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[Drama 2019] Voice 3, 보이스3

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VOICE 3 | 보이스3





Drama: Voice 3: City of Accomplices

Hangul: 보이스3

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, Detective, Investigation

Network: OCN


Director: Nam Ki Hoon (Tunnel, That Man Oh Soo)

Writer: Ma Jin Won (Voice, Voice 2, I am Legend, Save the last dance for me)

Release Date: 11th May 2019

Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:20 - 23:20 



Official site: http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3

Relationship chart :



More powerful evil, a bigger scale. 
Doctor Favre is just the tip of the iceberg.
The true nature of 'Auction Favre' is revealed - a dark web site that sells black market items (body parts, murder weapons, trophies of serial killers etc.)
"Kang Kwon Joo, who is facing a crisis with her hearing and Do Kang Woo - a detective who has awakened his evil ability."
The most advanced international cooperation between Korea and Japan ever conducted!
The last war begins to destroy the transnational hate crime cartel.


Lee Ha Na as Kang Kwon Joo

Lee Jin Wook as Do Kang Woo

Son Eun Seo as Park Eun Soo

Kim Woo Seok as Jin Seo Jool

Kim Joong Ki as Park Joong Ki

Song Boo Gun as Goo Gwang Soo

Han Gap Su as Yoo Jae Chun










Teaser 1 


Teaser 2


Teaser 3


Teaser 4




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Finished episode 12 with sub. I'm not gonna comment about Naomi's death and a web of plots Kaneki come up with to play with everyone. My comment would be mainly about the first minute of the

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Lee Ha Na Confirmed And Lee Jin Wook In Talks For 3rd Season Of OCN’s “Voice”


OCN’s “Voice” is returning for a new season and possibly with the same lead duo from its previous season!

On January 15, news outlet Ilgan Sports reported that Lee Ha Na and Lee Jin Wook, who appeared on the second season of OCN’s “Voice” as leads, will return for a new season. In response, a representative of the drama said, “Lee Ha Na has confirmed her appearance, but Lee Jin Wook is still in talks.”

“Voice” is a thriller drama that follows the lives of 112 emergency call center employees who fight against crimes using the sounds that they hear. After concluding its first season with success in 2017, the drama aired the second season last year.

In September 2018, a source from OCN confirmed they are continuing the series with a third season. The team hoped to air the new season as soon as possible because of its connections with the second season.

Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1292969wpp/lee-ha-na-confirmed-lee-jin-wook-talks-3rd-season-ocns-voice


OCN Confirms Upcoming Drama Lineup Including New Seasons For “Save Me” And “Voice”


OCN, a television network known for creating unique dramas across diverse genres, has announced the exciting lineup for the first half of 2019!


As announced previously, “Voice” will be returning for a third season. Lee Ha Na has been confirmed for the new season, while Lee Jin Wook is in talks. The third season of the thriller, which holds the record for the highest ratings by an OCN drama, is set to premiere sometime in the first half of the year.

Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1300493wpp/ocn-confirms-upcoming-drama-lineup-including-new-seasons-for-save-me-and-voice


OCN 2019 lineup:


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They have finally started filming! Song Boo Gun posted a picture of the scripts for the first two episodes on his Instagram:

A new actor (second img)?


Nam Ki Hoon PD sent a coffee truck:





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Somehow people on the web still have concerns over whether Lee Jin Wook will appear in Voice 3 and somehow there were no news articles about it in English, so here you go (in case anyone still had doubts or the vids up above where not clear ^_^):


Lee Jin Wook and Lee Ha Na are both confirmed for Voice 3 - https://www.insight.co.kr/news/204601


And here's another filming picture from the set


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10 minutes ago, ellelyana88 said:

Hello hellooooo everyone! 

(Somehow this kinda feels like a reunion lol) :joy:


I know, right :joy: And here I was slowly going insane talking to myself in here. Finally, I see fellow humans :joy: 

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New casting news - Han Gap Su will be joining the cast of Voice 3 as the newly appointed chief of Poongsan police station - Yoo Jae Chun. And of course the guy will have some conflicts with Kwon Jo and Kang Woo.  

Source: Sports Chosun


Makes me wonder what happened to the previous chief though :ph34r:

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20 hours ago, nateko said:

New casting news - Han Gap Su will be joining the cast of Voice 3 as the newly appointed chief of Poongsan police station - Yoo Jae Chun. And of course the guy will have some conflicts with Kwon Jo and Kang Woo.  

Source: Sports Chosun


Makes me wonder what happened to the previous chief though :ph34r:

Maybe he must hospitalized because of his injuries from last season.

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Two more coffee trucks for our cast and crew (one for both of the leads). Even spotted LHN, she looks cool :blush: I like her style this season from what I've seen so far.








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