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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] About is Love 大约是爱


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47 minutes ago, angelangie said:

anyway if u need more closure for the parents and WeiQing closure....u can proceed here 


Thank you :blush: 

Ending of drama spoilers below: proceed at own risk. *You’ve been warned*...


Oh wow, yeah I definitely didn’t realize that WQ was gone for 6 months. Holy crayola. At least it wasn’t a time separation for a different century or something like that. *phew* 

Did they really not talk/email for that amount of time? If so, why not? *rolls eyes*

 And thanks for clairifying about that Random Lady. I was so confused at why this person was hitting on him...still a bit wigged out, but I’ll get over it. lol. 

Its sad that we didn’t see his Mom completely forgive him, but I suppose that’s logical given the pace at that moment.

Also, it was funny to me to see MingQing get married so quickly after the proposal, but now that I understand there was a time jump, it makes more sense. lol. 


XF and FF are so adorable. At first, I thought XF was going to be a love interest for ZS in the beginning of the drama since he bought her that paint, but then it didn’t go that route.

Hey, if you have time, can you explain what XF said to ZS before he passed out when she came to rescue him (but then needed rescuing herself ROFL :o)? 


I suddenly feel like I’m on a Chinese roller coaster. There’s several that just came out that I am highly anticipating, let alone one or two Korean dramas. Real life is gonna get hampered down by drama watching. I may need to curb my interest....argh! After having a drought of drama fun, suddenly I’m drowning in too much fun! :crazy:


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Thanks for summary. 



1 hour ago, vietgurl4ever206 said:

the way that she begging WQ for her crush to get a personal interview w WQ,


Keep in mind, the character is 18/19 years of age, immaturity still running rampant, crazy in love with her MingGe, and she also knows the Head Honcho’s secret! Heck, if I was in that deep in love, there is no telling the lengths I’d go to help my crush if I had connections like that.

 (Of course, my methods would be more refined since I am a woman of mature standing. LOL)

So yes, ZS may be sounding selfish, immature in asking for this favor. It reeks of desperation, but we have to keep this in mind: her youthfulness, sincerity, and her innocence are her charms; She such a Candy! Her character’s growth is what we hope to see with the connections to her friends and WQ. 


Besides...they didn’t make WQ to be 10+ her senior for nothing! *wiggles eyebrows* 

(okay, okay exiting the gutter now.)


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3 hours ago, angelangie said:

@Jafstar u might like this BTs :D 


OMG. Dead. :lol: Why is it so hot here?? LOL. 

How hilarious, the actor who is WQ (I don’t recall his name!!) is taking pictures! Omg. Points for reference?? Hahahahaha. 


Yes...thank you for this BTS. Just what I needed to wake up...:D...though I’ve already been awake for HOURS...this just spiked my adrenaline. LOL. Go!


And 10 billion!! Yasssah!! 


He picks her up so effortlessly...*swoon*...of course she’s pint sized...sweet cutenesses.

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55 minutes ago, angelangie said:

acting from YanSi a bit rough on the edge on certain parts but i have no complain as his chemistry with XiaoNuo is good


Definitely he’s an actor to watch as he improves his craft, and having that chemistry with XiaoNuo is a great A+++. Hope they colab again!

YanSi seems to be such smiley-faced guy; how can he keep such a straight, stern look as his character?! lol. He did well.  XiaoNuo is fairly new to me too, but I really liked how she played as ZS. 


One of the things I didn’t like was how makeup was done on YanSi; too heavy at times. He looked too dark in some places compared to the gals. And something  funny was happening with the hairline around his ears, it didn’t look natural. (Maybe it was just me? lol) And then XN’s contacts were sometimes off putting; the effect was to make her eyes larger, but I felt it distracted me from truly seeing her emotions. I must say, overall, it’s a great show. It kept me interested, I got invested into the storyline and characters pretty deeply; heck, the fact that I’m still itching to talk about it, says something. lol.

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@angelangie Xiao Nuo is so pretty :D She’s like a cute Porcelain doll.


I wish I had more time and was a bit more tech swauvy to post a picture to explain why I said that...I recall some scenes where the photo lights were reflective in her eyes, and the contacts were magnified so that it made her eyes look a bit odd/abnormal. Oh well. The film crew should’ve been paying attention to that detail, but I’ll let it go. Hahaha. 

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2 hours ago, angelangie said:

i was more occupied with them on the screen hahaha and enjoying their conversation more :)


That’s cuz you understand the language! :P LOL Me, on the other hand, has to rely on my skills of observing facial and gestures to understand the linguistics. (Again, this is why I appreciate you being here, to help me when I question what are their conversations all about.)


Ahhh. Chasing each other in a muddy field for fun. (I wonder how much fun that actually was for the actors. lol. It’s cold out right? Heh) So this was the part where she was trying to help him cope with his trauma, so that’s why she put on the Aristocats’s Marie costume afterwards. Hmmm. Was she trying to associate a good time with a painful trigger? (But it wasn’t a real cat...lol.)


And I love how his Secretary just stands at the side...he’s probably snickering at his easy job. :lol:


Thanks for the stills and gifs.

I just adore that pic with him in the tux and holding her hand. That image would be adorable as a wedding card or something like that...and I also love the other one where she’s standing and he’s buried his head into her *ahem* chest..it’s such a sweet intimate picture.

Which leads me to MingQing wedding pic. They totally fooled the audience with ZS’s wedding dream, and then actually gave this couple a wedding. But they are cute too. (Although I totally understand why them getting married doesn’t go with the flow of the drama, so I am happy we didn’t see WQ/ZS get married.) 


Did you hear someone was proposing a second series already? LOL. Somewhere on YT, I read a comment that wants to see the OTP’s wedding and them having kids. But they most likely won’t do this since the story pretty much wrapped up ends. (And who wants to watch normal, everyday life?! Hah! I’m watching these fairy tales to release my stress of normalcy!)


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On 12/25/2018 at 10:26 PM, angelangie said:


yes it is different but i usually dont read books on drama that i enjoy as i want them to be solely stand alone....


i might pick the book up sometimes but usually i leave them alone :) 

I had no bias for this drama since I didn't read the novel. :D  I'm rewatching this drama again for the New Year. :) happy New Year!! 

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32 minutes ago, abal2000 said:

Anyone, can you tell me where exactly i can watch this with engsub please?:)

Sorry only Chinese and Vietnamese subs available right now. I would sub for you but it takes too long for me and I have too much going on with the new year.

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