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[Drama 2018] Love Until the End, 끝까지 사랑


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KBS Drama

Love Until the End





끝까지 사랑

Network: KBS

Episodes: 100

Airtime: Monday to Friday 19:50

Airdate: July 23rd - December 31st, 2018

Directed by: Shin Chun Suk

Written by: Lee Sun Hee




It's a family melodrama with a loving and successful story that keeps one's only love for a lifetime and finally finds happiness. It is already regarded as anticipation from the triangle romance of Jang Eun Tak and Shim Ji Ho with Lee Young Ah and the challenge of Flood's first bad girl.




Lee Young Ah as Han Ga Young


Hong Soo-ah as Kang Se Na


Jang Eun Tak as Yoon Jung Han


Shim Ji Ho as Kang Hyun Ki




Source: osen, tving



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Don’t know if I will stick around for this show. I seem to have no idea of any of the cast apart from the female lead. Regardless of the fact let me first of all thank @0ly40 for creating this thread. I was really looking forward to finding out what this show is all about. Also I felt like I should contribute something as well for a change apart from my comments and all.



KBS World has given small character Descriptions of the characters. So I am just copy pasting said information. Sorry I don’t know how to add pictures so I can’t add the character pics at the moment just the info.



Han Gayeong (cast. Lee Younga)


She works in the development of cosmetics. She is cheerful, warm-hearted, and honest without pretense. Despite having grown up in a divorced and poor family, she is full of self-esteem and energy. To her father, she is the companion and light of his life. To her older brother, she is a lovely sister who makes him proud and sad at the same time. Her mother is always sorry and heartbroken to see her. When she gives out her heart to a man, she offers him love that lasts till the end.




Kang Sena (cast. Hong Soo Ah)




She is Gayeong's sister-in-law and a beautiful, smart and dogged career woman. It may seem that she is a lovely and charming wife and daughter-in-law, but she is twisted, ambitious and greedy inside. Even though she has a loving father, brother, husband, in-laws and a son, she does not know how blessed she is and ruins the lives of many around her.






Yun Jeonghan (cast. Kang Eun Tak)


He is an M&A expert and son of the owner of a bottling factory. At times he is as cold as ice, and at times he burns with passion. Once he gives his heart to someone, he is the most attentive and delicate man in the world. He is a competent man who earned his degree in America and worked in Wall Street for five years. He also did some manual labor work at his father's factory and fought off gangsters. While struggling to save the decaying factory, he gets to know Gayeong who works for a partner company, by the quirk of fate.






Kang Hyeongi (cast. Shim Ji Ho)


He is Sena's older half-brother and a third-generation chaebol with a cynical and charismatic personality. After his first love ended in a failure, he had only engaged in reckless and self-devouring relationships until he got married by arrangement. This marriage also failed, a nd he ended up paying his ex-wife a ton of alimony in the divorce settlement. It might look like he does nothing productive and is idling away his time, but deep down in his heart, he longs his family's affection and a true love.

Hard to say who to root for in this drama considering that we are going to be having a Love Triangle between the Female Lead and the Two Male Leads. They both seem nice on paper but we will have to see how they turn out in the end. Though from the description of the Second Female lead we know that we don’t want to root for her. :)



I just wonder what kind of mischief she can land not only herself but the rest of her family as well. Though one would assume that she is probably trying to angle for an affair with Jeonghan. Her description says that she is highly ambitious and once she finds out that he comes from a rich family she will try and angle his favour so that she can rise up the ranks. I doubt that she can do much more than that since she is married and hopefully she won’t go so far as to get a divorce. Then again who knows since the female leads family seems to have suffered a loss and are starting up again from the bottom down. She probably won’t be able to handle that. Also when she finds out that he has feelings for her SiL she will try her best to cause friction between them as she will see her as a threat to her ambitions and all. Your standard typical K-Drama Routine.



As for the female lead she will therefore end up with him in the end simply because the drama applies the same old formula of marrying the poor hardworking lead with the rich family heir or someone who has the potential to become one (because they inherently are unaware of the birth secret surrounding them)



Would add more but the drama description on KBS World and Asianwiki seem to be slightly different.



According to KBS World it is as Follows



It is the success and love story of the people had no choice but to part from each other despite their immense love. They try to guard their once-in-a-lifetime love and find the way to happiness.



And according to Asianwiki as follows



When she was a teenager, Han Ka-Young's (Lee Young-Ah) father went bankrupt. Her parents then divorced. Because of her difficult situation, Han Ka-Young has taken care of the housework and her family since her teenage years. Nevertheless, she has a bright personality. Her father then starts a cosmetics company. She works at her father's company and takes her job seriously. Meanwhile, Han Ka-Young has never had a boyfriend. One day, she meets Yoon Jung-Han (Kang Eun-Tak). He is a successor to a family owned glass factory. Han Ka-Young falls in love with him.



Yep just as I figured it certainly seems like Ka Young is falling for the Rich Heir. Not surprised one bit. I guess this means that Hyeongi isn’t going to get the girl and will have to be the supportive one and sacrifice on his love once again. Can’t the poor guy get a break. Then again I doubt his family would have been okay with two of their children marrying into the same household. He probably will have to also protect the girl he likes from the shadows from his own sister that to.



Anyway let’s see how this all pans out. Will give this drama a few episodes before making up my mind. So till then take care all of you. ::D


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So the first episode is finally done and all. I would say that as of now we seem to have an interesting start so let’s see where this goes. Hopefully this will be better than the last drama. As of now let’s see if I can recap some of this episode and my thoughts regarding it and where this show may head of to.




The episode starts out with a young woman on the phone trying to convince someone on the other end not to sign off with someone else simply because she was late with rent payment. This is our heroine Han Ka Young. Apparently it turns out that this isn’t the first time that she hasn’t paid said rent since there is also a few backlog of old rent. She thus manages to convince said person that to hold back as she would pay said rent as well as the current rent. The person on the other end partially agrees to this but gives her a deadline. Since he already has to meet with the other party at 3 she has to come up with the money before then or else he is signing with them.


Unfortunately for her the amount isn’t something she can easily handle. The bank refuses to loan her any more money as she has already maxed out her limit and she has no real success with any of her friends as well. She even desperately tries to contact someone else only to realize that he is on a plane and has no luck with them as well.


The next scene is of two young girls who apparently haven’t been taught never to play on the roads or the fact that cars are dangerous. If you stand infront of one be prepared for some roadkill. Turns out one of the girls has taken the other girls Giant Teddy Bear and has run of with it and is taunting the other girl to come and get it. When suddenly a car rushes forward towards the girl with said bear. Now at this point instead of moving out of the way she remains rooted and gets hit by the car. The car then continues on without even stopping. The other girl comes forward in shock only to get another shock of her life when the girl struck by the car opens her eyes to reveal that she is a zombie.


Oh wait it turns out to only be a nightmare. The young girl that survived the incident has all grown up and become a woman and is now on flight. This is Kang Sena (not to be confused with SNake from another drama). Once she calms herself she looks about the plane carefully searching for her next target to survive in this cold harsh world. She soon spots him sitting a few seats behind her. She quietly observes him using spy tactics that would make even an amateur James Bond wanna be proud such as pretending to check out her reflection on her hand mirror when instead she is actually observing her target.


Meanwhile Ka-Young still hasn’t managed to obtain the ten thousand dollars required to clear the rent issue and she unfortunately is running out of time. Being desperate and only with half and hour remaining she even sold of her company stocks. Fortunately for her someone agrees to loan her some money with the promise that her brother who is returning today to Korea will have him reimbursed for said money. Unfortunately for her it still isn’t enough.


Now on to another of the drama leads. Turns out two people are discussing of how a company contacted them for a spot to sell some of their products. But what was more interesting about said company was how the person that contacted them wasn’t even the president but a mere assistant manager and it was to head office not to one of their duty free shops as normal. This seems to perk the second leads interest and decides to go and meet the representative from Cells Beauty (the company that contacted them). But since it turns out that the person that was telling Kang Hyun Ki all this was supposed to be the one meeting said person. This didn’t deter Hyun Ki for a bit and asks for his co-workers ID Badge and goes ahead to meet the representative from Cells Beauty. The co-worker really can’t say much to him since it turns out that Hyun Ki is the boss’s son. He just tells him to flatly refuse Cells Beauty as it was probably a no name company and all.


It turns out that Ka Young is the representative of Cells Beauty and while she is signing up at the company to get her visitor pass to meet her point man she is still on the phone with somebody else to wrangle the ten thousand dollars that she needs to pay of the rent (didn’t it come down to 7000. Oh well that is what you get in a drama) Hyun Ki manages to hear this and smirks and goes on his way to wait for her to come to him. What can his game be I wonder?


Ka Young eventually heads towards him with a large box in her hand which consists of the product that she wants said company to market for them. She then spots Hyun Ki and for some reason thinks that he is her point man and without further confirming his identity she tries to market her product. I guess Hyun Ki shouldn’t even have bothered to hide said badge (where she couldn’t see the picture of the employee ID) as I said since she didn’t bother to verify if he really was her point man. He then tries to play hard to get as to why should they even consider her product and all. She tries to impress him with the fact that it was even selected at some expo and thus this makes it worthwhile and all. Turns out that their product is an LED Facemask. Unfortunately for her the sales pitch isn’t going so well. Hyun Ki does have a valid point one good product doesn’t make a new company safer to invest in even if said company is the only company in all of Asia to get accepted to said Expo. Before Ka Young can further convince him she gets another reminder call in regards to the rent payment. It is at that point that Hyun Ki notices that they are wearing the same watch and jokingly refers that they must be a couple (as couples in Korean Dramas usually end up wearing atleast one exact same thing to show their solidarity as a couple such as the same shirt on a date or wear the couple rings etc.. first time hearing about a couple watch though)


This suddenly gives Ka Young an idea that she decides to rush out. Stumping Hyun Ki  now thinking that she might have been offended with his couple joke. Turns out that this isn’t the case. She tells him to look over the proposal before making his final decision. Turns out she realizes that since the watch was a gift from her brother it must be quite valuable. Presumably since the brother must have gotten it from one of his trips abroad. So she intends to pawn it of at a pawnshop and hopefully get enough money to pay of her rent issue.


Unfortunately for her this isn’t the case. Either the pawnshop owner recognizes her for a total amateur and decides to milk her for all she is worth or it really wasn’t sufficient enough. Being desperate she ends up selling of not only her watch to him but her handbag, coat and even her shoes. Finally, she has enough money for the rent. She then moves onto her next appointment.


Now back to the plane where Sena is carefully observing her prey waiting for her chance to pounce on her victim and the most opportune time. This eventually happens when he decides to finally get up and out of his seat. (probably heading of towards the wash room). She uses this to her advantage and picks up her juice glass with such perfect timing and positioning of her hand that when he walks past her he ends up bumping into said hand and thus spilling the juice onto her fancy clothes and all. Had this been the States a simply apology and an agreement to pay for the laundry expenses would have been more than enough under normal circumstances but this being a drama this wasn’t going to happen especially when she had arranged this incident in the first place.


Sena has suddenly transformed from manipulative mode to a kind innocent person and thus manages to make her intended mark feel guilty and uncomfortable when she takes on the blame for the accident as her own fault and all. So therefore when she goes behind to get the juice dried of and all he eventually follows her still feeling guilty. She further persuades him to let it go and instead offers him some juice which has been conveniently left out. Really this should have raised red flags for the mark. After all the poor airhostess who left the juice and the juice out in the glasses is going to get into trouble if this is found out. She probably had taken it out for one of the passengers when she might have been called out for something else and Sena took advantage of that. Regardless of this introductions are finally made and it turns out this isn’t the first meeting of sorts between the two. Apparently he was attending an expo and was on his way back to Korea from there while she was a staff member at said expo (they probably just passed each other there not a meeting as one to one then).  When he tries to introduce himself she’s like there is no need I already know exactly who you are. Let’s just move onto the next step and be friends. Like I said this should have been another red flag being raised by him. But Korean Drama people really aren’t all that smart plus he was probably mesmerized by this Succubus and was sure that seems like a great idea what can possibly go wrong.


Ha Kyung has by now finally reached her next appointment which is at a glass manufacturing factory. But her arrival isn’t the only one at the time. The moment she steps out of her car a Rent A Thug Van stops by as well and your K-Drama standard looking Loan Sharks step out of it and rush inside the factory. This makes her initially hesitant if she should continue with said factory as their vendor or move on to another one. But one glance at herself and she thinks that she doesn’t look any different than those loan sharks. She clearly needs a pair of eyeglasses I would say because she looks real pretty and delicate for a loan shark and unless she is really a vampire in disguise she won’t fool anybody. J


Unfortunately, today doesn’t seem to be a good day for her in the news department and the factory informs her that they can’t make her product due to some issue in the bottle cap and unless she changes it there would be no deal with them. Ha Kyung wants to make sure that the company has even made the product in the first place and not just taken their money and all. Slightly offending the factory person but to allay her fear she lets her have a look around. She gets the same reaction from the worker. When Ha Kyung decides to talk about the matter to the president she discovers that the president is out of town so she decides to talk with the next most senior person. Now remember earlier when those loan sharks showed up turns out their intended target was said person. But unlike other dramas when they would be the ones beating the stuffing out of a person even if it the main lead or someone they know. Thus the other party has to rescue them. Well this wasn’t the case this time. Instead they were the ones on the receiving end of the pain. Four grown gangsters were having a hard time against one single guy, he is Yoon Jung Han and since he was handling all these gangsters like it was nothing I am going to refer to him as Gangsta Prince henceforth unless someone else has a better name.


Finally one of the Loan Sharks gets a brilliant idea that instead of trying to beat him to no avail try ramming him with a vehicle but since their van wasn’t nearby he decided to use the next best thing a forklift that wasn’t just conveniently there but also the last person to use it must have apparently forgotten to take the keys with him thus allowing the loan shark to use it. Somebody should get fired for their carelessness in my opinion. Regardless first the person who was escorting Ka Hyung tries to intervene but he ends up on the receiving end of the pain. Ha Kyung would have probably left the matter alone unfortunately for her the forklift was heading straight for boxes which had the bottled products for her company and to save them she boldly jumps infront of the forklift and manages to convince the loan sharks that wouldn’t be a smart idea simply because the factory needs to sell their goods to make money and pay them back and if they don’t have the goods to sell then that would mean that the loan sharks have inadvertently shot themselves in their own foot. This doesn’t fully discourage them so she goes on to say that her company is the only thing that is keeping the factory afloat and if they move their business elsewhere then the factory would go down and this would fully ensure that the loan sharks would never get their money. This seems to make them pause in their actions and it is all that Gangsta Prince needs to further demonstrate that he can be just as crazy as the loan sharks when he goes about destroying some of those products himself much to the shock of Ka Hyung who tells him that he was destroying her company property to which he tells her that since he still hasn’t delivered them to her and they are on his factory premises they are still their property.


Either way this is enough for the loan sharks for the moment and wisely decide to make a hasty retreat in the hopes that they will get their money later on rather than deal with the crazy people here. This enables her to follow her future Oppa around and note just how passionate he is about his work such as when he admonishes another worker for making a glass container a bit too thin and all. He also does point out wisely that if they were to make the bottles to her specifications there would be a small chance that customers could complain that glass was found in their product and sue her company which would then result in her blaming and suing their company for said damages. She therefore talks with her company management who inform her to get the glass factories test result so that they can verify this claim and then make their next choices based on that.


She then receives a call informing her that the person’s mother had informed her dad about her needing the money and her dad was heading out to confront the mater head on. She tried the persuade the caller to prevent their mother from informing her dad but by then it was too late. She then tried calling her dad who was simply to furious to even accept her call. Dad ends up outside a restaurant and when a lady steps outside who appears to be the owner notices him. She is like who is this stranger and what does he want. So she inquires if he is to see her. Angrily the dad responds that is indeed the case. So the poor woman brings him inside and offers him a glass of cold water to cool him down. Doesn’t seem to be working though. It also turns out that these two aren’t strangers but are a couple that have been divorced. This would make her the biological mother of Ha Kyung. Not only that but apparently the reason why the dad is so ticked of at his Ex Wife is that she had remarried when he was in jail. Apparently his company had gone bankrupt and he therefore had to serve time. During this period his wife ended up getting remarried. Not only this but she also ended up raising her new husbands kid as well as the fact that she dared to name the restaurant after said kid not even her bio kids. But the real issue was that she had bothered to ask Ka Hyung for money after all this. Aka abandoning her family for a new one especially for money and then daring to leech of them as well. It didn’t help that her new husband was also dead.


Dad is even more shocked to discover that this wasn’t the first time that she had asked for money and informed her that this time the daughter had to pay of her debt by selling her own clothes and all to a pawnshop. Surprising the mother who was under the impression that Ka Hyung had sufficient savings to help her out. Poor embarrassed mum quickly rushes her Ex out when she gets new customers.


Ka Kyung finally gets a call from her father and is shocked to discover that he even went to see her mother. the dad was typically outraged as to how his daughter could even help her mother out in said condition and all (ie having the kids abandoned) and how he refused to help her out monetarily or any other way. She tries to defuse his anger by pointing out that while her mother may be his Ex she was still her mother and it was wrong of him to intervene in said relationship. This further infuriates her dad and he therefore informs her that not only is she fired but she can easily move out of their house and move in with her mother if she is going to continue to behave in said manner.


Gangsta Prince finally heads to his office where the people firstly ask couldn’t they simply sell of Ha Kyungs companies product so that they could pay of some of the money owed to the loan sharks but he informs them that they are going to retest the product so to give them a chance. But he is then informed that he seems to be getting an international call which makes him leave in a hurry.


By now the flight Sena is on finally arrives in Korea. Ka Kyung also arrives at the airport at the same time. Also by standard K-Drama rules Gangsta Prince also arrives at the airport a few seconds later and thus barely misses seeing her not that it would have made much of a difference at this point since they barely knew each other. Sena has by now become real close with her target who we now find out his Ka Kyung’s brother. All the while Sena is going to herself who is this pretty lady and do I have some serious competition. Meanwhile her eyes spot Gangsta Prince who is clearly there for her as well. Unfortunately, she seems to want to avoid him at all costs. Her opportunity arrives when Gangsta Prince who is in a hurry to catch up to her bumps into Ka Kyung and her brother thus toppling their luggage and during this confusion Sena manages to make her hasty retreat.


Apparently Shady Minion had been sent to receive her and when she had ignored him initially he started taking pictures of Sena talking to Ka Kyungs brother probably for a background check or something for his boss and when he noticed that she was trying to avoid Gangsta Prince he quietly slinked out and arranged for his car to pick up Sena to aid her in her escape. So by the time Gangsta Prince came out of the airport he had unfortunately lost Sena who by the way again by Drama Law passed by him in the car but he didn’t notice her.


Shaddy Minion is like all who were the two people that you were so close to and trying to avoid at the same time. She simply tells him to mind his own beeswax. Since Shady Minion wasn’t getting the responses he wanted (and he probably would do enough research to eventually find this all out he left it alone for the time being) and told her that since she already came to Korea she could simply stay at a hotel and take the next available flight back to the Land Of Exile. Sena is like why should I do that anymore. Apparently you didn’t get the memo but since I am a Korean I am going to spend the rest of my days over here and not only that am going to be a full Korean and thus get my Credit Card made, bank accounts and the rest of the bells and whistles that go along with it. Turns out that Minion’s Boss is her bio dad and that his current wife passed away recently. But none of that was going to change things and Sena still wouldn’t get a cent out of him.


Now onto the brother and sister couple who are finally on their way back home. The brother finally notices how is sister is dressed and he finally questions her about. So she calmly informs him of how she sold them all of and how her dad is so furious because he found out that he has her kicked out of the house. The poor brother is like what drama has been going on when I wasn’t here. I really hope that I don’t get dragged into a 100 episode show. J by the time they finally arrive home they find out that dad has been true to his word and has managed to obtain some TARDIS like technology and thus have packed up all of Ka Kyungs good in one small travelling bag and all. When the brother rings the bell the dad only allows him to enter but it is a negative for the daughter. Her brother tries to convince her to return and simply beg their dad for forgiveness but she sees this as the perfect opportunity to go and live with their mother. Not only that but since she was fired she could also help out the mother at her restaurant as she wasn’t physically fit these days as well and could probably use the extra help and all.


When the brother finally enters the home he tries to convince his father to let the matter slide because what Ka Kyung did was nothing serious. He tried to justify that almost everyone these days’ sells things to pawnshops to make a quick extra cash and more importantly she didn’t resort to anything shady such as stealing company money to pay of her mother’s problem. Turns out that the dads real concern is that he doesn’t want his ex-wife to get to dependent on the daughter and thus ask her for help everytime. As it wouldn’t help anyone in the long run and only end up hurting his daughter. The brother then asks him if he was going to let Ka Kyung stay with her mother and the dad is like no way is that going to happen and he will take care of the matter soon. The brother then probably feeling the effects of jet lag decides to retire for the night but not before the dad asks him if he wasn’t aware of his mother’s condition or if he was pretending. The son not wanting to get into any drama decides to ignore the dad. This only makes the dad wonder what exactly is wrong with his children where one simply cares to much while the other can’t be all that bothered.


Hyun Ki finally decides to approve Ka Kyungs proposal and when his trusty aid points out to him that they were initially planning on rejecting the company. So Hyun Ki decides to accept them because they had potential after all they did beat one of his company’s subsidiaries and all to get their product accepted at said Expo and all. His aide really can’t say much to this just warns him that he (Hyun Ki) would have to be responsible if the CEO were to discover this fact.


Now we are finally introduced to the CEO. Another person that looks really shifty and it turns out that Shady Minion works for him and his now giving him his report on Sena and what she is planning on doing. Sena who is at her hotel is busy unpacking and we get to see that her rich appearance is a mere façade. She then gets a flashback to earlier in the morning and it’s unclear what frustrates her more seeing Gangsta Prince or her potential mark hugging her so called competition. This flashback then leads to an even older flashback where she remembers happier days with Gangsta Prince. Apparently they were an item back in the day and they also seemed to be happy back then. What could be the reason that she is avoiding him like the plague needs to be seen. But it seems that these happy memories are thought of by Gangsta Prince as well as he looks at a picture of him and Sena when they were happy. Finally he places the picture on the car seat and puts his head on the steering wheel thus he misses up Ka Kyung passing by him in what can be called K-Drama luck.


Apparently for some reason he is in the same neighborhood as her mother’s restaurant. Turns out he needs to meet someone called Mr. Park and if drama logic follows he will turn out to be Ka Kyungs other brother. Anyway as for Ka Kyung she tries to see her mother but notes that she is busy and all so decides to surprise her. But so that her mother doesn’t worry about her being kicked out of the house she sneaks into her mother’s house who apparently hasn’t heard about locks or else she is confident that she has nothing worth stealing because Ka Kyung can easily enter said place and places her things insides and she then goes to meet her.


Her mother then admonishes her for not informing her that if she didn’t have the money she didn’t have to go out of the way. It would have prevented her Ex from embarrassing her as well as getting mad at Ka Kyung. Ka Kyung tries to boost her mother’s morale and also to divert her attention as to why she was really there by telling her to cheer up as it was just as possible for her to also strike It rich and so her father that the mother was just as successful as him. It seems to work albeit briefly.


It starts to go wrong when Ka Kyung mentions to her mother if she should just move in with her and help her with her restaurant. While Ka Kyung is really interested to spend some quality time with her mother by doing so the mother is clearly not pleased by this sudden development. She just tells her daughter to eat her meal and would have sent her packing after that.


Gangsta Prince meanwhile has arrived at the location of a Mr. Park but apparently nobody seems to be at home or if they are they seem to be ignoring him. Once Ka Kyung has had her meal her mother tries to pack her of to the dads place but Ka Jyung really wants to be with her mother. she even tries to bring up her brother (the mothers stepson) and wonders why he comes home so late. It is exactly at this point when the brother pops up with her luggage in tow. Turns out that he is against her staying over at their place and he even insults her integrity by mentioning that she is trying to claim that since she helped them monetarily they should feel like they owe her something or to that extent.


Before things can get resolved customers appear at the restaurant and the mother uses this to get her son to serve them while she gets busy in trying to kick her daughter out and send her back home.


Ka Kyung is really against this but her mother to enforce her point kicks away her luggage and is like there is no way you can live with me. Though to be fair the mother is sort of thinking about her daughter’s future and all so I can’t really call her evil. Meanwhile unknown to either party the tail end of their conversation is observed by Gangsta Prince who finally makes his third mandatory appearance before Ka Kyung when is wailing about how she has been treated by her mother and all. Though her mother seems to be totally unaware of just how much her daughter loves baking especially cakes. Oh wait that’s in another drama my bad. Either way the show ends up at the moment when Gangsta Prince walks upto Ka Kyung with her luggage. What is going to happen next we will just have to wait and tune in next time.


Will Gangsta Prince offer her his place for the night. Hasn’t he learned not to let strange females into his place lest they break his heart and run of with it, will the mother and daughter ever reunite and what about the father. There are many more questions that need to be answered at this point. Let’s see how the drama deals with them.



I’ll end this post here while I add my thoughts in the next one. So till then take care all of you. Also let’s hope that this show is better than the last one we got. So far this doesn’t seem to have any revenge plots thankfully but who knows. Though Sena certainly has the bulging eyes issue like some of the characters from the previous drama so some people might not like that. For me that isn’t an issue.


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Overall the show seems to have a few interesting points. For instance, Ka Kyung’s father doesn’t seem to be all that close with his son than compared to let’s say his daughter. Furthermore, asking questions like whether or not he truly wasn’t aware of how his mother was living (meaning was he genuine or faking it) and later when he left for his room the dad wondered what was up with his children where one cares to much while the other is cold as ice. Clearly his son comes in the later department. This then makes one start to wonder if there is more to this family than meets the eye. For instance, is it completely possible that this son of his isn’t his biological child but instead one from his wife’s previous marriage or so. If this is indeed the case, then the dad really is a decent person for not only looking out for his own daughter but his Ex’s kid as well instead of just packing him of to her as well.


I know that the mother seems to be portrayed in a slightly negative light such as divorcing her husband when he really needed her and just to survive gets married to someone else and now many years later all she wants from her daughter is her money and is far too cold hearted to let the daughter even spend the night at her place. Shouldn’t she be nicer if she abandoned her children and not use them as a mere money bank. True but I suspect that there is probably some story as well. For instance, it is quite possible that she discovered that she had a serious illness and thus she wouldn’t survive so to ensure that her family wouldn’t suffer she tried to get the divorce from her husband and perhaps the new husband agreed to so sort of deal as to how he could indirectly look after her children without them being aware or so. If this is the case it would make her a bit nicer. Then on top of all this she doesn’t seem completely cold hearted as people would assume. Her daughter still has feelings for her showing that she has some redeeming quality that even a kid that was abandoned doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against her and is still willing to help her mother out when she is in trouble. Then add to this the real reason the mother didn’t want her daughter to stay with her wasn’t because she didn’t care about her but instead it was the exact opposite. She knew that her daughter wouldn’t have the same amount of comfort that she was currently used to living with her dad. Not only that she personally knew how tough running a restaurant was. She didn’t want her daughter to suffer in anyway and that is why she probably was wanting her to return home. Then on top of all this she knew that her daughter’s future would further be put on hold if she moved in with her. For instance, when a marriage proposal would come to her financial status would be looked at. Since her father was more well off she would probably get a better offer than living with a mother who ran a restaurant and was often even late in paying said rent and all. Sure she missed her daughter but her future was far more important to her than her own happiness that she was willing to sacrifice it. This shows that the mother isn’t totally a bad person and that she must have a good reason for even divorcing her husband and abandoning her children way back then. Hopefully it will be addressed at some point in this show. Probably will also be the reason for reconciliation between all of them.


On the other hand, I can’t say the same for her current stepson aka Jae Dong. He seems to be a person that is a bit lazy and doesn’t seem to care all that much about his mother’s suffering. This can be seen when Ka Kyung asks him if he wasn’t worried about the restaurant’s situation and he was like why bother when we have you who must have taken care of it. This shows how unbothered he was and how dependent he was on Ha Kyung. Then further to add to his dislike was when he wasn’t willing to let her stay or even move in with them. She helped out his family two times and she is even willing to consider him as her brother but he can’t even respond in like courtesy back to her. If it wasn’t for her actions he probably would have been out on the streets with his mother but instead of being grateful to her he acted more like a jerk. Also had he been out on the streets I doubt that he could have survived there for long. He needs to wake up to his reality soon. I doubt that I will warm up to him anytime soon though,


Then we have Succubus Sena who targets supposedly rich men to survive. Her story is slightly interesting. She seems to be suffering from some sort of trauma of witnessing a sister? Die infront of her. Clearly that was their parents fault for not teaching their kids just how dangerous cars can be and not to play on the streets like that. But other than that comments from Shady Minion made to her about how her return coincides with the death of the madam and how she should return to her exile since she isn’t going to get anything by returning. This seems to indicate that she is probably a child from her father either having an affair and she was then then sent of packing to the States to hide this fact or the other way around. Ie she was his child from a proper marriage but he decided to ditch his family when he married into a rich family to rise up the ladder. Frankly I suspect the former not that it really is all that important at this point. Then what we can tell from the scenes from the next episode seems to match with her gold digger personality. She approached Gangsta Prince when she found out that he was the son of a glass factory owner. She must have assumed that this must mean that there must have been multiple family franchises or something and thus she had hit the jackpot. Only to discover that his family only had that one factory. At this point she decided to ditch him for a better catch next time even though she was happy at that time and all. She might have even run of with all his money that they had saved up. Another reason why he is trying to chase her and perhaps get closure from her. We also know she is going to initially see Ka Kyung as an obstacle since she doesn’t know that she is her future SiL. Then add to the mix in the next episode she will see her with Hyun Ki and she will therefore assume that Ka Kyung is a gold digger like her and is playing two men at the same time. Things will get interesting when she will try to get rid of her. Granted she won’t get caught at all since the drama profile for her indicate that she will end up not only marrying the brother but also be a mother. I guess we should expect a time jump in this drama at some point.


Ka Kyung’s brother has been smitten by the charm of a Succubus and is deeply enthralled by her that he will do anything for her without seeing the red flags. Let’s ignore the juice incident where she picks up those two glasses and offers him one since one could assume that she had ordered them earlier from the airhostess and all but here is the deal when the introductions were being made she apparently knew exactly who he was. This should mean that she would also know just how wealthy he supposedly was and all. In this case Gold Digger Red Flags should have been raised for him. Then again since they were both travelling by first class he might have assumed that she was equally rich so I guess I should give him a pass. We know that she is going to further play him by making him feel sorry for her and all that. Such as she returned to Korea only to find out that her mother died recently or to scatter the ashes etc.. and how alone she is in this strange new country and how she doesn’t have any friends. You can be sure that he will easily offer his hand of friendship which will eventually become more for him though the same can’t be said of her,


We can also assume that Succubus isn’t going to want Ka Kyung to get a happily ever after for a few reasons. Her brother would be off limits because if they were to marry then any child between the brother and Ka Kyung would take priority due to him being a male (regardless of whether or not who the illegimate child is in this case) and she can’t have anyone take her supposedly rightful place. As for Gangsta Prince she wouldn’t approve of him because she would always be afraid that he could reveal their mutual past and thus she would lose all that she has worked to achieve.


Ka Kyung seems like a nice person who wants to help out her family in any way possible. I’m just glad that she isn’t shown as one of those candy girls who works numerous jobs to make a living and all. Instead she has one job which she is decent at. Won’t call her perfect since she never bothered checking the identity of the person she was dealing with in regards to selling that LED Facemask. What would have happened if she was meeting someone from her competitor’s side who was planning on stealing their technology. (unless it was patented which I doubt since this is a Korean Drama and all) then on top of all this she has sold her company shares to pay of her mother’s money problems, again while that was nice and noble of her she doesn’t seem to realize what if those shares end up with someone who might want to do a hostile takeover of her company. Every little share counts in such battles. Thus she may have offered her company to them on a silver platter. Who is going to come to her rescue then? Certainly not her mother or stepbrother. The mother because she probably can’t afford to buy those shares back and for her step brother Jae Dong because he simply doesn’t seem to care about her side of the family and all.


Don’t have anything to add about Gangsta Prince at the moment. Just feel sorry for him. Though one can call him passionate about his work and the people that he loves and cares about.


Anyway will go now and wait till the next episode. So take care all of you and I hope my recap of this episode helped some of you to decide whether or not you will be sticking around. Clearly the episode is much better than my writing.

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Okay so while I wait to catch up on the third episode let me try and give a quick recap of the second episode till then.




Gangsta Prince decides to catch up on his princely duties namely being a Knight In Shining Armor and help out a Damsel In Distress. So he heads over to Ka Kyung with her bags (the ones which her mom threw in the last one and he had witnessed the tail end of their conversation) he even offers her a ride if she doesn’t have one. She is like this is how you should have been like at the airport but no need since I can simply call for a taxi and be on my way. At this point we then get our standard K-Drama misconceptions and all going. Due to Gangsta Prince overhearing her conversation to her friend where she mentioned how she had to sell of her items to payback the rent and all he is under the assumption that she was in debt and her mother just found that out and that is the reason why she was kicked out. She at first tries to tell him that is not the case before realizing that its none of his business and tells him to worry about his own loan shark issues before worrying about others.


She then wonders how in the nine worlds did he even know about her issue when she suddenly realizes that he must have overheard her conversation at the glass factory and she is utterly mortified by that especially considering that they would have to meet up tomorrow for business purposes and all. (perhaps she might even be a bit embarrassed by the fact that he might have heard how she described him as well)


She finally thinks that she has snuck back in her home thanks to her brothers help. Unknown to her that isn’t really the case. Her dad who was worried about her couldn’t sleep and is mad at his Ex Wife for not allowing their daughter to spend even the night together and all. Meanwhile the brother and sister duo have some quality time. Though he also wonders why she didn’t stay over as well. Only to find out that she was kicked out by the mother as well. Seems like he isn’t on such good terms with the mother and is just like her in regards to money matters and all. Ka Kyung being the saint that she is tries to convince him that he should try to be better to their mother before he may regret not spending enough time with her and all. Etc..


Their mother on the other hand must be feeling bad after kicking her daughter out like that and sending her back to the dad that she is busy drinking away her sorrows in the dark. Jae Dong witness this and he feels more depressed at being so useless and all that he decides to go for a spin on his motorcycle to clear his head. Unfortunately, he comes across some drunk people trying to cross the street and to avoid them he ends up in a pile of garbage and to make this even sadder no one even offers to help him out and see if he is okay or not. Poor chap. As for Ka Kyung and her brother they decide to have a snack of noodles and during this time they discuss company matters such as the bottle cap issues etc.. this then leads to a mandatory drama flashback sequence when she looks at the glass and his reminded of Gangsta Prince and how cool he must have looked when he was focused at work and all. That is before she snaps out of it.


This is followed by Gangsta Prince finally returning to the glass factory to find out that the loan sharks have made it their temporary home and inform him that he can’t see a single piece of glass products unless he pays them back. Real smart guys. :) though he soon discovers that they aren’t the only ones waiting for him. Turns out that Succubus managed to track him down and was waiting for him as well. This eventually leads down to them having a conversation that doesn’t go well for him atleast. At first she apologizes for running away from him at the airport but she wonders how he managed to find out about it in the first place was he like stalking her or something because that isn’t so cool and all. Turns out that he got said info from a mutual friend or so. She then tries to be hurtful to him and tells him that he should forget about their relationship in the past because let’s face it they never had one and it was all probably in his head. After all it turns out that he was probably being just chivalrous as his princely duties required him to be. As in she only stayed with him as a roommate and nothing more because he offered said room in the first place because she couldn’t afford her own and she only accepted his money because he was so generous with it. But not to worry she inteds to pay all that back to him eventually. Thus comes the end of their love story. She does question him about the way he lives only to be informed that he is an independent person of sorts. In the manner that everything that he spent on her was from his own hard work and not by relying on his parents or anybody else.


After breaking his heart she leaves only thinking to herself what a jerk he must be for not realizing her true feelings and what not and how he should have probably tried to stop her from going down the dark path that she had chosed for herself. As for Gangsta Prince he finally gets his closure so he looks at the happy moments pictures that they had on his tablet before breaking it. Hopefully that thing has insurance or it must be made in China Product that he can easily get another one. Just be thankful that it wasn’t an I-PAD :)


The next day has Ka Kyung preparing breakfast but before she can sneak out she is caught by her dad. He reminds her that she is fired and all. So he asks for an insane amount of compensation fully aware that her dad can’t go through with it. Though she tries to justify her actions by pointing out that she took care of even the company employees and all by cooking and cleaning for them and their families as well. Etc. though before things get any more serious she informs her dad and her brother that just joined them as well of how she tried to make a deal with YB Group the place where Hyun Ki works at. Her dad seems to get excited to hear this and asks how that went also he seems to be a bit impressed that she went to the head office directly instead of going through their duty free shops and all. Though he does ask how it went she is like don’t you know who I am. I’m your daughter.


Speaking of Hyun Ki he has just finished giving a presentation which seems to have been well received. Though the head of the company turns out to be a real jerk. Sure their company couldn’t be selected for their LED Facemask technology only to be bested by a brand new company and all but there are nicer ways to go about it. He is even complaining about Hyun Ki’s dad doing a poor job and all. Even poor Hyun Ki has to slightly suffer due to this.


The dad then heads back to his office only to be called to attention by Shady Minion who is with Succubus. At first the Jerk Dad is like why is this strange young woman outside here when it suddenly dawns to him that this mus.t be his daughter and he is probably not going to get the Father Of The Year award from her. Regardless he calls her in to his office to have a chat with her.


Unfortunately for him he is going to continue to have a bad day. He is furious that she even thought of coming to Korea after he forbade her from doing so. She is like why not it isn’t like you really took care of me. You banished my mom and I to the Land of Exile and it wasn’t easy at all. Oh and the money you claimed to send me well I never got it. Probably because it helped get my mom addicted to drugs and possibly booze as well. The end result she ended up dying of an overdose. She then decides to lay down the thunder to him by informing him that he has two choices. The first is that they can all do it peacefully and have him finally accept that she is his daughter by adding her to his family registry or if he were to refuse then she could go the media and not only declare their relationship but also demand a DNA test for verification. She knows fully well that her dad would want to avoid such embarrassment as it would be not only bad for him but the company as well. Having no choice in the matter to avoid the latter he agrees to her terms and condition. He does point out that she is a lot like her mother in regards to blackmailing him and all. But she rectifies him by pointing out that there is a fundamental difference between them. While her mother was all about idle threats (she wouldn’t follow through with them) the same couldn’t be said about her. She does point out to her father that him accepting her into the family wouldn’t be a bad thing because it would be of mutual benefit as she would bring Cells Beauty to him on a Silver Platter as she was busy trying to seduce their son and all. This way he could get even with the company that embarrassed him and all.


Apparently he must have agreed to her terms and conditions because we see her moving into his house. She then tries to talk with her dead mom (through a picture because clearly her supernatural powers don’t always work on demand) she is also probably trying to get the viewers sympathy when she tells her mother that just to make her (mother) happy and her dreams come true she had to sell part of her soul and that consisted of breaking up with her one true love etc.. Yeah sorry not working lady but hey keep trying.


As For Gangsta Prince he is busy trying to search for ways to come up with the money to pay of the loan sharks to no avail. He even goes to some other loan company but gets rejected even by them. Turns out that he went against YB Group for some reason and he lost and the loan company doesn’t want to make them their enemy as well. Meanwhile Ka Kyung who hasn’t gotten her approval letter in her mail yet decides to head to the company herself to find out by the hold up. We then have Hyun Ki impersonate his aide once again and goes on to meet Ka Kyung but before he can tell her the good news she tries to sell him a sales pitch of how other companies would be equally interested in their product and all and then if it would be to late for his company because if they accepted her offer then his company would have to apologize to hers and all. Hyun Ki does note that she isn’t wearing her watch anymore (the same design that he had aka the couple watch as he jokingly referred to in the previous episode). Apparently she isn’t ashamed of the fact that she sold them all of to a pawnshop but points out that has nothing to do with their business deal and all. Regardless of the fact Hyun Ki informs her that her company’s product has been selected for a blind test at their duty free store. Meaning she is in part way and if she makes it on the rest of the way congratulations then.


This is great news not only for her but also her father who is informed next of his decision. Everyone at the company is overjoyed to hear said news. Apparently dad didn’t have much hope buy now he is over the moon.


Ka Kyung is waiting for the bus when she receives a call from her mother. they talk and make up. Mom is like your dad isn’t a bad man who won’t hold a grudge for long just ask him for forgiveness etc.. she is like weren’t you telling me that you won’t be mother like in just the last episode and you even kicked my out of the house. Etc.. though clearly she is joking with her mother and knows her well that she has clearly forgiven her. At this time her dad shows up at the mother’s restaurant so the mother has to quickly end the call by lying to her that she is with a customer now. Unfortunately for the mother the dad isn’t here to reminisce about old times and all but instead je is there to ensure that the mother pays back the money she borrowed from Ka Kyung. He is like look I know our daughter really well and while she isn’t going to ask you for a dime that shouldn’t be the case. Also at this point he can’t help but boast to her how he just might strike it big next time by having one of his products selected at a duty free. Apparently he tends to do this a lot according to his Ex Wife. He tells her not to jinx his business and asks her when she will be able to pay him back etc.. Jae Dong manages to over hear him and confronts him and is slightly rude to him as well. They get slightly physical but Ex Mom quickly puts an end to it all. We can clearly see that Jae Dong is slightly moved by this but he can’t exactly express himself.


What he wants is to be treated like every other child. Such as if he is wrong to be hit by a parent or get scolded by them but his mother can’t do that because she is a stepmother and to further add to his low self-esteem is that her bio children are supposed to be way smarter than him and all. In the sense that they are almost independent and can get decent jobs. Kyung Ka is an assistant manager (granted it’s at her own father’s company) and clearly her brother is of senior management as well. So he is like if she really wanted to let her daughter stay over she should have done even if it means ignoring his feelings and all. This frustrates her but she can’t come to beat some sense into him further reinforcing the point that she doesn’t really treat or see him like a son. To take out his frustration he goes to get some fresh air by riding his motorcycle. (apparently the earlier scene that I mentioned of him trying to avoid the drunks happens now not that it should make much difference in the long scheme of things) Poor mom is like at this point what am I going to do with my family and all. How will I get my house in order.


We are now finally introduced to Gangsta Prince and his royal family. Apparently they aren’t that poor as one would probably imagine looking at the way Gangsta Prince was out looking for money to pay of the loan sharks and all. Infact the mother even mentions that they have some land that they can sell of to clear the matter up. Interesting. Regardless it seems like dads more of a hands of guy when it comes to running the business and all since he even heeded Gangsta Princes advice of not coming to work for a few days and was thus unaware of the Loan Sharks that had been packed outside the factory till now. It was also the reason why the mother was up in flames. Gangsta Prince tries to reassure everything is going to be fine and that he will handle it without needing to dip into the royal treasury etc.. Though this doesn’t seem to convince the mother a lot. Anyway we are then introduced to the Royal Princess next. Turns out she is the one that dealt with Ka Kyung initially before handing her over to the worker. Turns out that she is hungry but neither her mom nor her know how to cook a lot of food. So she is like fine it has been decided my SiL needs to know how to cook and she really needs to be an expert at baking cakes. If running a bakery shop runs in the family will be great. :)


Succubus finally gets to introduce herself to Hyun Ki. Not that it goes as well as she would like. When she asks him if she can call him Oppa he tells her to refer to the song by Psy. Aka that’s the Gangnam Style so she may copy the rest of the sheep and do just that. It won’t really make much of a difference to him at this point. Jerk dad finally returns home and is surprised to see Hyun Ki home early having a few cans of Product Placement Beets. He is already on his second one. Meaning that his dad has to cope with more problems instead of finding peace at home. The dad carefully broaches the matter of whether or not Hyun Ki met with the Succubus or not. The response he gets is hilarious. Hyun Ki initially thought that she was the new maid. :)


Jerk Dad tries to cool the situation down like saying he didn’t have much of a choice in the matter and he should simply go with the flow and therefore accept the Succubus as part of the family and it wasn’t like he give birth to her because he wanted to it was just an accident. Yep this dad is definitely not winning an awards for father of year any time soon. :_ Hyun Ki might be related to a vampire since he is interested in the Succubus’s blood and questions whether or not Jerk Dad verified her claims and had gotten a DNA test. It wasn’t like the dad even saw her that often. Before the dad could respond Shady Minion makes his entrance and tells him it wasn’t necessary since Blood recognizes Blood and all that hu ha. Hyunk Ki not wanting to spend any more time in his family drama decides to leave matters as they are but not without informing his dad about the product blind test at their duty free shops. This isn’t news Jerk Dad likes to hear and Hyun Ki tells him to have more confidence after all an assistant manager at some company had more guts then him and all. The last part of this conversation is heard by Succubus and the brother and sister have their K-Drama stare each other moment. She is clearly thinking that she needs to speed up her plans to get on with Ka Kyung’s brother and thus hand over his company to her father.


So the next day she has invited Ka Kyung’s brother over for a date to work on him. The brother unaware of this is excited to meet her rushes to his doom. At first he can’t hide his joy at receiving her call but just so that she doesn’t think of him as a weirdo he is like I was just worried that you would get lost since this is your first time in Korea and all. So she is like hey we are in the modern world not Joseon Era and thus we have smart phones and what not that helped me get around fairly easily. But the brother isn’t fully disheartened at this and wants to do his part as tour guide and all. So the Succubus finally agrees to this. She needs to feed after al and thinks of the perfect isolated spot where she can have him for a meal. Turns out that she is taking him to her mother’s supposed hometown and she appears so out of it that she ignores the beautiful scenery around her. She plays her part well and when questioned she further gives the sob story that she never thought that she would go there alone. The poor brother is like hey then what am I a decoration piece. I want to be more than that for you. Won’t you change your mind.


Ka Kyung finally heads over to the Glass Factory to see how things are progressing. Only to find that the loan sharks are still there with no intention of budging.  Finally having enough of this she boldly marches over the loan shark head and asks him for his business card. The loan shark head dumbly hands it over wondering what this crazy lady might do. Was she going to take out a loan and pay them back if that were the case what should they do. Instead it turns out that Ka Kyung recognizes who the loan sharks work for and dials up their immediate superior and strikes a bargain with him to let the matter temporarily slide. In the sense that the company would deal with her company and they would sell x amount of products and thus make up the loan and pay him of. Apparently this works and thus and not only do the loan sharks decide to leave for the time being but also helps Ka Kyung and the workers pack up their boxes so that they could continue with their business.


It is at this time that Gangsta Princes sister shows up and witness all this. Clearly happy about the matter being resolved she contacts her brother who is neither happy about how the matter was handled and also by whom. So instead of thanking her as Ka Kyung expects he informs her that after the current shipment is handled she can take her business elsewhere. She tries to convince him that she is pretty good and confidne t in her company to keep up with said request and all. So Gangsta Prince has to calmly explain Business 101 to her that don’t be too sure of oneself and not to count the chickens before they hatch as numerous things can go wrong in a deal at the last minute and if that happens it will be his company on the line etc. this leaves her speechless and all.


During this time Succubus is at some high cliff where she removes her mother’s ashes that she has kept safe with her and promises her mother that she is going to have revenge on the Winchester Brothers for causing her death (clearly she forgot that the mother died of an overdose) she also removes the cross that she had been wearing all this time removing the seal that was protecting her from embracing her dark supernatural heritage. Ka Kyung’s brother is silently observing all this and while he knows that all this is supposed to be a private moment he can’t but help himself fall more deeply under her thrall. So naturally while they are walking away after her ceremony and all she pretends to fall and he barely catches her. He is about to tell her that this is the reason why you don’t wear high heels and she is like no you fool this is the perfect time for you to kiss me and seal the deal by giving me the rest of your soul.


Unfortunately, this is where this episode ends so we don’t know if she gets her meal or not. Though from the preview of the next episode this appears to be highly likely.



Now as to the thoughts regarding this episode.




Remember when I mentioned in my last post that it will take me a long time to warm up to Jae Dong. Well I take back my words. Turns out he isn’t a total jerk. He does seem to care about his mother to an extent and I am sure that he must be working to help her out in some way or the other it’s just that he has an issue with her previous family and I suspect that he has fear of getting abandoned if she wants to get back with them. Also considering the fact that he tried to make some sort of deal with Gangsta Prince shows that he is interested in helping the mother out. Just how good that will be remains to be seen. I also feel bad that he can’t have a normal childhood like he wants ie get scolded or beaten up if he does something wrong but at the same time he doesn’t realize just how lucky he has it. Not that I don’t understand his mother and her actions.


Mother clearly cares about her daughter that she won’t reveal everything to her it also makes me wonder if she revealed to Ka Kyung why she left her and the family because Ka Kyung seems to be more understanding than her brother in regards to this.


Gangsta Prince does have a point when it comes from a business perspective as we are soon going to find out. Prepare for family backstabbing and sabotages etc.. what I mean by this is that Succubus needs to prove herself to her father if she wants to remain in the family this means she can’t let Hyun Ki win at any cost this would therefore mean that she is going to find some way to sabotage his deal with Cells Beauty. This way when she introduces Ka Kyung’s brother she will be seen as the heroine etc..


While we are on the topic of Succubus Hyun Ki brought up an interesting point in regards to the DNA test. I don’t think that this was just like that but will have implications down the line. In other words, I think that it may turn out that she is a fake. Remember in the previous episode there were two girls and one of them died in said accident what if the real child died was Jerk Dads daughter. Then we have Shady Minion mention how blood recognizes blood. Hmm suspicious indeed. Now I won’t downright and say that Sena might be his daughter and he is playing a scam or anything like that. But I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.


As for the matter of Succubus sorry but I don’t feel sorry for you one bit. You don’t have a tragic enough sob story for me and even if you did your current actions aren’t helping your cause you willingly gave up the man you love just for your greed and all. So in other words you deserve your own unhappiness. This also brings up another reason why she wouldn’t want Ka Kyung to marry Gangsta Prince. As I mentioned earlier one of the reasons that she wouldn’t want it to happen is that he could reveal her past and all and thus she could get kicked out and all but more importantly because she seems to be the type of person that doesn’t like to share her things with others even if she doesn’t use them anymore. I don’t know if she thinks that she can walk out of her deal with the brother anytime that she likes after getting all that she needs from him and then go back to Gangsta Prince and expect him to take her back or she doesn’t care about him but she can’t see him happy if she isn’t herself. Either way the main leads are going to have a tough time and road ahead of them good luck guys you are going to need it.


Other than this I don’t think that anything of value or interest happened in this episode. Though what is interesting in this show is how both Gangsta Prince and Ka Kyung’s families have fallen from grace. Ka Kyung’s dad’s company went bankrupt but he managed to make a comeback with the cosmetics company and all. As for Gangsta Prince’s family they certainly have had better times as was indicated by his mother when she mentioned that all her life she had a housemaid and she had thus only started cooking in the last 3 months meaning that the maid was let go at that time.


Speaking of 3 months this seems to be of some importance as this was the exact same time when Gangsta Prince left Succubus to return to Korea. Not only that but what we hear from the other loan shark who refused to give a loan to Gangsta Prince it has something to do with YB Group. Aka they had a fight and Gangsta Prince and family lost in said fight. This probably happened during those 3 months and all. This would certainly make matters worse between Gangsta Prince and Succubus when he discovers that she is the supposed daughter of Jerk Dad who is incharge of YB Group. Also it might put a strain on his relationship with Ka Kyung when he discovers that she is the SiL of YB Group



Anyway that will be all for now. Just got the new episode downloaded so will watch it in the morning before heading off to work and comment on it when I get back. So till then take care all of you and hope to see you all son.

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Time for Episode 3 Recap.





Ka Kyung chases after Gangsta Prince to reconsider his harsh decision of wanting to terminate his contract with her company especially considering his financial difficulties and all. To which he informs her that is the very reason why he wishes to terminate his contract with her because he has had past experience where companies have signed up with his company only to cancel their orders at the last minute aka all of his companies’ hard work goes to waste as well as all their investment. As usual he also points out that currently working with her company is a major risk because she is demanding a large scale order and if she were to cancel it his company might not recover. It doesn’t matter how confident she seems because he has doubts of her character due to his misunderstanding that she is addicted to luxury goods to such an extent that she has gone in debt. Instead as we all know it was to pay her mother’s rent and all. Naturally since this is a personal matter she never clears it up.



Only after he leaves does he realize that he forgot to thank her for resolving his companies issue with the loan shark something that Ka Kyung was also thinking about that instead of thanking him he has told her of as someone that can’t even take care of herself etc. This makes her more determined to not only prove him wrong but to also sign up with their company. To this end she tries to contact her brother to get certain documents that indicate that her company is not only stable but also suitable enough for him to continue working with,



Unfortunately for her the brother is busy with Succubus getting ready to become her next meal. For now she was carefully pacing herself by pretending to enjoy some wine all the while thinking just how sweet the brothers soul is going to be etc.. Since the brother was already under her thrall he was merely thinking up ways of how he could please her and all.



Gangsta Prince is on his way when he suddenly gets a call from Ka Kyung who orders him back to her company since she had something to show to him etc. showing that she could be just as bossy as any other gangster and thus his equal in the future. Wondering what she could be up to this time Gangsta Prince decides to humoir her and thus returns to Cells Beauty. Only to find out that Ka Kyung isn’t there but has instead sent over an assistant with documents for him to look over. Meanwhile Ka Kyung is trying to contact Mr. Shin (she is still under the impression that Hyun Ki is her point man and that he is therefore Mr. Shin). She wants to find out the status of the blind test and whether or not their LED Facemasks were selected or not Hyun Ki must probably be wondering at this point whether or not dealing with her in this way was even worth it and should he have just rejected her in the first place. He tries to tell her to be patient and wait for the results. Regardless of this she manages to coax the answer out of him by telling her to give hints as to whether or not they had a high score etc. Once she has the confirmation that she needs she asks him to send the result to her a bit earlier though she does manage to reassure him that it isn’t with the intent to take out a loan for purchasing luxury goods (seems like she will have this reputation for some time :) ) but instead to convince a vendor aka Gangsta Prince to sign up with them and all.



Apparently it seems that Hyun Ki has obliged with her request and thus sent her the results with which she rushes over to her dad to reveal the good news to him. Turns out her father is more Business Oriented than one would expect and as soon as he hears that YB Group have accepted the facemask through the Blind Test he decides to change his tune. So now instead of going ahead with Gangsta Prince’s factory he tells Ka Kyung to get bids from various other companies and go with the best one. So she goes to deliver said news to Gangsta Prince who has just finished reading the report that she had sent for him, he also informs her that he understood it just fine. She then shows him of how her company has been selected by YB Group and this indicates that if their business goes well with them then naturally they can use the money from over there to invest in their other jobs as well and this would thus guarantee that her business in the cosmetic department should go just as smoothly etc.. Gamgsta Prince then finally thanks her for resolving the loan shark problem and apologizes for underestimating her company and all. Ka Kyung jokingly comments that he gave in to soon since she wanted to abuse her power a bit longer and all. Regardless of this she gives him the bad news that their president aka her father now wants to have bids from other companies and choose the best one. This doesn’t really surprise Gangsta Prince all that much. Though Ka Kyung does manage to give him a hint that if he resolves the current problem that their bottles have then his company will have a better chance of getting selected and all. He agrees to this and at this point he offers his hand to shake. Guessing that this is her first moment of skinship because the moment it happens an electric current passes through her and she realizes that something must be wrong with her but she can’t seem to put her finger on it. Yes, she must have started to develop feelings for him but she will probably be in denial over this fact for quite some time.



Turns out that Sucubuss and Ka Kyung’s brother are still busy with their drinks and all. Though it seems that Succubus is the one that is mostly doing her fair share of drinking while the brother is mostly observing her. More likely waiting for his chance to take advantage of her in her vulnerable state. But the Succubus needs to have him drunk so that he can have his guard lowered so that he would never realize that he was never the predator but the prey and manages to not only convince him to have a few drinks but also manages to get valuable intel out of him about his family’s status and then uses her own Woe Is Me Story to gain sympathy from him and all. Such as telling him that he would be the only one to understand her case as they are similar. He hasn’t seen is mother but she has lost hers etc.. him being under her spell merely just agrees with her and reassures her that she isn’t a selfish person at all and it is only natural and that he is thus a very cool and understanding giuy and hopes that this is enough to make her his thus each of them continues to get the other one drunk to move on with their plans.



Meanwhile Hyun Ki isn’t having a good time back at his home and is instead getting the riot act from his father for choosing Cells Beauty for the Duty Free Shop instead of abusing his power and selecting their company. Hyun Ki has a very valid reason for his choice not only was Cells Beauty fully qualified for the job but had he done as his father wanted then that might have put YB in a spot if complaints were issued that they were only choosing their brands over other suitable ones etc.. But the dad sees it as a betrayal and thinks that the son deliberately chose Cells Beauty as a means to rebel against him or something and even tries to emotional blackmail his son by trying to point out that since he is his blood he is the only one that he can count on and trust as well. Hyun Ki at this point reminds him that isn’t the case anymore since he has Succubus as a daughter now.



Just then the bell rings and they think that Succubus must have returned. All the while the dad is wondering just how he will do damage control and get his spot back etc.. but it turns out that instead of Succubus as they were expecting it is Hyun Ki’s maternal uncle the President of the company which YB is merely a subsidiary. One can get a small idea of the family hierarchy this way as well. The uncle it seems has somehow heard about Succubus arrival and not only that but the fact that she is staying in Hyun Ki’s House is even more maddening to him conveniently for him there are Golf Clubs lying about in their bag and he takes one out and starts swinging it around. Poor Flower Vases are his victims in this conflict. Dad is meanwhile thinking who betrayed him. Clearly it’s not Hyun Ki who tries to defuse the situation by pointing out that while he may not like Succubus she does share the same blood as him thus making him her stepsister and all and thus he couldn’t exactly see her living on the streets etc and that the uncle shouldn’t meddle in the family business and all. That goes as well as expected. He decides to literally throw a fit before leaving and one of the tissue paper boxes even manages to strike the dad and leave a scratch on his face.



Finally, the drinking has finished between Succubus and Ka Kyung’s brother and they are heading towards her hotel room. The moment they enter the room Succubus has had enough of waiting for her meal that as soon as she gets the opportunity she starts to devour the poor brother who gives in without much of an objection thinking that he finally got what he wanted. Not realizing that he had just sacrificed his own soul in return.



Has Gangsta Prince used some of his stalking skills and managed to track them down and is using X-Ray Vision to observe this. Nope it turns out that he is just bracing himself for what he has to inform them at home. They are all happy that he may have gotten that huge order from Ka Kyung’s company and all. The one that is most excited by this has to be the mother. only for her to find out that they have to now make a bid like other companies. She is a bit irked at that but likely her husband seems to be more understanding of the matter. Regardless they are back to their meal and to celebrate said good news they are even having meat. Hopefully it is Korean Meat. :) the topic that is next brought up is about Ka Kyung and her identity. The sister thinks that she must be the daughter of Cells Beauty. The mother gets excited at this perhaps thinking that this would be great marriage prospect for her son and all. But since Gangsta Prince is under a misunderstanding about her real identity of sorts tries to rectify the matter. That she is merely a daughter of a small restaurant and all. Meaning she is clearly not suitable as marriage material now.



Meanwhile Ka Kyung is back at home and is thinking about her skinship moment with Gangsta Prince and must be thinking to herself that she is never going to wash that hand of hers :)



The next day we find the brother has spent the night with Succubus at the hotel. He is waiting for her to wake up by sitting on the bed next to her (though he has his back against her.) clearly he is thinking of the wonderful night that he had not realizing that it is only the beginning of his doom. This is how Succubus finds him and to test her control over her new minion she makes him do simple tasks such as him opening the curtains and asking him for a glass of water which he happily obliges like a good slave. She even gives him an out by telling him that he could either leave now that he had done the deed with her and all. But he tells her that his is in no rush. Probably hoping for another round with her and all. Next she tells him not to feel bad as they were both drunk and they probably didn’t remember any of this or that it never happened. But he is having none of that. His parents have told him to be a man and take responsibility for his actions and all. This pleases her so she tells him that she will freshen up and join him shortly. She then heads to the toilet but not before removing what little clothing she even had on to get a reaction from him when she sees that he has the proper one (a bit to shy. Clearly he likes doing things in the dark where he can pretend it never happened but in the light of day it is another matter) now knowing that he is completely under her control she can’t help but smirk and she then decides to move on with her next phase of the plan and all



Ka Kyung needing something from her brother heads to his room only to find it unslept in. she reports this to her father who is outraged how any child of his could dare to sleep outside and to find out where he could possibly be and even try phoning him. Unfortunately, the brothers phone is still turned of and Ka Kyung tries to give an excuse that it being a smart phone and all the batter must have died already (since the smart phones seem to have a really small battery life compared to the older generations and all) Perhaps thinking that the brother might have headed over to the mother for some strange reason or the other Ka Kyung contacts her only to find out that this isn’t the case and not only that it also seems to get her worried about the matter as well. The most that they know is that the last anyone saw the brother was when he received a call from some strange woman. Now everyone is trying to figure out her identity and all. Not that it is going well for the dad who is probably mad that his son could have done the scandalous thing of not only staying the night out but staying with a strange woman to boot as well.



Unfortunately for the mother Jae Dong isn’t all that happy to see her show such concern for her son and leaves in a huff. Thus he fails to see his mother pull her back when she tries to lift some heavy objects and all. On the other hands since Ka Kyung was on the phone with her she hears her complaints that makes her worried. She tries to get a personal day of from her dad even citing how she hasn’t taken a single day of and she is therefore owed a few. This doesn’t make the fathers mood any better since he knows that the reason would be the mother (also to add to this was the son issue as well) Ka Kyung tries to appeal to his better nature such as her mother would have a big party after lunch and she wouldn’t be able to handle it on her own. Dad tries to point out that ever since she remarried they are now strangers but Ka Kyung isn’t having any of that and tells him that she will be taking the lunch break of and al. Even though the dad claims that they are strangers he does show some kind of concern when his on his own and all. Unfortunately, he gets a flashback of how she tried to take her stepsons side when he was behaving rudely towards him (check previous episode) that he snaps himself out of it.



Ka Kyung finds her mother lying on her bed (floor) and suggests that they go to the hospital but the mother insists that she will be fine after some rest though she is still worried about her son and asks about him. Ka Kyung reassures her that he is fine and he will be heading over to work soon and questions her mother if she is worried about him. The mother denies said fact when that clearly isn’t true.



Gangsta Prince is with his sister who is shocked that he is going to submit his proposal to ka Kyung online like the rest of the other bidders. She tries to convince him to convince Ka Kyung by any means necessary such as even bribing her by taking her out to a musical, dinner etc. because if they lose out on this contract their company will really go under. Even to sign up with whatever demands her company may ask for. But Gangsta Prince points out that they may start small but that could easily spell their doom. He was confident in their company and thus he was sure that they would get the contract based on their merit rather then going to all those lengths. He then starts tp head out only to be asked by his sister where was of to. To which he simply responds to get money.



Ka Kyung and Jae Dong are busy cleaning up the restaurant and while Ka Kyung tries to tell him to take better care of their mother such as doing the heavy lifting for a change, He tries to pretend to show disinterest by saying that if the mother can’t handle this she should simply close shop and tries to leave since Ka Kyung should handle the rest. Unfortunately for him Ka Kyung isn’t buying any of that and gives him a proper scolding and thus finds out the real issue that is troubling Jae Dong. Apparently he is bitter that his stepmother seems to be more concerned about her biological son in regards to the matter that he spent the night out but when he does the same thing though for longer periods of time like a week she isn’t bothered about it at all. He probably wonders whether it may have something to do with the fact that he isn’t her bio son and all.



Ka Kyung ties to explain this isn’t the case, they then clearly have a bonding moment even if they don’t realize it. This results with Ka Kyung being chased outside the restaurant with him behind her, Gangsta Prince choses this exact moment to pass by and witness this scene. Ka Kyung is surprised to see him and wonders if he is busy stalking her instead of trying to resolve his issues and all. Turns out this isn’t the case. He is simply in the neighborhood to collect a debt from someone (this means that this Mr. Park is not Park Jae Dong as I earlier assumed my bad)



Turns out that this Mr. Park has borrowed money from other people as well but since he can’t pay them back he has gone into hiding but at the same time he has left his children behind. It is the youngest daughter that Gangsta Prince bumps into. Gangsta Prince heads into the house to verify the daughters claim that the dad isn’t there and is messing only to find the room a mess. The poor girl is living all alone with her brother with no idea where even her mother is but at the moment even the brother isn’t there because he is trying to earn money even though he is just in middle school.



Succubus and Ka Kyung’s brother finally arrive at her home. She thanks him for dropping her of and that he could now leave to have his rest. But he is like nope you recharged me fully I can probably go another two round or so. She then tells him not to feel bad about last night since she isn’t all that conservative and all coming from the States. Also meaning that this is no big deal for her and if he really feels bad he can justify it all on the alcohol and pretend that it never happened. But he then reveals to her that he was never drunk and he was merely using that as an alcohol and that he fully intended to take advantage of her condition but she shouldn’t worry about it since he was fully willing to take responsibility for his actions as he had no intention of making this a mere one-night stand because he was deadly serious about her. For him it was love at first sight since they met in the airplane. For she had totally bewitched him and all. She tries to warn him of one last time by telling him that one night doesn’t make them special after all he doesn’t even know what kind of person she really is etc. but he doesn’t care about any of that. His only mission in life is now to make her happy because if she is happy then he is happy. Clearly this is the correct answer that she needs to hear that she even allows him to hug her as a reward.



She then finally enters her home only to find Shady Minion cleaning up the Golf Club which the uncle had used and informs her of what happened while she was gone and wonders just what exactly makes her so arrogant and all. Succubus quickly heads over to her Dads study who is pondering on his next move and how to clear up this entire situation. Remember when I earlier referred to him as Jerk Dad? well I am going to take that title back and give him a new one which I feel is far more deserving. Aka from henceforth he shall be named Scum Why? Simply because he isn’t worried what his daughter was upto all night but instead he further encourages to speed things up. He especially points out that Hyun Ki is planning on introducing the company to their Duty Free shop and if that happens he will not only look bad but at the same time she will be of no use to him. He also seems to indicate that now she should be rushing for marriage instead of merely dating Ka Kyung’s brother. In other words, he is more than willing to sell his daughter in place of his own ambitions and all. So any words that he may have used before like to the uncle of wanting to take responsibility for his daughter because he failed to do so for 30 years was all a sham. But then again we shouldn’t be surprised since the only reason he even allowed her to stay at his place was because she blackmailed him about revealing her identity to the world and promised to gift him Cells Beauty.



The brother finally arrives at work and reports to his dad and then tries to sneak away again by using a meeting as an excuse. But the father stops him still not wanting to believe that any child of his got spend a night out with the opposite gender. Unfortunately, he manages to find a stray hair from Succubus and demands to know just what kind of woman would be so brazen to spend the night alone with a strange man. He clearly doesn’t have a good impression of Succubus. Dad then tries to teach his poor son about Gold Diggers and how they will try and approach him for his money and all. It’s not like he has a low profile considering that he was even in the papers in the US and he is quite well known in the cosmetic industry back home. This would make him an easy target. Unfortunately for the dad his advice was falling on deaf ears as the brother was unwilling to even consider such thoughts and even tried to defend her character by saying that she wasn’t that kind of person. One could assume that he fell for her wealth clothes facade as well as dropping her outside a large mansion may have allayed any doubts that he may have had about her. Regardless of this dad is still against her and rightly so. But this only seems to dishearten him more.



Just then he gets a call from Succubus and this instantly lifts his spirits. The first thing that he does his show concern about her and if she got into trouble at home for not coming back and all. She quickly reassures him that isn’t the case and that she lied to everyone back there that she was with a friend and they seemed to buy it so she is of the hook. She then rightly guesses that he couldn’t lie and must therefore be receiving the heat from his father. Just so that she doesn’t worry too much he tries to play the situation down by telling that the dad was just shocked since he was so conservative and all but he will eventually come and accept their relationship. Unfortunately for her she is on the clock and can’t wait for him to convince his father. Knowing that she has to speed things up she suggests to him that she should personally meet up with his father and clear the air between them. The brother seems to think that this is a good idea that he immediately rushes of to his father to report this. Further shocking the dad and wondering just what has happened to his supposedly smart son and all. Dad is definitely against her and informs his son that he can bring her all he wants but he won’t be bothered to meet with her.



One of the two finally decided to inform Ka Kyung about said fact and she is equally surprised that she reports this fact to the mother. not only this but she is just as surprised that her brother revealed it all to their dad. While Ka Kying is all about her dad respecting his children’s privacy and all her mother on the other hand surprisingly agrees with her husband and sends Ka Kyung of to try and figure out Succubus and if she is decent enough to marry into their family. So Ka Kyung finally heads out and tries to catch a taxi back home.



Meanwhile Gangsta Prince is back to his Royal Princely Duties such as taking care of the common folk and all. In this case he is cooking for Mr. Park’s daughter and even bought food for her. He even taught her that she should have three square meals a day and brush her teeth just as many times.



Once he is done he heads outside only to find Ka Kyung still trying to catch a cab to no avail the moment she sees him tries to get a ride out of him. He initially refuses by quoting her earlier that they shouldn’t meet before her company choses a factory to go with. But she is desperate and tells him that meeting by chance can’t be helped and that she is even willing to pay him for his trouble. meaning that they will consider him like a taxi fare to further avoid complications. Seems like he has agreed because he is giving her the said lift.



He at first wonders if there could be something urgent at the office and she nearly reveals to him about what her brother did before realizing that it isn’t smart to divulge such things to a stranger and all. So she tries to explain it to him in a way that their boss is very strict but someone really got him on the edge today. He is surprised on the number off tasks a mere assistant manager has. She proudly tells him that she is an essential cog of the machinery at her company and without her the company would likely not function. He clearly doesn’t believe her. It seems like they have a moment and all and she complements him on his laugh etc.. she then questions him whether or not her got his money and rightly guesses that he didn’t. so she tells him that he should have simply taken a page out of the loan sharks book and refused to leave the premises of the person that had taken the money till they agreed to pay him back. Clearly that wasn’t possible in this case. Gangsta Prince does get even with her by calling her a Blockhead back.



Meanwhile Ka Kyung’s Brother and Succubus are at a florist. Succubus is trying to make a good impression on her future In Laws and doesn’t want to go empty handed and all. So the flowers are clearly meant to be as a gift. She pretends to be nervous and he ends up the one apologizing to her and warns her about his fathers famed temper. Fortunately for him she knows the exact reason why the father may be behaving like that since he probably suspects her to be a gold digger and all. This meeting is supposed to allay those doubts and put them to rest.



Back to Ka Kyung and Gangsta Prince. She is explaining to him how she knew those Loan Sharks and how she is a good cook and thus cooked for them etc. He thinks that is understandable since her mother owns a restaurant and that she must have picked those skills from her while living with her and all. She tries to clear up the misunderstanding and reveal who her father is but then decides that it is better left for another episode J Around this time they have to stop at a traffic signal which just so happens to be near the florist where Succubus and Ka Kyung’s brother had been shopping and it is where Gangsta Prince manages to glimpse Succubus looking not only happy but happy with another man that is not him and even allowing him to hug him. Clearly causing him to start getting in a bad mood. Ka Kyung looks out of the window but it is slightly unclear whether or not she witnessed this scene. Though she does turn and look at Gangsta Prince around this time and sees his reaction so she must be wondering what has happened now and if she made some mistake or the other.





Regardless this is where the episode ends for today and thus the recap as well.



Now on to my thoughts regarding the episode and the drama itself.





On one hand I don’t think that we have had much progression in the story itself but I do feel that there has been some development regarding the characters.



For instance, I previously thought that Hyun Ki and Succubus’s dad was a Jerk simply because of the way he acted in the previous episodes. Such as having an affair wasn’t bad enough but the way he handles it was just as worse. He packed of his mistress to the States and then afterwards he wasn’t all that bothered about them that much. Only an occasional visit to see them. No that isn’t correct according to Hyun Ko he only saw her a few times I am going to assume that it wouldn’t be more than five times at the most. Clearly never after Succubus grew up and somehow I doubt that he cared all that much when the mistress passed away. But of one thinks that is bad enough they need to think again. To get what he wants he is more than willing to sell his own child to get it. In this case have Succubus marry someone she may not even love. Also on top of all this he is even willing to stab people in the back. Now this wouldn’t be so bad if they were total strangers but this isn’t the case here he is more than willing to sabotage his own biological sons work just so that he can shine or climb up the ladder. This makes him worse than a jerk in my books and that is why I am going to be referring to him as Scum from now on. So please forgive me for such harsh language.



As for Ka Kyung she is interesting. She fully accepts Ja Dong as her brother because he is her mother’s stepson and all and treats him like a younger brother. The moment that they had in the restaurant was nice and sweet. Hopefully Jae Dong will see her sincerity and be finally moved by her actions and accept her as an older sister. On top of all this she is the only one in her family that cares about her mother and all. I suspect that she knows the truth as to why the mother abandoned them at that time. Perhaps she overheard something that she shouldn’t have and must have realized that it wasn’t their mothers fault I like her drive but really wish that she was a bit more careful and slightly smarter. Considering the Hyun Ki incident and all. Not that he can conceal his identity for long after all they are going to become In Laws pretty soon so it will be interesting as to how she will take that reveal and will she find out before or during the family gathering.



Succubus. I really don’t know where to start or even finish with her so I will probably leave it at that. But now I wonder what exactly was her plan to hand over Cells Beauty to her father. Was she actually intending to marry Ka Kyung’s brother in the first place as her father suggested and then perhaps later divorce him to be with Gangsta Prince or was she planning on using him by simply dating him and perhaps convincing him to hand over the patent to the LED Facemasks and then give that to her father. Either way I don’t feel sorry for her. She threw away her own happiness for her new life and she must live with that choice now. Too bad she doesn’t seem like the repenting type until the last episode. Also while I can understand her willing to listen to her father in certain regards I am surprised to see her willing to stab her own brother in the back. Then again she is doing that for her own survival. Still I wish she made better choices but then we wouldn’t be here now would we.



Speaking of the LED Facemasks. Has anyone ever tried one because frankly they don’t seem all that impressive to me. They look uncomfortable and on top of all this I really don’t see the benefit of having an LED facemask compared to the standard one. Do these LED Facemasks give you virtual data as to how much of the moisturizer has been absorbed in your skin and how much longer you need to wait before removing it. If this is the case, I might reconsider their value or perhaps if you could browse the internet or watch a movie while the moisturizers in the mask are seeping into your skin then I probably could see the value in one but I somehow doubt that is the case.



Gangsta Prince’s mom seems to be someone that may cause trouble down the line because she seems to be slightly materialistic or rather someone who has lived a life of comfort this means that Succubus could probably find some way to bribe her to keep Gangsta Prince away from Ka Kyung. For instance, she could tell the mother that her son is dating the daughter of a divorced woman who runs a restaurant without revealing the fact that said woman is also her SiL this will definitely be a concern for the mother and would thus want her son to break up with Ka Kyung when they become an item



Not so sure about his sister. She does seem concerned about the company but she can’t seem to think straight compared to her brother even though she has also studied abroad and all. Hopefully she doesn’t invest in the wrong thing.



As for Gangsta Prince I was slightly mistaken about him. When I said that YB Group might be an issue for him in the sense that they fought a battle and he lost. I assumed that at this point he wouldn’t want anything to do with them and that might cause problems further down for him and Ka Kyung when he discovers her connection with them all. But this isn’t fully the case. Right now he knows that her company is signing up with YB Group yet he is still willing to work with her company. He can clearly differentiate between Personal and Business Matters. Though the matter concerning Ka Kyung and YB Group will be another story altogether





Anyway I think that this post has gone on long enough for the time being so I will end it here. Don’t know if I will recap episode 4 and 5. 5 has a slightly higher chance but I need to watch it first. :) Will probably add more points in my next post all unless I forget them. Hopefully since this drama has started on KBS World and thus even on their Youtube channel I expect to see some more posts by the viewers/posters here. So I am looking forward to reading them. Till then take care all of you and happy postings. :D

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Here is a recap of Episode 5 as promised.




Gangsta Prince finds himself getting hugged all of sudden and for no reason by Ka Kyung surprising him. He tries to ask her what’s up with that but she is too into the moment to at first realize what she is doing. But suddenly she does realize it and it further embarrasses her that she lets him go. Wondering if anything is wrong with her he asks her out of concern. To avoid herself further embarrassment she claims that she merely had a dizzy spell but when she sees that he isn’t buying that she tries to fool him that she is anemic thus the reason for her near faint into his arms etc.. Unfortunately for her he still doesn’t seem to buy even that for a reason as he tries to inspect her closely for telltale signs or so. Regardless he realizes that he has to be somewhere else so he asks her to look after Mr. Parks Kids that he had brought in the previous episode to eat at her mother’s restaurant.


The moment that he leaves poor Ka Kyung wonders what exactly is wrong with her for her to behave so out of character also at the same time willing her beating heart to slow down before returning to the restaurant to supervise the kids and all. While the kids are eating she decides to grill them as to how exactly they know Gangsta Prince. The answer she gets is clearly not what she was expecting. They inform her that while he was a creditor to them he wasn’t like the mean harassing one that you normally see in dramas and all. Instead of being unreasonable like those people Gangsta Prince was like royalty looking after their subjects thus he was equally kind and understanding to their situation to the point that he had taught the daughter of Mr. Park how to cook rice as a bare minimum and on top of that he also bought them can food to live on. Unfortunately for them the brother (son of Mr. Park) tried to sell the food back to pay for their electricity so they had no choice but to Call Gangsta Prince to bail them out (the shop owner thought that the kids had stolen the food until Gangsta Prince cleared it up in the last episode). As for now Gangsta Prince was even now on the job by actually going to the store to get some more of the daughter’s favorite food and all. This only makes Ka Kyung fall more deeply for him without even knowing about it. By the time Gangsta Prince is done with his shopping the kids are already done with their meal and are waiting for him. When Gangsta Prince tries to pay for the kids meal he discovers that he isn’t the only one that looks out for people as it turns out Ka Kyung’s mother has let the kids eat on the house since she is aware of not only their condition but also knows their mother as well. Etv.. everyone is extremely grateful at this. Ka Kyung on the other hand is taking a page out of Hinata’s book and is secretly watching all this happen from behind a wall. Clearly these kids haven’t been taught to be all that wary of strangers because just a few acts of kindness from Gangsta Prince has them feeling close with him to the extent that the daughter asks to be carried by him to their home and all. Just be thankful that Gangsta Price is a decent person and all. He obliges as soon as he gives his shopping load to the girl’s brother. Ka Kyung even notices this small interaction between Gangsta Prince and the kids. Making her continuously fall deeper in love with him subconsciously and all.


Meanwhile Ka Kyung’s brother has brought Succubus to their home late at night. As she claimed that she needed to talk with their father and clear matters over etc in truth it was to quickly escalate her plans to quickly get married to him so that she could help her father take over the company. First to allay the fathers suspicious that she may have been a fraud she presents her father’s family registry which now clearly registers her as his daughter. A smart move on her part for insisting that Scum do exactly that if she were to go ahead with the plan. She was probably expecting something like that. Once the dad’s fears are reassured she tries to get him to agree to their marriage but he feels like it is to soon as she should get to know her father a little better since she didn’t get that chance earlier. Naturally this is not in her favour but she has already gotten the lay of the land and moved these people that she brings up that the fact that while her father loves her and wants to make up to her for all the lost years the same can’t be said about her step brother. To further earn their sympathy, she heavily implies that the brother is physical with her. Mind you she never says that out loud but lets them imagine that.  It gets her what she wants from them. The father has become so outraged and moved by this that he not only allows her to marry the son but to even move in to their place if she likes. This is exactly what she needs from them. The brother is clearly like you don’t need that family anymore as I will be the one to protect you from now on.


Now for some free information for both the viewers and Hyun Ki who is back at home. He asks Shady Minion info on Succubus and it turns out that Shady Minion is also a Chatty Minion. Thus we get to find out some information on Succubus mother and how she met with Hyun Ki’s dad etc. Turns out that the mom was an escort and was probably one of Scums regular. Probably one night of being drunk and all was all that it took to get her pregnant and when she came to him to tell him about it him being a Scumbag and all simply told her to get an abortion. Clearly the mother was having none of that so she fled till she actually gave birth to Succubus. Clearly Scum couldn’t have his secret exposed again so this time he packed them all of to the land of exile. Only sending them child support and never even going to see his own child. Finally, Succubus mother had enough of his behavior that she contacted him at his home in Korea thus allowing is family to be aware of his infidelity. The wife being the rich type (example clearly seen by her brother) thought to take care of the matter by Hiring Thugs International to go after the mistress and clean up the mess. This forced Scum to finally see his other family but only to hide them further from his wife and her wrath. Apparently that was the only time that Scum did anything for that side of the family since he wasn’t even bothered that his mistress had passed away some time later as he didn’t even bother to not only not attend her funeral but also decided to cut all financial support to Succubus. Making her survival even more surprising. Unfortunately, before we can learn anymore Shady Minion thinks that it is a good time to stop since he hears that Succubus has finally returned home. He probably values his job to much to lose it at this particular moment.


Regardless of this it is enough for Hyun Ki to start using his mind of his and try and make sense of what everyone around him was trying to do. So the moment Succubus appears he at first tries the polite approach and wonders how she got her education credentials as they wouldn’t be cheap and more importantly as their father had stopped paying for such things according to Shady Minion and all. Succubus asks him if he is curious if she was someone’s mistress or had a sugar daddy. But it turns out that is the least of his concerns at the moment. Infact he is more curious as to how she managed to seduce a total stranger in her first try and all. To save her the time and trouble of coming up with something he even comes up with a scenario which is quite probable. Succubus clearly thinks so to an extent and must also think that if he has so much spare time to come up with said scenarios he should probably become a drama writer or so. Hyun Ki thinks that he should find out more about her childhood but this is a topic that she is unwilling to broach at the moment and heads into her room. Her facial expression though seems to indicate that her childhood wasn’t all peaches and roses but whether or not that is true we don’t find out for now.


Gangsta Prince and his family are at home. While everyone had been relaxing Gangsta Prince had been going over the contract that their factory needed to sign with Ka Kyung’s company. Apparently he had cause for concern since he found a few clauses in the new contract that could seriously affect their company such as they couldn’t refuse any order that Ka Kyung’s company give them. The King aka his dad agrees with this notion even though both his wife and daughter are hesitant to do so as they fear that they may lose a golden opportunity and this way their company could go under. Regardless of this fact the dad is against signing of terms that could negatively affect the company. Yet he foolishly decides to send Gangsta Son on a business trip and leaves the contract signing to his daughter.


Gangsta Prince summons his sister to his chambers and admonishes her for not reading the contract carefully and tells her to be more careful in the future. The sister tries at first to blame it on Ka Kyung that she was fooled by her nice personality that she couldn’t imagine her doing such a thing. Though at the same time she also seems to have taken a shine to Ka Kyung as well and tries to set up her brother with him regardless of the fact that she may be a mere commoner and a daughter of a restaurant owner. Unfortunately for her Gangsta Prince is still reeling from his heart break that he has no interest in being in a relationship with anybody at the moment.


Ka Kyung on the other hand is lost in thought at her mother’s restaurant while subconsciously doing the vegetables. Clearly she hasn’t been taught just how dangerous using a knife can be in said state since she could clearly cut her fingers if not careful. Fortunately, her mother manages to snap her out of it by informing her that she has been getting constant messages. Turns out the messages are to inform her that Succubus and her family are getting together for a family gathering at the weekend. Atleast not everyone is keen on said idea and the mother is suspicious as to what could have happened to hurry the matter along. Perhaps the mother suspects that there may be pregnancy involved on Succubus part and she is luring in her poor innocent son and all. So she tells Ka Kyung to go home and find out the details and inform her of said results. Plus she also seemed to think that keeping Ka Kyung nearby might not be such a good idea because she had started babbling about a man of international mystery how he constantly changed like the peeling of an onion. Sometimes he was an idiot, other times an artist or even someone that had anger management issues. Clearly the food wasn’t suiting Ka Kyung so she was packed of to her dad’s home.


Mom is now really worried about the demon known as Sena and just what kind of spell she has placed on her family that they can’t seem to think for themselves and agree to whatever she wants and all. Ka Kyung on the other hand is on her way home but since she didn’t bring her car she decides to use a public transport aka a bus and all the time her thoughts probably keep taking her back to Gangsta Prince and probably how cool he really is. She has to constantly snap herself out of this state unfortunately for her it is a long drive to her home meaning she keeps thinking about him and can’t help smiling when she does.


The next day Gangsta Prince heads out for his meeting out of town. Probably to negotiate a peace treaty or something similar like trade arrangements etc The King wonders if Gangsta Prince informed Cells Beauty that he would temporarily be out of town and therefore they would have to deal with another person. At first Gangsta Prince is hesitant but then decides to do it. Ka Kyung is getting ready when he calls her (more like finishing up beautifying Herself) when she gets his call. But at this point she is a bit hesitant to answer it. Part of the reason is that she is probably still embarrassed about hugging him like that and using herself as being anemic as an excuse but I suspect that another part felt that if she answered the phone instantly he might mistake her as her expecting the call aka she had feelings for him. Since she was clearly in the denial stage as of now she thought of delaying in answering the call. Unfortunately for her the exact moment she tried to accept the call he decides of terminating the call. This leaves her with more speculations as to why he may have called. Such as he may have accidentally called her or if he did for business it would be to discuss the contract. Regardless she can’t help but feel embarrassed over her actions of last night. Gangsta Prince meanwhile is totally oblivious to all this and continues to head to his destination.


At YB Empire Scum enters his BiL aka Chairman’s office only to find that Hyun Ki has beaten him to it and has also informed him that they have signed up Cells Beauty (or are about to) for their duty free shop and all. Clearly this slightly derails Scums plans as he was probably hoping to take over Cells Beauty quietly before announcing it to the Chairman. This means that he has to also speed up his plans etc The chairman does wonder if Scum hates his son for choosing another company instead of YB Group but Scum plays it diplomatically for the time being and denies it. Chairman tries to see how far Scum will go and points out that Scums term is pretty much a failure he spent a ton of money on a product with no results to the point that their own company was refusing to market their own product so would he still go ahead with his plans or choose the better company etc Seems like the chairman enjoys playing golf since he has a pair of golf clubs here as well or perhaps he just wants to beat up Scum whenever he sees him. He does threaten that Scum’s failures will have consequences and all but Scum is merely vague when he promises the chairman results as he has a plan that he can’t fully disclose at the moment but when it is done they will all come out richer, greedier and more powerful. It seems like it has worked because they are allowed to return to their work.


Unfortunately, this only seems to frustrate Hyun Ki because he fully knows just how well his uncle is going to take any of the news. The part where Succubus has become part of the family will probably make him explode. Hopefully he doesn’t have High Blood Pressure to worry about. As for the bit about Scum taking over Cells Beauty remains to be seen. Though Hyun Ki warns his dad that he probably can’t keep this secret for long if Shady Minion decides to become Chatty Minion (probably implying that he is the mole or that he has always been on the chairman’s side etc..) Scum doesn’t seem to really care just tells Hyun Ki to put aside his differences regarding Succubus since they share blood and are a family.


Back at Cells Beauty the Senior Staff are probably discussing the terms of signing up with YB Group and whether or not they are going to sign up with Gangsta Prince’s company and all. Unfortunately, the dad seems to be out of it. I guess it happens when you have a lot on your plate such as your eldest about to get married, and also going to sign one of the biggest deals of your life. By the time he is snapped out of it he sends the other two staff members away but holds back his kids to talk to them about the family meeting and how he wants to present himself such as getting himself a suit and all to look good. The kids try to reassure him that he doesn’t need to try so hard but it doesn’t seem to work. So he tries to send them away when Ka Kyung suddenly gets an idea. Knowing that her brother probably wouldn’t approve of it she sends him away before broaching the subject to her father. Apparently nobody outside the company is in the loop about the family divorce so they can easily balance the number game if they invite the mother over to the family meeting as well. Plus, if they find out that he is divorced they may see him in a negative light. This seems to work on the dad yet he is still hesitant since the son doesn’t get along with his mother nor he with the Ex Wife so he tries and suggest that Ka Kyung convince the mother and all. She on the other hand rightfully points out to him that this meeting could be the perfect time for mother and son to reconcile as for the fact about inviting the mother over and it working would be far more effective if it came from the dad himself. This seems to work to an extent on the dad. Apparently Ka Kyung has timed this well because the mother has contacted the dad at the exact time via phone. It is probably to discuss the sudden family meeting which will eventually move on to wedding talks and all.


This results in each side trying to boss the other of where to meet though it turns out that the mother has the upper hand in the end as the dad ends up at her place. Now naturally these two can’t have a normal conversation such as him politely inviting her over. Instead it has to be more like do as you please etc. she wonders if he is in his right mind to get his son married of to a stranger so soon after meeting her and all. He accuses her of being jealous that his son is getting to marry of to a rich Chaebol Family and all. She instantly realizes that is the real reason that he wants to marry of the son. For her family background is more important and how the girl lived in the State. This brings up the Dad to let the mother check out the Bride To Be for herself and make her own judgement. The mother clearly thinks that the dad is of his rockers as he would never invite her to such an important event in their current circumstance. So the dad has to sweeten the pot some more. He promises to reduce the debt that the mother owes Ka Kyung (and needs to pay him instead) that each time she acts like a mother when important occasions occur he will reduce said debt. This seems to work and she therefore agrees to show up. But before he leaves he gives her some money and tells her to buy a new outfit and dress accordingly for the event.


Ka Kyung and her brother have meanwhile just signed with Gangsta Prince’s factory. With the brother informing the Gangsta Prince’s sister (she was the one responsible for signing the contract as mentioned earlier) not to be late with their shipments and to do a good fob etc.. she reassures them that her brother is already on the job of searching for the proper materials and all. This is the first that Ka Kyung learns about why she hasn’t seen him for so many days. While Ka Kyung is studying one of their LED Facemasks one of the workers comes up to inform her that a representative of Gangsta Prince’s company has arrived. Thinking it strange since they just finished signing the contract with them and all she heads out only to be pleasantly surprised that it was Gangsta Prince. Turns out the first person that he decided to visit after his return was her. Could this be a sign of something? We will just have to wait and see. Regardless her excitement is to the extent that she run over to him and probably barley stops herself from hugging him again. This makes Gangsta Prince show some concern towards her since he apparently is slightly aware of anemic conditions and all due to his mother being one. He also applies an unauthorized use of skinship with her trying so spot said signs on her. At first she tries to play it of but it doesn’t seem to work with him only starting to show more concern about her condition. Thus it forces her to admit that she was moved by his words and actions since she wanted to be on the receiving end of them when she was a kid and all. She is simply thanking him for that etc.. For the time being he lets it slide. This leads her to question him about the status of his search. He therefore informs her that he was successful in finding them and that they were ready to work with her company and all.


Gangsta Prince finally arrives home where he is informed that the factory finally signed with Cells Beauty. When he questions his sister whether or not she revised the contract she seems to say that not only did she do that but their dad approved it as well meaning it was okay. Dad does tell Gangsta Prince to go over it once more for satisfaction. Unfortunately, since he was probably tired from his trip and the contract was at the office he decides to let it slide since he knew that his father wouldn’t make any foolish choices and all. So he thanks his sister for her hard work so he doesn’t seem to notice her guilty expression on her face. Did she not revise the contract and was she lying? This would seem to spell trouble down the line then.


Finally, the big day has arrived (the family meeting between Ka Kyung’s family and Succubus’s) Dad is getting ready with a little help from Ka Kyung. Ka Kyung isn’t afraid to play a little Cupid with her dad by suggesting that he get back with his Ex Wife but he clearly isn’t all that open to it at the moment. Though this discussion is cut short when the son enters the room. Ka Kyung manages to make a hasty retreat heading over to pick up her mom and all. The brother finds out about this but isn’t all too happy to hear that the mother will be joining them on this day, though the dad manages to convince him that he should let the matter slide since his mother by his side will look good for him and is therefore a useful necessity. The son eventually agrees to this.


Ka Kyung is finally ready to pick up her mother and notices the decent dress that she is wearing. Jae Dong questions where she got the money to get it since she can’t afford one on her own and he doesn’t seem to take it well that it was a gift from the Ex. He tells her to enjoy being a pretend family and huffs of to go on shop in charge duty while the mother plays family with her Ex and all. Ka Kyung probably calls it correct when she thinks that Jae Dong is probably jealous that he wasn’t invited and thus isn’t treated as family etc.. Turns out that the mothers main reason is that she wants to check out Succubus out for herself since she can’t trust anybody would want to get married to a stranger so fast and all


Succubus and Scum are finally ready for the big event themselves and are heading out. They haven’t even bothered to inform Hyun Ki where they are headed but he is no fool and instantly realizes what is up and can’t help to think that it would be fun to see what happens next.


They finally arrive to be greeted by Ka Kyung’s brother who is clearly waiting for his mother’s arrival. Introductions are made till then. He is given a false sense of security etc. Succubus and Scum head inside to wait for the rest of the guests to join them. The mother soon arrives and finally they all head inside where further introductions are made. Scum apologies for his son not being present as he had to be on a business trip. Just to prove his dad wrong Hyun Ki times his entrance to perfection and decides to make his appearance at the exact same moment. Embarrassing his dad. Though turns out that the Dad isn’t the only one embarrassed since Ka Kyung finally realizes who Hyun Ki really is (not whoever he was pretending to be) she texts him pleading him not to reveal what he knows about her mother (that she is really divorced) and her stepbrother. It seems that Hyun Ki is more than willing to play around with everyone’s game today so he agrees to stay silent on all accounts. The families then agree to start their meal and all after that.


During this time Gangsta Prince’s Dad seems to search for the contract at the office and have a look over it. Seems like he isn’t very up to date when it comes to computers that he has to ask another worker to help him find said contract on the computer and then enlarge it so that he could read it properly.


Scum congratulates Ka Kyung’s dad on getting into their Duty Free Shop. At first he appears to be sincere but in truth he is waiting for the killing blow. While the dad thinks that they got in on their own merit and he apologized for embarrassing YB Group by beating them and all Scum uses this exact moment to hint to them that this wasn’t necessarily the case. According to his hints it is implied that he had a great deal in the final selection and that he only did it because his daughter had feelings for his son and thus to make him look good he kind of used his power to get them selected. Ka Kyung is greatly disappointed to hear that dashing her hopes that their product was actually good and all. Hyun Ki is also clearly disgusted at Scum’s behavior but can’t say anything just to support his family I guess. Unfortunately, the Dad doesn’t seem to care about this and is merely grateful for the chance and all. Scum does try and pry out his secret as to how he succeeded when they failed. The dad can’t help but boast that while Scum and his company tried numerous products he only focused on one (the facemask) and that is why he was successful etc.. Though Scum does warn the Dad to not let anyone else know that they were selected this way because they could get arrested for making unfair deals and all. He pretends it to be a joke but I wouldn’t trust him not to do it himself.


Gangsta Prince is out for a drive when he is summoned by his mother (on a phone) to return to the Imperial Palace because the dad is furious for some reason. When he returns home he finds his sister on her knees being punished like a third grader and their dad furious at her. Apparently it turns out that she had deceived them all, knowing that her father would trust her as well as knowing that her father had trouble reading. She had agreed to read out the contract to him. But instead of reading it out in its entirety she only read the parts that were favorable to them all the time ignoring and not reading the rest. The dad thinking that was all to it had agreed to said contract. Had he known about the other clauses that weren’t in their favour he would have been against it and she didn’t want to lose out on the Golden Life that would come if this had all worked out in their favour She as usual tried to justify her actions that if they delayed and came up with other terms they may have lost Ka Kyung’s company who might have gone with another company and this would have left them high and dry making them go under. The Dad refuses to listen to her excuses and wants to have the contract cancelled and corrected. Unfortunately for them it is the weekend and Gangsta Prince suggests that he will do it first thing after the holidays are over but the dad isn’t having any of that forcing Gangsta Prince to hurry out to take care of this mess. The sister does point out that the contract has already been signed so it is probably too late to amend it at this point. Not that anybody else cares at this point.


Gangsta Prince rushes out to do some damage control. Unfortunately, he seems to be hitting dead ends. Since it’s a weekend Cells Beauty is closed and no one is there to answer his calls. He probably tries Ka Kyung next but her phone is also turned off. Eventually he heads to their house only to be informed that nobody is at home. He asks the worker to inform him where he can find them as it is urgent etc..


As for the dinner the dad is finally showing just how educated he is compared to his other refined guests thus instead of eating the sweet dish with a fork as they expect he has it with his hand but not before ga ga-ing over it being too pretty to eat etc.. thus embarrassing the rest of his family and all. Scum just wondering just how long he needs to play nice to people like him and if he really should go along with this marriage before realizing the he certainly needed to if he wanted Cells Beauty for himself.


Just then Gangsta Prince manages to locate Cells Beauty finally. Since he had been taught royal etiquette which forbade barging through a room without invitation no matter the reason he knocks on the door waiting for a response. Succubus is about to answer it but Ka Kyung stops her and tells her that she will be the one to do so. Thus when she opens the door she finds herself face to face with Gangsta Prince. The show ends up at this point but not before Succubus turns her head around the same time and glimpses him as well.



Thoughts on the show.




The ending happened at the standard time and all. Succubus will probably wonder if Gangsta Prince is back to stalking her and will try to emotionally blackmail if to stay silent if he ever had feelings for her to respect her choice and let her be happy. He will probably play along with that though speaking of the ending it seems to indicate that Gangsta Prince will finally realize Ka Kyung’s connection to Cells Beauty it will be interesting to see how he takes it but at the same time all these connections are being revealed a bit to fast.


In the last drama we needed atleast 15 episodes if I am not mistaken before someone realized that Seyon was connected to the housemaid and then X amount of episodes before Loony was in on the loop then the birth secret. But we are already at episode 5 and Hyun Ki’s identity has been revealed to Ka Jyung. Then in the end Ka Kyung’s identity has been revealed to Gangsta Prince. He probably will keep it from his family since they really don’t need to know about it nor are they in a relationship. On top of all this Succubus hasn’t hidden the fact that she is an illegimate child and all. Granted nobody is going to discover her true lying nature until much later but when it comes to the base identities then everyone has their cover already blown at this rate.


As suspected Gangsta Prince’s sister caused trouble. Her intent was good and under normal circumstances it might even have been alright but this being a drama we know that people are going to abuse it left right and center. For instance, we know that Succubus would probably not want anything to do with that company as her identity could get exposed especially if Ka Kyung and Gangsta Prince start dating and if she can’t find a way to convince the mother then I can probably see her try and abuse her power in some way. She doesn’t seem like the type of person that is going to stay at home and look after it. She has studied abroad and even though she sold herself for her father’s sake she will still want to earn something. This means that she will probably demand a management spot in either YB Group or Ka Kyung’s company. If it is the later I can see her make a demand of an insane amount of glass products from Gangsta Prince’s factory which she knows that they won’t be able to supply making them breach the contract or else she will sabotage the order such as cancelling the correct amount and changing it to more or less making them unable to match the correct amount. This will be the perfect excuse to kick the company out and this will also allow her to feel safe for the time being.


As mentioned Succubus is actually quite smart when she tries to gains sympathy from others. As noted in this episode she only implied that her brother aka Hyun Ki was physically violent towards her. Naturally this wasn’t the case and eventually this is going to be revealed especially since Ka Kyung spends time with him. She is going to know his personality and defend him causing Succubus to temporarily lose face before she decides to point out that she never said that he beats her the rest of the people there simply assumed it on their own. Not only that but we also know that she is going to have everybody in Ka Kyung’s family wrapped around her finger since the marriage is going to happen either way.


This means that she will be successful in either wining the mother over or will cause more friction between the parents that they won’t get back anytime soon. Thus allowing her to go ahead with the marriage even if the mother is against it. I seriously doubt that the mother can be swayed with money directly that is. But Succubus is anything but direct. To be sneaky is in her nature for that is where she thrives. So to pull it off I can see someone causing some kind of scene at the restaurant aka they got food poisoning or there was something in their food etc.. then she will either make a dramatic entrance or if she is already there will attempt to solve the problem. Probably by paying away and the mother will be so grateful to her never realizing that the person causing the problem in the first place was a plant by Succubus for the exact same reason of looking good in her eyes and fooling her.


Have nothing to say about Jae Dong and his potential love interest. As of now the two of them don’t seem to catch my attention or interest.


I do like Mr. Park’s kids though and I can probably see them being an excuse for Ka Kyun and Gangsta Prince to spend more time to be together. It will probably also help them experiencing how a family works and looks like. So I am all for them being in a few more episodes.


Next preview shows Scum being his usual self. His only daughter his getting married for the first time. Especially when one considers that it is for him he isn’t willing to go big but wants a small wedding. One may think that this is a small thing but that isn’t the case at all. I can only assume that this is a big day for the females who all look forward to it and dream of walking down the aisle. This means the dresses and guests and probably the gifts (atleast the later for Koreans) so this is not just an insult to Succubus but it also has another meaning. We know that YB Group is a big thing in the show atleast. Meaning if one of their family marries it is supposed to be a big thing. Also the world gets to find out about it. But a small private wedding negates all that. This means that nobody will know about Succubus and YB Groups dirty little secret that she is an illegitimate child had out of an affair. Plus, no reporters to report on said event. Scum thinks that he can hide her for the rest of her life. Good luck in that department she isn’t the type that likes to go out quietly but with a bang. Meaning she is bound to cause some kind of scene. Perhaps a quiet tip of to the reporters or something similar.


The last episode at a decent moment between Jae Dong and Ka Kyung. When he had that accident she was the first person that he decided to contact to help bail him out. Granted he probably had nobody else to do so since neither her dad or brother would care and his mother would only worry but still that should help them get closer in my opinion.


As for Ka Kyung we can clearly see that she wants her parents to get back together. She doesn’t seem to have an issue with Jae Dong it is just the dad. Brother seems to be a mystery though he probably would be against it. Probably that is the reason why the brother is on bad terms with his mother. When Ka Kyung asked both her brother and mother if there was something that they were hiding from her on why they were on bad terms with each other they both denied but that doesn’t add up with K-Drama Laws. One of them clearly isn’t being honest simply because they think that they are protecting Ka Kyung from getting hurt if she discovers the truth. The question now arises which one is it. It also depends on what they think they know. For instance, the brother may have tracked the mother down only to find her happily living with a new family. He must have felt betrayed at said fact and doesn’t want to tell his sister that the mother supposedly left them to be with another family instead of looking after them etc..


Then we have Scum’s so called joke to Ka Kyung’s dad not to let other people know that he was selected through connections as that could lead to him getting arrested for making improper deals and all. Him being Grade A Scum I wouldn’t put it past him to be the one that leaks said information on his own. This might be the perfect opportunity for him to take over Cells Beauty such as either promising to take care of the company while he serves his time in prison or to let Succubus run the company as she is family and all. It won’t hurt that she has the supposed education base set to run it and all. So while on paper it would seem that she is running the company the reality would be different as he would be the real owner especially if she decides to play ball and hands over the company to him.


Frankly the brother is so under the spell that he can easily be called a Dupe Jr. since his dad should probably be referred to as Dupe. Or Dupe Sr.



Anyway that should cover this episode recap for the time being. Hope all of you have enjoyed it and thus have a general idea of what is happening in this show. I am just wondering if the show isn’t all that good or my recaps are so bad that people are getting the wrong impression about it. If it is the later I want to apologize at my poor attempt at recaps. :(Frankly I like answering questions that people have in dramas rather than recaps and this thread is starting to feel quite lonely. :(  So come on everybody lets join it and make some noise. :) So till then take care all od you and hope to hear from you all soon.

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The recap for Episode 6 is as follows.




The family meeting between the families is interrupted when they hear knocking at the door. Ka Kyung agrees to answer it preventing Succubus from getting up and her secret getting exposed so soon. Turns out that it is Gangsta Prince who had tracked them down do discuss the unfair clause in the contract and all. We also seem to have a K-Drama standard misdirection. At the ending of the previous episode Succubus also turned her head and it appeared that she had also spotted Gangsta Prince. Turns out that the moment she did His back was mostly towards her so she couldn’t seem to recognize him though she clearly felt that he was someone familiar. Regardless of this fact Ka Kyung’s secret has been exposed as Gangsta Prince has finally figured out that she is Cells Beauty’s owners daughter and all.


Ka Kyung is curious as to why he was here and when she discovers that it was in relationship to the clause she informs him that they could have met the next day to resolve the matter and all. Regardless she heads back inside and informs her father that a vendor has come to seen him. This clearly frustrates the dad considering that he is at an important function for his son and all. Introductions are finally made between Gangsta Prince and the Dad. Dad insists that the matter could have been resolved the next day as he had also given them ample time to review the contract before signing it and all but Gangsta Prince responds to him that they can’t go ahead with the deal unless the contract is amended in their favour since it could be harmful to them if they start and the Dad refuses to change it. Thus no production on the products even if they are a day late etc. Gangsta Prince is even willing to pay the penalty for terminating the contract but he isn’t willing to budge on this.


Ka Kyung on the other hand is clearly flustered that her identity has been exposed so soon as she could probably have tried to pretended to be a bit normal for a bit longer. Though no one seems to notice this apart from Hyun Ki and he wonders what has happened. So he is back to sending an SMS to her wondering if her identity has been exposed to someone else that shouldn’t have found it out and all. Ka Kyung merely ignores his query this time. The brother while waiting for the Dad to return decides to have some tea but to sweeten it up he tries to out some sugar in it from the sugar pot but before he can do so the mother senses his intention and brings it closer to him. The brother now thinking that the sugar must have now been contaminated by his mother’s love decides against having the sugar and just sips his tea as it is. Clearly hurting his mother’s feeling and also placing her in an embarrassing situation as well.


Dad and Gangsta Prince are discussing the contract and while Dad was a bit angry that since he had given them ample time to amend the contract why hadn’t they availed it etc. fortunately for him he was in a good mood because things were going well for him in terms of the family marriage and all that he agrees to let the matter slide and agrees to remove said clause from the contract. He also seems to be impressed by Gangsta Princes bold nature. He does warn him that Gangsta Prince will have to make sure that even though they have this delay the products will still have to be on time. He also tells him that the revised contract can be signed the next day and heads back to the family meeting.


Gangsta Prince finally contacts his mother to inform her that the matter has been resolved which the mother promptly informs his dad. Turns out that his sister is still being punished on her knees. The Dad finally decides to relent and finally decides to let her of and thus she sits back on the couch with help from their mother. The Queen has issues with how the King treats his own family and can’t seem to understand how he could have humiliated his own daughter who was over 30 years and punish her like that and then on top of all that send their son to resolve her mistake etc


Ka Kyung’s dad meanwhile is trying to explain the situation of the Succubus and family as to how it is hard to get good terms for both parties and not suffer a loss on either end. Scum totally plays along and continues to feed the poor dad’s ego and all. Ka Kyung finally decides that she needs to clear up the air between her and Gangsta Prince so she decides to excuse herself. Dad thinks that it is unnecessary (due to him not knowing his own daughters heart) and thinks that she is simply to dedicated to her work and thus makes the same excuse. Clearly Succubus can’t seem to take this well from her facial expressions. It is like how can there be anyone or anything more important than me. Etc.


Regardless Ka Kyung rushes out of the restaurant in search of Gangsta Prince and at first thinks that she may have lost him when she finally spots him. She rushes over to him and he is surprised that the daughter’s owner would come out to see him of personally. She apologizes for the misunderstanding and informs him that she didn’t intend to deceive him etc.. he decides to let it go because he realizes that is indeed the case and he merely misunderstood the situation and all. He does surprise her when he mentions that he was expecting her call. This clearly flusters her some more and she wonders why this would be. He doesn’t have a real excuse and comes up with that he couldn’t contact her due to this and if he didn’t clear the matter soon his father could transform into the Hulk and rip of peoples’ head (royal beheading?). he was also worried that her dad may be angry at his actions and thus might end their long term association and all. They then have another moment when he uses her own line regarding humanism (the reason why she admitted to hugging him in the previous episode) and to be understanding and let the matter slide. Unfortunately, this reference and the part of him waiting for her call has her even more flustered that she decides to make a hasty retreat so she excuses herself and heads back to the family gathering.


While Ka Kyung is on her way back the families have finally begun the serious discussions regarding the marriage of the children and all. Scum is all for rushing the marriage at full steam ahead and wants to be done with it all be the end of the month. That would be quite fast but then you have to realize that the month is going to end in just two weeks meaning that they even have even less time to arrange for everything and invite all the guests and all. Though this seems to slightly fluster the dad he finally decides to ask his Ex for her opinion. Even the son is expectant that for a change the mother will act like one to him and want his happiness and agree to such absurd demands and all. Unfortunately for them the mother isn’t swayed by this entire drama and suspects that there is more going on so she lets the cat out the bag finally that she has no place to suggest anything since she is divorced from the Dad and all. This surprises everyone back there and all.


Scum still can’t let something like this stop his plans so he plays along as if this is no big deal and still asks for her opinion. The mother being the only smart one is clearly against the marriage for the simple reason that it just doesn’t make sense for random strangers to move ahead so fast in getting married and all. This clearly isn’t taken well by the current people present for various reasons. Succubus knowns that her worth is measured by how she can be useful to Scum, the son because he is disappointed that his mother isn’t on his side for a change and the Dad since he is embarrassed by this entire reveal and all. The only one that isn’t affected and is actually enjoying this turn of events is probably Hyun Ki. Succubus as usual tries to make herself look good tries to take the blame on herself as the reason for rushing said marriage and all. The mother smartly asks whether or not she doesn’t have an ulterior motive but before she can answer that the son intervenes and tells her that she has done enough damage for the day and probably thinks that he will be lucky if the marriage deal works out and all.


Ka Kyung chooses this moment to get back to the family missing out on all the drama till now. Scum finally decides to use this to her advantage by pointing out just how busy things must be at the company that Ka Kyung has to deal with them on such an important day and uses this to push his own agenda by placing his own person in their company. Aka pointing out that Succubus having studied abroad would make a perfect fit at Cells Beauty and to top it all of she would be family. The dad being the Dupe he is seems to like the idea and agrees to it instantly. Hyun Ki who had been silent up till now decides to get his screen time worth instead of just looking good and all and suggests that the families trade daughters via marriage. Clearly he knows that such a point isn’t well accepted in Korea (of being in a double relationship with a family). Ka Kyung assumes that he is joking as the rest of the people present considering that both parties are supposed to be strangers and all. So Hyun Ki decides to clear up the matter that this isn’t the case and that they have already met numerous times and he has gotten interested in her etc. At this point Ka Kyung finally realizes her true feelings towards Gangsta Prince decides to respectfully decline as she has feelings for somebody else. Hyun Ki seems to take this rejection reasonably well and pretends to have been joking. This seems to relieve some of the tension the others in the room were feeling due to his suggestion and all.


The meeting is finally done and everybody decides to call it a day though Scum does ask what Hyun Ki was trying to pull. (both in regards to his sudden talk of marriage as well as suddenly showing up when he wasn’t even invited) Hyun Ki reveals that he just didn’t have it in him to betray Scum etc.. regardless Scum manages to thank the brother for a wonderful time and tells him to take care of his daughter and all. He is also glad to see that his Future In Laws are such simple fools that he is easily going to take advantage of them. Succubus playing her part as the perfect girlfriend material even reminds the brother to call her when he gets the time. Brother agrees to this. Hyun Ki apologizes to the brother once again for his poor taste in his joke and heads out wondering just what kind of game the rest of the family were playing and how his family had managed to deceive this nice family etc.


Now while one family had left happily since they had achieved all the goals that they had set out to do the same couldn’t be said for Ka Kyung’s family. The dad was livid that his Ex tried to sabotage their son’s marriage and attributed her actions to jealousy. (which I don’t get but let’s ignore that for now). Ka Kyung tries to do some damage control but it doesn’t seem to work since the dad is too worked up. The Mother tries to talk some sense into the dad but he is far too gone in his greed to realize that what she is speaking makes sense. Only aggravating her further. Nor does her mood improve when her son behaves in the same manner and since she is tired of trying to explain herself to these dumb males she simply tells them that the only reason she showed up was because the dad promised her 2000$ as a fee each time that she did and leaves the restaurant. Clearly this doesn’t go well by both the dad and the son. Ka Kyung is back to damage control and tries to calm her mother over whereas the dad tries to explain that this was a misunderstanding to the son and that the mother didn’t mean it in that way but the damage had been done already.


Ka Kyung decides to escort her mother home and also let her know that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to antagonize her brother on such an important day. Turns out that the mother was equally disappointed in her son as she had tried to make an effort to be there for him but the son had totally ignored her the entire day. Perhaps another reason for her outburst.


Speaking of the son he finally gets the phone call from Succubus (or he calls her) and apologizes to her for his mother’s behavior and asks her to put in a good word to her dad so that the dad doesn’t have second thoughts and all. She reassures him that family is like that since her brother and his jokes were just in poor taste like his mother’s behavior making them even. The brother is thankful to hear that.


This time it is Succubus turn to wait for Hyun Ki in their home. She pretends to be shocked at his behavior and tries to appear like the victim as his joke placed her in a slightly bad spot it wasn’t like he actually liked her. Hyun Ki isn’t buying her act one bit and tells her that he probably does like Ka Kyung but her concern seems to stem more out of what he could reveal to her regarding Succubus since they clearly don’t know the real her (the one which she shows to only a few people and all). After saying this he tells her to have a nice day and moves on to his own room. Naturally this gets her worried and she starts scheming of what to do next so that it will play to her advantage and possibly thwart Hyun Ki’s actions as well.


Ka Kyung is back home enjoying a snack of noodles with her dad while at the same time back at Damage Control Duty and thus trying to clean up the mess of the day. The dad does seem to agree to some extent with the mother to Ka Kyung’s joy but at the same time admits that his son is the problem. Without him being understanding and all there is no chance of any real kind of reconciliation. The dad also thanks Ka Kyung for not getting mad at Hyun Ki for his poor joke as that would have been the end of the marriage. Though he thinks that her response was a joke as well. Clearly he can’t see his little girl ready to date or be in a relationship so soon.


The mother on the other hand is so depressed over the day’s event that she is busy jugging down drinks of Soju and this is how Jae Dong finds her. Clearly unable to read the mood thinks that his mother is drinking because she is so happy that her son is marrying of into a rich family and all. He then huffs out in frustration. Certainly not improving his mother’s mood. I guess that means more drinking for her.


Jae Dong is looking for a reason to vent out his frustration when he bumps into Accident Girl (happened in episode 4). He realizes that she is the perfect person to vent out on and thus demands that she pay for his motorbike and there is no use trying to escape from him because he has currently been taking Stalking Classes and will thus easily find her again. She smartly asks him why exactly should she pay for a bike and also with what. Thanks to the little incident between them she was fired from her previous job and the new job (handing out flyers for pubs/clubs) just doesn’t pay that much. Jae Dong doesn’t seem to care and blames him losing out on his bike was her fault and that it wasn’t fair that he was suffering because of that. When she points out that incident was the reason that she got fired he decides to go Korean Caveman Style on her. Unfortunately for him she doesn’t seem to be the type to watch Korean Dramas and thus doesn’t allow herself to be manhandled and instead decides to use it to her own advantage. She removes her jacket and even lowers her shirt a bit. Perhaps to make it appear that he was trying to take advantage of her by calling this to the people attention. Fortunately for her Jae Dong was raised better that Ka Kyung’s brother that he instantly looks away thus allowing her to make a hasty retreat. He does tell her to receive his calls in the future. It is unknown whether or not she heard it but considering the distance it is highly probable that she did. He does consider her a bit of a Psycho. Will he fall for a psycho remains to be seen?


Gangsta Prince is out and about at night; he seems to be searching for something or someone. Turns out that he was searching for his sister who was busy drinking at a tent bar. She is ticked of at him for handling the problem and making her look even worse infront of her parents. He tries to comfort her by informing her that he was more afraid of witnessing his dad transform into the Hulk as that would be bad for everyone around. Unfortunately for him the sister seems to have had enough of the family drama and all. She decides to quit the company. Probably wanting to run a bakery/cafe in some quite little place and hope that she can bump into her first love who should probably be a baker. Yes, she and her baking fantasies. (wants a SiL who can bake especially cakes and hubby who can bake breads). Since she knows how well the dad is going to take the news she informs the brother to handle this problem as well.


Finally, it seems that the power of love has started to affect Gangsta Prince and he subconsciously starts to think of Ka Kyung and how she hugged him and her excuse to do so. Since the sister has no idea what is going on in her brothers mind she is surprised to see him being happy for a change and tries to find out the reason as well as wondering why he isn’t all that affected by their families’ current situation and all. Thanks to her we know get to know why he returned to Korea and some interesting facts about him as well. Apparently Gangsta Prince is a person of many talents. Not only was he successful at Wall Street but also a great sculptor as well. His sister then tries to persuade him to return to this life style and ignore the families plight. Him being a prince he really won’t do that but it was worth a shot. It is also revealed that he only returned because she was the one that had summoned him back. Their dad had gotten injured and since she couldn’t take care of him on her own she called him back and now she seems to be regretting it as she probably thinks that he is holding back due to the family situation.


Now if one would think that Gangsta Prince was the only one with love in the mind they would be mistaken for now it’s back to Ka Kyung who can’t help but remember how he told her that he was expecting her call that day. She can’t help but smile and this time she doesn’t even try and stop herself.


It seems to her that even her father might be on the same wavelength when he is both impressed at Gangsta Prince for being so bold yesterday as well as regretting agreeing to removing said clause. To the point that he casually suggests that he should perhaps make him his in law by allowing him to get married to Ka Kyung. This probably gets her equally excited and happy at the same time. But this all comes crashing down when her brother questions the dad if he was serious. Turns out that the dad has been infected by the Greed Bug and not that he was going to get rich In Laws (thanks to his son) he couldn’t let that harm his reputation by having his daughter marrying into a lower class family. In other words, she would have to marry someone who was of equal class or higher. (though I have doubts about the later)


Gangsta Prince and Dad are looking over the new contract (or trying to add better terms etc) with that other worker when the daughter finally decides to show up for work. Dad is a bit angry at her late arrival but it turns out that she had a good reason for doing so. She wanted to resign and thus hands it over to him. Unfortunately for her he isn’t having any of that and tells her that she can only resign after she cleans up her mess and takes responsibility for her actions. Meaning resolve, the current contract situation and then they will think about it. Having no choice she agrees to that.


At Cells Beauty Ka Kyung must have heard that the representative of the glass factory has arrived and she mistakenly assumes that it is Gangsta Prince so she heads over there with a cup of tea excited to see him. Unfortunately for her it turns out to be the sister. Everything seems to be going well. The sister even apologizes for their mistake and is equally grateful that Ka Kyung’s company isn’t taking any serious action against theirs. The brother on the other hand is a bit surprised that Gangsta Prince didn’t show up himself after all that he had done yesterday and was worried that their father may have offended him in some way since he also seems to have a temper as well. The sister assures him that wasn’t the case and when she joked about the matter Gangsta Prince merely smiled and mentioned Humanism. This clearly embarrasses Ka Kyung as she is the only one in the room that seems to get the meaning and reference. She was like if the guy didn’t have anything to say why bring that up he should have kept quiet and all.


It is while she was wondering about this outside that she receives a call from Hyun Ki. Either her caller ID isn’t working or she was still out of that she shouts in the phone what was wrong. Clearly surprising Hyun Ki who for a moment thinks that he may have dialed the wrong number. He calmly informs her that he is Hyun Ki and that she needs to make an appearance at the company (YB Group) and finalize their contract with them but this time she has to deal with the real Mr. Shin


Fortunately for her she gets to meet the real Mr. Shin this time. Hopefully she found a way to verify his identity this time then just asking his name but then again I have my doubts in regards to her intelligence. Anyway she is informed that YB Group has done their part and the rest of deal will be through the Duty Free Shop who will contact them with further instructions etc.. This ends their transaction between them. She then asks whether or not Hyun Ki is available or not. Since he doesn’t know that they are about to become in laws he informs her that Hyun Ki isn’t someone that she can easily meet and all. Perhaps hinting that he is someone very high up in the corporate chain and all. Regardless Hyun Ki still manages to make some time for her and heads downstairs to meet her.


They each apologize to each other for their behaviors. Him for pranking her and her for being a bit rude etc.. they also seem to be getting along quite well. Such as he jokes with her wondering if she wouldn’t regret missing out on a great catch like him who has tons of money such as even the building that they were in belongs to his uncle hinting that it might come to him later on. She clearly has no regrets and lets him know about it. He also apologizes for his so called joke but is actually surprised when she thanks him for that as it helped her actually realize her true feelings for Gangsta Prince even though it was just a one sided love for the time being. He is curious how she can be so sure about her feelings. Remember he should have been in numerous failed relationships and all. So she points out her reasons etc..


Succubus on the other hand had come to the office since she couldn’t get enough time to talk with Scum about her upcoming marriage when she witnesses Ka Kyung and Hyun Ki having a pleasant time. This only makes her mad because she realizes that Hyun Ki was probably not joking last night about his feelings towards Ka Kyung and this could seriously derail her plans and all. So she heads over to Scums office to tell him to not only get his own house in order but to also deal with the marriage issue and all.


Scum really doesn’t want to spend all that much on this wedding so he tells her to simply have a small wedding and even the amount that he gives her is more like a joke. She tells him that now that she is his daughter she deserves some of the family inheritance etc so she can probably use some of that, unfortunately Scum decides to burst her bubble by informing her that he doesn’t have a single cent to his name as the family took it all back and instead handed it over to Hyun Ki. This probably means she needs to get creative if she is to get her hands on the money and property. She now vows to take over the company herself.


Her job is now to convince The Dupes about this and make them go along with said plan (small wedding). The dad is initially hesitant to go with that since this is the first wedding between both his son and Succubus but the son who is so into Succubus seems to think that this would be a great idea since he is so busy at the company it would be better to have a small wedding. She also points out that the public is against rich families showing of their wealth like that in weddings and all and therefore the small weddings were the way to go. Dad finally seems to agree to this so he promises to buy them a new apartment and all that Succubus needs to do is purchase the furniture for said apartment. Naturally since she doesn’t have any money she suggests that she plans on living with them. This serves two purposes firstly she gets to save on money she never had and secondly she looks like a great person willing to move in with her in laws something that isn’t so common these days. The dad loves the idea as well as the son that they are equally thankful and tell her that she just needs to come as she is since she is perfect and all.


Ka kyung decides to make a good impression on her Future In Laws that she decides to go and visit Gangsta Prices factory only to find just his dad over there. The rest of the workers were out to a company dinner and all. She uses business as an excuse when she probably wanted to see someone else. Anyway she hands over the sample bottles that she needs made as well as how to have them colored. The King seems to like the design and points out that they are in a mutually beneficial position meaning the success of Cells Beauty also means their own success. He also reveals that he injured his eye sometime back and that is why he needs to inspect things closely as well as having regrets of holding his son back who had a bright future but can’t achieve his dreams because of him (and his injury) Ka Kyung manages to convince him that even though his sons personality may not be first class he is a great person and all.


Turns out that Gangsta Prince hasn’t left for the Team Dinner but is busy working in his workshop and she is given permission by the King to check it out. Over there she secretly witnesses him making a great work of art but to her surprise he is about to destroy it when it is all done and all. She tries to stop him from doing so but he doesn’t like being spied on like that. She tries to convince him that he should still try and achieve his dreams and she would help him do so. He simply scoffs at that and tells her to mind her own business and act her own age before finally destroying his work. He does wonder what she will use next. (she has used humanism and achieving dreams for those keeping count). Saying this he leaves the workshop only to be chased by her. She then musters up her courage and confesses her feelings towards him ending the show.


How will he take the confession we need to wait and see tomorrow? So will he accept it or reject it.



Now on to my thoughts regarding the episode.




As to the matter of the confession I suspect that as of now he will reject it as he probably doesn’t think that he is good enough for her. Considering the fact that she is a Company President’s daughter. He shouldn’t sell himself short since he is in a similar position. Though I am guessing that since his company seems to be smaller her position would be slightly higher. Then again when does any of that matter in love.


He does seem to have feelings for her but can he be man enough to follow them through. Not that it will be easy sailing for them. Perhaps had he approached her earlier before her brother’s wedding they may have had a better chance but now that her father has gotten bitten by the Greed Bug he is seriously going to be against said marriage. A shame really. Hopefully her mother will be on her side.


I mentioned earlier that Hyun Ki may have been experienced in relationships because of the character descriptions that I read on the KBS world website but so far I don’t think that he has been married. There seems to be no indication of that. But I am starting to suspect that when he does the reason for divorce and him losing out on all his money won’t be entirely his fault. Him being in love with another woman might be the issue but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if those women turned out to be plants by either Scum or Succubus. It has clearly been shown that they are willing to betray family if it suits their own agenda. Now I don’t know if Scum was being honest when he claimed to Succubus that all of his wealth and shares etc were transferred to Hyun Ki.


If Succubus really set her mind to get all of those things from him, I could easily see her setting him up with woman that she knew would result in divorce. But since she set him up she would therefore have a secret agreement with them that they would give her a certain amount of cut or the entire thing that he paid them in divorce. This way she gets it all. Scum is just as capable of doing that as well. But so far it seems he hasn’t resorted to doing any of that.


I am feeling sorry for The Dupes. How they are being played by Scum and Succubus. Though they need a major wakeup call which probably won’t happen until episode 80.


Jae Dong needs to grow up and see his mother’s suffering for what it is rather than let his own insecurities ruin their life. Speaking of families, we can also clearly see where this drama is heading. Ka Kyung clearly wants her parents to get back together. If this happens then Jae Dong is officially going to become part of the family. There are hints that the parents aren’t fully over each other and the dad might even reconsider the point if it wasn’t for his son who seems to be against this or basically is angry against his mother for abandoning them. Then we have the dad and his ego problem which is probably one of the reasons why the wife decided to leave him. He still acts up and I don’t think that the mother will want to get back with him anytime soon even though she seems to care about all her children.


Still not seeing the chemistry between Jae Dong and Accident Girl. Though perhaps she might be the spark that gets him to finally grow up and also respect his family instead of trying to rebel against him. Clearly there is more to her story as well. She does seem to be slightly immature as well. But then you see her actually trying to work hard and earn money. Naturally she isn’t going to hand it over to some stranger. But why is she working this hard she seems a bit young. This would mean that there would be financial problems in her family and she is the only one that can earn money for them. Perhaps Jae Dong witness this and decides to help her out. This helps the two of them get closer and all. This also helps him realize the importance of family.


Hyun Ki is a mystery of sorts. He seems to be aware of his families’ actions yet he lets them continue to act the way does. Like he mentioned in this episode he was far to timid to reveal their true nature. This means that it is highly suspicious that he would even reveal anything about Succubus to Ka Kyung and her family. This is another reason why I won’t be shipping those two even though they aren’t the OTP. Knowing fully what they are doing and doing nothing about it makes him equally guilty and their accomplice even if he doesn’t approve of their actions. Then again it might not be his fault if the people at Cells Beauty aren’t all that smart. He clearly showed that his family couldn’t be trusted when he showed up at the family meeting when Scum informed them that he was busy with a meeting. Though one could assume that he finished it quickly to attend an important function like that.


Succubus still carries a glass sculpture which was probably gifted to her by Gangsta Prince. If this is supposed to move us it isn’t working. Like I said earlier she chose the path she is walking on her own. Granted I can see her thinking that she was dumped and thus wants to move on when Gangsta Prince suddenly left her due to the family emergency but she had a chance of getting back with him when she returned and bumped into him. Her not doing so is her own fault.


Am glad to see that as usual this drama is quickly resolving it’s issues. This is in regards to the clause in the contract that Cells Beauty made with the glass factory. I was expecting that this would have been abused down the line. Still I wonder what YB Group will use to their advantage to get rid of them.


Speaking of this it seems that Scum moved slightly faster in placing Succubus in Cells Beauty. I was thinking that it would be slightly later like when the dad was sent to jail or something to that extent but even this works as it amounts to the same thing. This probably will also be a reason why Cells Beauty will fail to sing the deal with the Duty Free Shop. Succubus is either going to intercept their phone call by chance or accident and not reveal this to her family thus making them lose out on their chance to sign up with them or she is going to switch out the contact with a fake one that one or both parties wouldn’t want to deal with. Frankly it will really help her if she is made the point person to deal with the Duty Free Shop and all.



Sorry am currently feeling to sleepy to continue with this post so I will end it over here for now. Will get back to it later on. So till then take care and hope to read all your posts soon. On another note I am actually surprised that no mod has warned me not to post multiple times like this without letting anyone else post. It is making me feel bad and concerned at the same time.


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Hello everyone 

oK I binged watch this drama. This thread is very quiet but I see @yamiyugi          Annyeong chingu, How are you doing? After watching the first episode twice , I have come to the conclusion that Adult Sena isn’t who she is. I am thinking there is a birth Secret in this drama or another secret she is lying about. Why do I thinks so ?  Well it is because of Adult Sena’s nightmare on the airplane. 41gqAYRA2CbL7L7D2nJLN3cs80lAi4vgypYEFCoIjwwr_6XaLdy4Jv9zFZ7e_Fg-xiGtKQCKRXkBVt8IURHJ4F80_he64wJN37dxQbMJRSmTz32xiRET_T5oFFOHhchbfZDu7KLs2g=w2400


In the nightmare the girl with the teddy bear is Sena  and adult Sena is the other girl running after her.  Maybe they are both Sena. Who knows? We still don’t know who the other girl that was hit by the car. Just looking at the horrified expression on Adult Sena makes me wonder what else is she hiding. She is so fake and so willing to live with her in laws. 3Zxoh51X7ibZVZG_BSvz_aLARL7bEDSZhWSb24dhGnpZ2KVuok6LvmLgfA2n6VWaVvs8xx3Vvu79YTZDf6i-wwW_wdSv3KmvPjUJgQgExSSeyr4c_bSE1ydhYYUMCFjC35893cVoMA=w2400  This the Adult Sena when she was younger. Proof    5teVD550x9PiSmD9nE3Hw4F5qZnOjnkkeWWB2e15

So who is his girl???????   



  What scared Adult Sena so much  



Episode 7 we find out that Han Do Young found out his mom had another man. I am wonder who is the other man? What a stupid man? Sena must be his first time with a woman. He acted like a man with limited experience. 


One thing I like about this drama is that there will be some good Kissing scenes. FANNING MYSELF THAT KISS BETWEEN Do Young and Sena was really hot. She has so much control over him. Now Sena will use his secret to control his mother. What a beeechhhh. She is going to do everything in her power to destroy the company. I feel bad for him. His mom may not have been there for him but I genuinely believe the other man was for business to pay ends meet. I think she left her husband because she betrayed him only to protect her kids. I believe that. 

I have so may questions. 

Why does Hyung Ki’s father and uncle hate Cells Beauty? Is it because of personal or business reasons? 


I am not sure who to root for in this drama. Should I vote for Hyung Ki or Jung-Han. I think they both are prospects and Hyung Ki hasn’t realized he like Ka Young yet. 


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On 7/18/2018 at 2:14 AM, yamiyugi said:

Yun Jeonghan (cast. Kang Eun Tak)


He is an M&A expert and son of the owner of a bottling factory. At times he is as cold as ice, and at times he burns with passion. Once he gives his heart to someone, he is the most attentive and delicate man in the world. He is a competent man who earned his degree in America and worked in Wall Street for five years. He also did some manual labor work at his father's factory and fought off gangsters. While struggling to save the decaying factory, he gets to know Gayeong who works for a partner company, by the quirk of fate.

@yamiyugi  YJ also played in appujung midnight sun.. I could have spelled it wrong but he was in love with the fenale kwad in that drama who mother didn't approve of thetre relationship because of some kind of silly preminition.. Really good drama check it out you'll like it.. 

When it comes to the female lead she favors the female lead in the drama I mention above (lead in that drama went by the nickname of Yaya)


Yes you can kind of seeing were this drama is going, I think once hubby gets a dose of who she really is his coldhearted heart is going to sing a whole different tune towards her abnd when that times comes she's not going to have no were to turn to because brither isn't going to like the fact that she tried to rein on his sister happiness and will dispise her even more because of the thought of mom words I told you so..


I'll be sticking around to see how the villian devious plots blow up in her face and she ends up with nothing or in the end eating humble pie for life being in a marriage she can't get out of.. Who knows maybe hubby will cheat on her and have and illigetimate child..


@UnniSarah  I had firgit all about that scene in episode one regarding the two girls.. Yes she could be a fake even the step brother mebtionb something in the lines to dad about had a test been done to prove she's his daughter.. So at this point I also think she couls be a fake now that you brought t his back to my attention.. It's going to be someone come out if the woodworks to blackmail her..

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@UnniSarah and @sava2sava it is good to finally see some company in this thread. Tried to keep it running with almost regular recaps so that people may get a general idea of the show. Probably can stop doing that soon. Am doing well and enjoying the show for now. Had a dentist appointment and thus couldn’t recap episode 4, Apologize for that. Also hope that I didn’t scare away people with my recaps. I expect that @Misstwilightfan1416 will also be probably be joining this thread later on to do her regular posing of youtube videos.




@UnniSarah In regards to Succubus’s little secret and her being a fake or even having a birth secret won’t surprise me at this moment I don’t think that we can have a Korean Drama without one or atleast a Daily that is. A good eye in noticing the difference in pictures of her when she was young. I did suspect that she may turn out to be a fake when Hyun Ki asked his dad whether or not he had verified her identity considering that he only met her once as a kid. The dad really wasn’t all that committed to the job saying he knows his own kid or something like that and then his assistant pointed out that Blood knows Blood. This is highly suspicious in my book. One can suspect that he is only working with her because he has something to gain out of it aka Cells Beauty after that I wouldn’t put it past him to try and get rid of her. Not that is going to be so easy since she being the devious person that she is probably will have something to blackmail him over.


As to who she could really be is a mystery. She could easily have been the child of the house helper and must have realized that since nobody alive could vouch for her identity she could probably assume the identity of the real Sena and thus pretend to be her and get all of her life style and all. Frankly I am more suspicious of the little accident that happened that time that may have resulted in the child dying. We know that Scum’s wife tried to take out the other family (Mistress and Sena) that he got so sacred that he ran off to the States to attempt and hide them. After that he never bothered to check up on them. Now what would have happened if the wife either located them before he could hide them or later and was responsible for the accident. Since he was never bothered about them he wouldn’t have found out the truth. Succubus also mentioned that her mother supposedly died of drug overdose. It could easily have been that she was taking all those drugs to numb the pain of losing her daughter in the first place. Then again it is also possible that Succubus was her bio daughter as well. Perhaps she is out to avenge the deaths of her mother and sister.


Then we have to ask who her bio dad can be and whether or not Scum was even her mother’s man (aka the real Sena’s dad). This being a drama I wouldn’t put it past the mother trying to pull a fast one but since we have to see Scum as a villain I doubt that this will be the case.


As for the reason for Succubus wanting to live with her in laws is nothing to do with her being fake but more to do with her condition. As of now she knows that she has nothing to her name. She did manage to get herself added to her father’s family registry and all but that is all in name. she has nothing other than that in the form of money, property etc.. so she can’t provide anything to her husband or his family. She knows that Scum isn’t going to help her out financially since he wants her to have a quiet and small wedding and the amount that he was giving out seemed to be more of a joke. In other words, he wouldn’t have even been bothered to pay for an apartment for her to move in or even the furniture that she would need for the wedding arrangements. She might have preferred the apartment that her FiL was offering her but had to rethink her strategy when he told her that she was responsible for the wedding gifts. Knowing she had no money to pay for them she suggested moving in to his place and let’s face it she can still get that apartment later on. She can play the part of the loving DiL for a few years then carefully suggest that they should move out and the husband would agree to that, since the dad is also smitten by her he wouldn’t have an issue with it as well. The best part of it all she wouldn’t have to pay for the furniture this way. Basically a total win for her.


For Ka Kyung’s Brother (Han Do Young) this is clearly his first time. According to his family he has never slept outside the house (unless one counts those business trips abroad). Also the way he was acting towards her slightly shy seeing her with hardly any clothes and seems to indicate that it was his first time. Had he more experience he would probably have taken the lead and been more aggressive. It is also the reason why he is being successfully manipulated by her. I agree with you in regards to his misunderstanding between him and his mother regarding the other man. Not that it really matters when one considers that the mother must have only started seeing him after she got a divorce one year later from her husband meaning she wasn’t cheating on him as he probably made it out. We also have to remember that he was quite young at that time and thus couldn’t have understood his mother’s motivations and actions as well. It also depends on what he witnessed. Considering that she may have worked in a bar or someplace similar simply to make ends meet. He may have come to visit her and have witnessed a scene and taken it out of context. I certainly don’t see her doing anything wrong. She seems to care a lot about her children even if they don’t seem to realize it.


Naturally Succubus is going to try and use the mothers secret and attempt to try and blackmail her to let her get married to Do Young. Again she will end up being in a win win situation of either outcome. If the mother agrees to the blackmail demands, then she gets the man without doing too much damage to the current family dynamics and all but on the other hand the mother realizes that her assumptions were correct about Succubus all along and is against the marriage she still wins out because she can paint the mother as being unreasonable and someone that dislikes her for no reason and all. Since the brother is already against the mother he will only become more alienated against her. He probably wouldn’t want to hear the reason why she was against her (since Succubus won’t mention to him that she tried to blackmail her in the first place) he will also not want to meet up with her so the truth of what happened that day won’t be known to him for quite some time. This as one can see still allows her to get married to him.


Finally, you asked why Scum and the Uncle hate Cells Beauty. I would say the answer to that is probably is their pride and ego have been hurt badly. Part of the answer was addressed in the last episode if I am not mistaken. Now why would they hate Cells Beauty. Take this as an example. You are the top student constantly taking first position in your class. Now one-day somebody else takes your position. Now while that is understandable it might not hurt your pride all that much if the person that took if your spot was someone in the top three or even ten if you want to be even more generous and all. Instead the person that ends up taking your spot is the person that has been coming in the last position all his life. Someone that you have been underestimating etc.. this will end up really hurting your pride (note under normal circumstances. Clearly there are people who would only see this as a challenge and try and reclaim their spot or simply not care about it all that much). Also when you consider that a lot of money was further invested in their company only to lose it all to a no name company would certainly be an issue. Also let’s not forget that Scum has been trying to behave sneakily and purchase shares to YB Group so that he can secretly take it over later on. Since the price shares went down he ended up losing a lot of money as well. How much of it was his actual money and what did he use by diverting company funds (probably via a Slush Fund) remains to be seen.


@sava2sava thanks for the drama recommendation will definitely check it out sometime later. Don’t think that I should go for it right now since the female lead in that drama was Park Hana and after just watching her last drama don’t want to watch her again so soon. Was she actually good in that one compared to her in Mysterious Shopper. If so I might change my mind. Also have heard that the writer for that drama was the one that wrote the train wreck of a drama called Princess Aurora. Didn’t hear anything good about that drama since the writer went off on a huge killing spree. She didn’t even spare the poor dog from her wrath. Perhaps will try it out by the end of this year given time and all.



Anyway take care all of you. It was nice to finally see a few more people join this thread and all. This means I can finally slow down on the recap department. since i am at work now will leave the post at this point. will be back later on to check out later on. :)

ps  @sava2sava would actually really enjoy it if Succubus husband decides to cheat on her but as of now is character doesn't seem all that bold enough to do something like that. but then again who knows what will happen after a time skip and all.


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Waving to everyone here and a warm thanks for the recaps @yamiyugi too!!!  I just started watching this drama but I find it so interesting and I happen to really love Han she isn't only in love she is willing to fight for it and wait as well.  Love her following her heart even when it's painful.  Still it's her courage that I admire and her fighting spirit I look forward to seeing more of!!


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23 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Anyway take care all of you. It was nice to finally see a few more people join this thread and all. This means I can finally slow down on the recap department. since i am at work now will leave the post at this point. will be back later on to check out later on. :)

ps  @sava2sava would actually really enjoy it if Succubus husband decides to cheat on her but as of now is character doesn't seem all that bold enough to do something like that. but then again who knows what will happen after a time skip and all.

Thanks for all your help on the recaps @yamiyugi  Also I had the thought of hubby will cheat on her.. He thinks she's been a good girl and gave herself to him for the first time.. Just wait and see when he find out she shack up with another man and used him to finish her education only to dump him afterwards..  He'll soon relaizes he's being played for a fool and take a backwards approach to her with a coldheart and shoulder.. I'm looking forward to her getting a real dose of the man she married and thought was a fool for her.. I think the son is more like his mom then he knows.. He's going to give the wifey a run for her money roght when she thinks she got away out of the marriage she's going to be put in a position that she has to stay when he tries to get rid of her she'll dio everything in her powers to stay 


@UnniSarah  We could be right she's a fake and if stepbrother get close to finding out who she is I really thunk she will try and kill him..


Waving @USAFarmgirl Nice to see you here.. Looks like this thread will have good company..


Where's @Ldy Gmerm @awsparkle & @tinatrix236 

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