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I am slowly translating Ep 13 of Pajama Friends from Chinese subs (only the bits with YSY in it).  This is part 1


YSY walking away to get changed after the reveal from end of Ep 12

YSY - it was so exciting!

PD (?) - they took so long to catch on!

YSY - well it could be because of one of two possibilities. 1. I am just so good at acting OR 2. The girls were just so unobservant (Haha... )...I will get changed now...be right back.


He returns all suited up.

YSY - Sorry for making you wait so long.  Hello.

Girls - wow...who is this...so handsome!

(all cleaned up and pretty now is YSY.  This is the first time they've met.  Cinderella Man takes centre stage.  Suddenly with all the formalities, everyone feels a bit awkward)


Girls - whoa...you're all in white?  Now we don't have to film by ourselves, we have a male actor to add to the mix!  We have "Peach" roles/characters (I don't know that this means...it must be some colloquial use of the word).  Here's our IDs girls.  What is the number one thing that "Peach" roles longs for?  Dancing!  Dancing romantically in the arms of a man whilst looking at each other's eyes.  (beauty and the beast poster).  Okay we need to strike that pose.  Joy, you're up.  How is she going to act this out?  She's always giggling and embarrassed and her hands get clammy.  (At YSY) You have to look at her romantically though?


YSY - Yes.

Joy - I can't do this!

YSY - Move over here.

Girls - You can't just look at her 'normally' okay?

Joy (giggling and embarrassed) - I don't know what to do?

YSY (sings) - Happiness...

Joy - I know that song.

YSY - In the army, it's our wake up song. Tokyo's Red Velvet (Joy is the main vocalist in RV) are our morning angels.  I have heard it many times.  In fact, unless I hear it I can't be happy (Hahaha...just so cringey ...he really knows how to work a conversation...#YSYPlayer)

Girls (envious) - wow...Joy...

Joy (claps in appreciation)

Girls - Let your animal instinct (B&TB) come out!!


Presenting our Joy and our YSY...from morning angel to animal instinct B&TB.  Shy Joy places her hand on his shoulder.  She still can't look him in the eye.  Audience is excited.


Girls - Is the camera ready for action?  Actors ready?  Action!!  Filming B&TB.  Come on, that's why I said 'actors'?  You have to look him in the eye!  Ooo...not bad.


YSY fixes his gaze at her as they sway to the music. Joy giggling and averts her gaze.  Finally looks at him and picture taken.  You look so happy doing it!!  Joy walks back to girls.  Suddenly, she walks back towards to YSY.  Why the sudden interest in acting?


Joy - I need to film it properly.

Girls (Laughing) - Ooo you're making it too obvious.

Joy (makes a grab for YSY and repeats) - I need to film it well.

Girls pull her away from him...  (sorry you had your chance...missed it)

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5 hours ago, vvan23 said:

@nrllee, thanks chingu for your translation..very hard to find that show with the subtitle...

Still no confirmation regarding YYS new drama rite?



From past experience, his agency MOA doesn't tend to release those Press Details about him 'considering' unless it's almost a certainty that he's already on board.  Ugeumti staff are already scouting sites for filming so it looks to be all systems go. But I guess until we get final confirmation we will not know for sure.




Next up we have SeolHyun in My Sassy Girl (?)


YSY - I am fated to be with SeolHyun ( smooth as... #YSYPlayer).  She may have forgotten this though.  When I first enlisted (he keeps talking about his army days  - probably the only time he listened to KPop girl group or had any association with them), she was at a fan signing there in camp (?).  It's all because of her that my army days was peaceful and comfortable .  So I cannot forget her and am indebted to her... (Work it Cinderella Man )

Girls - For real?? Okay SeolHyun, you have to put him in a headlock.


(With the strength of a fan sign, even if you bully or tease me 100 times I will endure it)


Girls - SH you have to do it for real. Enthusiastically!

SH - How do I do that?  Like this? (She drapes her arm over his neck as he bends over). Gently?  (She tightens her arm around his neck)

YSY - ah...ah...ah...It hurts!  let me go!

Girls - Wow his acting is good!  Wait...is he acting? Or is he hurting for real?

SH - But I am being gentle?!!

YSY - My eyes are watering!

SH - Sorry...sorry.


(The camera takes a picture and she loosens his hold on him and comes to take a look at the poster again)

Girls - wait a minute...it looks like she's supposed to use her left arm?  SH used her right?

YSY backs away... (Not on your life...no more! Once is enough)

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Next up is Kate Winslet from Titanic.

YSY - O I know this.

JiHyo (makes a pose) - she stands like this with her arms outstretched. And Jack puts his hands around her waist and I fly.

Girls (humming the Titanic song in the background)

YSY (moves behind her and holds her waist) - You need to close your eyes.

Girls - You need to look in the same direction!  You're looking at different spots!

YSY - Okay

JiHyo - Look there!

YSY (points) - There?  Ahh that's right.

Girls - Perfect.  (Snapshot is taken, then they look at the poster again).  Actually, your hand needs to hold her waist from the front.

(YSY moves his hand to JiHyo's tummy)

JiHyo - wait a second...(she backs away from YSY - why is she backing away? And gritting her teeth?)

YSY (attempting to salvage her pride - Awww...) - How can you ask someone to touch someone else's tummy when they've only met for the first time??

Girls - Okay. Point taken. Cut, cut...we'll stop here.

YSY (embarrassed).

Girls (burst out laughing)

YSY to SiHyo - Don't worry, I will keep it a secret 


LaLa Land with Jang YoonJu

JYJ (looking at the poster shot) - wow that's like an intense dance.  Really energetic.

YSY (takes her by the hand and starts to strike his poses.

PD - 1...2...

JYJ (strikes various poses too)

Girls - what sort of pose is that?  It looks like you're coming out or something?

(Both she and YSY strike poses and look like they are dancing their own dance)

YSY (finally can't take it anymore and breaks down in laughter)

(Snapshot taken with caption - It's NOT La La Land...Shall we dance?)


Girls - Okay we need to do a picture all together.  How about we do a 007 pose?  We're the Bond girls.

(Snapshot taken. #007sexydie ??)

PD- That's a wrap, you get to eat now.

YSY - that's it?  We get to eat now?  (Haha...I can't help but feel he's surprised coz in 2D1N they have to work so hard to get fed )


SNS cut with text convo

PD - anything in particular you girls want to eat?

someone replies - can we have steak?


(Indoors.  Wow so grand and pretty.  Awaiting everyone is a feast with lobsters). I will skip all the comments about the food coz it's not very interesting.


Everyone is seated and eating.

Girls - what were your first thoughts or impressions when you were told you were going to be on PJF?  Have you watched it before?

YSY - MinJae and I filmed a drama together before so I asked him about it.  I asked him what to expect.  He kept talking about you girls and what you said to him.

JYJ - what did he say about me?

(Everybody's curious)

YSY - well...that was the first time I ever heard MinJae talk dirty. 

(Everyone bursts out laughing)

JiHyo - So MinJae spilled and talked about EVERYTHING??


(Cut to MinJae's time with the girls in PJF)

(MinJae comes with a box and the girls are curious)

Girls - Is it a present?  What's in the box?

JYJ - Is it underwear?

(straight to the point JYJ! Haha)

MJ - Well we can play then. (The translation is weird here but I have a feeling he's taking her lead and hinting at intimacy and playing along)

JYJ - Yes let's. Bring it on.

(MJ can't hold his laughter and backs down)

MJ - I can't do this (carry on this sort of convo) with someone older than me (I think he said sunbae?)

JYJ (lol)


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PJF 4 (I keep getting Joy and SeolHyun mixed up so the interchanges below could be either of them )


(Cut back to present moment with YSY again)

JYJ - ahh...sorry!!

YSY (cheeky smile on his face) - it was a joke yeah?  Surely you didn't mean it??

(suddenly out of nowhere, I forget if it was Joy or SeolHyun blurts out)

Joy/SHyun - I am curious about your youth.

YSY (looks a bit taken aback) - My youth?  Like when I was 24yo and first debuted?


Joy/SHyun - Isn't that kinda late for a debut?

YSY - Yes. Actually I was afraid I missed my opportunity for selection because there were so many younger actors vying for selection too.  You see, the part I was auditioning for was for a High School Student.

Joy/SHyun - That was High Kick?

YSY - yes

Joy/SH - Everyone's seen that!

YSY - SJ was 20yo then and I was 24. 

(Then he abruptly seems to change topic because JYJ was eating and also acknowdging what he was saying by muttering "mm...mm")

YSY (talking to JYJ) - Your response to my replies is exactly the same as your response to the good food!  So I guess you can do it at the same time 

JYJ (with her mouth still full) - precisely.

YSY - You're amazing!

(Girls all lol!)


Joy - Since your debut you've had quite a few dramas that followed in spite of the 'lateness'.

YSY - Yes since there was Kim TakGu of course.  I fared really well through the years.  And yet, I was so busy, I felt like I was missing out on experiencing life to the full (This bit was a bit strange in translation).  I started out with nothing and suddenly I had everything. I thought that once  I got there, I had to just keep working to keep staying abreast of it but in actual fact, I didn't know how to maintain it properly (I think he means stay up on top of the popularity wave - like when he hid away from the limelight coz he got scared).  Love is like that too.  Everything is like that. No matter how hard I strive, I always felt like I wasn't ever getting it right and that I wasn't entitled to it.  Even though no-one actually said anything to me to cause these feelings.  I have felt like that since my 20s.

(Girls go all quiet and solemn at this stage)


JYJ - Now that you're in your 30s, how do you feel now?

YSY - Now, I try to just play when I get to play (I think he means just take it as it comes and enjoy it while he can).  But I am not the sort of person who likes to 'play' much (I think he means he can't NOT take things seriously, he's not flippant...he's an all or nothing sort of person?  I think he's trying to explain his quandary - he knows he needs to dip his feet into things and try it out and not take things too seriously but he acknowledges that he is naturally NOT the sort of person who will just 'try' it out eg he won't just date on a whim and go in with a 'let's just see how far it will go' type person)

Joy - So if you know that, how far will you "play" then? (whoa...someone's interested! ). Don't you have to 'play' so you can find out where your limits are?  (I think she's saying don't you have to just try it out and see if it takes you where you want it to)

SiHyo - Wow...look at Joy.  So interested now?? 

Joy (defensively) - I am just very touched by his words 

(caption - YSY is the perfect man.  So deep and thought provoking)

SiHyo - So how far would you go for your gf?

JYJ - Wow, you're so blunt!

SiHyo - Aren't you curious??

SHyun - I read a report...

YSY (freezes and has a concerned face)

SHyun - It said that a previous gf of his wanted this special pork soup/rice and he traveled all the way to Busan for it

Girls - Wow...

SHyun - He bought it in Busan, packaged it well and brought it home to her,

(Girls all stare at him speechless)

YSY - yes I did that out of love.

Girls - wow...

YSY - Now I just wish her well.  No hard feelings.  Actually even now, if I love someone, I will do the same.

Girls (in awe) - So touching.  Whoever gets you is so lucky!

Joy - So is your style like a give and take?  As in you give so much so you expect the same in return?

YSY - It's not like that.

JYJ - Don't you feel like it's pressuring if you receive so much?  (I think she is implying that the person feels like they need to reciprocate in kind)

YSY - No, it's not meant to be like that. Actually when I receive stuff I feel bad too.

JYJ - So you would much rather give than receive?

YSY - Aren't most people like that? But there are some people who would prefer to give and others who prefer to receive.  You can't say that the person receiving is selfish for receiving the gift?  Because in reality, the person giving it is also benefiting in the exchange?

Girls - ahh...that's right.

SHyun - O he's so charming.



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YSY (looking at Joy) - What's your ideal love like? 

Joy - Me?

YSY - Yes.

Joy (thinking hard) - Doesn't everyone have their own standard?  Like a list?  So long as I am 1st on someone else's list I'd be happy.

YSY - Does everyone feel the same?  (Looking at JYJ) What about you? 

JYJ - I don't know.

YSY - That's the truth.  I guess everyone will get to turn around 2-3 times before becoming an adult (I think he is implying most people go through a few relationships before getting a mature view of love?). What causes me to mature the most is when I love and the result of having loved someone.

Girls - mm...mm (in agreement)

YSY - Why is that? Well to be able to love, you have to deeply understand yourself in the process. In order to truly receive love, you have to fully understand who you are.  And even if it fails, you ask yourself why you failed and discover more of yourself in the process of hurt as well.  (I think he's talking about self actualization here - you grow as a person through loving and suffering)

Girls - mm..mm...(lost for words)

YSY - So it is through the process of loving you grow up and mature as a person.

JYJ (mouth full of food and murmuring) - Exactly!  You got that right!  I have also heard that those who know each other longest...

YSY (cuts her short) - Sister, do you need a drink of water?

(Girls all burst out laughing, even JYJ)

Caption - JYJ can't stop eating the delicious food.


JYJ - haha...the food is just too good! (abrupt change of topic). Didn't you release some albums before?

SiHyo - an album?

YSY - No, not an album. I just like to write/compose songs.  So I pen lyrics and share the songs with my fans (fan service).

SHyun - You do it all by yourself?

YSY - Yes

Girls - Wow...

YSY - actually writing lyrics isn't easy.  I tend to just write things I feel down on paper.

Girls - Let's hear it then.

JYJ - Just perfect for our setting now isn't it?

(MJ wanted to rap for us)

YSY (hums and starts to sing a few lines)

Everyone goes silent and stares at him as he sings.

Girls - wow! So nice!

SHyun - the lyrics are so meaningful!

Girls - So good!

SHyo - People write lyrics from the heart. The fact that these lyrics come from the bottom of your heart means you have a good heart. I can really feel the sincerity of your words.

Girls - Yes. so good.

YSY - Love me. Accept me as I am, even if I can't write lyrics or sing a song. Despite all my inadequacies, if you can still love me, it gives me strength and a will to live on. (this sounds like lyrics from one of his songs?  Otherwise he's just thinking out loud?)

JYJ - Do you have a fan club?

 YSY - yes I do.

JYJ - How many members are in it?  How come I don't have a fan club?

Girls (giggle)

JYJ - I have never had one! I feel like if I had a fan club...can it be about food?

Girls (lol)

SHyun - Even if I am not confident, so long as I have a fan club that exists and shares my ups and downs I would be okay.  Actually a fan club that only accepts the 'cheer me on' type of fans (maybe she is thinking about anti-fans and clubs set up to take down celebrities).  I get anxious when I stand on stage to perform.  But as soon as I hear the fans cheer, I forget my anxieties.  I really feel their support on stage.

Girls - mm..mm...

SHyun - It's amazing!  And you feel apologetic and grateful all at the same time.  So many feelings...

Joy - A love that is unconditional is the greatest of all. I always think to myself, what more can I do for my fans?  I have to work even harder to be deserving of them!

SHyo - Yes it's that feeling.

Joy (looks at the camera, strikes Aegyo pose and addressing her fans) I love you ReVeluv.

Girls - O she's so cute.

JYJ (looking at SiHyo) - Don't you have a fan club?

YSY - O she must have a lot (of fans)!

SiHyo - yes I do.

JYJ - I feel left out today (coz she has no fan club).  Let's start a "Peaches" fan club.

YSY (laughing) - I feel bad for you.

JYJ - Have you ever met them? (The fans)

SHyo - Well, not really (so she's never had a fan meet). I never really planned to in the past but I keep thinking surely our paths will cross some time in the future?

JYJ - So here's what I suggest....

SiHyo (cuts her short) - No thanks.

(Everyone lol)

JYJ (looks upset) - Ya...I have no fans and now I am all by myself too (I have no friends)!  I get so much hate everywhere!

YSY - Are you hurt?

JYJ - Well...I'm out then!

SHyo - Don't be like that sister.  Let's start over.

JYJ (pretending to be mad) - You've said everything that needs to be said.  I'm out!

(Everyone lol)


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Teaser for the KBS Entertainment Awards where he will be MC




SiHyo - Not long ago the Busan Film Festival was held here.

JYJ - I thought it was over?

SiHyo - Yes it's over now.


(Cut to Busan Film Festival. Pic of her on Red Carpet - SiHyo was at the Award Ceremony)


(Cut back to present)

YSY - Doesn't everyone dream of a walking the red carpet?

Girls - Yes

JYJ - Haven't you experienced it for real though?

SiHyo (bragging) - Yes I have.

JYJ - Wow, you're really full of yourself today aren't you?

SiHyo - Watch and learn.

JYJ (laughs)

SiHyo - Seriously though, those occasions aren't all as wonderful as they are made out to be.  Everyone is dressed to the nines but in reality, backstage, everyone is just dead tired and over it.

Joy - Yes. Even when you are sitting, you can't relax.

SiHyo - Everyone's just tired.

YSY - Us men (like me), if we wear pants for too long and stay in one position for too long, you end up with creases.  It's especially hard when you have to sit like this (brings his knees together, plants his hands onto them). Properly you know because you don't want to end up creasing your outfit too much.

JYJ - So maybe you just wanna lie down?

YSY - Yeah.  Sometimes, you stand up against a wall to straighten out the creases.

SiHyo - The girls are the same!  They do this (she slides down and lies back on the chair - very unladylike ) to try to stretch out (to avoid creasing the outfit)

Girls - Yes it's exhausting.

(All the girls just slide down to the edge of the sofa and flake out - very improper  - snapshot taken)


JYJ (asking YSY)- Do you have any projects you're currently working on now?  I'm curious to know.  Any future plans?

YSY - I'm in discussions right now. (Ugeumti?)

JYJ - Surely that would involve kissing though?  That's like a given with kiss scenes?

YSY - Ahh...we're moving onto kiss scenes now? Actually whenever I see a kiss scene in a script I get a shock (? Or maybe he is surprised and anxious).

JYJ - How is it that there is ALWAYS a kiss scene? (In dramas)

YSY - Precisely.  Right from the beginning till today, I have always wondered that.

SiHyo - Really?  Why is it essential?

SHyun - Yes.  But surely it's a must? It's expected? (In any drama)

YSY - Everyone is just speaking their mind...what SHyun says is what the general public thinks is true.

JYJ - You sound so philosophical!  Like you're teaching us a big truth!  Let's all learn from Teacher Yoon.  Teacher Yoon is going to share his wise thoughts with us now...

YSY (laughing) - Yes. Yes.


(Caption - YSY credentials - 33yo.  Expert in public opinions. Expertise word structures (?))

YSY - That's great.  I like that (likes being called Teacher Yoon)

Joy (interjects - she's so random she's funny) - YouTube?

JYJ (steers convo back on topic) - Actually I think Joy and SHyun both have had kiss scenes too.

Joy - Yes I have.

SHyun - Me too.

(JYJ registers shock)

YSY (aww he's so nice to make them not feel bad about it) - It's not a bad thing is it? (Kiss scenes).  They've done it so that's that. No big deal?

JYJ - was it good? Coz I've never done a kiss scene.

(Both girls giggle uncontrollably)

SHyun - what do you mean by 'good'?

JYJ (grabs SiHyo) - That wasn't out of line was it? (To ask that question).  Is it a hard/awkward/inappropriate question?

SiHyo (munches food and doesn't answer - maybe she's thinking?)

JYJ (regretting her question) - Am I being told off now? Are fans going to hate me for asking?

Joy (volunteers info) - I did it in a drama.

YSY (looks on with interest)

Joy - First time, I was playing a high school student so it was just a gentle peck.

YSY (affirming her) - ahh...yes.

Joy - Second time, I was playing a Uni student so I was expected to give a deeper kiss.

(Girls burst out laughing)

Joy - It was my first time doing a proper kiss so I was so nervous.

JYJ - And...And??

(Caption 100X more interested now)

Joy - Actually I don't even know how.  I just kissed for real??  I mean, you can't NOT kiss for real can you??  In reality it was very stressful coz he's not my real boyfriend?  Even though it was supposed to be just acting...ahh...(embarrassed and covers her face)

(Caption NOO...Red Velvet fans are watching!)

JYJ - But...why?? And...and??

SiHyo - We can talk about it later.

JYJ (looks disappointed).

Joy - I don't know what to say?  To say it was great doesn't sound right either?

SiHyo (I love her, she saves the day) - So what Joy's trying to say is that in kiss scenes, you need to be thinking about how to kiss in real life.  You have to be thinking in your mind, this is how a kiss should be.  It has to be true to life.

JYJ (deep in thought) - LIke thinking about the feeling or intent behind the kiss?

SiHyo - So in her mind, she's thinking..this bit (points to her lips) needs to be there and how deeply it should go?

(Everyone bursts out laughing)

Joy - Exactly, that's it.

YSY - I thought we were talking about feelings?

SiHyo - And here we are talking about the technical aspects of a kiss scene!  I guess all Joy was worried about was how deep to kiss? Because when you have no experience, you don't know where to get pointers.

Joy - That's right.  There's no one to ask.  It's acting after all.


(Cut away from present to building scene outside)

(Caption - Topics tonight have been new)

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PF7 (last bit with YSY in it)


JYJ - SiYoon I hear that you are the 'Reading King'.  Is that true?

YSY - Yes I have over 3500 books at home.

(Girls all aghast)

Joy - That's a lot of books.

SiHyo - Any recommendations?

YSY - Now that you've mentioned it...


(Cut to YSY in Book store)

(Caption - Before meeting PF, YSY visits a bookstore)

YSY - Hmm...for girls who like dressing up, what types of books would be suitable?  That passionate kind?

(He picks a book up and flips through it)

YSY - Wow, books nowadays are so pretty!

(Various expressions of delight from a book lover as he browses the bookstore.  So he selects books for his friends)


(Cut back to present)

YSY - Noona, this is for you. (Passes a book to SiHyo - a gift full of meaning (?) - a book of letters and pictures ?).  This one is for you (he passes a book to JYJ)

JYJ - Thank you. (Reads the title ?) "Leaving...This world has been wonderful".

YSY (passes book to SiHyun) - Oprah Winfrey.  I don't believe in failure. A self help book.  And finally (passes book to Joy) How to love yourself.


(End snapshot of them altogether with book gifts in hand)

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