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  1. I can’t help it, i teared up when they practiced. I love the episode today, my Captain Ah!, iksun being a father and his patient, JW being in love, and I definitely agree with SK mom! I will never divorce my husband to be more happy than me except if I found someone hehehe .I like how it all connected to one another. Dr Jang, Im actually rooting her at first with Ikjun but Im happy for her if she got that dinner. Im aching for more. The only Flaw of this series is we can only see them once a week! I love how they emphasize this Hospital, they don’t want anyone to accept something from patient and 3rd party company. Just make everyone cleaned, no politics or whatsoever
  2. Wow I can’t believe it! Hahaha but you guys are awesome for rooting IKJun and Sonhwa, They are actually my least ships, but I don't complain for the episode today, I like it, I really love this story. Thats why he believes that Dr ah like Iksun because it happened to him, bestfriend falling in love. Nice! And of course Junwan!! Congrats!!
  3. Hello!!! I can’t believe im here again after so long with my busylife! just want to dropped by to say I really love this series so far! Im a sucker for friendship drama. actually when I watch the first episode, I’m wishing that no love lines between the 5 friendS. I don’t want to be in a reply lovelines again. And I’m really glad when the side characters showing up. episode 2, i actually like ikjun with dr jang although she likes JWon, I still think Jwon is not interested with anybody right now. Then Ikjun become a divorcee. episode 3 last part makes me smile because of Dr ahn and SH. He treats and see SH differently. episode 4, Iksun is such a nice character, a major army vs a jerk dr. Im Very looking forward to episode 5 for JWan. When iksun said he visited her 4 times, it just hit me that there will be something. And the jealousy part make me think, then the last part when he shows up at the camp makes me giggle. anyways, all in all this series never disappoint me.
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