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  1. I honestly feel like that our Suk Joon might say he has married Pil Jeong in front of his girlfriend from the states. They might write up a contract saying that they are together even though its fake. But I am excited to see them becoming friends and eventually liking each other and backing each other up I find our main lead pretty attractive slowly everyday
  2. Me too. I really hope we see some chemistry and some cute scenes between them? OCN broke my heart with Voice 2 & 3 but because this is a tVN and the writer has written some sparks in Life for Cho Seung Woo so I really hope he has some heart drooling scenes with Bae Donna. Maybe he'll have some heat with Jeon Hye Jin? Desperately waiting for August.
  3. I'm okay with a loveline too but isn't he way older than her haha? But I do like them together He is kinda cute in his own way ajhusshi types haha
  4. Honestly me too. (Yes I did start this show) I really hope he does become more confident and just blunt about how he feels. I haven't seen ep 7 but I have a feeling that our Suk Joon will become a great strong prosecutor but also someone who is hurt over his mom obviously but I'm sure his girlfriend might not be able to marry him due to him being illegitimate but also the whole gang fight scene. let's see
  5. You know I was also thinking Liar Game. LJH has taken my heart already and I am so ready for Stranger S2 to be on air. And its nice seeing you here!
  6. Im really liking Lee Joon Hyuk here. Ino he's alittle talkative and extroverted but I think his character is a very good one just being a normal dude who goes through something he never thought he would. I am looking forward to the next episodes
  7. I think Hye Joon is a little confused now after ep 14 on who she can like. Eugene Han is her twin flame and Yi Hun is her soulmate. But from what I see that Eugene and Hye Joon have better chemistry but I think at the end of ep 16 we might have Yi Hun actually ask Hye Joon for a date (hopefully) and that means that Eugene Han is mine officially Jokes apart, I have been really enjoying this show and totally gonna miss it unless we have a second season.
  8. Man Jang Hyuk you are unstoppable and hot and that hair Lol, I kind of got a feeling that Team Leader Hwang kind of has a hand in killing Isu...When Jang asked our "Guy" the camera gets back to her but who knows. But I do know that Team Leader Hwang does like Oh Hyun Jae for sure...that girl has her eyes on our long-haired dude. Like who wouldn't? Isu is lucky to have Oh Hyun Jae actually chasing after her killer...not many guys do that. Scary case - very similar to one of the cases in Voice 2.. and this fake "Guy" kind of reminded me of Kwon Yool's character from Voice 2. I am happy to see that Jang Hyuk will be doing some action sequences (hopefully) in the next couple episodes. I really wanna see his romance LOL with me! Other than that I really love everyone's theories on here.
  9. I got a feeling that maybe Professor Chae didn't feel like Yi Hun is up to mark for the economy workforce, like he doubted his own son's capability. Yi Hun is a very nice man (so far what we have been shown) and he is smart, and not afraid to speak up the truth regarding the bankruptcy issue of the bank.
  10. Omg I loved the first two episodes too and so far everything is great. I loved Lee Hye - Joon, I completely understand her and how she feels because it's hard to show that you know your stuff when people around you are judging based off of your schooling or personality etc. She is a self-made woman. I kind of have a feeling her uncle might ask for money for his debt? I had a feeling the aunt might have already borrowed money from her? Maybe I'm wrong but I hope Yi Hun sees Hye-Joon's capability. I feel like their relationship might be a little similar to Hwang Simok and Han Yeo Jin from Secret Forest. I hope to see a little bit of sparks here and there later on in this show between the two. As for Heo Jae, he is similar to Chang Lee from Secret Forest, thinking he's doing the right but ultimately causing damage. But I am excited for this week's episodes.
  11. I think Jang Hyuk looks so cool in his new hairstyle, especially when it is tucked behind his ears #goinggagaforjang
  12. He might be working off the books? Lol I haven't seen the trailers much and can't understand Korean - but to me it looks like he is operating with the police force but without them knowing that he has re-opened the case about the serial killer again...
  13. So I guess I'm in love with Jang Hyuk again... and man everyone has the badass haircuts here. I think Jang Hyuk's hairstyle was inspired by Keanu Reeves John Wick? Kinda wished Lee Ha Na was in this one too... maybe we could've seen a love story but I don't mind the main leads romancing each other
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