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  1. That's what I thought about Jin Young Min, that he does like Seo Hee - and maybe those three must've been college friends or high school friends something like where Sang Hun did like Seo Hee but Young Min liked Seo Hee. I do find Seo Hee's FIL suspicious and I'm not sure if Seo Hee has a personality disorder or anything - like some have mentioned on here.. I find her personality really relatable - kind of living a quiet life and then life kind of thrusts her into a huge conspiracy surrounding her father and husband.
  2. I honestly thought the girl that did the suicide in the first episode has to be Sang hun's girlfriend? LOL maybe I'm too slow for this drama haha but I am enjoying it so far.
  3. This is so sad. may he RIP
  4. Wait you should really go back to Secret Forest, it’s a hidden gem, and you will end up falling in love with Jo Seung woo! The first episode thrusts the watcher in a random story but all the characters and situations reflect how much there is corruption and the prosecution system present in South Korea. It focuses more on one case relating to those part of the prosecution and police force. Give it another try.
  5. I really wanted to respond to your question earlier @ellelyana88 but I was so depressed from the finale. I haven't done much research if kids that have normal parents can have psychopathic tendencies or can get certain mental disorders from my nursing experience, yes they are kids out there with normal parents but having certain tendencies that are not normal.
  6. I really wish DKW lived but I guess, this story of him being Kosuke and all the mental stuff got old. But they could've done much more realistic ending for him - like going to America for treatment - like cmon writer! He can live and come back all clean and nice for Kwon Joo. Honestly I found it so unrealistic how the entire team kind of forgot about DKW.. like they were expecting him to eventually die.. and Kwon Joo just had an initial reaction - she isn't hurt at all. I just hope we get another hot sidekick for her, if there's season 4. I honestly had a hunch since yesterday that DKW might die and we might not get a season 4 right away. But there's an open ending.. and Kwon Yool looks so nice and fresh with that suit and great gelled hair maybe he's the next sidekick for Kwon Joo LOL And I do believe it was Kwon Yool who was the one who killed DKW.. just a really messy season this year. I am not happy at all.
  7. Honestly, I will miss this show so much.. really hoping for another season with everyone present and alive
  8. I would wonder why he wouldn't? It would quite sad if he quit the series! I just hope after season 3 the main leads can get together!!
  9. I seriously thought we would get a kiss between the leads or something because of the crazy stress between all the team members...I'm wishing way too much for a love story here... But I found kind of funny was that Yukiko's father tells that one guy at dinner (who got arrested for having the hand) that Kaneki is a vegeterian... lol wait till you find out what he ate
  10. Miho's murderer is still unknown. Yukiko was definitely killed by her husband, and KW was/is going through some personality changes - someone on here mentioned hypnotism- which might be true? Or his memories have been replaced with false memories... Is it only me but their tension makes them seem like a couple that is having a lovers quarrel? LOL these two really need to confess their feelings towards each other I feel bad for Yukiko cause man she married some crazy monster
  11. Eid Mubarak!! I totally feel how time flies with Voice
  12. oh my god, this guy is from Birdie Buddy! I can't believe he's evil now. And I totally agree that there's two evil dudes and there probably both competing on who's hotter and who takes care their of victims better Wow..so no kisses indeed I SPENT ALL MY WAITING JUST FOR THESE TWO END UP..BUT NOT LIKE THIS..
  13. Ooo I really like all the points, I can totally imagine the gang teasing both DW and KJ about their relationship and how can a psychopath killer be handsome????? Only in the Voice world
  14. HECK YEA I WANT A KISS BETWEEN THE TWO!!! accidental smooch works, a hug works, forehead kiss even hand holding just something !!! Or Kang Woo saving Kwon Joo! Both the characters are so clueless about their feelings. Honestly, the two like each other deep down but are so into the game of this finding the killer, its like they have forgotten they are normal people, at least Kwon Joo. I seriously thought the other detective in episode 5, was going to confess that he has feelings for her but I ended up being married. LOL I just want Lee Ha Na and Lee Jin Wook to marry in real life.
  16. Really liked the first episode of the show and the music is kind of nice... It is kind of slow but that's how real life is LOL... great show to watch if watching heavy crazy dramas like Voice 3
  17. Main guy is pretty hot so definitely gonna watch this one!
  18. Omg I can't believe that this one is back! Let's hope for a love story this time between the leads!
  19. Honestly I totally think this happened - but who knows right LOL But I think the grandma almost hitting Yura with the hair pin was a foreshadowing so you might be right but... the writer's mind... after Woo Bin betraying Sunny - anything can happened. But I don't know if LH would be quiet if Yura had killed the grandma herself even him there. So maybe he did it himself? But who knows Btw has Mr. Jin hyuk been this cute and hot??????
  20. Guys I think I'm gonna miss Grandmama and her crazy wig I also think that Sunny, Woo Bin, Byun may team up too? Idk why but maybe Lee Hyuk has a mental disorder? Like he ends up harming a person but can't remember after a point? Maybe he did kill his first wife and then Empress Dowager finished off the murder with her owns hands? On a side note - why is Chun Woo Bin so hot?????
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