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  1. *the people's stories. sorry about that I was so excited and it cut off my post. Anyway you are definitely right. I was actually expecting that by 99996 they won't have any new cases because they will be the last grudges to be resolved. C Something definitely happened with the cinnabar in the past. Did you also see the preview where kang bae in all black is sort of in the cave where the cinnabar was before? Hmmm...I have to check again. We have one more week before the last 2 episodes. I can't wait! Ohh is that why? The story the casting and everything looks great for me. It was also interesting enough that I kept coming back for morel. I actually did not plan to watch this. It just happened to be in netflix and I started it and got hooked more every week. It's such a shame. This is a good drama. People are missing a lot by skipping this I agree with you both. They're really good. And it's not dragging. Every episode is so much fun and just enough to keep their story going while settling grudges and introducing new people with different stories each time. Actually that's the charm of this drama in my opinion. I meant we have a couple who love so deeply accepting punishment for their decisions when they were young, one with a nasty temper but underneath has a good heart, the other is the invisible knight in shining armor. and oh add our cute kangbae and yeorin couple who's just the perfect yin and yang and we have those poor souls with grudges to settle coming from different backgrounds with different stories. Anyone can relate right? There's so much more to love in this drama. hahaha she did finally recognize the queen. haha. and I'm laughing so hard on that fake grim reaper statement. I can't wait to know what happened in the past. at this point I actually pity Yeomradeawang. she's so frustrated but I think she now gets the cycle will keep repeating. WJ sacrifices for her son/kang bae, the prince sacrifices for WJ. now she's probably thinking what on earth will WJ do once she realize that the crown prince will take her place in hell? on and on and on. Oh I was mistaken. I checked it again and it seems it was not the cave where the cinnabar was but KB was actually in front of the sacred tree! I agree. I was about to comment on that one too. he seems different. is he talking to the sacred tree? do you think it was in the dream world? kangbae and the sacred tree are connected. They did say that the grudges from the sacred tree transferred to the soul of WJ's unborn child. They are connected or they are one.
  2. made me cry too! there's something that touches you in every episode. the people's that's what makes me love this drama.
  3. I can't understand why people are not talking about this drama! They are all so good and I've been waiting every week for the episodes. Just watched the preview for the next episode and I cannot wait for next week although it's so sad to see the gang go. I love everyone and how they made the story so interesting. They also kept us guessing!
  4. I can't wait for the next episode! Is it really just 12 episodes? We're halfway through. I like that theory that Kang Bae is Wolju's son. That's really brilliant! I've been waiting for scroll translation and I thought it was just missed during the translation but it was intentionally not translated. She agreed to resolve the grudges of 100k people because of what's written in the scroll.
  5. give it a try! I watched it just because it was there but it gets really interesting now too. I hope you enjoy! OMG! I am also looking forward to a reveal that he would be the prince. He did not want to be reinstated. And I kinda like the funky, funny chemistry he has with weol-ju.