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  1. So I guess I should probably watch that instead lol. But I'll still wait until for this one to finish airing to see what the response is. If the ending is okay, I'll continue it.
  2. Currently watching Nice to Meet You, then I came across this. I want to check this out too, but there are no subs. Fingers crossed someone subs it.
  3. So from what I gather this is going to end badly? Welp, guess I won't waste my time.
  4. Well, I just binge-watched the first 15 episodes and man I'm really not looking forward to the scene shown in the first episode. I am mean how can anyone come back from that sort of humiliation? I know it will likely be the result of a misunderstanding, but still. I could never forgive someone who did something like that to me.
  5. This looks cute from the previews I've seen, is the story terribly sad?
  6. Based on the trailers and clips I've seen, I'll probably check this show out. But I'll wait for a few more episodes to be subbed first. That being said, even though I haven't officially started the show that did not stop me from vidding it! Lol
  7. Do we have any updates on when this might air? Is it early 2019?
  8. New vid of mine, also, has anyone heard any news on if they plan to make a second season?
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