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  1. Cos theres no news, no roles thats why u can say, share or do anymore. Im being repetitive too. My hubby and children kept saying why i always watch the drama over and over again. Just keep circling around between alml, mgl and 5c. Embarrassed but nothing i can do. Dont leave, just rest until her next project.
  2. LOL. Just really like me. Dont worry, Dont be afraid, just let it flow. You dont need rehab. Marry wont solve your problem. This is me, married with 2 children, more chaotic is absolutely yes. No me time, but almost 90% my mind its on shs. Even right before sleep. No one around me know nothing bout kdrama where i can talk to. So this forum is my sanctuary. I dont want to burdening u, just dont leave. I like what you’re doing right now bout shs, so grateful theres somebody like u @immorethant.
  3. I love her name shin hye sun and its meaning but im ok with her using shin hae sun cos her name is combination from park SHIN HYE and goo HYE SUN. So when i first googling her name, that 2 artists came up first.
  4. I did..!! I dig all of her drama. After ALML, i start digging her other project. First vp, 5c, 3017, mgl, hod lastly stranger. Actually for the last two, i dont want to watch, since i know shs dead in the end, and its dark, gloomy sad ending drama (i avoid this kind of drama, sad ending) but since i ran out of her show, i watch it eventually. In stranger, i admit it she stolen the show. I want to ask about stranger though but i still dont know how to upload an image.
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