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Lee Yoo Young ♥ Yoon Shi Yoon [Onion couple ♥ Gravity couple]


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On 10/15/2018 at 8:33 AM, yoondonggu said:


I think the core reason LYY's pic wasn't up there is largely due to her being 1N2D's unofficial sister-in-law, the crew and the members had a close knit relationship and were there to support LYY last year during the tragic incident. Besides, Kim Joo Hyuk's 1 year anniversary was just around the corner, the crew chose to exclude her pic for that funny moment out of respect. 

If YSY were to progress with LYY in real life, may invoke public unhappiness. Because YSY replaced KJH as the 6th member of 1N2D, it wouldn't look nice if YSY replaces as LYY's life partner as well......


P.S. sorry bout bringing the ship some realism.... just my 2 cents

I totally agree with this. But in the event that they do get into a relationship, I wish people would keep an open mind. The living must keep on living. Gutaeng's memory will forever live on, but if LYY and YSY found love in each other, I think he will be happy for them because YSY is a pretty decent guy. 

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Even if a love relationship is unlikely to happen between them, it's not impossible.


People can't expect she keeps mourning forever, she's still alive, she's human, other than her no one has the right to decide who she can love or not. Ofc I want her to heal her wounds, fall in love again and find happiness; and what if she finds those with YSY (or someone else) who are we to judge if it's okay or not? only her and her partner, no one else.

If LYY or YSY would have thought the same, that it's inappropiate to get linked together (as friends/co-stars/as on-screen couple) because KJH, they wouldn't have starred in a drama together as a romantic couple.


Ofc since they are celebrities,  I know public opinion can bring criticism if they make a progress a real life couple but why? They didn't cause the tragedy, not LYY not YSY, it wasn't their fault. YSY didn't steal his place in 1N2D, as he wouldn't be stealing "his girlfriend" either if it happens. Their love wouldn't be a crime, both are single and good people, public/fans should accept sooner than later.


Yes, I agree it's unlikely happening but not impossible. Who knows how destiny works? maybe all these situations can bring them closer instead of separating them, as a couple or as friends.


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A still cut of LYY for the movie "Grass":




Looks it's a black & white movie? unusual but it must be interesting since it's a film that participated in international film festivals, even though LYY's role is minor it's good to see her!


The movie premieres on Oct, 25 but there won't be press con or any promotional event .


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May YSY and LYY continue to SHINE at work and in their personal lives!


Shine (Your Honor OST Part 2)

I lost myself
Scattered in the thick fog

Like an extinguished star
I’m lost in the empty night sky

Oh babe, again, tell me
That tomorrow will come

Endlessly walking through the long darkness
I’m headed towards you, at the end of this road

In my heart that was filled with pain
Shine a warm light
Shine on me

Dreams, dreams of being someone else
Dreams I drew amidst angry eyes

I can’t even believe in myself
That’s how much I faded

Oh please, again, tell me
That it’s not over

I’m closing my eyes
So the night grows white
With the night
I’m going to you

In my heart that had a lot of sadness
If you shine a warm light

I wanna dream again
My one and only star

Some day, the darkness will crumble away
When you and I meet at the end of this road

In my scarred life
I hope your warmth can wrap around me
Shine on me





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Throw back to when he was filming in India for "My Big Question" - I quite enjoyed the documentary and how it explored the different views of "love" and "marriage".  I think it deeply affected him and made him rethink his views on love and relationships.



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27 minutes ago, nrllee said:

Back in uniform for reservist training  :). He looks good in uniform...maybe his next drama will be a military one?  :o



That would be nice! Guys in uniforms! :wub::lol:







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