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  1. Hahah I love how there's Minglan in there. She probably is my favourite cdrama heroine. <3
  2. I just watched the first 2 episodes... I got Harry Potter vibes, which is a good thing, in my books. It looks so awesome. I think Calvin Chen's character is going to be interesting and quirky. I'm looking forward to their interactions. I'm so happy with this production.
  3. I don't know any of the actors nor do I know the story but the images are so pretty and it looks interesting. I think I'll check this out.
  4. hahah I didn't see that. Thank you! lol. I seem to like the glistening ones xD. I actually think the best one is Yoo Jun Sang. He's 50??! that's crazy. I picked Legend of Fei as the best cdrama (I had to choose one) because... that's the only one I watched from 2020 For kdramas, I've only seen Flower of Evil and Meow...and I'm not disappointed in Flower of Evil (might be my favourite drama) but Meow was a bit strange (but I managed to finish it, which is rare). sorry, Meow.
  5. I really did not watch enough dramas last year >_< The only 2020 dramas I've seen was: Flower Of Evil (I'm still watching) Meow, The Secret Boy Legend of Fei (still watching/airing) I mostly watched cdramas last year - but 2019 dramas (which was a great year for cdramas imo) I don't think I can fairly vote
  6. I just watched Ep. 3 of Our Song yesterday... when I saw Xiao Zhan, he just made me smile <3
  7. I finished this drama a few weeks ago. it's just so good. It has topped my favourite cdrama list. I wanted to know what's next so I just purchased the books, without really realizing I only bought the first 5 of 20 xD. My chinese is crap so maybe i'll just see how the first 5 goes. However, I also started reading some reviews and it sounds like... Fan Xian is much nicer in the drama. . Oh well. I had an inkling after I saw the Saintess that the source material might be a harem, then I saw the tags on novelupdates. lol. I should be used to this, as a former (?) anime fan.
  8. That's such a cool pic. It's invertible ... ahhh so cool! thank you for sharing. I also really love the concept poster. I can feel Mo Ran's anger!
  9. Yes! I wish... I wish they did that scene (Ep. 13 spoiler) It's cute but, this is If they just ran...
  10. oh this is starting to bug me right now. Did they stop and chit chat when they were running in the novel?
  11. I just finished ep. 12. I find it enjoyable, the only problem is, I think they have too many characters, so it makes the plot kinda thin. I'm enjoying watching the leads act with each other. It's so cute.... and Yibo's smiles/winks are deadly to me. Anyways, I created a family relationship chart because there are just so many characters. I tried making it spoiler free, but it might spoil some people's experience. https://graphy.studio/graphs/eB1y62ae2uDFoOnhF8xC Feel free to correct me if you find an error. I decided to put the techniques in t
  12. The Fei couple won fan favourite awards recently for two different dramas, which happened to by my first two favourite cdramas (The Story of Minglan and Gank Your Heart) https://38jiejie.com/2020/10/18/zanilia-zhao-liying-and-wang-yibo-are-the-viewers-favorites-at-the-30th-golden-eagle-awards/ I can't remember where I've watched the video - but they were cute interacting with each other - couldn't decide who should speak first.
  13. ^ I wonder why they pixilated their costumes. Usually the fans would pixilate their own faces. haha
  14. Because it wasn't scary enough, I would only watch the Untamed when it was dark outside and - with minimum lighting. lol the only episodes I was scared was in coffin town/Yi City (which is so awesome). I personally don't mind the romance between the two guys - I actually kinda like it than some of the romance I've read/watched with straight couples. I felt like some of that connection was missing in the Untamed (I just finished that drama last month and haven't read the novel either), which is understandable because of the censorship. However, reading 2HA... the romance is a key
  15. I'm only on chapter 50 - so I haven't been introduced to Ye Wang Xi yet. Interesting. they changed another character. Now that I got further into the story, I really don't mind Shi Mei as a female. I could totally picture Shi Mei as one (it really helps that they used the name "Mei") Yes... haha yes there's plenty of gore and scenes where Mo Ran is trying to figure out his feelings for CWN, which aren't exactly PG. looooool. I've watched the Untamed (by the same production company (?)) - and I didn't find the gore that scary at all. lol. They used super bright red blood
  16. I just started the novel.. and.. this is going to be so interesting to see how they're going to get past the censors. ROFL I can't believe they changed Shi Mei to a girl. Oh well.
  17. I wasn't either. I even watched it occasionally with my mom - and she has no idea to this day that it was BL. It's not a full blown romance and I think it's subtle. It's more about bromance in the drama version.
  18. Broke up with my bf yesterday...I probably should have broken it off a while ago, as things always felt off. But I because of the lockdown and time on my own, I think it helped me realize I am happier by myself. We're just not suitable for each other. It was hard for me to call it quits, as I felt some unexplainable guilt about the whole thing. However, now that I have, my friends and family all seem to support me, which makes me a bit teary, more so than the end of a relationship. My mind was a bit of a mess yesterday... but I think now, I have a better understanding of myself and what I want
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