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[Drama 2019] Graceful Family, 우아한 가

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7 hours ago, Yippeun_eonnie said:


the clause on the borrowed money agreement between Suk Hee and the milk witch.... wasn't it said that she can take majority shares anytime... will that turn the table for Han and favor Suk Hee, because its obvious that the lady adore Suk Hee.


If I recall properly, the Milk Witch said that she wanted the right to sell 50% of the shares at a time of her choosing.  I agree that she will use this ploy to help SH and to take down Han.  


2 hours ago, Lmangla said:

am also thinking that the milk witch might turn out to be seok hee's grandmother.


This drama has been so good thus far but I think that they should have given us a little more back-story here and about how SH was adopted by her mom.  It all came up rather late.


2 hours ago, mylovekge said:

But why do I have this feeling all of a sudden it isn't him? It seems she wanted to pin the crime on to him and the writer is trying to mislead us. I feel there's a huge twist coming. 


I am becoming more convinced that the killer is both Second Wife and Second Son.....so I'm gonna lose my bet on who the killer is.  I'm prepared for my picture of Picasso!


13 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

but  if she killed herself I would be disappointed :rage:


I will flip tables if she jumps!  She needs to get punished.  However, can you imagine how dangerous she will still be in prison?  As long as she is alive, she is gonna be twisting the rules anywhere she goes.  I hope the writer will give us a a proper ending for her.


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Out of the whole twisted family, I found WS one of the most interesting characters. Mostly as he really did not have a mean streak compared to the rest of them, when he was stable, he was very much an

I was hoping I was wrong for the whole show that WS had not actually killed the mom, but I had a sneaking suspicion that something was seriously wrong with him and that he was acting more like he felt

My favourite support characters               

12 hours ago, camichi said:

The thing i hate the most in a Drama is when the writer let everything to be solved in the last episode and in a hurry. I hope we could have an extra episode. 

I have watched ep 15 row....it will be nice if we get the sub soon cause i am getting crazy :crazy:

Exactly why I decided to wait for both episodes to be subbed.

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Flash back to Mo family in the dining table.

WS is reading the book found in the crime scene.

Ms Ha receives the wine as well. 

Mr Mo and AJR talking on the phone. Wench wife hears them from outside.


Mr Mo and the wench having a confrontation probably about AJR. She's crying. WS seeing her from another room. He's comforting his mom. They talk about MC Group. This could be a motive to have AJR killed, the only question now is who among the 3 is the killer (WJ, WS and Ms Ha).


WJ and AJR talk in her home. It seems like she is promising him that she will be keeping her secret. 

Ms Ha comes out of the Gallery, I think. She goes to AJR's house and they are having a confrontation. However she leaves thereafter. So it leaves us with WS! OMG!

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He's in shock. He could not believe he did what he did. GOSH!! WAN SOOO WAEYOOOO?!!

Mr Mo arrives and finds AJR on the floor and he looks flustered. Mr. Mo sees the book and the wine. He calls Ms. Han. He asks Ms Han to take care of it. 

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4 minutes ago, smhelen said:

I suppose I am getting a Picasso. :bawling:

Replied to your DM.


WS looks like a psycho! We now have an answer. Losers ready your DP. LMAO


So the missing wineglass and book are just in the evil b***h' office! 

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The guys are now meeting in Newspatch. Scene is now with Ms Ha. SH arrives and confronts her bringing the same wine found in the crime scene. She is suspecting her. And then not. lol


WS arrives in SH's room and the usual. WS is getting creepier! 

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1 minute ago, maribella said:

The writer just had to spoil our ending. He/she knows that among the three WS would be our favourite.

So we still don't know how Han is caught?

Yea what a way to reveal things. lol so underwhelming :sweat_smile:

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] Graceful Family, 우아한 가

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