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Lee Yoo Young ♥ Yoon Shi Yoon [Onion couple ♥ Gravity couple]


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O this is just the cherry on top for 2018.  After a disastrous start with an actress that was clearly a train wreck, we get the luminous LYY and to be honest I was skeptical they would be rewarded for their stunning partnership in DJ/YH.  And here we have it.  Both on the same table.  Both clearly in each one's corner as they celebrated together.  His tears as she got her best new actress award says it all for me...he absolutely adored their time together on set and he was so proud that they pulled it off together.  2019 is off to a great start!  I resolve never to allow fangirls of the train wreck actress to make me doubt you again Mr YSY no matter how deluded their posts.  Last night sealed it for me with regards to all the goings on behind the scenes and why you (YSY) behaved the way you did during and after the first drama of 2018.  Here's to Ugeumti and future actresses that can actually act and are genuine and professional.  You meant it when you said ZERO percent in an article (for those of us in the know :lol:)



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Finally he got a reward for his hard work, thinking about the first half of this year started so bad, he even was almost in depression, but thankfully he could find DJ, a meaningful work, and now he's getting the reward for his good work!! So happy! The same for LYY, she had difficult times last year and just started to work again, she got a reward for her talent and good work, hopefully it's only the first of many awards she's goint to get! I'm super happy for both!:wub:


Beautiful photos of beautiful people!! LYY is so gorgeous! 







Btw Happy New Year! What a great way to start 2019!! :wub:

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YSY crying when LYY accepted the award, but LYY wasnt crying.. thats like a couple in sync! Haha. So cute that he's crying on behalf of her.. just like what Kang Ho would do if So Eun becomes a renowned Judge! Whatever ppl say, they are the best couple in my heart! And they spent 2019 new year countdown together!!! Woohoo! Nothing is better than that! Ppl say the new year countdown makes ppl 'emotional'.. and the first kiss of the new year is especially special.. both gave each other their 'first' new year wish (kiss) for the year 2019! That they both end and start a new year together!!! That was the best present of all!!!! Who cares even if she didnt attend the drama wrap-up party.. she attended this last one only with him!! (And the director of the drama.. who else better to be with them, but the great director who dared to cast them together and technically brought them together? Thank you director!!!)

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Straight from the horse's mouth...a tale of 2 speeches...and the drama in between joins the dots together for all of us so completely it couldn't have been written any better. :wub:


YSY's interview on the red carpet when asked what he thought his chances were. He said he wasn't confident he would win anything but he attended to cheer the others on (LYY, PD and other cast).


She wins Best New Actress and he sheds tears of joy.


He wins his Excellence award and in his speech he explained how much he wanted her to win (which was why he cried when she received that accolade).


He is her avid fan...he clearly adored her on set.  Our eyes didn't deceive us when we witnessed their beautiful friendship. This just unfolded so unexpectedly (totally unscripted and real) but I am delighted.  Here's to their individual careers in 2019!


EDIT - he didn't even bother to show for his nomination for APAN...he was so ready to leave all traces of that drama behind.   :lol:

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