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[Drama 2019] Leverage, 레버리지


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On 11/18/2019 at 2:19 PM, Blackend said:

Oh my god someone is right about who is the Director! 

He is so creepy! LTJ is chosen for a reason. He know LTJ is vulnerable and willing to do anything for his son. Everything is planned out by the Director.

It was obvious from the start that he’s friend was the evil mastermind. 

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I liked how they wrapped up the last case- the one of the nursing home using the Prisoner's Dilemma to get father and son to spill the beans -  no love lost there between the two :lol: . That particular job has been my favourite thus far especially the scenes of Soo Kyung romancing the old man - it was hilarious. SK's acting skills has proven to be most invaluable to the team ( of course everyone has their role and importance) , but I particularly look forward to what "role" she will have to take on each job.  I kind of like the idea of the drama hinting at a potential romance between her and Tae Joon.  I do think  she holds a torch for or is fond of TJ , and clearly knows him well . So it was nice that they addressed it casually when she said it is obvious when she likes someone and playfully tapped his shoulders before running off. 


The current job has become personal and is probably the season ending case . While  I think most of us have been speculating  that TJ' s friend is the one behind the Mirae drugs, it was still sad to see that he could betray his friend the way he did . I can understand that the betrayal that TJ feels  probably led to him to  throw caution to the wind and  appear as the witness to the case. It will be interesting to see if this time his emotions will get the better of him the way it did the very first time .


( I wonder if they will have multiple seasons as I think I would not mind watching . Ratings are decent for TV Chosun but rumours online mentioned production issues led to last week's episodes getting postponed to this week ) 

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well I hope the rumours aren't true. But then again it isn't first time that it has happened in korean drama business.


Back to the drama. I was laughing so much that RR was nurse again. :lol: 


The thing about TJ friend. iIT really wasn't suprise that he is the mastermind but the question is what he want? I mean he is helping the canditate. If the canditate win what TJ friend is going to gain? More money and power I think. But sometimes I just hope that It would be something else.  But then again the villlains usually wants power and money.  they become more creedier and that is usually their downfall if there is ever a downfall..

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The childhood friend seems to be a megalomaniac and a psychopath. He is really ruthless. I had the impression that he resents LTJ as he complained about LTJ's arrogance. Maybe he has a inferiority complex when it comes to LTJ.

So the con team has been conned, however we know that LTJ will defeat the villain.

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2 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

So the con team has been conned, however we know that LTJ will defeat the villain.

Somehow I saw that coming. I had this inkling that something would go wrong and I was right. 


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@bebebisous33 @joccu I just completed the recent episodes . From what I understand, the con woman Choi was trying to pull an insurance fraud claiming that the gold went missing / stolen  . But the gold is actually still with her ? Is that right ? And now her partner ( the tattoo guy ) wants to steal it from her ?  I’m confused how the whole gold laundering thing works . 

On a lighter note , I definitely appreciated the Kim Kwon fan service :love:


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On 12/2/2019 at 7:40 AM, bebebisous33 said:

The friend is just a psychopath. He used LTJ all this time and keeps using him. Honestly, I hope, he gets infected and can not be cured...

Yup that friend should die of it . What an awful man . So because he understood / knows TJ so well , it was  easy for him to predict how TJ would react & TJ played right into his hands . The sliver lining is that cop ahjussi who helps TJ did not betray TJ . 

So all this time Mirae’s game plan was to come up with a virus to create fear & get  people to use the vaccine it produces . This is indeed a great  way for pharmaceutical companies to make tonnes of money at the expense of people’s fears ......this isn’t really too far fetch from what’s happening IRL as  pharmaceuticals have often   been accused of using scare tactics to drive up sales .


Lol did he somewhat confess here about his feelings for her ? 




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It is the finale tonight. I hope TJ gets the closure he needs and his friend pays for his crimes. 

I have enjoyed this series ...I won't mind a 2nd season


“Leverage” Cast Bids Farewell To Drama And Expresses Hopes For Second Season

Dec 8, 2019
by J. Lim

The cast of TV Chosun’s “Leverage” shared their affection for the drama and each other with just the final episode left.

“Leverage” is a remake of the U.S. TNT television series of the same name and follows a group of con artists who target the wealthy and corrupt. Former insurance investigator turned con man Lee Tae Joon (Lee Dong Gun) is joined by con artist Hwang Soo Kyung (Jeon Hye Bin), thief Go Na Byul (Kim Sae Ron), fighter Roy Ryu (Kim Kwon), and hacker Jung Eui Sung (Yeo Hoe Hyun).

Lee Dong Gun said, “‘Leverage’ was a drama with such great teamwork. I want to thank direct Nam Ki Hoon for leading us like a father, and the filming director for looking after the cast and crew like a mother,” and “I believe that our work together was preparation for a second season. I hope we’re able to return to show even more stories and great teamwork between the five of us.”

Jeon Hye Bin stated, “I’ve been so happy working on ‘Leverage’ for the past four months, and it’s been fun living as Hwang Soo Kyung. I was able to gain a lot of strength from our viewers. I hope we’re able to return with a second season, bringing more fun and exciting stories. Please keep watching over us.”

Kim Sae Ron said, “I’m grateful and happy to be with such a great director, screenwriter, staff, and fellow actors. It’s been fun showing a new side of myself through Go Na Byul. The action scenes were especially a fun and new experience. Thank you so much for loving ‘Leverage’ and Go Na Byul. I will continue to be better in the future.”


Kim Kwon shared, “Thank you for being with ‘Leverage’ till the end. Because I met such a great team, we were laughing and having fun throughout filming. We were able to create even better scenes with the wit of the director and energetic staff. Thank you.”

Finally, Yeo Hoe Hyun stated, “My memory of ‘Leverage’ will be a good one that’s filled with so much laughter. I’m grateful to have finished filming well thanks to the cast and crew. This drama has been a blessing to me. I will continue to work hard to show better acting in the future. Once again, thank you to all the viewers who have loved ‘Leverage.'”

The final episode of “Leverage” is set to air on December 8 at 10 p.m. KST.



Kim kwon IG Update


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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] Leverage, 레버리지

Last two episodes was good. Well-played...both times TJ and team found a way to outsmart CJH , and got him in the end. I was a little sad he did not catch the virus ;), but being strangled in the prison van/bus was poetic justice for sure.  Happy that TJ finally had some closure for the death of his son.


This wasn't the perfect or smartest drama ( I still giggle every time I see them sitting in the van, the dimensions are way too big for the small van, no? :lol:),  but there was something fun and relaxing about each episode , a very stress free watch.  There was no unnecessary dragging of scenes ( each eps was capped at 50 or so minutes) and the team got down to business each time without any egos or personal baggages getting in the way. I love that they worked so well together and became each other's family. Favourite character is still JHB's Su Kyung. She's such a delight to watch ,and pulls off each job like a pro and has this presence to her. Also appreciate Kim Kwon's  fan service and fight scenes. :P


So with the way they set up the ending, I am assuming they are keeping the options opened for a 2nd season..I hope they do since I have enjoyed the drama more than I had expected....

Will miss this team :heart:


have fun @Sushimi romance is not really part of this show ...but there are hints of it here and there for your thieving duo :D


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After watching Arthadal Chronicles, which I liked and Vagabond which was a nutcase, had to drop and now Leverage.  I think about endings and leading a drama towards another season.  I have to say out of all 3, Leverage did it the best with a good conclusion and bright future towards more making the viewer hopeful with anticipation.  I enjoyed all episodes which was in essence had the fun, action, hints of romance and made sense in some scenes.  What I find funny was the American who kept talking to CJH in English who only responded in Korean liked he understood exactly what he was saying, plus the mercenary/hacker on the good guys side English should have been fairly fluent because according to their profile they were more American based spoke the worst English.  All others were not so bad.  They also had some scenes that did not make sense - how did they get that button cam of the presidential candidate etc, in spite of that they made it work as some solutions were explained.


Apart from that, I like the last scene with the Lev team in the airport heading to Thailand for another con because they were threatened and the introduction of a new enemy who may be similar to CJH or his former backers or worse.  As we know the American tied up loose ends which included having CJH killed on his way to prison.  Because of the suitcase drug switch, he could be their enemy in the future because that affects his company's bottom line which is 2Ps - Power and Profit $$$.  This could be their retaliation or not.


I hope there is a second season of this drama, which when I first saw it made me check out the US version that was enjoyable and fun.  I think that this kdrama tried to go with that objective taking into their viewers and country therefore making it their Leverage version.


Should there be a 2nd season hopefully its closer to May and not later in 2020 to continue with its momentum. 


Other - congratulations to Jeon Hye Bin for getting married, wish her and hubby all the best.  Also wish the best for the Lev team.


Take care

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