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Lee Yoo Young ♥ Yoon Shi Yoon [Onion couple ♥ Gravity couple]


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3 hours ago, rachelyun said:

Like I'm having a LYY thirst lately :wub: I just can't stop thinking about her, I found this interesting interview for the movie ""Remember me" from earlier this year.


That's because she has layers just like YSY. They are onions. Lots of layers.  And from that interview alone she is already so like SE.  Timid but with strong convictions. There are very few actresses like that who choose projects not because they will draw crowds or earn her the most money. She's drawn to characters with messages to convey. No wonder she dropped Terius to take up DJ!  It aligned perfectly with her convictions.  I hope she doesn't stay away from dramaland for too long. 

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I know I'm so into them when I started to watch fanmade videos:



So Eun LYY is ranked in Sep movie star reputation, number 28



She's always there, she was last month too, and her movie hasn't even been released :wub:



Chuseok greetings:



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BTS translation just YSY and LYY parts cr @blackberrypie



YSY: Im YSY who acted as KH and SH. In the beginning it was awkward and difficult to introduce myself as KH and SH, but now its awkward to introduce myself as YSY. I am happy to be able to act out both their lives, and the small stories, the stories of the ppl around (KH & SH), to be their voice (in telling out their stories), makes me happy. It really gave me a strong sense of responsibility, and for the opportunity offered to me, im really very happy. Really very happy. 


LYY: i thought it would be a long 16ep drama script, but somehow here we are at the finale. To be carrying the character of SSE who has lots of affection and is so lovable, to meet (such a character) im really happy. And to the director, writer, (continue clip below).. and all the staff who've helped me a lot, im really very grateful.


LYY: And to YSY oppa who's always beside giving me suggestions, always making the filming site atmosphere cheerful, the one who gave me the most help, im really very grateful to 'oppa'. Im relieved (that its ended) but feels kinda sad too.. 


Not bad - YH/DJ number 6 in top 10 Prime Time Dramas 2018


1. Return

2. Miracle We met

3. Shall We Kiss First 

4. Thirty But Seventeen

5. Suits

6. Your Honor

7. Partners for justice

8. Switch

9. Greasy Melo

10. Mystery Queen 2


Cr - http://koalasplayground.com/2018/09/23/sbs-drama-return-and-tvn-drama-mr-sunshine-currently-tops-2018-drama-ratings-for-network-and-cable/#more-92303




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When JJY addresses DG as "Pan Sa Nim" (Your Honor) as a greeting :lol:



Cake at the wrap up party. Aww look at the seesaw in the corner :wub:



LYY in Diva - I love how she is totally unpretentious.  So natural.  Relaxed and casual. 



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In which 2D1N members all ask DG to get them cameo parts in DJ Season 2.  :lol:



JJY - How many episodes (DJ) left?

DG - 6.

JJY - How's the ratings?

CTH - It's in first place.

JH - Next time have us as cameos.

JJY - Yeah. I can play a good defendant!

JM- JunHo will make a great defendant!

(Everyone bursts out laughing hysterically)

Someone says - He has sinned so much!

(More laughter)

Everyone - yeah recommend us as cameos in the next series!



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@allythefangirl there was nothing in the spoiler tag?  Not sure what scene you were referring to.


@Gravityoflove movie premieres today for general public but apparently VIP premiere happened on 19th?


Also YSY did an interview for K Style/Korean wave(Chinese magazine and endorsed a Ginseng product at the same time).  China market has reopened for Korean stars recently so he has plans to increase his Chinese exposure.   I have translated below.  He did this interview in late July/early August I think?



Hi everyone.  I am an actor.  I am currently filming a drama. My name is Yoon SiYoon.  So happy to meet you.


Q- You have recently changed your online image via a new drama.  Can you elaborate?

A- This is the first time I am doing a dual role in a drama.  It is a legal drama.  My character has 5  past criminal convictions and is a charismatic person called Han Kang Ho.  At the same time, I am also playing his big brother (twin) who is Korea's best and smartest judge.


Q- Has you attitude and approach to this drama changed from the usual? (Because of the dual roles)

A- TV Drama is an art form. If you approach it as such and portray every character with sincerity and integrity you will be able to portray each one well. Isn't that true?  This is the most interesting part of any drama for an actor.


Q- Your workload is heavy and you are busy. How do you usually look after yourself?

A- I don't do anything out of the ordinary. Previously I was in a Sageuk drama and then came straight into this legal drama.  I literally only had 2 days of rest in between.  I had to be really strict with planning my schedule.  For example, I cut down on social activities like drinks after work with friends or staying out late.  If you reduce these engagements, you can always be assured of getting adequate rest.  Furthermore, lately I have developed a habit which I never used to do before.  It is to take this "medicine" (the Ginseng product he's endorsing) before I sleep.  Now it is even in convenient strips so I just take 3-4 of them  at one go!  Then I go to sleep.  It's very convenient.


Q- Do you have any future plans for activities in China?

A- in the latter half of the year, I am hoping to go to China for more activities.  As an actor, the best part is to be able to reach different audiences with lots of varied characters.  In this way, I can reach the China market and the Chinese audience can watch me act.  I feel very fortunate to be able to do that.  Lately I have also been studying Chinese so I can communicate better when I meet Chinese friends.


Q- Please say a few words to our Korean Wave viewers/readers

A- It is time to meet you again. I know I will see everyone soon so I am preparing myself diligently.  I am anticipating this with great eagerness!  Believe in me. I hope you wait patiently and with great anticipation till then.  See everyone in the Korean Wave August Edition! Please look forward to it.  K-Life Style is the number 1 magazine for Korean Wave.  Look forward to it!  Please support it!

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Also FYI fan meet tickets are still available.  They found illegal ticket scalping happening (unscrupulous people buying tickets and then on selling at exorbitant prices elsewhere) and cancelled tickets for those people found to be doing so and re-released those seats.  Last I looked still 25 seats left...upstairs though.  The link is for global sales so anyone can snap one up.



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