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  1. I’m really fascinated with a man wearing in black uniform, why so handsome KW?? I love how KW asked about KJ hearing ability, as if He knows everything happen to her while his away (my heart! Boinks!). Stalker KW hehehe. BJ... he is so scary. Good job on staying alive, suicide is not his thing, Im actually disappointed at first when He’s into this suicide thing, like , how come he died by just like that? This is indeed a good script !
  2. I will still believe with KJ, if she believe that DW is good, I will stay with her hahaha
  3. I don’t know how many times i cover my eyes while watching voice 3. Too brutal? Im just hoping DW will be cured. The handshake he gave to KJ at the end is really him. I raised my eyebrow when I thought he will do a handshake with KJ, and glad that he just slap it, because that’s what really he is, that why maybe KJ smiled after.
  4. I got a hard time logging my account in!!! I’m actually loving the first 2 episodes, the main purpose of the golden time was still there at the same time The DW story begins.... It such a relief that the friend and okasan still alive. Such a great mothers day episode! Let give our mom a big hug! I will try my best to behave for not rooting team leader DW and director KJ, i will behave.. although they really perfect with each other minus the 2nd personality-psychopath DW...I can’t help it, DW need her and so KJ hahaha peace!
  5. Hahaha no, no, not to BJS. Sorry for confusion after watching, he asked me, did KWD kill BJS? Because he’s vomiting lots of blood, and the faces of the other detectives are like seeing a dying man, like , on the last breath. There something happened in between. Did KWD cry because he tried hes best not to be like BJS but still he killed him to save KWJ? And remember everything from the past? What really his past? Since both of us believe about the “time space “ on this series, my heart telling me more that KWJ is alive... lol and my hubby said, of course shes alive.. season 3!!! Tsk!!! Can’t believe for this mountain hangger!
  6. Wait, is BJS on a last breath? Dead? Did KWD kill Him?? ”If you save me, KWJ is dead?” Did he kill him? Is that the reason of his tears!? my hubby just watched the ending, now he’s asking me this!
  7. Noo please! My shipper heart! Lol, but yes let’s believe it for now, Director Kang is alive... Im not really expecting romance but I just love to see a loveline between a Man and a woman who almost have the same dark experience. KJW and DKW are more focus on looking of what they want to achieve! Something different, not the common pair of the other one is joyful and the other one is stiff, or the other one is rich and the other one is poor. hehehe. anyways, thanks for the updates!
  8. Hello everyone, i know its been a though week for us. Been waiting for the last 2 episodes then resulting a very dissatisfying ending. I was too shocked i dont know what to say or think but Im glad to all your thoghts and posts. I always want to believe and stay positive in this..so i will also wait for the news before giving up on them. Will definitely dont watch the voice 3 if Director Kang is dead... for me, It is actually an open ending. Their teaser for every next episode is always open, so I will hang on that, I do believe there are something happening between the time... like the end of episode 11, the dispatch team already trying to open the icebox, but they showing also that BJS was in the center turning himself in but totally in episode 12 the time is different. While BJS turning himself in, the dispatch team is already inside BJS basement and checking it after the fire and saw chief Na at the wall.... How come, when detective Park found team leader Do and BJS, he looks not concerned about the explosion?? So I will stay positive for now... even though it hurts...
  9. Whoaaa thread is fast, saturday s approaching...still waiting... @meon yes a sad child, I just bubble it for my want-to-have-a-romance..i just love KW angst. Once again i put my hands up as one of the viewer that totally not disappointed in season 2.. And I also just came out again in soompi because of voice, looking forward on this. And cant help to express and voice out my thoughts also.
  10. To lightened my stressed day, i watched again some clips Of earlier episodes, and I just realized that I started to hope or feel some light romance with KW and KJ when KW told KJ if shes a stalker during the jail-offer-thing. KW is such a very confident man , on his looks or as a man or so hahaha ....he even told KJ when they were in a car, “if your interested in me”... so theres a little bit loveline eh?? Lol anyways all in all, the second time I watched this drama, i realized i missed some of information that already tackled in earlier episodes and been connected to recent one. So maybe to the fans that get dissatisfaction, maybe try to watch it again? For no more disappointment
  11. As LDW said, rather than comparing, he thinks this as different drama, having its own story makes him try hard to portray the role and give us a new team leader, And I absolutely love it. He’s doing a great job by making some of viewers frustrated, angry, sad, confused and fall for him more... LHN, I wish she will be in season 3, this is HER DRAMA, her story, they will not call it Voice if the person who has a great hearing ability will not there. They need someone who can hear the voices.. and the other one who had those ability that viewers know was dead already-the Japanese girl.... I do think, season 3 have the same casts. They just dont want to give all the details for now..
  12. OmG! Thanks for the info about voice3..Even though too many questions hang, we cant deny how good LJW nad LHN as an actor. Ahhhh will try to not raise much hope on romance between team leade Do and chief kang hehehehe
  13. Ohh i don’t expect a loveline actually specially in OCN, I just love how those two interact and how it smell like romance although its not... @ellelyana88 i know right? the eye language! I just love it Yehey for the comments, ... i feel good now.
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