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  1. yes ... what annoyed me the most about watching the show...is the many watching just the past and dissing the present and the nagging about adultery ... it has the brilliant actors and growth of mature character and more believable emotions ...but its not really strange in kdrama and where they mostly care about the fluff and perfectly cute....life isnt that anyway'... they also miss the message of the show ...about ppl may change and loose the idealism ( and delusions ) and beauty of early youth and that life could break them but those moments we should keep alive so we can get them back... I felt like i needed to give younger me a needed hug I have a lot to say... but the birthday scene was the most moving part of the last two episodes...i cried in buckets ....and the dream where she finally sees them and let go ...sorry to hear about your story ....... in the same vein ....JHs scene with the old man and how he thanks the man who stabbed him for allowing him to let go of his word in his heart its obvious the writer writes better lines than story ... some of the lines resemble poetry
  2. the painful road of him coming back to her have to go through renewal which is here showed thru ( blood ) ....its a cleansing process no matter how painful to have blood between the roses its like they really met again only then... where no more misunderstandings and secrets were there the clingy wife who thinks she bought him to do as she please.. to go to jail for her or to have as a dead body ..as long as he is attached...I am still not sure if he fell for her for real ...or just saw a way to get power thru her.. this was never cleared...but you cant lose what you never had its clear now that their love was to be kept chaste ...while being stoned from every side and accusation of an affair that doesn't exist... btw do koreans call a male and a woman walking together with space between them dating ? thats alarming.. I do find it funny though that he teases her about coming to his room...cause I am one who against odds went straight to the episode to see if there were a bed scene lol ... its not for this show but what a pity when they look so pretty together I am not ready to let go... I dont feel there has been enough of them as I feel the past were too much it took over but anyway...
  3. why is their happiness so shirt lived ... like why arent they allowed some time together without the country spying on them...I see that as so unfair I guess we have the usual sadistic pd writer...i love how he enjoys teasing her .. I want them alone from the rest of the world I feel they have been caught in the live shooting and might have edited some stuff... cause I am sure there were scenes we haven't seen yet... like JSs MARRIAGE..I saw shots of that .... do they have time for it... or did they get caught in editing I dont agree about the pacing...on the contrary i think we need another two episodes .. ...... this show is about emotions not dramatic scenes .. . but the wife sure has to raise hell...dr foster style do I feel that JS has got the much worst out of this whole affair....yes is it partley his fault ? idk...
  4. this twist take this into quiet another place I would say it makes JH look a little better...that he didnt sell himself to the devil but he made a pact with him... but what about the marriage and the kid >>>is this a suicide mission gone wrong ... did he intend this marriage to be a vehicle.........where was it going to stop anyway avengers usually become the bad guys eventually with some redemption ... and finally ... how did he manage to sneak his way into this family
  5. did anyone actually catch what happened when JH purchased the new stuff ? cause if I am not wrong.. he had a change of heart after seeing that shoe...which is a symbol for what she went thru he actually returned everything he bought ( cause it sounded dishonest and JS wasn't going to accept it anyway ) ... he only left that note...thats what I got thats what I think happened even though it was done pretty low key I know it might have been confusing but knowing JSs pride and seeing she didnt show a reaction ... thats what I concluded... when she opened the shoe cabinet...I didnt see the expensive shoes ? so i am thinking you must have missed that BUT STILL I MIGHT BE WRONG.IDK...I might go and rewatch the scene carefully ***************************************** ... about the mall collapse ... I am not sure where the events is taking place in the past... but they have used the actual news footage from 95 Sampoong Department Store disaster which killed hundreds of ppl ....so i am not sure if its fictitious or not
  6. I dont wholly agree with the doormat ..expression as far as JH is concerned... he seems to be playing the PAWN... not being the pawn , even going to prison seems like part of his game with the father in law... JS seemed ok on her own ( except no stable jobs cause she doesnt have a degree ) until JH appeared., which seems her weak spot..........she already went to prison for foul play and she divorced the husband and she supports the labour workers....I dont exactly call this a doormat...her father describes her as being easily manipulated and put others before her which makes her take the bad decisions... this lovely song has been playing in my head none stop... the winner from the OST english subtitles for the song>>>sorry if its been put before I think this would be the words on JS behalf Someday We Will Meet Again don't say anything .. if it has passed there are many misunderstandings in many stories don't ask if it has passed No answer can convey my sincerity just put it in your heart ... the words I wanted to say the scattered memories we called LOVE there will be a day to meet again... then you hug me instead of saying sorry ...I couldn't do it today .................................. don't look back if you are far away I left with a smile , but I am still crying don't wait if you are far away I will become foolishly longing and I hate it just out it in your heart ... the words I wanted to say the scattered memories we called LOVE there will be a day to meet again... then you hug me instead of saying sorry ...I couldn't do it today
  7. lol they already did that with that orphan kiss ...I on the contrary I feel its will have a sort of positive ending ... because they already started with as much misery and regrets and obstacles...and the title even though its not accurate in english has a hopeful vibe...I for one dont put the most importance on endings but on the way there.... ...I would like to mention that there isnt much to do about a possessive EX in real life... you can do what you like in a drama but in life its more tricky ... what does standing up to an obsessive ex in real life mean ? you can divorce and move on ... and then they come after you .....I say this cause I have a beautiful girlfriend who is living this situation ...she also have her kid custody... and she unlucky for her married a psycho, she does stand for him but he keeps turning at her jobs causing her scandals and sending her threats... poor girl keeps fighting him but she is alone in her fight
  8. was it a lot to ask that they stay in their ( refuge asylum ) one day out of time and create memories instead of reminiscing always .... hell is breaking loose and too much unresolved but still I want this and I want it now PD
  9. .....so are we to speculate that they slept together back then in that night ? ..... all of this fuss , and they haven't had any affair even ... does it mean that an affair for a divorced mother would cost her custody in korea and other places ? ... ... what are JH intentions towards her now... does he want to have his cake and eat it ... ....more coming up
  10. bullying happens cause there are no laws to protect the powerless individuale against the bullies .its a failure of the system and the society , you are asked to fight your own way alone in your young years and if you were bullied it must be somehow your fault ... I was not bullied by one person it was always a whole gang and they were not superior in any way .. they were just vindictive and poisonous and destructive and they must have came of similar environments .... use of power that in its reality exhibition of weakness , cowardice and insecurity ...same thing in marriage or any situation where power is taken or given .... concerning your view on activism...... on one hand its true that ideologies are usually frauds that make use of youth to acquire power and become tyrants ...... but this is one thing and protesting and revolution against injustice is another , even if the change will never be ... its the one weapon of the powerless masses .... its for JH to find if there is cause that is worth it..
  11. tbh ... its character wise...I am figuring she has some conflict she doesnt accepts him as he is now... she tells him he is in a way her enemy so they cant and are not open with each other yet ....on the other hand she feels some responsibility for him as in both times he was targeted because of her ........ a much simpler reason though ... quiet clearly thats how she expresses her love ... she protects him and he wants to take care of her didnt she say... love for me is not making the beloved cry ....... drama wise this drama has an obsession with making parallels between past and present the present being the mirror of the past to come full circle ...this is the drama universe here everything has to happen again in some way or other still there is something here...if JH goes down she will go down with him ... that will ruin his son life and reputation ...I dont think its also good for his reputation either as a lawyer .. they love their scandals in korea ....so was he even really making a real threat ?
  12. are you saying she responsible for her JH change of character and her own misery and also her own son being bullied ? and how did you come up with this conclusion exactly ... we don't control how life treats us.... she chose to protect him then ... that doesnt mean shes responsible for what he turned into I was a bullied child in all of my school duration...surely my parents are not responsible for that ! thats victim blaming... bullying happens cause bullies exist also you seem to ignore that the life changing events in both their lives were not shown yet...the accident to her family and we dont know what happened so he changed *************************************************** running on empty' on the other hand i have my own conclusion on why he changed paths ...... idealism is shown as nostalgia for the past .... he himself says he felt was copying student protests on the 80s .... or his rebel image back then of river phoenix.........he has noble intentions but he was a rebel without a cause .....
  13. she is calling the ex a monster ? ... it cant be just cause he cheated on her................... he gives me major obsessive psychopath trope ............and why did she accept him in the first place,.I guess we will see their history coming up ............................................. I dont agree that JS is a shell of her former self...back then love was all of her universe and she joined him just cause she love ...now she has beliefs that is making her stand against him now even if she having a conflict of interests .....her pathetic situation is too much though... where it seemed she never had a break ever since ...........we also dont know if JH has a secret plan or is he really just trying to take over the company .. the basic plot here is the couple exchanging places ... where JS was the selfish brat and him being the idealist poor ... and now they have exchanged places.....this is the thing that sets the show apart from your usual melo