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  1. I'm really sorry I haven't been to Soompi for long now. Sorry, my oppas, especially Kim Soohyun-sshi Will still be in touch with news though. And about the new drama!
  2. Well hello there again! Back from the dungeon! Well I don't know if it's right that I'm enjoying The Penthouse right? Haha! It's just that I'm watching it low-paced as it was being shown on TV though. I don't know why I can't bring myself to watch it in whole online. Though I really want to watch it before. Anyways, I also want to commend this guys cause they made it to BBMAs Top Social Artist as finalist and yeah, they are the first Filipino act to be nominated! They are SB19! +2
  3. Off to watch The Penthouse s1! It's about to air here by next week! on what team am I now? Does it changed?
  4. Revisiting the thread! Been awhile and in kdrama slump... and oh a new drama?! Woah! I can't keep up now with other dramas that I've been seeing updates but not much details and such. I've been into other things as well. Oh well... Congrats to Kim Soohyun and IOTNBO for the nominations!
  5. I'm on a kdrama slump. Revisiting this page reminds me of others who posted here before...
  6. Just checking my account! And still running! I thought I lost it! Been in a kdrama slump. I only watch Romantic Doctor 2 online now since it is being aired here. Actually, I think not really a slump. I think I already drowned cause I don't have any interest on new ones lately. I don't know if I'm still in subtract ? -2
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