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  1. @Songbae My list of recommendations: The World Owes me a First Love About is Love Well Intended Love (and now there’s a Second season airing!) Gank Your Heart Put Your Head on My Shoulder A Little Thing Called First Love My ultimate favorite: LoveO2O For something that was low key good in its hay day, have you ever seen “ToGetHer” with Rainie Yang and Jiro Wang? This is a 2009 Taiwanese drama, and Rainie was also an original cast member of the 2001 Meteor Garden series. Rainie also starred in one of the first Taiwanese dramas I’ve ever seen called, “Devil Besides You”. It’s totally cheesy and cringing since it’s taken from a manga. But I admit, it’s one of those that got me started on watching Asian dramas back in 2007 when I was bedridden pregnant, and had nothing to do. lol. And if you’re totally bored of Chinese, Korean dramas have a wide selection, and there are some awesome Japanese dramas too. Just check out the various sites and see what floats your boat. Jiayo!
  2. Yes, I’m in the same angry boat as you. Feels like we got cheated. That “old fox” as you say had WAYYYYYY too many scenes than what YS should have had. Seems like many would appreciate a second season too! Fortunately for us who’ve been burned, there will always be another drama out there to heal us. Heh.
  3. @angelangie @pad-hari I’m crying for an ending that was happy, but left me still wanting more. Maybe a season 2? That’d be great!! ***Please don’t read my spoiler if you haven’t seen the last episode. I’d hate to ruin people’s bubbles.***
  4. No, no I meant the female lead (main lead)!!! I should have clarified her name in my post; can’t even recall her name now as I type this up. Hahahah. YS is way more memorable to me than her! Hahahahaha and I agree with you and everyone else about FX. I guess what this drama is all about: Finding HFX’s True Heart. Questions are: Will she be true to her heart? Or will social norms continue to dictate how she walks? (I’d prefer the first...he’s way more cute than the uncle. Hahahahahahahahaha)
  5. @pad-hari What did the notebook say?! Please say you know...lol. Hello ya all, I don’t often comment, but I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts so far, and of course those who’ve dropped many lovely clips and media info. Thank you! So it sounds like the last two episodes may be the only chance the OTP has to get together...? Unless...(this is my hypothetical ending) they make the ending about how she remains a single lady, fully knowing what she wants in life, just waiting for YS to come back from overseas, and then they get together two years later. I swear...if they make that scene of them hugging at the flower shop be the end scene...I’m gonna cry bucketsfull of tears for a drama-that-started-with-promise-to-a-drama-that-ended-on-a-sucky-note-despite-the-last-second-HE. They have been so miserable and frustrated not together that I’ve held off on watching the latest episode in Netflix cus I’m tired of being depressed and wanting to slap the ML for being a dull rag doll without making decisive decisions. Hah. (Yet...I still keep on wanting to watch more. Sick disease I have.) Anyways, let’s hope they do have a good ending. Please, drama god (director!!!) give us satisfaction for twisting our hearts and bleeding us dry.
  6. Wow! I wasn’t aware that they’d make a second. Exciting! According to Wikipedia, “Season two wrapped production at the end of summer 2019 and will be released February 13, 2020 on Sohu TV.” So a little less than 2 weeks (if Wiki can be trusted)!!!!!
  7. @angelangie Hi! I have been watching this series on YT up to ep 13. Mind if I ask you a translation question?
  8. @pad-hari That 5th gif you shared...the one with him raising his eyebrow...phew!!! Steamy. Hahahahaha!! Thanks for sharing!! @Table122000 I haven’t come across any word as of yet. (Which is amazingly a slow torture session.) But if I do, this will be the next place I’ll come to let you know!!! Hopefully they’ll release it soon, or someone who’s incredibly awesome at translating will be our savior... hint hint...any takers?...anyone? lol.
  9. @pad-hari @gladys57 and all you other English sub-dependents like me, Mango TV has subs out now! https://youtu.be/g49HXHSoLtg Looks like eps 1-3 are done so far. Enjoy!!!!
  10. Hi everyone!! I have started to watch the first episode and am liking it so far, but I can’t get over Xu Xiao Nuo being without her lead from About is Love. It’s okay, we’ll move on...Hahahah Thanks for tagging me!!
  11. I’m loving Tipsy too (it’s for more mature audience!) but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. It’s got such a sweet-first love touch. Drama has been well made. @nasaan ka Alex? ****I just noticed you posted. But I’m still typing this up since I put effort into it. lol. And I love love love your point: it’s probably NOT the first time he’s taken her picture. I really really wished the director had shown that he had been taking her pictures all along! (And now please just ignore the rest of my post since you already mentioned it. lol.) Yes, YN first took XMM’s picture in the theater (they didn’t show him actually taking the picture, but it’s heavily inferred that he did since it’s his camera.) That’s the picture that XMM’s Senior roommate pointed out that YN doesn't usually take people’s pictures, and then we saw XMM’s picture and of the Senior’s picture (which was taken by YN’s friend, sorry his name slips my tired brain tonight) on his camera. That was episode 16. Now the episode that @angelangie is referring to is episode 21, and here we actually see YN taking the photo. I still think that episode 16 is when he first took a picture of her, but we don’t see it happen onscreen. (I made visuals below for our enjoyment. ) https://www.instagram.com/p/B5oxBWCB5O-/?igshid=oxngledtxfzg
  12. So I just learned something about the OST. Did anyone catch that the song “Can you feel my heart” was sung by Wang Bowen, aka the character Wang Yi Chao? https://www.instagram.com/p/B5S8zCFFyLX/?igshid=h5i0uomrahd1 This song has been floating in my head almost daily since the drama started (and only until the drama is done do I check out who sings this). So kudos to him for singing such an amazing song.
  13. Yes, it’s his voice. I wasn’t familiar with him or his work in the entertainment industry prior to this drama, but he’s quite versatile in languages; he speaks Chinese, Korean, and English. Looking forward to more of his projects. It’d be funny to compile all of his scenes saying “Xiao Miao Miao”, he says it so sweetly.
  14. Just finished ep 32. YN and MM are adorable dating; loving scenes with YN drinking vinegar, and MM is a cutie with her sass. Haven’t had the time to watch past 32, but I’ve caught some spoilers on IG.
  15. No, that was cute, but I think you misunderstood my question...it was the scene where she’s studying at another part of the library...YN comes up, XMM starts exuberantly praising Dao Chow for giving her those study books, and YN gets miffed since he’s the one who told DC to give her the books. I can’t clip a gif of it, but he mouths something (that’s what was untranslated), and then he leaves, but not before giving her a pack of forehead “refreshers”. lol. He still can’t stop caring about her even when he’s annoyed. @Latte_Anyday I’m there too, at least what’s translated out there, but I’ve watched everything else raw...up to 23/24. Did you notice that there’s two versions out there? I think the Netflix version is shortened . So I have to hunt around everywhere for the extended version while on a mobile phone. LOL
  16. Ugh. Poor Miao Miao. She’s always turning him down, like how much negative feedback will she have to dish out until he gets the hint that she’s not interested in him? lol.
  17. I get what you mean, it’s not popularly a good idea to mix your own blood (cuz of the ramifications of defects; hello hemophilia!) And its just plain icky to think of people in the same family having more than the normal brother-sister relationships, but in this case, and in the other drama which you referenced, these don’t have blood relationships. @Latte_Anyday I was trying to quote you on a few other things you said, but my phone is going wonky. Anyways, regarding KT and him thinking that XMM is leaving architecture degree cuz of him bullying her, this is one reason why they’re not the OTP. His ego is too big, he’s like the big, macho man on campus, “follow me without questions!”, “Don’t do this, let me do it!” Even caveman picking XMM up, he doesn’t listen to her, doesn’t respect her desires, hopes and dreams. Well...that will work with HX, since she’s head over heels for him. lol. And XMM was sooooo adorable when she found out about the flowers! Kicking her feet up in the air, and her happiness back. Loved it!!!
  18. Finally got to finish episodes 18-20. Several parts stood out to me. For one, I really liked the conversation between LYN and LLK about HX and how LYN said ’if LLK doesn’t like her, then he should say so’. In other words, stop stringing her along if she hasn’t a chance. So that got me wondering if LYN knows his feelings towards XMM run more deeper than just a sister, otherwise, wouldn’t he tell her clearly that she doesn’t have a chance, if he didn’t like her? Loving jealous LYN! Heheh. The part where they were making food, and he was so jealous when XMM was laughing at LLK for being mistaken as Granny’s husband, LYN’s look was hot. XMM totally shut up when she saw his unamusement. Plus, he did his best at making egg dumplings, and when they sat down to eat, XMM was too into explaining her embroidery project, that she didn’t even compliment him on his dumplings!!! Hahahah, he was so seeking her praise and attention. So cute And let me say how much I love how LYN supports XMM’s decisions. It’s her future, she should love what she does. And he can tell she doesn’t care for architecture as she shines more when designing and creating clothes.
  19. Yeah. There’s a fine line to toe when you’re trying to make a story for people to enjoy, make it realistic, relatable, not distracting. But everyone’s preferences are different, and that’s okay. For me, it was her teeth that distracted me, but I got over it quick. The character’s personality made me be more attentive than per say her physical appearance. ***Sorry to post consecutively...as I’m on a phone, and do not how to do, could any moderator amend my posts? Thank you in advance
  20. Right? “Sister”, yeah right. Keep on telling yourself that LYN. Eventually that River of Denial ends... Love those pics. He just simmering on low burn, giving those eyes and smiles only at her. Oooh. Watched 13 and 14. Jealous LYN is so amusing to watch. So many ways he showed it, in these two episodes alone.
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