causa de suas palhaçadas humorísticas, mas por causa de sua lealdade eterna a Yu-ri. Hyun-jung desafiou a ordem da sogra de pular o funeral de Yu-ri desde que ela deu à luz e continuou a postar mensagens sinceras na página do SNS de Yu-ri, mesmo depois que este faleceu.



Leia a lista completa aqui:  https://ahjummamshies.wordpress.com/2020/04/22/five-life-lessons-from-hi-bye-mama/


@Veronica Park Just PERFECT!!!!

Edited by Jillia
Please answer outside the quote, thanks!
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Call it wishful thinking but if you watch the final scene, even though we hear Min Jeongs voice, they don’t show the face of the mother the body profile from behind also looks like Yuri... I think they’ve left it open incase they do a season 2.

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On 5/24/2020 at 2:04 PM, Journeyman said:

Call it wishful thinking but if you watch the final scene, even though we hear Min Jeongs voice, they don’t show the face of the mother the body profile from behind also looks like Yuri... I think they’ve left it open incase they do a season 2.

Nah I don't think so. The back of the mother is obviously the actress of Min-Jeong. Interesting thinking tho.

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