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  1. i need somebody to make an MV with MY and JW with the ost part 1 the song at the end of ep 8 sounds good too the complete ost so far
  2. its my first time seeing lee chung ah ..havent seen her before if she is the long lost sister ..still i dont see the reason for such hate and vengance ..if he is not really her dad ..she might be just using him for dirty jobs but why pose as her dad ? appreantly MY lied about id her father..or somthin mr Do might be used as a pawn now i find strange that at this recap ..they didnt get https://www.thereviewgeek.com/hide-s1e8review/ why chairman son forgave the cookie monster about the money ! ep 8 gave us the answer.. cause he wants his father dead
  3. the ratings is such a big shame ..the show def deserves better...its unlucky that another show airing has similar premise or its that koreans just hate british remakes except world of the married ..or the fact that it airs exactly after queen of tears i hope netflix takes it so at least it gets some international audiance ******** how does mr do actually make his living.. he working a full time job at chasing hubby and body guarding MY ..its amusing he appears in almost every scene now the murder scene was curious ..whats the purpose behind SJ appearing and trying to revice chairman ? i though he was without any moral..mr do appearing will def put him as witness or somthin
  4. boom that was a plot twist.. i was wondering wth was going to happen as everytime you think its over i think no one saw that coming ..i thought the dad thing was random to give her a backstory now the present sounds like a programmed plot to restart MY trauma which crazy stuff the poll is crazy lol @partyon the first question makes me think you were a makjang drama writer in your past life
  5. did you actually watch the show or just read the recaps ..i only read now and then and didnt get to series 3 they did change it so much it hardely looks like a remake...like adding the ancient kdrama elements of the dad killing himself cause of debt and the young ppl getting together since they were young.. look i am actually thinking about a noona romance drama for them ...let me present it to the drama gods who never ever listened to me before lol you gona love my ideas
  6. no she did have kisses in ( when my love blooms ) but they were not hot kisses lol even tho she had chemistry with him but ur right but its not the actors choice.. cause they are actors its the ppl who keep casting them like this cause they are well known couple.. lby suffered her entire career cause she was in a relatinship with a known actor .. this stupid $$$ only happens in korea..but the truth is that they streotyped her since her marriage.. that is true but i dont think she has any say kim hee-ae been married since the 90s and she has the most sexy roles !!!!.. all young or whatever why ? cause her husband is unknown or because they think she is sexy mama wth..its this streo typing regarding this drama.. yes the writer changed so much including the age of the second guy so i dont know if anything gonna happen but i do see chemistry .. i can see them being cute in another drama ? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> there is some stuff i still dont understand like when was this relationship between joo and SJ ? was her kidnapped or is it a fake like MY said ...so they use her to finish the unfinished why is chairman living with joo away from his family in the first place have you seen dramas like ( pale moon ) with kim seo hyung or secret love affair ..those were seriious sexy relatinship with a very big age gab that actually showed ..lby at least does look very innocent and young for her age esp with longer hair that a noona romance could work .. but with kim seo hyung i was cringing all the time they were having sex scenes with a guy 25 years younger cause she did look like an aunt ..but that was what the story like
  7. why should anyone die lol... maybe two were enough ..anyway i voted i dont think the father suicide has to do with the events now.. i think its just a heroine backstory to her to have a dad complex and to link the past and the present the wheelchair man stays a question mark ..anything goes
  8. @Latte_Anyday oh nah ..I didnt mean it that way.. i meant the fact that she is what she ( character and actress ) made sense that one thing would follow another..and why she would be next door but what kind of dangerous affiar is going on anyway.. she kidnapped him and sent him to prison and he almost killed her and hid from her ! cause that what happened or wut..thrill kill MAKEOUT.. not that its not a thing that actually happens the case against him still holds ! how did that dead man was riding his car and had his docs and how did he hide using dead man stuff..just cause they put him at another spot >>> dr joo might be baking weed cookies to make an all around mafia mama
  9. i am def surprised about the bonus ..some of these cases are seriously ehh ? like 10 years and more are too much to put them as same age ..id say thats more of special treatment for some actresses right ? my vote is obvious it was very bizzare and crazy and it even seemed that the roles were in reverse but it worked ... i do have a new drama ill put it in spoiler also a very old one that i kinda enjoyed long time ago ..
  10. this was the furious phase where MY has to give him all the benifites of the doubt while still sticking to her guns i kno its for the sake of boma its good that the bomb ending gave me some relief > and I sure saw that entanglement coming.. cause she was no ugly mafia boss ( we still dont know whats her relation to the big boss with dementia ) or is this another trap but i think I am still confused..does this mean the kidnapping was real of a set up ! were they pulling her leg but no cause he tried to kill her ? so whats real and whats not..did he hide from his creep mistress or not !
  11. i happen not to like her husband and I always loved her with lee sang yoon ( whisper/ my daughter seo young ) and they had the killer chemsitry and were cute off screen ..ppl mostly love her with jong suk and they had a very unexpected kind of chemistry...she has the better chemistry with younger men when she married ..many shippers of this died ..it was rather a small storm back then ... regarding the big age gap ..its interesting that a drama like ( pale moon ) had a 25 years age gap couple and it was a very daring sexual one too... Mr JS who are tho .. cookie class mobsters ..where do they breed them she def needs some explaining than we seen
  12. there is too much issues but
  13. surprise or not.. it was interesting to watch ( why is there is always a recording of everything ) ..MY is cornered now its intersting tho that he told her not to get involved tho..but MY thinking she can fix things ! by being involved in all sorts of wrong doings.. this is the way she didnt want her daughter to be abandoned by dad like she was , she has a whole gang in the house whats with korea giving the whole ep in the preview ! for once ill stop watching previews seriously ..
  14. the husband really went into all of this including possible murder but was found by pretty much everyone ..he didnt hide properly after all he is not to be beilved but we get that MY will stick to him for now because of the long history ..not sure where the father comes in
  15. @partyon you know i like you would naturally suspect old man in wheelechair too..as biggest boss ? but he cant be the one to kidnap husband ! ... and yes MRS oh sounds like a chilling villainess .. i know about viki.. i meant netflix or amazon...thats what ppl usually watch
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