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[Drama 2019] Leverage, 레버리지


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2 hours ago, Sushimi said:

@triplemim in love with Tae Joon & Roy. Omg they are so charismatic. I love them! Roy dancing with elderly melts my heart. Awwwwwww:love: 

Are you appreciating Roy’s fan service ? :mrgreen:

Also he’s tough outside but like a marshmallow inside 


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Picked this up again out of curiosity and somewhere around the 5th episode, it does come into its own. It starts off wobbly but when it captures more of the spirit of the original, it does far better. The actors pull their weight individually but Jeon Hye Bin and the lad that plays the hacker are the two that really impress me with their versatility. I always thought JHB was good in Joseon Gunman but wow... her comedic flair is given full flight here.


What I especially like about the approach here is how they mix and match the original stories while putting a different spin to them. They've done a good job there. I also like how they retain much of the humour of the source material once TJ emerges from his post-prison funk. 


I'm on to Episode 11. 

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This show had one of those stories that is ahead of its time (1984, matrix..) near the end of this series when it reaches its last arc


It revolves around the leverage team preventing an epidemic from happening. Whenever a show about cases and current events is aired, I consider that these are all possibilities or real modern day issues to be concerned about. But I had no idea the extent of how much a real pandemic would possibly happen. Makes me wonder if we have a real life leverage team out there in the world and if they’re alright...


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