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  1. HAHA youre here! I changed my username last year. I used to go by, mylovekge but ive been here for a couple of years now most of the time, silent, but sometimes not HAHA
  2. I miss you all my chingus @Ni Wen @jakey09 @iffy21 @immorethant especially our veteran sunshine @meechuttso! Btw, SHSI has new videos uploaded in the YT channel thanks to our resident subbers, Chezka and Ellander -- you can check out the videos here --https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQsedBS3d5pduzbKEAPAWw
  3. Thank you for sharing @immorethant, surely she didnt have it easy. I know everyone has their own "struggle" story to share but hers is one im incredibly proud of everytime I talk about her with my little circle of fangirlfriends who watched Mr Queen with me. And even with all the attention she's getting now, she remains to be truly grounded. You can definitely sense that when she does her IG labangs. I really wont get tired of saying this over and over, I am so so proud of this woman. I already told you this on twitter but ill say it again, chingu, @immorethant and to @Man-O-Man to
  4. I miss you all, my friends! Just wanted to say how incredibly proud I am of our Hae Sun and Mr. Queen. She is doing an absolute great job (as always) and I am just so happy that more and more people are recognizing her and her god-tier talent. OMG I'm already missing her knowing that the drama is almost to an end!
  5. THanks for sharing @enzek! As a huge Shin Hye Sun fan, I am so so proud! Even after My Golden Life, I also read that many scripts were offered to her and she ended up doing 3017. I loved Kim Jung Hyun in Waikiki and CLOY as well. So happy they got to work together in this drama. Hope we get to see them together again in a movie perhaps!
  6. I agree that CJ seems to have liked So Bong and not So Yong because of all the reasons stated above. I’ve also noticed how creeped out he was when she acted like the timid queen. However, I also believe that even in real life (lol pardon me), when one falls deeply in love with a person, one shouldn’t be finding reasons why he/she loves the other in the first place. I mean sure, CJ cringed at such moments when she tried to act perfect but right now, he isn’t even aware of his feelings just yet. And not to mention, he doesn’t know So Bong exists. He only knows So Yong and only her, rega
  7. I am having quite a hard time articulating this so please bear with me im not so good with words. And this is just a theory and forgive me if this has been mentioned already since I have not had the chance to backread. There's probably a reason why So Bong's memories are all mixed up right now. It's all going to lead to Bong Hwan's soul finally leaving So Yong's body to return to his, in the present time. By then, he will probably have recovered. So Yong is left with her old memories + awareness of having Bong Hwan's soul once inside her, acquiring some of his traits a
  8. If writers go the BL route, I won't mind tbh. I think it will be a bold move and will admire them for it. However, looking at the rate things are going, I don't think it'll go that way because the King and JBH are in totally different perspectives. The King does not know that the Queen is a man on the inside so falling in love with her is a possibility, but JBH is very much aware that the king is a man. He is/was a Casanova and will make no sense for me if he simply accepts the fact that he is a woman -- just because? This is just me though. I love that this drama doesn't just giv
  9. I am more and more intrigued about each one's back story we're not halfway through so I am getting impatient (in a good way ofcourse). LOL I watched ep 6 through live stream today and it looks like the King is determined to focus his attention on his Queen as his wife. I just cant trust Hwa Jin and Prince YP one bit, Hwa Jin especially. I can't say more because I didn't even understand everything that they were saying lol
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