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[Drama 2019] Leverage, 레버리지


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Damn what a hot cast :w00t:

And I LOVED the original series! I hope this version will keep some of it's humor 'cause that was one of the reasons I love the show:D

Haven't seen Sae-Ron in awhile... and Kim Kwon is a total hottie.. I'm so excited for this, can't you tell ha-ha?! Don't let me down (fingers crossed..) 

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@triplem That's most important. 





Lee Dong Gun, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Sae Ron, Kim Kwon, and Yeo Hoe Hyun showcased great acting chemistry despite gathering for the first time as a team of con artists. Lee Dong Gun perfectly captured the emotions of a father who has a son suffering from an incurable disease. Jeon Hye Bin mastered the lines in a foreign language and showed the femme fatale charms of her “scam queen” character.


Kim Sae Ron, Kim Kwon, and Yeo Hoe Hyun breathed life into their characters and amplified the refreshing aspects of this new drama about fraud. Kim Sae Ron exuded the fierce charms of Go Na Byul and showed off bickering chemistry with Yeo Hoe Hyun. With a new short hairdo, Kim Kwon revamped his image into the charismatic “human weapon” Roy Ryu, while Yeo Hoe Hyun transformed into a cute, genius hacker.


Other characters included Tae Joon’s wife Shin Yoo Ri (played by Choi Ja Hye), Tae Joon’s friend Jo Joon Hyung (played by Kim Joong Ki), Tae Joon’s assistant and detective Park Ki Ho (played by Kim Kwang Sik), and Dr. So Ma (played by Jung Gi Seop) who knows how to save Tae Joon’s son.


After the script reading, Lee Dong Gun said, “It’s a project I’m really looking forward to. I’ll try my best to make the set enjoyable.” Jeon Hye Bin added with a smile, “I’ll gather strength in order to not get tired while filming during the hot summer.”


A source from the drama stated, “There are high expectations because we’re working with passionate actors for a tense, energetic project. More than anything, the amazing chemistry of the cast makes me look forward to the tight teamwork. Please look forward to the refreshing revenge on bad guys, the success of strong characters, and amazing teamwork when ‘Leverage’ airs on October 13.”


“Leverage” premieres on October 13 at 9:30 p.m KST on TV Chosun.



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“Leverage” Drops Charismatic Character Posters Of Con Artist Team


“Leverage” is a remake of the U.S. TNT television series of the same name and follows Lee Tae Joon, a former insurance investigator turned con man who gets together with a team of con artists to target the wealthy and corrupt.


Lee Dong Gun plays Lee Tae Joon, the charismatic leader of the con team. His poster reads, “Let’s teach a lesson to those who live doing whatever they please.”


Jeon Hye Bin is Hwang Soo Kyung, an actress who has zero talent on stage but is a star con artist. She says on her poster, “Between gambling, drugs, and cons, cons are the best. Because it’s a game of fantasy.”


Kim Sae Ron plays Go Na Byul, a reckless, feisty thief. She says, “You know I don’t care about your story, right? If you can’t pay up, I’ll chase you to hell.”


Kim Kwon is Roy Ryu, a human weapon. He says, “Mercenaries don’t pick and choose their battles. They just work for the highest bidder.”


Yeo Hoe Hyun is Jung Ui Sung, the tech brains behind the scenes. He says, “It’s a hacker’s world now, do you understand, you richard simmons?”


“Leverage” premieres on October 13 at 9:30 p.m. KST.


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I’m so glad to see Yeo Hoe Hyun in a new drama. And finally Lee Dong Gun is leading a drama since his last family drama. I’ve never watched the US series although I saw it all the time in the cableTV guide. Sounds like it was a good show and I know @40somethingahjumma knows her crime shows. I hope this will turn out to be a good adaptation nevertheless. I saw Mad Dog, Task Force 38, and The Player and I liked all of them.

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Kim Sae Ron And Jeon Hye Bin Transform Into Unique Con Artists For “Leverage”

Sep 26, 2019
by U. Kim

TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Leverage” has revealed a glimpse of Jeon Hye Bin and Kim Sae Ron!

A remake of the U.S. TNT series, “Leverage” tells the story of a former insurance investigator who turns into a con man and forms a team with other con artists to target the wealthy and corrupt.

Jeon Hye Bin plays the beautiful con artist Hwang Soo Kyung, who has zero talent on stage as an actress but is phenomenal at acting when committing fraud. In the first two stills, she looks elegant and classy as her usual self, but the next photos show her doing a dramatic acting performance on stage and looking remarkably awkward.


The producers shared, “From the first day of filming, she captivated all of the staff members. On stage, she made everyone laugh as a talentless actress, but as a con artist, she took a 180-degree turn and made everyone give her a thumbs up sign out of respect. Please look forward to Jeon Hye Bin’s acting.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron takes on the role of Go Na Byul, a reckless, feisty thief. Completely shedding her image as a child actress, Kim Sae Ron looks confident and charismatic with her high ponytail and tight-fitting bodysuit. On set, she thoroughly prepared for her action scenes by stretching and checking her movements and positions beforehand.


A source from the drama revealed, “Kim Sae Ron went to an action school and trained hard to play the role of Go Na Byul, who has many action scenes that involve her sprinting, sneaking into a building with a rope, and more. She has especially improved her flexibility and speed, creating a ‘Go Na Byul’ that exceeds the producers’ expectations. Please look forward to seeing a powerful and sexy side of Kim Sae Ron in ‘Leverage.'”


credits: soompi.

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