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[Drama 2019] Leverage, 레버리지

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Throwing this out here. But why isn't anyone watching this?? I am really enjoying the drama. With the latest episode, I know that the team is in a pickle but I am sure they will pull th

Roy Ryu (Kim Kwon ) : Ready, aim and fire your gunNothing can cool me down

tvChosun Leverage Network: TVChosun Episodes: 16 Genre: Drama, murder Airdate: October 13th - December 8th, 2019 Airtime: Sat & Sun @ 22:50 KST Director: N

Loved the first 2 Eps  Has all the elements needed to pull you in and with the seasoned actors/actresses, the emoting is on pointe when gravitas was needed.  I like the dynamic that the different characters have.  All subtly different with their strengths and weaknesses.  I didn’t expect the ending of Ep2..:tears:. but I guess it sets up the future episodes for the team.  It’s fast paced and slick.  Aside from JUS and SooKyung (the actress), the other 3 have to be fit as :lol:.  All that running up stairs... 


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Noticed the flurry of activity on this thread and discovered that two episodes had already been released. ;) Thought that I should have a bit of a look see since I've been putting my two cents here and there. Besides I am somewhat curious about the execution.


I know there will be those who say we shouldn't compare but that's quite impossible. Of course comparisons will be made. The question is will the show be able to stand on its own merits that we will not think too much of the original along the way. That's always the challenge. 


As far as adapting the concept of criminals playing good guys and going outside the law to achieve some measure of justice, the show has taken a decent stab at it. I never thought that was going to be the problem. There's a good tradition of Kdramas that do this from Bad Guys to Mad Dog. That wasn't the part that worried me. I liked the way the show re-contextualized the Nigerian Job in the second episode and as I had suspected, we're looking at big arcs more in the vein of S 3 and 4. As with most K dramas... there's a big conspiracy between the usual interested parties in high places who are behind these support acts  which are trotted out as misdirections and pawns. So the plotting of the show is good (although they could do more to improve the pacing) especially in how it brings in material from the original.


I note too that this Leverage team too isn't the well-oiled machine of the original (a bit sloppy in parts) but I suppose that can be attributed to the fact that there is this Big Bad (I have my theories about who that is) calling the shots so early on (keeping them off balance) and that Tae Joon isn't quite the multi-talented strategic mastermind... yet.... hopefully he will. Going to prison will certainly change him as will losing his son in such tragic fashion. 


I don't want this to be entirely about Tae Joon's revenge so it will be interesting how the rest of the show proceeds. One of the charms of the original is about helping individuals, helping the little people to redress wrongs perpetrated by the rich and powerful.


My greatest concern was always about how the characters would be fleshed out. Right now, the one I'm most impressed with is Su Kyung, the grifter played by Jeon Hye Bin. She's captured Sophie's poise, elegance and confidence perfectly. Even the "bad acting" was on the nose. ;) (I guess that's why she was cast in the role) She's the only one that actually reminds me of the original positively. I'm not entirely sure what I think of the others yet because it's clear their taking a different approach with them and admittedly I'm not immediately entranced. I imagine something is lost in translation because the humour isn't landing for me either. Humour was always a big part of why I loved the original, particularly the banter between the younger men. I want to be fair and give it time... it's early days yet.

(On another note... the fake Chinese doctor/CEO... oh man... his Mandarin gave him away completely! :lol: )


I also want to put a good word in for the main OST theme... that was another highlight... In the style of the original but with its own take. Really happy with it and how it was used throughout.


It's not a bad start. I haven't decided if I will keep watching it while airing or wait till the whole thing is done and marathon it during the Christmas-New Year period.


I've never heard of TV Chosun. Is it a new cable station?

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43 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

I've never heard of TV Chosun. Is it a new cable station?


Off topic so in spoiler


It’s one of those really obscure stations...they don’t churn out dramas on a regular basis, they have varieties and lifestyle programs mainly I think.  Maybe 4 dramas a year usually with a lull between them?  And their dramas used to only screen on a Saturday/Sunday slot and now it’s purely on Sunday 2 episodes back to back?  The only reason I know is that I watched Grand Prince (with Yoon ShiYoon) last year and that was the first time I heard of the channel.


I am not sure I can continue with this. I got caught up watching a gripping whodunit on OCN instead :lol:... I will probably binge watch this when it’s done.


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14 hours ago, triplem said:


@stroppyse Thanks for your recaps. Overall it was an entertaining 1st two hours but it does seem like TV chosun is not as polished as say  OCN in setting the story. There were some messy parts  in terms of editing as well as the sound. Also quite surprised that the team worked so well together in the very 1st job without any clashes of ego. It  took me a while to understand why JHB's character would have so quickly agreed to help Tae Joon given that he got her into trouble 3 years ago. Nevertheless , I do think she has a soft spot for TJ ( have not watched the original, so purely basing my impressions on this adaptation ) and she was moved by his desperation to save his son. @40somethingahjumma I like her character best...I thought the drama "came alive" when her scenes came on.  She was very good in all the scenes where she was acting as the CEO of the pharmaceutical firm. 


It was so sad at the end that Tae Joon' s son died after all the trouble he had to go through . But I suppose this lays the foundation for what's to come. TJ was understandably too emotional that he almost messed up the plans of the team and put them in danger. I was a little annoyed but then I can't blame him . He isn't a trained con artist like some of them are and when it is your child's life at stake , it can be difficult to remain calm. I suppose his time in prison and desire for revenge will harden him and teach him to think strategically.


So is the mastermind the faceless  CEO of Mirae? I am confused - so he basically  used TJ's desperation to steal the formula from his own company so that he can artificially inflate the share price of another pharmaceutical? How does that work? 


The clashes of ego will come from time to time like the original... I expect. It was never anything really big and usually humorous. The biggest issue was always I think with the team leader and his alcoholism due to grieving over his son. He was always confident that he had it under the control while the others had their doubts.


If it follows the original template reasonably faithfully, there should be a long history between the grifter and team leader. In the original he was in pursuit of her all over Europe for art theft for yonks when he worked as an insurance investigator. Sophie was a long-time grifter that had multiple identities that she developed over time but in between jobs  all she wanted to do was be a real actress. :D That's the really humorous part. A terrible real actress but once she's doing a grift, she transforms into an actress par excellence. Great psychologist and reads people like a book.


The theft would have caused a fall in stock prices of the other pharmaceutical company for one, and my understanding is that if that Mirae were to announce that they had a new product to sell then that would bring in new investors which would boost stock/share prices.

That's how it worked in the original... I think... 


That's why I said in my first post here that I would really have preferred this on OCN. But there are things to like about it.

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I am sorry if there are fans of the actors in the thread and feel offended about my opinion. I am not really a fan of any of the actors.

I liked kim sae ron in her child roles and its so nice to see her as all grown up here. ANd I am happy about Jeon Hye-bin that she finally got a main role. I never REALLY liked Lee dong gun but he seems to be a fit for this role. The other guys are also fine, the security Guy has such intense eyes and looks.

BTW, it feels like this genre is like the horror genre where there will be some stereotypes. richard simmons faced but soft hearted character, quirky and funny, feisty and something something. Kim sae ron's and the hacker boy;s character felt like that. I liked lee sun bin's character in Police Unit and Hwayoung's character in Mad dog in this feisty fighter girl archetype before. Even tho they all fall into one generic character type both were different. I hope they will develop KSR's character further. 

The best scenes I liked where by JHB. Like @triplem mentioned before, It felt like the drama came alive when she was on screen. I feel like she will be very likeable going on. I kinda wish for a 'some' between Roy and her. Though from the pics I have seen in this thread it is going to be with Ksr and him. 


Also, Did anybody felt like the action scenes in the beginning by KSR were sloppy? I mean it is not her fault but the stunt team that choreographs has to take care of this. Since it will be a main part of the story going forward I wish they will make it look little more suave. 

Also I have to give it to the Climax scenes of both the eps. I was not sure whether I will watch the second ep but it was the climax that made me click the next button. 

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I liked the first 2 episodes more than expected. I am not a fan of Lee Don-Gun. Or i should i actually dislike him which is rare. Normally i just dont care. But Jeon Hye-Bin + Kim Sae-Ron outweigh him. And he fits the role of a sketchy scammer pretty well.

I skipped some scenes where he was searching for that doctor. I wasnt really invested in the family stuff. Reminds me heavily of Big Issue recently where you also had the sick child in the hospital and the wife standing by the bedside all day. And the male lead has to somehow come up with some money. Bad trope and the worst part about that drama. I was surprised and relieved we are already done with that so quickly in this one. Now we only have him drunk for a couple of episode which is fine by me. 


About episode 3. I dont understand what's going on. The scammer dude seems like one of those "HOW TO MAKE 1 MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE WEEK" on youtube. I guess there are always more people falling for it than you can imagine but the other members of the crew are all about what a great scammer he is etc lol. I get that there are probably a lot of student loans scams in korea right now and it is a cool topic to tackle atm but i would assume that they are a bit more clever and appear more trustworthy than this dude. Who would fall for that dude? 

And yeah i know Jung Ui-Sung is dumb. But i have trouble to believe that can be this dumb. He even makes a living sacmming people. Highly unbelievable. I guess he wanted to show off, got sucked in by the parties and girls. But then also show it like that and dont portray him like this naive victim.
And was that just his part or all the money? If yes why didnt they split it? Why would they entrust him with it? Especially when he already scammed Ko Na-Beyol before and has proven himself to be unreliable and that he can't handle money.
 I am all in support for some romance with Ko Na-Beyol + Roy Ryul because the hacker dude has become really annoying. The characterization of Hwang Soo-Kyung is pretty cool. Otherwise i am just in for when they carry out their masterplans. That's the fun part for me.
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scam a scammer. not easy or too easy. I don't which one it is.


ANd the money in YM car when he went to see the big boss. Why did they show that? was he robbed and someone switched the money.? or AM I overthinking?


IS TJ friend somehow involved?


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Throwing this out here.

But why isn't anyone watching this??

I am really enjoying the drama.

With the latest episode, I know that the team is in a pickle but I am sure they will pull through somehow.

PLUS...*fangirl mode on* I love Roy!


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I'm enjoying this show and its because of this I was encouraged to watch the US series version which was entertaining throughout.  Hopefully this show follow that stream, I like all the characters and am looking forward to the next episode.  However, I wish they added some other mystery to the show when dealing with their cons.  I have no problem encouraging others to watch this.

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Never watched the original show but seing the korean remake  make me want to see it. I only watched 4 episodes so far and I'm in love with the gang, they truly are captivate characters and make wanna invest time in their stories.

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