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  1. @hwonhwon_stv oh yes. I almost forgot. This is so true!
  2. @hwonhwon_stv He's been the Sun, Star, and now moon. I wonder if the next is related to sky...
  3. I haven't watched Hotel Del Luna. But him being the ending cameo, I remembered him on Miss Granny
  4. @aqua123 I totally feel you. As much as I wanted the remaining 5 members + 1 (Lee YongJin) to be back, I don't want to expect too much. I remember the episode where they said they won't do it (2d1n) if TH would quit that's why. Among all the names mentioned on the article, I only agreed on YongJin and Jongmin. I'm okay if atleast them and Yoon Shiyoon. But, oh. I think YSY mentioned that he'll atleast be on the program for 2yrs when he joined. It's been 2yrs too. When he joined, I watched 2d1n regularly. But it was The Producers drama that made me be curious and watch the show. I only know Cha Taehyun then and the first Cha Siblings episode made me hooked on the show, then I began to like all the casts as well. And it's also been 2yrs since I signed in here on Soompi, and that's because of 2d1n.
  5. 2d1n comeback news is making me feel blank I don't know why. Maybe because it's been too long I already have forgotten and gave up. I almost forgot to check the thread just now. I'm even not in a mood watching any dramas for a long time now except those being aired here on national TV. I don't think Yoon Shiyoon will return with 2d1n. Return of Superman is keeping me company nowadays. That and Happy Together sometimes. Will still keep in touch for updates
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