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[Drama 2020] Hi bye, Mama!, 하이바이, 마마!


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tvN Drama

Hi bye, Mama!


Network: tvN

Genre: fantasy, drama

Episodes: 16

Airtime: February 22nd, 2020 -

Airdate: Sat & Sun @ 21:00 KST

Director: Yoo Je-Won

Writer: Kwon Hye-Joo




It will tell the story of a mother who, after passing away in a tragic accident, returns to her husband and daughter as a ghost for 49 days.



Kim Tae Hee as Cha Yu ri

She has maintained her positive and idealistic personality despite having spent the past five years as a ghost. Due to her unfulfilled longing to hold her daughter in her arms, Cha Yu Ri is unable to leave this world behind and she ends up miraculously receiving the opportunity to return to her family for 49 days.


Lee Kyu Hyung as Jo Kang Hwa

He is a thoracic surgeon who struggles with the grief of having lost his beloved wife and first love. After Cha Yu Ri’s death, Jo Kang Hwa becomes so distressed that even his personality ends up changing. When his late wife unexpectedly returns, looking exactly the same as before she passed away, Jo Kang Hwa finds his life turned upside down for the second time.




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Images at the script reading.













Digital English translation of the SK news article per link below:



The first scriptreading scene was captured.


TvN's new Saturday drama "Hi-Bai, Mama" will be broadcast for the first time in February as a follow-up to "Love's Untimely" On 28 July, the film was released by The Director Yoo Jae-won, the playwright Kwon Hye-joo, and production studio Dragon M.I.


'Hi-bai, Mama!' Cha Yuri (Kim Tae-hee), who left her family in an accident, tells the 49-day real-life reincarnation story of a ghost mother who reappears in front of her husband, Cho Jung-hyung (Lee Kyu-hyung) and daughter, who started a new life after suffering a bereavement. Through "Oh My Ghost," "Tomorrow With You," and "Abyss," Director Yoo Je-won and "Confessions", kwon Hye-joo's empathy for generations in the midst of joy, is expected to be a human fantasy where laughter and emotion coexist.


In the script reading, the actors dressed as "The Good Guy" characters, including Director Yoo Jewon, Kwon Hye-joo, Kim Tae-hee, Lee Kyu-hyung, Shin Dong-mi, Oh Sung-yeon, Ishiu U, Kim Mi-kyung, Yoon Sabong, Ban Hyo-jung, Park Grace, Guide, and Bae Hae-sun, all came together to present a tight performance. The actors' performances, which brought the playful and warm lines of Kwon Hye-joo to life, radiated perfect synergy from the first meeting.


After a long time, Kim Tae-hee decomposed into ghost mother Chayuri and looked forward to the character. Chauri is a five-year resident of the world's most optimistic and wide-eyed "serenity hall", a ghost mother who cannot leave Lee Seung-seung with a pain that he did not hold once. Even though the natural smoke caused laughter, she immersed herself in the left and right by detailing the emotional lines of the haunted mother who protected her daughter Suh's side. Chauri, who was put on a 49-day reincarnation trial in Lee Seung-seung overnight, is expected to ring the audience, laugh, laugh and empathize with the audience.


Kim Tae-hee said, "I am grateful to be able to meet good works when I miss acting," and "Scriptreading has always been strange and difficult, but i was able to enjoy it in a relaxed atmosphere with great actors. We will create a good drama that will convey a touching, healing, and meaningful message."


Lee Kyu-hyung, who plays the role of "Cho Gang-jin", a thoracic surgeon who deeply questions the grief of losing his wife and strives to be happy, also led the drama by acting inanely. After Chauri, his first love and wife, leaves, his life begins to move again as he appears in front of Cho, where everything has changed. Lee Kyu-hyung unleashed a rhythmic acting and deep emotional line of acting and a deep emotional line that had changed since his wife's death. Lee Kyu-hyung is a man who is confused and confused when his beloved wife dies in an accident and returns to his life. It's a fun piece of humanism and comedy, so i ask for a lot of support, love, and attention."


The dazzling performance of the acting masters of "The Inner Prince" who was responsible for the pleasant laughter and reality was also brilliant. The enthusiasm of the actors, who were heavily armed with their powerful acting skills, enhanced the character's appeal and increased empathy. Shin Dong-mi, who plays the hot and hairy character of Hyun-jung Ko, showed off a different look, radiating a girlcrush charm. Oh, who plays a unique "new stiller" in each of his works, is a close friend of Cho,who lives in Pom and adds a smile to his role as a psychiatrist who lives in Pom and dies in pom-pom. Ishiu, a pilot who has perfect visuals and a sexy brain, has a "over-the-wall" specification, and Ishiu has made a strong presence with his performance.


Kim Mi-kyung, the mother of Chayuri, who loses her golden daughter at one point and overcomes the pain silently, has increased her suction power with a skillful and delicate smoke. In Kwon Hye-joo's previous work, Kim Mi-kyung, a mother with a sweet mother, brought tears to her eyes. Another family love he was going to draw was excited. The actor's guide, who did not need to be explained, added a disintegration force to the "number of officers", a strong supporter of Cho's reinforcement. Yoon Sabong, who deliciously digests any character, is a shaman who manages and supervises the ghosts of the earth, and he energizes the drama with his unique lyrical performance.


Here, the hard carry of the ghost family of the "serenity" which smells more human than the person has further enhanced the fun of the drama. Ban Hyo-jung of Jeong-si Halmae Station, who cannot go to the underworld because of family concerns, and Sung Mi-ja, who died even though he died in the family's ancilla, brought a smile to his face as he made good use of the character's taste. The youngest son, Jang Pil-seung (Ishiu Boon), is unable to leave, and the "Seung-seung Family" Park Grace, Kim Dae-gon, and Shin So-yeon also enrich the drama with their dynamic performances.


The synergy of the actors was more than expected. "The actors' performances on top of the fantasy setting maximized the character's charm and broadened the scope of empathy. The 49-day reincarnation story of Ghost Mom Chayuri will bring a warm and pleasant smile." (Photo courtesy of tvN)






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hi, bye mama! drops posters











Script Reading for tvN 2020 Drama Hi Bye Mama with Kim Tae Hee and Lee Kyu Hyung







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Ten Highly Anticipated K-Dramas Planned For 2020



Hi, Bye Mama


Hi, Bye Mama will be Kim Tae-hee’s first drama in five years. In this fantasy drama she plays Cha Yoo-ri, a ghost, whose death scarred her husband and child. She wants to help ease their suffering and help them find peace, so she finds a way to return, even if only temporarily. Lee Kyu-hyung plays her husband, a man so heartbroken that he continues to mourn her five years later. This drama also cites a February release, but no definite start date. 


Read the whole article here:






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Wow actually now with the new description it would be amazing and ofcourse melo to watch.


I remember earlier on it was the ML having depression until the kim tae hee back to life. 


But turn out with the new description, he lost his wife 4 years ago and finally remarried with new wife 2 years ago. That would be interesting regarding the new wife action to the child and what relationship she had with ML before remarried? What her relationship with the little girl? 


And how will she interact with kim tae hee characther. Still need to look at the direction that this drama want.


Hard melo like 49 days or more like Family melo drama that point out on the family and reunion side. 


I hope it is not hard melo coz i couldnt take more 49 days trope again it is still painful until today. 

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So the woman on the other side of the little girl is his new wife?  And TaeHee plays the ghost of his old wife (biological mother of the child?).  From the poster it looks like only the child sees the ghost? And she’s telling her (the child) to keep it a secret?  Neither father nor the new wife looks to know that the ghost is there?  

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