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[Drama 2019] Leverage, 레버리지

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I’m so glad to see Yeo Hoe Hyun in a new drama. And finally Lee Dong Gun is leading a drama since his last family drama. I’ve never watched the US series although I saw it all the time in the cableTV guide. Sounds like it was a good show and I know @40somethingahjumma knows her crime shows. I hope this will turn out to be a good adaptation nevertheless. I saw Mad Dog, Task Force 38, and The Player and I liked all of them.

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Kim Sae Ron And Jeon Hye Bin Transform Into Unique Con Artists For “Leverage”

Sep 26, 2019
by U. Kim

TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Leverage” has revealed a glimpse of Jeon Hye Bin and Kim Sae Ron!

A remake of the U.S. TNT series, “Leverage” tells the story of a former insurance investigator who turns into a con man and forms a team with other con artists to target the wealthy and corrupt.

Jeon Hye Bin plays the beautiful con artist Hwang Soo Kyung, who has zero talent on stage as an actress but is phenomenal at acting when committing fraud. In the first two stills, she looks elegant and classy as her usual self, but the next photos show her doing a dramatic acting performance on stage and looking remarkably awkward.


The producers shared, “From the first day of filming, she captivated all of the staff members. On stage, she made everyone laugh as a talentless actress, but as a con artist, she took a 180-degree turn and made everyone give her a thumbs up sign out of respect. Please look forward to Jeon Hye Bin’s acting.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron takes on the role of Go Na Byul, a reckless, feisty thief. Completely shedding her image as a child actress, Kim Sae Ron looks confident and charismatic with her high ponytail and tight-fitting bodysuit. On set, she thoroughly prepared for her action scenes by stretching and checking her movements and positions beforehand.


A source from the drama revealed, “Kim Sae Ron went to an action school and trained hard to play the role of Go Na Byul, who has many action scenes that involve her sprinting, sneaking into a building with a rope, and more. She has especially improved her flexibility and speed, creating a ‘Go Na Byul’ that exceeds the producers’ expectations. Please look forward to seeing a powerful and sexy side of Kim Sae Ron in ‘Leverage.'”


credits: soompi.

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So  first thing ask when there's drama  I'm interested.. who's going to sub? :D




Cute Sae Ron. Nice to see her back with drama.



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Roy Ryu (Kim Kwon ) :

Ready, aim and fire your gun
Nothing can cool me down


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Leverage” Cast Talks About Ratings Goal And How The Remake Is Different From The Original US Series

Oct 10, 2019
by U. Kim

On October 10, a press conference was held for TV Chosun’s new drama “Leverage.”

“Leverage” will tell the story of Lee Tae Joon (played by Lee Dong Gun) who transforms from Korea’s former top insurance investigator to its top con man. He teams up with the best con artists to get revenge on the wealthy and corrupt. It is a Korean remake of the U.S. series of the same name, which aired over five seasons on TNT. Lee Dong Gun, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Sae Ron, Kim Kwon, and Yeo Hoe Hyun are the main cast members.

Director Nam Ki Hoon explained the difference between the Korean version and the original version, saying, “The original drama has American elements. That can be a positive thing, but [in the remake], we added Korean elements and touched up the colors and visual aspects a bit more.

The actors also shared their excitement for the drama’s premiere. Jeon Hye Bin, who originally had other plans after her previous project KBS’s “Liver or Die,” said, “I actually rejected [‘Leverage’] once because I already had other plans. Then I once picked up the script without much thought, and it was so interesting. I felt like I would regret my choice, so I decided to postpone my other plans and choose [‘Leverage’]. There are days when I get a gut feeling. It’s not something that comes often in life, but I had the gut feeling that this production would hit the jackpot.”

Lee Dong Gun added, “The original drama has lots of American elements, and we deviated from that. This is a drama that [Korean] viewers will watch, so we tried to portray it in a different and captivating way.”

Adding to this, Yeo Hoe Hyun said, “At the same time, we tried not to harm the original drama. I think an American ethos is different from a Korean ethos, but it wasn’t too hard to portray our characters in the Korean way. I also think that the casting was done well because [the actors] each have strong characteristics that were depicted well [in the drama]. You can look forward to it.”


Kim Kwon explained how he prepared for his role as Roy Ryu, who is described as a “human weapon.” He said, “I don’t normally have a ‘macho’ image like the original character, so I thought a lot about how I should build my own Roy. I had to focus and bulk up, so I naturally received a lot of help.” Kim Sae Ron shared, “I tried to portray [my character] by focusing on her free-spirited, bright, lovable, and quirky personality.”

“Leverage” will air two episodes back-to-back every Sunday. Regarding the unique broadcasting schedule, director Nam Ki Hoon shared, “There haven’t been any precedents of this so there’s some pressure, but I’m feeling confident because viewers will watch the drama if it’s entertaining.” He added, “I hope we hit TV Chosun’s highest viewership ratings.”

Jeon Hye Bin shared, “I once said that we should aim for 10 percent ratings for the first time in TV Chosun’s history, and if that happens, I’ll be really happy.” The director promised that he would reveal his self-composed “Leverage” theme song on YouTube if the drama reaches 10 percent in ratings.

“Leverage” premieres on October 13 at 9:30 p.m. KST.




Lee Dong Gun Talks About Difficulties Of Balancing Work And Child CareLink

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A translation of the preview for ep 1,2.



Jung Ui Sung (Hardison): Do you know what kind of reputation you have? If someone gets mixed up with you, apparently, that someone becomes unlucky for 3 years!
Man: You said that you’re trying to save your son’s life. You can’t kill a person, but then you can commit some theft.  
JUS (Hardison): Someone who usually captures con artists now wants to step foot into that kind of thing?
Lee Tae Joon (Nate): There is something that I absolutely have to steal. I have to save my son.
Ko Na Byul (Parker): The story is too weak.
LTJ (Nate): I’ll pay you double.
KNB (Parker): Then, okay for now.
Hwang Soo Kyung (Sophie): So then, what’s your plan going forward?
LTJ (Nate): First you have to throw out some bait.
Roy Ryu (Eliot): The start of the plan is in exactly 30 minutes.
LTJ (Nate): You just have to follow the plan.



The highlight clips were interesting as well. If I get a chance before the drama starts, I'll try to post a translation of the highlight video. However, these are the main differences that struck me between this version and the US version after watching that.


1) In the US version, Nate lost his son prior to the events of the Leverage team coming together. In this drama, it seems that LTJ's son is still alive albeit sick and LTJ's motivation for running a con is to try to save his son somehow, probably money for treatments or something. This is going to be a big change for this lead character actually.

2) In the US version, Parker doesn't fancy any of the guys initially, but in this version, it seems that Parker comments that RR is just her style of guy. So, perhaps this signals a change in the flirtation dynamics?


The drama starts this Sunday!

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