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  1. I will miss them to the highest level!! I love the last episode, although love confession whatsoever never happen, I love the squad, from being students who only think that the school is competition to being friends at the end. For me, the end game still Sol A and JH. For me, standing up with Sol A during the mock trial is a sign that hes into her. As Sol B said, JH will decide. Haist I love them! I don’t know what will happen to me if the faith intertwined and KB and RH will have another project together.
  2. She gain popularity in reply 1988. Our borashiiii... why do i have bad feeling now with Prof Kim? For some reason she scared me now? Its look like she have a very deep grudge with the assembly man. JH! Please tell Sol A what you really feel okay???
  3. Kim Bum is so nice to post this, to comfort our shipper heart. love it!
  4. Hmmmm Prof Kim???? I’m kind of having a different feeling. I’m excited to see how they can depend a bad guy to the real culprit, I’m kind of understand the lawyers now, they need to depend everyone. Its a good to know. SolA! Your so cute for being sensitive about JH and SolB. I wonder how this love line will clear up.
  5. Actually the word is “want to look out for”, and at the end, Sol A said its her roomie that JH wants to look out for, and JH said “are you disappointed thats its not you?” so I guess....I don’t want to buy it but it keeps me wondering about the love-line between SolB and JH from the start. as Kim Bum said JH approach to 2 ladies are different.
  6. How can I survive for another week! I can’t help to ship, when JH did the recitation on their first day of class with Prof Yang and he said “kissing this fellow student on the lips”, I knew he's already into her. Anyways I’m in for loving the slow pace!! I love it! The story makes very interesting in every episode.
  7. I’m loving this drama, and can’t help to ship Sol A and Joon hwi, their relationship, friends or love or so are adding a sense of security on the story. Its too heavy and doubtful but for those 2 and Prof Yang, at least I know that they are the good people here. very shocking for Kang Dan, I have a feeling that its Sol A sibling but I thought it’s a man. I love love this episode, its all about Sol A and Joon hwi for me. From helping each other, teasing to destiny.
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