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  1. They could have gone back in time or this was in their past life? LOL IDK what to expect anymore really. This would mean Lady Noh has seen LG (or someone from the past LG) when she was around 7 years old right? She would be around that age in 1939. And this setting looks like both LG and JTE (or their past selves) would have both lived in ROK.
  2. I saw some BTS photos which looked so vintage. So a chingu of mine made a quick research. LOL the movie in the photo "Coral Reefs", is a 1939 French language motion picture adventure drama directed by Maurice Gleize. Which means this was around 1930s. This is why JTE is wearing that polka dress and LG wearing a classic suit. Oh the twist!!! 4 Episodes left and I feel like there's still so much going on. LOL Can't they at least extend this??? I'm already missing the cast especially my baby Go Eun.
  3. Sucks we have to wait another month again and even so, we still cant be sure with all this COVID hysteria. We have prepared Congratulatory gifts for her already and now we will have to make huge adjustments. AGAIN. I just want any SHS content! I miss her so much already!
  4. OK things I loved from this episode: - That horse on Lee Gon's phone case - @Ameera Ali you are right, chingu, no disrespect right there lololol - How JTE established authority over a king and how this king easily submitted to his woman. - Eun Sop's Satoori accent is hot af - Jo Yeong's wallpaper and his undying love for Lee Gon lmao - I'm lliving for JTE and Lee Gon's casual flirting - Luna is creepy ( yes, KGE did that!) - The confrontaion between the 2 Woo Do Hwans was hilarious I want more of their interaction! - Lee Gon asking JTE to avoid telling him not to leave or to not come back--- ugh love how he admits this will waver him at some point. - JTE being bold enough to know what she wants! I love a confident woman! Totally forgot about Luna and how she can possibly complicate their relationship. But we finally see her and I'm curious how she's going to shake their world. Already bracing myself for another heartbreak as we are halfway through the series. But I hope it comes ASAP so we can atleast get a satisfying end. @madmad min I so agree with the bromance award! LMAO
  5. So there's a huge possibility of ROK Lee Gon being alive. I didn't think so as they never mentioned about LMH playing two roles, just that he is the King. And geezus, Tae Eul. Mentioning a case while on a date? Such a moodbuster! LMAO
  6. Can I just say how impressive Kim Go Eun and Woo Do Hwan are in their dual roles? WDH's accent as Eun Sop is just daebak! And finally, we see Luna! NOT A HINT OF JTE IN HER. Such versatile actors. I can't wait to watch it with subs. THe episode seemed interesting.
  7. So hard to believe these two had just met for this project. They're too comfortable with each other, their off-screen chemistry is way off the charts! Aigooooo!
  8. She looks almost just the same. Our girl is absolutely gorgeous eversince! Why not? She could be nominated for ALML. But I'm not keeping my hopes up for this one but who knows? i'd love to see her walk the Baeksang Red carpet!
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