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  1. Thoughts after watching ep 15? Yuri will leave. I am in such a depressive state now. I’m so broken. I don’t even have the will to watch ep 16 anymore
  2. ANNYEONG FELLOW HI BYE MAMA FOLLOWERS!!! Tonight!!! Our favorite family in K-drama Land will be having their much-awaited FAMILY DATE!!! Let’s all tune-in for the last 2 episodes of HI BYE MAMA! HI BYE MAMA, FIGHTING!!!
  3. Thank you @lhynne for the update. It makes me wonder why Hi Bye Mama has low ratings in South Korea. Here in the Philippines, it is currently 2nd Place of most watched series via NETFLIX. And I also joined the FB group of HBM which is open even for international fans. I took a photo of Netflix showing the the TOP 10 series in the Philippines to share to them that Hi Bye Mama is doing well in our country. In return, the fans from Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand.. they shared the screenshot/photo of Hi Bye Mama’s ranking in their countries. Hi Bye Mama is currently holding the #1 spot in their country. Which means many fans love the series. It baffles me why in South Korea, it is less popular..
  4. I’ve given this a lot of thought before as I am a Nurse by profession and we help in giving birth all the time. If given the same situation as Yuri, we prioritize the mother. Even the OB assigned to give birth advises that in certain situations, we save the mother. This is in a medical perspective so I understand as well that Ganghwa - if given the chance to choose who to save - will prioritize his wife above their baby. Sadly in the series, Yuri pleaded Director Jang to save their baby. @Nancyzak unnie I pray & pray for that day to come when Seowoo will call Yuri “eomma”. And it is abig BONUS if ever Ganghwa & Yuri will call each other again “Yeobo” #teamGangYuSeo FIGHTING!!!
  5. Annyeong, fellow HI BYE MAMA followers! Watched ep 13 & 14 last night via NETFLIX. I am so happy that Ganghwa finally revealed to Minjeong the truth behind their “pick-up helper”/ “kitchen assistant”. I feel so bad for Minjeong all throughout because she was being kept in the dark & doesn’t even know that Seowoo’s biological mother is indeed back. With the truth out in the open, she can firmly decide whether to stay or not knowing that her husband never fully opened his heart to her and somewhere deep inside his heart.. there is a door “shut” and sadly will never be open for her. Ganghwa.. yah.. I was frustrated on ep 13 how he just kept saying “it’s okay” or “it’s not your fault.” But then we see ep 14 and may I just say that the breakdown scene between Ganghwa and Yuri is PHENOMENAL!!!! I love Lee Kyu Hyung’s portrayal of Ganghwa not being able to breathe properly and struggling for his breath because of his trauma. Of Course, Kim Tae Hee, who portrayed Yuri’s ghost who for the past 5 years painfully watched her husband go through this hell, wanting to console him but not being able to because.. she is just a ghost.. I love how Yuri immediately ran to her husband’s hiding place upon overhearing the 2 nurses chatting about how after just 10 minutes in the Operatng Room, Dr. Cho Ganghwa’s symptoms appeared and rushed out. I love how Yuri knows exactly how to calm her husband.. how to touch him lightly so his troubled mind can be calmed.. how she said “Ganghwa, look at me.. breathe..” and how Ganghwa followed his wife’s instructions.. this scene is screaming SOULMATES fellow Hi Bye Mama followers. PERIODT. Then comes the editing of the flashbacks.. The issue with Ganghwa & Director Jang about Ganghwa refusing to sign the papers about VIP patients.. The tormenting scene of Ganghwa waking his lifeless wife lying on the Operating table.. Back to present where we see Ganghwa who finally.. after 5 suffocating years of trying to live as if nothing happened,, now facing his wife and not being able to hold back his pent up feelings anymore.. That HUG.. Just THAT ONE TIGHT HUG was enough for us, the audience, to feel that the love that they have for each other was NEVER GONE. It has always been there but they just chose to ignore it because they had to move on because life f’cked them up. It is a very special kind of love that transcends LIFE & DEATH. P.S.Thank you Yuri for telling Ganghwa that it’s not his fault.. He needed to hear that from you.. Then we see Hyeonjong unnie and her husband Geunsang conversing about Yuri & Ganghwa. Hyeonjong unnie finally revealing to Geunsang that Yuri is going to die again soon. Ganghwa.. unexpectedly standing by the front door and all the while listening to their coversation.. ah... I can’t imagine Ganghwa going over all this pain again.. We see in the image above how wounded his heart is & how it never healed ever since the day his wife died.. Him.. after 5 years.. deciding to finally move on and maybe let go since Yuri came back to life and asked him to let go of her.. Him trying to hold on even to the saddest memory of his lifeless wife on the operating table.. Him silently loving his dead wife eventhough he re-married.. It’s just unfair to torment him again.. My thoughts for this episode: 1.) Yuri loves Ganghwa 2.) Ganghwa loves Yuri 3.) They are SOULMATES Looking forward for the FAMILY DATE on episode15!!! @Nancyzak unnie, I am so happy that we finally get to see this image of this cute family. As I’ve told you many times before.. I ship Ganghwa X Yuri so hard and that my only wish is to see their family complete.. Even if this is just one day.. Just one picture.. Maybe their first and last family picture (as we still don’t know if Yuri/Seowoo dies & go up).. I am more than thankful.. Last two episodes next week!!! HI BYE MAMA, FIGHTING!!!
  6. @poopytubby completely agree with everything you said. I’ve been reading the comments and it seems every body is putting the blame on Ganghwa when all he wanted was to protect the people he love. And the only reason he didn’t tell Minjeong about Yuri is because Yuri asked him not to. It’s been SO hard on him.
  7. Honestly seeing now that Yuri is leaving makes me feel sad. #KillMeNow
  8. @Nancyzak unnie I think my Yuri X Ganghwa ship is coming to an end now ottoke..is this the last goodbye??? with a heavy heart, I will continue watching HI BYE, MAMA! HI BYE, MAMA FIGHTING!!!
  9. @kiefshi1056 CHINGU-YA! Annyeong!!! Waaaa I looooove the hashtag #teamGangYuSeo !!! me too, I wish this family can be whole again FIGHTING!!!
  10. Annyeong, chingudeul!!! I just saw this post on TWITTER, it seems they were shooting HI BYE MAMA today. We can see Ganghwa, Director-nim & Yuri And here we can see Yuri, Ganghwa and Seowoo at the front! Our angel Seowoo <3 All credits to the Thai fans of KTH unnie via Twitter @KimTaeHeeTHFan OMONA! Ottoke!!! What can we theorize about this shoot? Ahh.. This waiting game for Hi Bye Mama’s new episodes is taking too a toll on me HI BYE MAMA, FIGHTING!!!
  11. @marrez1 same here unnie. The reason I was so into this was because of the fact that Ganghwa saw his dead wife Yuri alive again. I was SO hooked and have been waiting on how their story will turn now that Yuri came back. But it seems the writer has already decided to push Ganghwa’s & Minjeong’s love line. Now, I’m really heartbroken. I am just wishing that Yuri will be happy. Because honestly, the story is just sad now.
  12. @gongcha omonaaaaaaa!!! Thank you very much, unnie!!
  13. I agree with that. I really thought since Ganghwa found out from Gukbong/Exorcist/Pyo Chi Su that for the whole 5 years Yuri never left his side, Yuri will reveal all the details even the condition about her 49 days. But from the ep 13 preview, I guess she didn’t reveal all. Ganghwa is left again left in the dark with no idea that Yuri is leaving again after the 49 days. And seeing as the Exorcist is pursuing Seowoo, Ganghwa might lose not only Yuri but also his daughter Seowoo. I really think they should give importance to Ganghwa‘s role as well because he is directly affected with the happenings from both Yuri & Seowoo. I think the story will be even more alive and realistic if the writers will include Ganghwa in Yuri‘s decision making because HE IS THE FATHER OF THEIR CHILD FFS!!! Yes, Minjeong is his new wife now & she loves Seowoo like a real mother but this matter..about Seowoo being chased by the Exorcist, this should be resolved by Yuri & Ganghwa. I wish Yuri would reveal everything now.. Even Minjeong is being kept in the dark. She even shouted at Yuri because Seowoo is missing. Well, this is normal because in her mind, Yuri is the pick-up helper. And as a pick-up helper it’s her job to make sure Seowoo is safe. This is not Minjeong‘s fault as well. She shouted not knowing that the pick-up helper is Seowoo‘s biological mother and her current husbands ex-wife, Cha Yuri. 4 episodes more..can everything be fixed? The cliffhanger from ep 13‘s preview is Yuri saying “Ganghwa, you can let me go now.” The question is.. Will Ganghwa let her go? HI BYE MAMA, FIGHTING!!! Has anybody have a link of the Special Episode aired last night? Please send it to me even if it is RAW
  14. Ow thank you for the reminder about the rule unni @Nancyzak Next time I will delete them So sad that they are not allowing us to view the videos.. Yes, I do hope that it will appear in YouTube one day!! I haven’t tried tteokboki but since I have high tolerance for spicy foods, I think I can handle it hehe. I love samgyetang too unnie! Next time I will try cooking Pajeon, I’ve done Kimchi bokkeumbap & hotteok, there are lots of videos in YTon how to cook korean food & from that I cook them and I realaize that Korean foods are sit to my liking! this waiting time for new eps to be uploaded is killing me unnie haha!