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  1. Is there anyone here checking out variety shows? Saw this post about a new variety show. Seems to me it's like Matching Survival/Sumvival of KBS + Yoon Shiyoon's other variety show last year. 834
  2. @Happy Sheep oh yes, there's Nokdu. But I didn't watch it. I don't know why it reminds me of Matching Survival/Sumvival of KBS + and YSY's other show last year..
  3. I mean, those mainstream networks~ KBS, MBC, SBS. What network was Grand Prince? I forgot. Miss this
  4. 762 CLOY fans this is for you CLOY ending was brought up in our newscast shows here
  5. New drama! YSY is roll! He's been portraying 2 roles ever since. In Grand Prince his role had a switch over, Your Honor played a twin, Psychopath Diary played 2 contrasting qualities. But OCN once again. Why hasn't he get casted by major networks? Yoon Shiyoon with Park Sunghoon.
  6. Waiting for further updates for KSH comeback drama Meanwhile And this laugh
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