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  1. So late but I just finished this drama! The beginning was a bit slow and boring imo but afterwards I loved it!! So cute!! I watched this after watching About Is Love and I Hear You (both of which I also really liked since I'm a sucker for cliche romcoms <3) so I wanted to give this drama a try. After watching Long For You 2, I love the actress Xu Xiao Nu even more and I am absolutely in love with Riley Wang omgg (he's sooo cute ahh) -- especially since I liked their characters in this drama a bit better than their ones in the other 2 dramas lol (FM was less 'dumb' and ML was less cold [: compared to ZS and SW). I am a canto speaker and know a limited amount of mando so I understood 80% of the eps (and then used google's photo translator for some parts) after I realized the rest of the eps from like 11 onwards had no subs lol. Some parts with the villain was still confusing tho - like what was the point of what he was doing? How would it help his wife?? But overall I really liked the drama!! (maybe even a bit better than About Is Love and I Hear You ? - which is probably an unpopular opinion haha - just because it was a little more interesting with the time travel concept and how there was more of a plot w/ a villain and all). Side note (maybe a spoiler): I wished ep 23 was the ending after they had the perfect day together since the ending in ep 24 was pretty wack imo (like what the heck was that ??!! arghh I didn't want the ending like that even tho it was technically a HEA). But also I hope more ppl watch this drama it seems so underrated !
  2. Found the first ep subbed on this blog! https://jasminechaitea.blogspot.com/2018/12/about-is-love-english-subs.html
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