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  1. I honestly like them too. They seem to be caring people even though Seo Jin lost his caring self while trying to work to get success. This can happened to anyone and he reminds me alot of my dad. My dad always was into to work (still is LOL) but often told me and sisters that he wants us to grow up fast but now he says that he wished we were still kids. I feel bad for Seo Jin but he seems like he has upset alot of people in the past. Lets see what happens.
  2. I have been loving this show and the twists ! (I'm glad I started this one cause after Stranger 2 I couldn't find anything - except for re-watching old shows that I've seen!) I honestly think the wife is alive cause after she and Kim Seo Jin have the fight in the hospital - the manager and her are alone after Seo Jin leaves. I'm sure they discussed something. The manager & the assistant both don't like Seo Jin and think he has harmed their life in someway. I'm sure the reason why Seo Jin is getting flashbacks cause whatever is happening in Ae ri's timeline - must've occurred a
  3. I'm surprised not many people are watching or even on this forum for this show! I really liked the first two episodes. I honestly do feel like the guy with the glasses has something to with it and the personal assistant does know something. I like the theories of something to do with the wife but I also think she wanted to leave Kim Seo Jin because of him kind of controlling her just for his success. Kim Seo Jin is nice but has his own ways of manipulation (for his wife and kid). I also have a hunch that maybe Kim Seo Jin's condition is making him dream bizarre things? LOL who knows
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