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  1. ITS OVER I'M SAD Aside from the sad parts where people died (not sorry for some of the deaths though) there were funny parts!!! Can't wait for the subs to be out, so I can rewatch and see what was lost in lack of understanding Korean.
  2. I am so late to join the party here!!! But I've been following the show!!! I streamed episode 15 live and I feel like not enough happened during the episode - but they also set the stage for tomorrow! Put some spoilers below... Excited for the finale tomorrow, but will definitely rewatch episodes 15 and 16 when the subs are out!
  3. Merry Christmas!!! And happy new year! Hi everyone I have no idea why but I chose this as my drama of choice to procrastinate my final exams and now that they're over I'm still watching!!! My thoughts on episode 8: I am super curious about Father Oh and Dr Ham's backstory! As for Father Moon, I believe the exorcism was a success and they got the demon back into the mother-of-pearl box because Father Moon managed to learn its name... But in order to do so he had to give up being a priest... In the meeting with the old priest who survived the last exorcism and sealing, the old priest said that the devil has priests too and becoming one was the only way to learn its name... So he sacrificed himself
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