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  1. thank you for all the inputs! I just love this drama so much and fell in love with secretary Cha! I actually love all the secretaries, different personalities and hoping all of them will love our acting president Park. No traitor please, it will break my heart big time!
  2. All I can say, how will I survive for a week after this so intense ending???
  3. Haisssst, no doubt about the actors fantastic performance, specially that ending? They made us angry and really sad at the same time. I don’t want to keep hating them and even the writer m, because looking in her perspective, she has some point. Our poor heart just can’t accept it because we see them in 2 season together and the last season is focusing too much to that cybercrime that we didn’t able to see some the real team work of GTT and KW and KJ like in season 2. Im just hoping no season 4, thats it. my shippers heart is heartbroken, I remember the day when my fav couple didn’t get together by the end of the series, but they become couple in real. is it too much to ask if LHN and LJW become couple in real life? Silly me. Happy thoughts everyone.
  4. Im actually doing it right now, cant move on
  5. I like Dr Jang but why do I see a voice 3 ending if i will like him more?? anyway, i still like how this program goes, an additional character of dr jang is way too awesome for the story. Hows he become related to the case and how he know forensic is really wow.
  6. oh yea that crying scene, LHN nailed it! You can feel it. I almost cry with her. A cry of losing a love one. KJ’s feeling, you can feel it in that moment. I wanna cry from disappointment though. and yea same with others, don’t want to watch it anymore or Im not totally excited if there’s a season 4
  7. it is really on the head? Still in denial, KW already had a head injury or blood in “that” head before SWAT shoot him. And how come the distance of their body, like between him and kaneki is quite far? How did he fell from the shot? Ahhhh ”that rest in peace” blew me off really, but somebody keep whispering on me that, they can declared KW death but it doesn’t mean he was dead. He needs a new name, a new life, but even then, if he is actually alive, how can he be a GTT now? Im really heartbroken, KJ hearing getting well means a possible S4. So she probably get a new partner then!... thanks everyone for the input and sights, at least i found myself watching the last episode, I actually dont want to watch it but because of you guys, i took a courage to watch it..
  8. WHy i why!!!???? Why so handsome LJW? If you think about it, It will be hard to be KDW after all of these. Family background, social life, all was totally a mess already, Maybe thats why the writernim decided to kill him. But still!!!!??? After too may high hopes why do she need to do that? She can change it and get it better. Make a light after the darkness huhuhuhu. So sad.....
  9. Whaaaaat???? *sobs my man! You will survive and forgot everything, typical some series. If that will happen then I will wait for season 4 but really???? I need season 4 with KW!
  10. I’m watching the season 2 again, will miss this drama. My shipper hearts is happy with season 2 as there’s a lot of teases and hints of KW and KJ “romantic” thinggie. season 3 is quite dark and my couple was falling apart, to many distance and space happening. But still, i Love the story, and once again LJW shows how good actor he is. Looking forward for the ending..
  11. Dropping by after watching the recent episodes. Im a fan of season 1, but I can say this season is more interesting and way better. I always hate the ending because i don't know how can i survive for another week. anyways, the first time dr han met dr jang, i find something about them already, and i love how these series put some love spices every episodes to reduce some stress. Sally is way too cute, and the gang are awesome. From the prosecutors to police and nfs. And now the emergency doctor. So dr jang probably have a split personality.
  12. I know right??? I actually scream a little and curse! Hahahaha I do believe Agent Jin is on the good side. will BJS kill Kaneki then? Maybe he will show up at the end, kill kaneki and kill himself after hehehe. I don’t want them to see in season 4 if ever
  13. Ok, is that kouske’s mom? Waaaa im so sad! We have 2 episodes left.. and how come the psychopaths are not that handsome oppa as before?? been out for a while but i never missed the episodes. I’m glad that everything is quite clear now. And as KJ said, the human brain is still unknown to us there is always a mystery beyond human limitations. So i still have faith with KDW. Even it hurts on my shippers heart, i will accept any endings as long as KDW is alive and well treated. Just let KJ visits him in the rehab please...
  14. About the body parts that was auctioned and sold. So, the one who bought those probably believe that parts are like a “talisman”? Maybe thats why body parts of the police officer are more costly or pricey because they believe that it will protect them...
  15. Awwww Matsunada Kouske! I like how the old geezer called him! DW still guilty about KJ. His expression...aww...when he saw The mark on KJs neck. Their yelling part i like it, its about time, they should yell more often and maybe they can understand each other after. An LQ indeed. Yea i dont know how can i survive for a week..
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