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1 hour ago, foreverempress said:

That may be a fair assessment though adultery in Korea is no longer criminalized. All parties involved equally had their on motivations that were equally heart breaking, tragic, selfish, understanding, etc. Everyone was fighting for what they thought was right in their own hearts  and which often leads to disastrous consequences if it is done out of fear.


Adultery is one hard case to prove because in most laws (in any countries, except Islamic) where they are enforced, the laws were written to favor the adulterer. The proof must be clear and convincing against every John Doe. 


In the Drama, Ji Soo was well aware she was treading a thin line when she was found by Jae Hyun. She attempted to escape but failed; and refused any offer of assistance like riding with him back to Seoul...in ep 2 or 3.  Refuse help when she was limping home and took his slippers instead....also the umbrella, bike, guitar... and other ruse JH was trying to pull in the most unobtrusive manner. JH also knew the implications and complications of his and  her situation, why Jae Hyun was careful and remained patient or she'd disappear like a mist again.


Under stress and under pressure from the Chairman, Seok Hyung, the ex hubby.... Ji Soo finally relented and announced to Young Min and Sung Woo... she will reunite with her ex-hubby  for the sake of Young Min. Jae Hyun got wind of the plan and talked her out it. 


 Episode 8 was the culmination of Ji Soo's attempt to evade. In a meeting with Seok Kyung who ask her to meet for a confrontation because by now... Jae Hyun had asked to divorce. This made her turn around and cancel reunion with the wicked ex hubby (who has now grown horns).  Episode 9 was Jae Hyun confession to go back to Ji Soo. It was all 8 episodes of pursuit for Jae Hyun which by now, the divorce process was already in the offing. Like every courtship...the thrill is in the chase, so they say....unless it is arrangeed like in many dramas.


So, it may look like adultery....but it is not adultery.


BTW..this was my favorite episodes in the drama...eps 7, 8, 9. 

Sorry for the long and winding post.  :)


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On 6/10/2020 at 10:17 PM, Kitty_Litter said:

I find it so romantic when they meet or walk aimlessly to nowhere, chatting, smiling, sharing laughter like the old days.  But notice the gap between them, as they walk. They were much closer almost touching side by side, when they were younger.  Perhaps, in deference to moral norms, this very gentle, cheery and confident loving man is always respectful and  protective of his true love even in the public eye.  So chivalrous like a knight in shining armor.


Always brimming with love, joy, peace and confidence, there moments together, or when they are alone pondering/thinking about each other is so endearing, heartfelt and priceless.

Very well put.  I totally agree with you. I talked about their restraint with the person whom recommended this drama to me.  I understand the writer's point of view, HJH is not officially divorced yet; therefore, as to not taint their love, they have not engaged in any scandalous behavior.  It makes me route for them more, because their love is so sweet, pure and mature.

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didnt participate much in this thread due to the fact the subs took foreeeevvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrr  to upload.  

But was happy to see the end both pulled through for their love for each other.  :wub:

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I am dropping by in this thread. Every time I think about the Black Lives Matter protests and the movement, I think about JiSoo who always rooted for the losing side which is usually the ones who suffer the most. The Black community in USA are the most oppressed group and my heart saddens to learn about the years of oppression. I think about JiSoo whenever I am falling apart. I find the confidence in JiSoo's character and I remind myself I must stand back up, be confident about my own beliefs, stand in solidarity with the Black community and take steps to fight against the racism. 

Oh I am glad I watched When My Love Blooms and found confidence through JiSoo's character. :heart4: 

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