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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] About is Love 大约是爱


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7 hours ago, visiopeia said:

This week don't have any episode? I have watched till ep 24 .... am i up to the date? lol.. i am dying for the next episode....


No, you're up to date! :D It cannot come out fast enough for us who are addicted. :lol: I watched all of this week’s worth of episodes in one day. Now am twiddling my thumbs for @angelangie‘s additional picture posts. (Most appreciated!) It’s hilarious to me that this drama (out of all the other famous currently out) is what has gotten me out of lurking mode. It’s just too sweet! 

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1 hour ago, angelangie said:

its in between episode 21


i put it in spoiler.....but i just have to RANT!!!



Oh I know how you feel!! I was mad too!! Is she really his Mom? Is she mentally ill? Is there a birth secret that hasn’t come out yet? What weird thinking possses a woman to lash out at her child like that? What a freaking unkind thing to do to her own flesh and blood. More concern was over XF, and blaming WQ. *eye rolling* I mean, they both were in that fight, let alone, XF started it! Poor WQ was merely helping his girl out (OR did he come as an older brother to help XF? WQ seems to be genuine at times with concern for XF, but then when Mom steps in and continuously blames WQ, he retracts...The two probably would have a good relationship if it wasn’t for the parents.)  

What I don’t understand is: why doesn’t XF explain or defend WQ? How come he’s so passive in letting the aunt become so abusive towards WQ? It’s like what happens to WQ is none of his concern. Yet, he’s quite firey when it comes to the cousin meddling with FeiFey (or is that the Mom’s younger brother? So the guys’ uncle? I don’t know what is his relationship with the main lead.) Strange family. lol. 

Hopefully our girl will be the bridge to helping the Mom overcome her prejudice and reconcile the family. 

Especially now since XF’s older sister Or in his mind, his older brother, (at least that’s what I think who that rich lady is) has found him, if he leaves with her, then the Mom will be devastated!


Btw, thanks for the pretty pictures!


5 Billion views? Great! Moving up and up each week. 

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16 minutes ago, angelangie said:


the mother should have thank WeiQing for stepping in to save her precious foster SON!!!


Right! That’s a “normal” reaction one would expect from that situation; hers is way too extreme. Her anger at WQ is totally uncalled for, and is blinding her to reality. 


I love how our leads support each other when they are weak, and then hunker down for a power nap! Hahahah. So cute. (WQ reminds me of a cuddly large lap dog...)


Oh my! You’re fast!!! YOU POSTED IT!! Hahahahah


Question for you: do you understand Chinese or read it?



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37 minutes ago, angelangie said:

Answer: Yes I do understand Mandarin and read it....not very good....and if i dont understand i usually seek out the dictionary :D


That’s terrific! English is my native tongue, and though I can understand some words in Japanese, Korean and Mandarin from watching dramas over 10 years, there is no way for me to completely comprehend. 

May I bother you to translate a scene? Of course, I understand if you’re too busy, so ignore me if you cannot. I am dying to know the conversation up to the poolside kiss. I forget which episode...WQ and ZS are drinking by an indoor pool, she grabs his cheeks, falls into the water...that one? I promise that I’ll try not to bother you too much with translation requests. (Maybe one or two more...Hahahah)


Thanks in advance. :)


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10 minutes ago, angelangie said:

and WeiQing said lets just be thoroughly crazy then since they will forget about it the next day as they are after all drunk....

Thank you! You’re the best!

Ahhhhhh! :scream: :wub: :P 

Such sweet cringing words. I cannot wait for this series to be translated. (The heart-stopping lines WQ says will probably give me a heart attack.) See? This is why one doesn’t get “thoroughly crazy” drunk by the pool...no matter how much you drink to the point of forgetting, in the end, one subconsciously knows what you did. *tisk tisk* 

When she does remember, she gets “thoroughly crazy” embarrassed! 

Thank you again. 



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Just now, angelangie said:


you're welcome.....lols translating words by words will take me times....but i can do a summary if u want :)


just let me know which one.....and i try to find some pictures to go along with it to make it even better :) 


I’m fine with whatever you’re willing to take time for! Don’t need word for word translation, summary is terrific! I just wanted to know “important” scenes.


When you have time: Can you summarize in episode 24, why ZS goes to WQ’s psychiatrist’s office, and what the two women say?

And it seems like WQ & ZS’s relationship is blurring from boss/worker to friend/something more by the end of this episode: so can you explain what he said to her in the limo, and later why she’s packing her bags to come to his house?

(I suppose this is 3 different scenes. Heh. Well, like I said, if you have the time. No pressure!! We all have lives and I don’t want to intrude on yours, especially with the end of the year.)

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@angelangie Oh my! You’re so awesome! Thank you, thank you! *off to bookmark blog*


That is is a lovely rain/kiss scene. WQ really outpoured his desperation to rid ZS of unhappiness, kissing it away! *squee*

I also loved the prior actions he tried to take to prevent ZS from being unhappy at the party. (Really, that geek ZS likes so much is really clueless. Why do that there when the party is for ZS??)

Anyways, I don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t seen it, but I felt that was heartwarming as well.


Yes, you’re right. XF and FF are super adorable too. They’ve had a slow burn story as well, but I tell you! Wheewwwww. XF’s actions! He doesn’t seem to be an innocent guy at all. He does certain things that pushes poor FF’s romantic buttons! No wonder she’s falling for the innocently sincere, sexy boy, when all around her before was sly, slick and greasy men.

It’s these, and the other side characters, which add nice flavors to our main couple’s story. Its not like they’re just fillers. It has flow, depth, and definitely keeps me hooked in. I almost feel like I’m reading a novel when I watch this show. :)


Thanks again for taking the time to post pictures/gifs/link. 

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3 hours ago, angelangie said:

WeiQing was arrogant and know well what he wanted and he always try to manipulate thing to his own gain from the start however as he start to get to know ZhouShi and ZhouShi starts showing him there are more to the world than having all things at his beck and call he started to bend


You’re so on point. Love it. It’s funny how ZS’s so much younger than him, but she’s still teaching him how to live right. 


I agree with you about Ming and Qing (:D) their story isn’t as compelling as the other two. I’m not invested as much. Maybe it’s the actor and actress’ portrayal of the characters. I’m not too sure, but I know one thing: their names are adorable together. 


Next I’m wondering about that art class friend who’s hanging around ZS. He displaying some interesting emotions as of late. Have to wonder where that’s gonna lead. *wiggles eyebrows* 


Yes, Monday cannot be here fast enough, though the weekend will be eventful too!

And of course, while RL is busy, there is another ongoing Chinese drama for me to sink my teeth in during this holiday break that I plan to make time for. Heheheh

(I’m usually into Korean dramas, but Chinese/Mandarin dramas are what got me started onto watching Asian tv back in the day. It’s nice to get back into my beginnings.) 


Enjoy your dinner with friends, but no doubt all of us will be happy to see your pictorial additions when you happen to post. :lol: Oooh lalala! Great expectations! But...please don’t feel pressured. Real life is way more important. 

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Oh man, WQ’s smirk when waking ZS up with the frying pan! Hah! He’s one hardcore teacher, I mean, even his dimples are pulling all the stops as he’s dangerously serious about her studies!!

And ZS’s wise-eyed, deer in headlights look is so apropos...she’s trapped by the school master! So...if he’s this serious about her education now...how serious will he get in wooing her? Hahahah :lol:

These pics are great! :blush:


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Ahhh man, see? There’s a huge disadvantament in watching without subs. *sigh* Since I don’t understand the language, I can only go off of what I’m reading in body language. I mean, I sort of gathered that WQ was stepping aside, biding his time till ZS got over her Ming Ge crush, but I wasn’t fully sure when and for how long, etc.

But you’re right, it was very fulfilling to see WQ swoop in and get his girl from that Art Creep (whom I shall not name). What a loser. It’s not like ZS is Sleeping Beauty; what he was attempting is sexual assault. Grr. I kept on shouting at my computer screen to “wake up ZS!”, “can’t you tell the stinky hot breath isn’t WQ?!” lol. I wonder how dark this series is going to get with that character brandishing his paint knife.


In any event, I wish I could fast forward through the weekend and we can watch the next episodes. Oh how I wish the episodes would all be translated by the New Year! :D


You’re so wonderful in continuously feeding our fan-hearts with these amazing stills and gifs. Thank you

again. :blush:



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I agree with what you say here: 

8 hours ago, angelangie said:

what touches me the most is how he stood at the side to let her confess with MingGe, not many guy are able to do that....


however he is probably selfish to allow ZhouShi this....as he really wanted ZhouShi to end whatever feeling she once had for MingGe so that he can swoop right in....


Yes, I really liked how WQ pangstakingly, patiently waited for ZS to get over MingGe, and (I may have said it before) he even took steps to prevent her from heartache at the party. That’s a real standup move from a man; to protect, not just the physical body, but also his girl’s emotional state. (This drama must be written by a woman, eh? :lol:) I was just really impressed when WQ pulled MingGe aside at the party and (for lack of a better word) scolded him for thinking of confessing at that moment, in the spotlight for fear ZS would be hurt.


8 hours ago, angelangie said:

why did he slash it out on ZhouShi portrait that he did?

Well, thinking from this guy’s perspective: Since he’s been a “friend” to ZS...for how long? What lengths did he go to help her out? He seems to always be trying to help her out with school stuff, saving her seats for class, diverting attention from her when the students were gossiping about her “dating” WQ (correct me if I am wrong on this). In any case, ArtCreep has been waiting patiently for ZS to get over MingGe too. Thinking that by being by her side, once she gets over MingGe, she’ll naturally fall for the man who’s been there the longest. But now, this rich, swave, overbearing football jock is entering the picture! (WQ isn’t a jock, but I can imagine that’s what the ArtCreep feels) lol. So, egged on by WQ’s ex-girlfriend, ArtCreep starts to stew over the fact that ZS doesn’t appreciate his efforts, that she is easily swayed by WQ’s little efforts, but cannot see ArtCreep’s long-term commitment. He can easily feel that he’s been there the longest, he should be next in line, so her kiss he is rightfully ‘owed’. That’s ‘HIS girl’! It’s a sick line of thought, but...his likening turns into hurt, anger, and obsession and then....hate? (I’m really going with it now, ain’t I? LOL)

Yet, our girl really doesn’t know his feelings since he hasn’t verbally told her! [With WQ’s it’s the reverse: he tells her how he feels/what he wants (at least that’s what I decipher from observation, not comprehension.)] 

So ZS’s been in the dark on ArtCreep’s true intentions, just like MingGe was towards ZS’s own feelings. I’m anticipating either a full blown scary confrontation or a confession from ArtCreep. If it’s the former, probably WQ will prevent, and if it’s the later, ZS probably by that time be dating (or at least realize her attraction to) WQ and won’t accept.

So now that I’ve written a novel about ArtCreep....let’s just skip this guy’s scenes all together. Hahahahaha I am kidding! The actor has worked hard, appreciate his efforts to bring out this character. 


Last thing to fan girl/appreciate: 

That last still with all 3 couples, soooo cute! It’s like the cover of a manga.


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@angelangie Awwww, these stills are so pretty! Such feels...:wub:  

I know how you feel. This next week is already the last? It is a sweet sad parting. :bawling: At least they’ve given a lot of sweet scenes for us to treasure.


Ahh! That bathroom scene! XF’s actions of “innocently helping” FF, are so not innocent...oh my. *fans self*



I think you’ll enjoy Our Glamorous Times too. (The novel is way different than the actual drama, but if one can overlook such differences, it’s a great story as well.) I took a break from watching it (got up to episode 28 or something like that) since my attention got diverted. :lol: :sweatingbullets:  It has some more action packed situations, but the OTP is fun (the lead is so pokerfaced but such a tease!). 

One thing I noticed: Its pace may seem tiring.

I don’t want to spoil any further...you may like it how it is. I think because I read the novel first, I was expecting to see those scenes from the book, and when I didn’t, I was vastly disappointed. Argh. So please just go into the drama appreciating as it is. And if you haven’t read the novel, don’t! Wait till you’ve completed the drama. Hahahah. Just my two sense...:lol:


Thanks again for these beautiful pictures. I have enjoyed this show even more so thanks to your efforts. 

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I am getting +very responses in each and every forum I read about this drama.  Everyone so want to have the eng sub ASAP who do not know chinese.  I don't know when they will start to sub this cute drama.   I just watch m/v's on YT just to control my interest.  Now that I have another one, I am also hoping that the translations will start by the time, as the one I am watching will end next week.  

So, actually there are 3 OTP's in this drama, haaan,!!!!!  So cute pics of all the couple's. 

Since I did not watch the drama yet I hv not read the spoilers, will wait to read those comments.  

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1 hour ago, pad-hari said:


I am getting +very responses in each and every forum I read about this drama.



How exciting!!

What other forums have you read about this drama at? I saw some people’s responses at “my drama list” but I haven’t checked others.

I’ve seen the episodes on another drama site, but it’s all raws. As you said, there are people wanting it subbed but nobody yet has done it yet.


Yeah, I’d especially avoid all the spoiler boxes if I were you; @angelangie and I were trying to be careful but we may have gone OB since our excitement was hard to contain. :sweatingbullets: :D This is SUCH a GREAT drama!!! It’s underrated right now since the international fans can’t understand. 


A plead to people who are afluent In Chinese/English:

If you do sub this, can you let us know here ASAP??? Hahahahaha. 

(But seriously...I’ll be patient.) :glasses:


I’ve been grateful since @angelangie does understand and has widened my comprehension. 


Monday is almost here...yeah!

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1 hour ago, angelangie said:

i can work on the sub however it be great for a team first.


I am so limited in ability to help. How about my team role can be cheering everyone on, hmmm? “Jaiyo!” :joy:


Happy that it’s Monday! Enjoy your dinner with friends!


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Awww, 9 billion! Wow! (I usually don’t pay attention to view count; is that considered good or average?)


Congratulations to cast and crew! They succeeded in making such an amazing drama. Very much loved!


So, I watched the episodes, and as much as I was happy to see all ends wrap up, I find that the pace seemed rushed towards the ending. Maybe because I wanted one more week of story. LOL. (And one gripe I have...there was something weird with ZS in the last 1/2 of the last episode. Kinda felt like last minute prolonging till they got together. The flow didn’t feel right. Anyways.) 


And I knew it...


I figured from the getgo that WQ was the one to save little ZS in the pool! “What goes around, comes around” or “One good deed deserves another”

He saves her, she saves him, and then he saves her again...lol. The characters will owe each other for life! :lol:


Also, I think people are really catching onto this story now, since I see way more video clips on “About is Love” than when it first came out. Hooray!



I just found the second season of Long for You. (Hated the first with a passion; couldn’t bear to even finish it.) But! I really like Riley Wang’s acting (and visuals...:wub: heck, why try to lie.) I am seriously hoping they don’t kill the leads off like the first season; maybe they learned their lesson?

(And that poor boy looks too skinny now...but he’s doing great with the indifferent, cold ceo type of character.)


Thanks @angelangie for all your lovely pictures and discussions. I’ve enjoyed this series more so due to your help. Hope all are enjoying your weekend thoroughly! Happy 2018 Memories!

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I am watching ep 15 the way that she begging WQ for her crush to get a personal interview w WQ, to get the job is kind of mess up! Even through WQ explain to her it not fare for other that are have more experience then her crush she still begged him hope she know that she is using his friendships for her crush!

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