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  1. so why would mother emma lie ? so much for punishment for our sins or maybe she wasn't lying.. and HS did go up there again.. idk I enjoyed the amnesia show.. the is she or isnt she was done smoothly enough but the reveal .. is typical enough if its a reveal truly btw aren't these polls major spoilers for someppl I am really bummed by the ratings failure to hit double digits as i think it deserved too with all the effort .. ratings have been identical to writers other show which has similar elements even though this one is way an upgrade on that other one with the direc
  2. from the many times the murder scene was played from different angles .. it took the shape of a nightmare where you start to hallucinate cause I am starting to doubt myself.. now you see tow..with one at the top of the stairs .. now its one with another one up and wasnt the nun herself was up and now she is down...idk anymore it sounds like different POVs..but you have one one person and she seems to be really siding with JY after all .. for whatever reason. is it guilt or somthin else..cause she is the one who disclosed his actual parentage and sent him on the road to he
  3. except he is already married i suppose .. so what kind of date is that? and we supposed she was rich.. where does that got to do with JYs mother who is a tutor or somthin ... now regarding the real mother ...this storyline might have been influenced by lby MASTERPIECE drama ( MOTHER ) can she have her sons custody .. after asking for divorce ? I guess he will be taken away from her now.. and that's what she meant when was talking to him ..
  4. ep 9 was intense.. idk if there is any red herring in the murder scene.. so is the nun the great aunt then ... i didnt catch what she called chairman ? i really thought she will end up coming from HSs past ...cause there is a younger version from HS things we didnt see coming JY is not his son chairman would have a rebirth and neo dok possible imposter lol ...
  5. i don't recall a meeting between emma and MIL ... but she did seem to take HSs side when she asked her to be her mother for the day ..she warned her about what will happen and said that a parent can raise a child alone ..which seems like encouragement for breaking free I don't rule out the possibility entirely ...her being a mother of somebody is something i suspect but its not necessarily JY ... there was a comment that i thought was funny someone thinks HS and mrs kang should get married and raise the son together lol ... ...
  6. also .. its his turn to be gaslighted.. but his wrath will be bad ... another reason why i dont think mother emma is his mother.. is she is not concerned with him at all and she with his wife against him.. which doesn't make any sense unless she is the devil . ... also a secret room underground is the coolest thing.. too bad its not more exciting and grandma will destroy it ..whats the point of having such a huge mansion if you don't have secret places all over ... and whats the point of having secrets .. when the agent mrs maid is behind you all the time.
  7. edit ok .. i did my research the whole thing is because her husband is a christian musician .. this made some christians attack her while the moron husband was asked about his views in a bait like questions ..what a moron this was clearly a big casting mistake and the problem of these roles those who are complaining.. the show is already portraying a nun who have accepted her and taken her into church.. i feel this is positive enough for a kdrama and all the whining is pointless i hope they can fix this some how .. the moron caused so much damage to the show
  8. the miscarriage grand acting from LBY killed me.. she never fail to shock me with her emotional output.. its scary how much she puts into it its really annoying that instead of talking about the drama and the efforts .. i check the news to find a scandal around the actress KIM JUNG HWA it seems her husband left a spoiler or something.. but i dont understand are they seriously again attacking someone for playing a homosexual .. Actress Kim Jung Hwa Apologizes For her Husband’s Comment About The Character For K-Drama “Mine” Actress Kim Jung Hwa has receive
  9. just how pretty everything is..the colors and the shots like a painting itself that's what you get from a female PD.. I saw an article saying the minimalist style of the houses might be influenced by the film ( parasite ) ..which might be true.. cause the child in the show is also from the film one character that might be called a ( parasite ) is MRS head maid.. she lives on the secrets of her employers .. both making money out of it and having fun watching
  10. you dont need security once you have big brother around ( mrs maid ) this part reminds me of long ago.. we lived next to a rich man ..he had all sorts of riches stacked in the house but the man was abroad .he had a couple of guards with their families .. it turned out.. the guards were stealing stuff from the house bit by bit.. and selling it .. they even sold something to us.. @airgelaal the eldest step son is not illegal ,I guess ..but the marriage seems to have been not in the news or shady ..their story is a head
  11. i think it was meant to be an irony.. that a secret safe is opened with stupid tools.. its the parody part but the diamond was meant to be for someone not announced...and if we are to hear the will ..THEN THE CHAIRMAN MUST DIE FIRST .. SO i made my research on the diamond .. and its the work of designer ( cha sun young ) its supposed to be a player in the show ..so it was designed thru close work between the artist and the drama staff...the style is inspired by art deco
  12. this blue diamond I think is real and costs a fortune but thats one thing ...there is no actual tight security inside the house ! they might have security outside..but the main maids seems to be in control ? who watches the CCTV they not worried cause the stuff cant be sold or somthin ..... MIL ..gave the trashcan to the right person..now she knows everything and she is the pandora box... grandma might also be a mistress killer ... so the tutor was using the ID of another who was a real tutor , and that's how the info on her always checked out..
  13. neo dok the one who got away imagine rooting for a peacock ( and they cant really fly this high lol ) ...but id still want to see him tho ..... idk if anyone put the OST part 1 Lee Seung Yoon) - This is Mine
  14. i actually went back and forth on this.. is this the present of the future ..idk ..the future seems more likely tho... still i am trying to convince myself.. there is more than meets the eye ...after all she is pregnant ( this caught me off guard too also should we take mother emma's word for everything ? like the super acting.. i also like to hail the PD..she is really doing her thing with a hitchcock touch ..the cinematography is a gem
  15. mm.. I would say possibly ten years or less or more .. i think she sent the step son to a boarding school ..but the time isn't specified still its possible this side of family drama .. she didnt know about or wasnt interested in knowing everything then ........................ it seems the husband wasn't aware of the conspiracy of the tutor at first ..but it became convenient for him.. to have it all like an emperor .............. as an artist myself...I appreciate the use of art as a medium of dramatic expression .. narrow is the way, whic
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