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  1. Thanks for the images @sugarplum892 and OST @morningdew! Just finished ep 10, and am sad that I don’t have a double episode. Hurry up and come Monday! lol. Unfortunately, they left it at such an epic cliffhanger: just before a match. No! I need more episodes!!! 45 minutes goes by too quickly. Feeling deprived so I went back & already restarted watching from the beginning episodes. Sigh. Drama Addict. (I am also rereading the novel to compare as its broadcasted.) Who else has pulled out their Rubik’s cube to work on while you watch this series? Are ya all
  2. Watched the first four episodes; only the first two subbed in English are out on YouTube, but if you search on the web, you can find out what else is out there. Anyways…first impressions: I like it. It’s good to see what I’ve read about come to life. Putting my thoughts below in spoilers in case peeps don’t like to know. Keep in mind that I’ve seen episodes 1-4 already.
  3. Our count down to June 23 begins! Its took forever to get here but now it will air soon! Is anyone else anticipating?
  4. Hi @Table122000 Funny that you brought up using the voices of the actors; just before I came back to check soompi, I was saying to myself that I hope they don’t dub the voices. Trailer seems sad; hopefully whatever else they tease us with will show the good times too. “About is Love” story was so impressive, if it’s the same writer it should be well-written. Hi @pad-hari I hope the airing date comes soon too. And that’s too bad about Angelangie leaving, was hoping to get her opinions too. Anyways, looking forward to seeing how this show goes down. (Not to go off topic
  5. Hello ya all!!! It’s been a long time since I came onto soompi, but I was apart of the group that follow About is Love the original series. I hope to share this drama with all of you as well. Hope to see @thunderman1 @raziela @pad-hari @sugarplum892@Table122000 (And I apologize; I know I left out others’ names.) ***Anyone know whatever happened to @angelangie? She was a big contributor to AIL. Cannot wait to see this soon!
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